Walk Around The Singapore Formula 1 Track – Part 1

As a part of the Countdown to Singapore Grand Prix I am refreshing some older posts on the Singapore GP topic. Here is the second one, originally published on F1Wolf on December 5, 2007 – my walk around the Singapore track as it looked that time. You may wait till tomorrow for part 2, or may simply click on the link at the end of this post and check out the rest of the track right away.

I went to Singapore last weekend for a short weekend break. One of the reasons I picked Singapore as a destination was to check out the place and the future F1 street circuit. I downloaded and printed out this circuit map from f1Singapore.com, took my camera and started walking.

Singapore F1 Track Map

I took off at point nearest to my hotel, this intersection:

Intersection Esplanade Raffles Nicoll
If you look at the track map, these are the turns 8 and 15, this is the part of the track that drivers will pass twice. Photo is taken from the hotel room window with the everpresent trees blocking the perfect view.

The track runs anticlockwise, and exactly in the oposite direction of the normal Singapore traffic.

This where my walk started – Turn 8.
Turn 8

If you look at the map, somewhere here is a location of proposed seating area, I have not figured out yet where will the organizers find a room for one at this spot.

This is what it looks like between Turn 8 and Turn 9, when the cars pass the Singapore Recreation Club:

Turn 8 To Stamford
Turn 8 to Stamford Road

Stamford Road
Stamford Road towards Turn 9

Singapore Recreation Club
Singapore Recreation Club that the cars will be passing just before Turn 9

Turn 9
And here is the Turn 9 from Stamford Road to St. Andrew’s Road.

The St. Andrew’s Road is a relatively long straight that passes by the Supreme Court building on the right and Padang on the left.

Turn 9 from St Andrew’s
This is how the Turn 9 looks from the St. Andrew’s Road, the cars will be coming from the right.

St. Andrew’s Road and Padang
Part of the St. Andrew’s Road. The green area on the left is Padang, where some grandstands are planned. When I was taking photos the Standard Chartered Marathon was in full swing, that’s why the tents on the Padang side and start finish line half way through the the St. Andrew’s Road.

Seating Padang
Where you see seats on the picture there will also be seating areas for the F1 race, the start/finish line will however be quite somewhere else.

St. Andrew’s towards Turns 10 and 11
This is the final part of the St. Andrew’s straight going towards the Parliament place. As you can see from the direction of the arrows on the road, the F1 will go against the usual flow of traffic in this city.

After the St. Andrew’s road comes series of corners and short straight leading towards The Fullerton Hotel and Anderson Bridge. There will be a chicane created at the St. Andrew’s / Parliament Place corner. Then slight bend to the right (Turn 12) and to the left (Turn 13) and the Anderson Bridge. The next set of photos shows this part of the track:

Turns 10 11

Turns 10 11

Turns 10 11
Somewhere here the chicane will probably be set up.

Turn 12

Turn 12
The above 2 pictures show the section between the Parliament Place and the Anderson Bridge – the Turn 12. The red / white divider was there for the marathon, I am pretty confident it will not be there for the F1 race next year :-)

Towards Anderson Bridge

Turn 13
Turn 13 approaching the old Anderson Bridge.

And here is the Anderson Bridge, the F1 race will however go through the lane on the right side, here on photo is view of the other one:
Anderson Bridge

The race will pass 2 bridges – here is view of the other one – Esplanade Bridge – from the Anderson Bridge.
Anderson to Esplanades - Turn 14

The cars will turn sharp left (Turn 14) after exiting the Anderson Bridge and charge over the Esplanade Bridge and Esplanade Drive:

Anderson Exit
Close up on the exit of the Anderson Bridge

Anderson Exit
View of the exit of the Anderson Bridge. The cars will come out of the left side of the bridge.

Fullerton Hotel Turn 14
Fullerton Hotel at Turn 14

Turn 14
Turn 14

Esplanades Bridge and Drive (view from Turn 14)
This is the view of the long straight following the Turn 14 – the Esplanades Bridge and Esplanades Drive. I believe the race will use the other lane (to the right), otherwise the Turn 15 would be unworkable :-) (see the map and you will know what I mean).

Esplanades Bridges - from Esplanades
This is the view of the correct side of the bridge – at the back you can see The Fullerton Hotel – Turn 14 – where the cars will be coming from.

Esplanades Bridge
And one more view of the Esplanades Bridge, The Fullerton Hotel in the background.

I will finish the part one exactly where it started – at the intersection featuring Turn 8 and Turn 15. This is the part of the track where most of the action should be seen as the cars pass here twice every lap…
Turn 15
Where you see the silver car crossing the yellow line – that is the Turn 15 – At the end of the Esplanades Drive the cars will turn to Raffles Avenue.

Turns 15 and 8
Right in the front of the picture – Turn 15 from Esplanades Drive to Raffles Avenue. Right across where the bus with blue rear is – that is the Turn 8 from Nicoll Highway to Stamford Road.

Turns 15 and 8
And one more view at the Turn 8 from Turn 15, without the bus this time.

The Turn 15 takes the cars to the Raffles Avenue – here the view:
Raffles Avenue After Turn 15

I will continue tomorrow. The part 2 will include pictures of the Seating Gallery, Singapore Flyer, Floating Platform constructrion, the Pit Lane construction and pretty much all the rest of the track not covered in Part 1. Stay tuned to F1Wolf.

Walk Around The Singapore Formula 1 Track – Part 2 

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  1. ShaunNo Gravatar says:

    Lots of pictures :) Hard to imagine F1 cars flying around though!

    Wonder how much disruption an F1 race causes when it is on street roads like this and at Monaco? How long are the roads generally closed for?

    Singapore looks like a beautiful place, always wanted to visit Singapore, Thailand, China and Japan.

  2. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    I think in places like Monaco the disruptions start several week ahead of the race when they start erecting the temporary grandstands. but the traffic generally goes normal. Even on the race weekend in Monaco this year they closed the roads around 6am on Saturday and Sunday and then reopened in the evening I think about hour or 2 after the last race of the day. Sunday after race by the time we walked back from our seats to the hotel, the kerbs at the chicane right after the tunnel were already dismantled :-) quick job. In Macau it is quite similar. They probably share the same know how

    Singapore will likely be a bit different before the first race there. Although it is a street track there are still large parts of the track under construction and that area of the city is closed now and under development. Will show some pics in part 2 of this article later today

  3. ShaunNo Gravatar says:

    I was in Las Vegas last year and they were doing a street race around the older part of Vegas. Didn’t seem to cause too much disruption. Unfortunately i was flying home on the day of the race so missed it, don’t think the girlfriend would have appreciated it anyway :)

  4. Great work that. Gives us the chance to begin to imagine what the circuit will look like, really interesting to thanks! Of course it will look and feel very different when a fully-fledged F1 track but a great insight. My one concern seems that some of the roads seem a bit narrow? Maybe it was the way they were with the marathon in town but anyway.

  5. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    yes , there are bits that are narrow but in general it is much wider than Monaco and it looks like there should be few places for overtaking too

  6. WennyNo Gravatar says:

    i’ve been to Singapore twice.
    it’s beautiful place , everything is ordered and everywhere is claen,
    the foods are good , the people are nice and always have passions. i expect the night race next year !!

  7. Irma GámezNo Gravatar says:

    Singapore looks like a very modern city. I was specting the traffic signs in Mandarin, Malay or Tamil.

  8. SuzydNo Gravatar says:

    I went to monaco 2006 and saw Micheal doing the famous parking incident at la rascasse. I am hoping to be able to see the first race in singapore but am having trouble finding places to get tickets for hospitality or which hotels might have views over the circuit. As you’ve been there can you make any recomendations at all?

  9. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    If you are looking for a hospitality package, these are on sale already, you need to contact the Singapore F1 organizers directly, they will send you the information. No other tickets are at this moment on sale.

    From what I saw the hotels with some rooms with track view may be the Swissotel, Raffles the Plaza, perhaps Fullerton. There may be more. I hear they are already taking bookings for the F1, but only for the rooms with the track view. I also heard they are extremely expensive (few thousand Singapore dollars per night). I think for the atmosphere it will be better to be down at the track ..

  10. BrunoNo Gravatar says:

    great pics, seems so far away yet only a few months to wait. Still no news on tickets though ! that’s a bummer…. My Father will probably be coming from France for the occasion as well as some deserved retirement holidays… Let’s get together some day !

  11. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    I will be there for the race ready to meet with any readers !

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