Spotted by Wolf – 5th Edition

Wolf The season start is getting closer and it looks like we are going to start from where we finished last season – with McLaren making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The spy affair just does not want to go away and in McLaren they are clearly upset with the claims Italian police is making.

The rumours surrounding Ron Dennis seem to be just that. I still wonder why it took McLaren several days to come out and dismiss what the Spanish paper Marca has started. However the reasoning that Ron Dennis simply can’t be fired is not convincing. In the corporate world people can be fired from their posts even if they are shareholders. This has happened before and this will keep happening…

The street tracks keep making headlines. Bernie Ecclestone wants Formula 1 GP in Paris from 2009. Williams may be bringing their test car to Singapore during summer, ahead of this year’s Singapore GP.

Further testing of slick tyres is planned ahead of their expected F1 return in 2009. Please, bring them back !

Super Aguri finally made some announcements. No surprise that their future was again a topic for Formula 1 blogs.

F1 Minute celebrate their 100th edition. You can listen to F1 Minute podcast here at F1 Wolf as well, and you could do so from pretty much their day 1, just look at the sidebar and play.

With Australian GP being just around a corner it is a good time to remind everybody to join some of the great Formula1 blog contests. It does not get any better than taking part of our own F1 Wolf 2008 Prediction Game. Do not be afraid to loose, join in !

There is great prize to be won at F1-TOGO too, head over there to see how to win Kimi’s die cast Ferrari model. And if this all is not enough you can try your luck in this fantasy game where some serious, very serious, names already built their teams ! Register there and join the Sidepodcast private league.The February is over, March is here, it is time to reward the regular commentators from February. I am not going to strictly enforce the 20 comment rule yet, I will wait for the season to start with that :-) .

There are 4 commentators with more than 10 comments last month on the Top Commentators list who also have their own blogs – Stew, Black Zedd, Sidepodcast and Shaun. If you want to appear on the Friends of the Wolf wall for the whole month of March, just mail me your 125 x 125 jpg button to f1wolf at f1wolf dot com and you are set. The sooner you mail me, the longer you stay :-) .

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  1. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Hello to everyone!!

    Remaining less than a couple of weeks to the beginning of a new stunning season there have been many political movements and every day we were more amazazed or thrilled what will be, 2 teams in head and more than 5 teams getting in the battle for the 3rd constructors place (or even more!). And the remaining, all F1 specialized press calls them ‘the Others’.

    I think, we should expect it, but not so soon that Todt leaves his position, so that the team gets more and more ‘italianized’. Now the control is token by the own Ferrari boys, with a new structure of young boys which learned everthing for the triumpf. This for sure will grow up their purpose to put another italian driving in these cars for their nation.

    And Honda owns the most successful team manager, Brawn,decided to conquer better positions in the grid (or new main sponsors) and remain their englishman driver with them (and also with that movement, Nick Fry will do a better work with the british side of the team in Brackley).

    Down the grid were applied new structures, adquiring a better view of what is needed to do to get some points in the championship, there were many in Red Bull, some in Toyota and for sure there will be some in Force India (usually news of the little teams are not heared).

    But well, we heared well and loud about a movement up in the grid…
    Latest times, have been attached Martin Whitmarsh to take the place of Ron Dennis, this succession answer to the scandals from the last season (within drivers figth that he didn’t know to manage in any way), the enormous fine to the spionage affair and a natural decission to take away a person who doesn’t serve much to the benefits of Mercedes. Ron Dennis is famous to spend everything and even more from the big ammounts of money which recieve, and a year more he spent them in vain without any results to Mercedes. For sure many more factors decide this movement inside the team, Sunday Timed commented that the wish from Dennis to give more time to his relatives and his own life, and themselves write the exit door from the team management is close, being confirmed by McLaren during the next week, the newspapper said. Whitmarsh could take the direction of the team in few races.

    So let him cure from obsessions and maddness during some time. This is my opinion, sincerely. Of course isn’t Dennis fault all happened last year, the whole team didn’t deserve it, they worked such hard as anyone in the championship and everything in vain… But I’m sure, Dennis have to taken away from his place, his personal problems and professional are so serious that doesn’t allow him to focus the team plans. His management have been not only last year seriously in doubt, as for me this have been like that always, began with the went away from Honda during Prost’s ages there, until now, McLaren still lucky that Mercedes didn’t leave them because still can’t begin their own project, everybody talks about it, but Mercedes doesn’t wish his own team in Formula One. I imagine it’s logical to delate the head from the team, but not alike Ferrari,the wind of changes are applied to get a new structure dedicated only to the interest of winning championships. The response would be really good, Dennis didn’t show terrific attitude in his career. A new head will make forget to everybody from everything happened, because Whitmarsh isn’t guilty from whatever happened. Still… Hope the press announcement from McLaren arrive soon, and confirm what we expect about Ron’s exit.

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