2010 Season countdown – 20 days to go

20 days to go

It is twenty days to go before the first race of 2010 season. That is less than the gaps between Chinese and Spanish GPs or Hungarian and German GPs later on this season.


2010 Season countdown – 30 days to go

30 days to go

It is only 30 days to go to the start of first Grand Prix of 2010 F1 season. With only a month to go there are still some question over the shape of the 2010 F1 grid. Virgin Racing became the first one of the new teams to launch their car – the CFD designed VR-01 (images here, shakedown video here). The last of the “old teams” to have launched their 2010 challengers were Force India and Red Bull. Later today Lotus will unveil the first Lotus branded F1 car since 1994 (click here to see new 2010 Lotus F1 car – Lotus Cosworth T127). And that is about as much as we can be sure about.


2010 Season countdown – 40 days to go – Launches, testing and new rules

The time flies. It is now only 40 days to the start of 2010 Bahrain GP. In the last 10 days some vacancies were filled, new cars and new liveries introduced, doubts about future of some teams increased and more. Here is the overview where the F1 stands with 40 days to go.

The car launch season started with Mercedes although their big launch was only a presentation of their new siver livery painted on the 2009 Brawn GP car. Ferrari, McLaren, BMW Sauber and Renault followed. There is significant lack of sponsor logos on both BMW Sauber and Renault liveries …


2010 Season countdown – 50 days to go

The 2010 season countdown is back. It is 50 days to the start of 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix. We are now only days from the first 2010 F1 car launches with Ferrari, McLaren, BMW Sauber and Renault all set to unveil their cars before the end January. McLaren team has announced their launch will be streamed live on the team’s official website on 29th January at 11:00 local time. Ferrari’s new car will only be unveiled on January 28 but some pictures of what the 2010 Ferrari livery may look like have been leaked out already – see here.


2010 Season countdown – 80 days to go

Ten eventful days have passed, it is time for yet another 2010 season countdown post. Here is a summary where F1 stands with 80 days to go.

Let’s start with Mercedes GP. The Michael Schumacher rumours have ended, he will return. Only few days earlier the team also announced the title sponsorship deal with Petronas. These events almost made us forget about the bizzare Henkel deal that Henkel had no idea about (that has been settled by now).

Virgin and Manor confirmed that the team will race as Virgin Racing and announced Lucas di Grassi as their second driver.

Sauber not only got the Toyota’s place on the grid, they also signed one of their drivers – Kamui Kobayashi.

Renault decided to sell major share in their team to Genii Capital. That made Robert Kubica to think about his deal with the team, although where else can he go now … Red Bull will keep the Renault power for now. That means all the teams have now confirmed their engine suppliers.

Tony Fernandes made the decision on the colour of Lotus 2010 livery (without making that decision public).

FIA published new version of 2010 regulations. FOTA scrapped the plans for joint launch.

With 80 days to go, there are still vacancies at Renault (1), Sauber (1), Toro Rosso (1), USF1 (2) and Campos Meta (1). Nick Heidfeld is still without a seat.

The season countdown will be back again in 10 days.

2010 Season countdown – 90 days to go

90 days to go

Ten days have passed since the 100 days mark, it is time for another 2010 season countdown post. Here is a summary where F1 stands with 90 days to go.

The final 2010 Formula 1 calendar has been published – see here. The only yet to be finalized race is the inaugural Korean GP that is still subject to the circuit homologation. The season opener will move from Melbourne to Bahrain, the finale will remain at Abu Dhabi after the late reshuffle of 2010 season ending races.


2010 Season countdown – 100 days to go – Sauber on the grid

100 days to go

It is 100 days to go before the 2010 Formula One season kicks off in Bahrain. The 2010 season countdown begins. Let’s have a look where F1 stands with 100 days to go:


As of today there are thirteen teams with confirmed entries – the 2010 grid is full again. The final place on the grid was given to post BMW era Sauber today by FIA.

The FIA has written to inform BMW Sauber AG that their application for an entry in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship has been successful. Subject to their signing the Concorde Agreement, BMW Sauber will be awarded the 13th entry in the Championship, taking the place of the departing Toyota team.

The FIA has worked closely with the Commercial Rights Holder and the teams involved over recent weeks and is grateful for their support in achieving the best outcome for the sport.

An updated Formula One entry list will be published in due course.


2009 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 10 Days To Go


It is official now, we are only 10 days from the start of 2009 Australian Grand Prix – this is the final brief countdown post.


2009 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 20 Days To Go


The gap between now and Australian GP is smaller than the gap between Hungarian and European GPs this summer. We have only 20 days to go.

The last 10 days were rather eventful, the most important is that we finally know that there will be 20 cars lining up on the grid in Melbourne and all the drivers have been confirmed.


2009 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 30 Days To Go


One month to go ! Time to recap what happened in last few days.

BMW Sauber, Toyota and Ferrari tested in Bahrain, this time without sandstorms. The times still do not tell us much but there was surprisingly little between performances of these three teams.

Force India announced they will show us their car on this coming Sunday (after their Silverstone shakedown yesterday). The new Toro Rosso should be out next week as well.


2009 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 40 Days To Go – Testing and more


It is now only a bit over a month to go before the 2009 F1 season kicks off. There were some interesting developments since the 50 days mark and the teams also did some serious testing. Here is the summary:

ING announced they will withdraw from Formula 1 after 2009 season. Bad but expected news for ING Renault F1 team and several F1 race organizers … At least Renault would be able to do something about their livery in 2010 …

Toro Rosso finally confirmed Sebastien Bourdais as their second driver (not meaning no 2) for 2009 season.

Red Bull Racing revealed their 2009 car – rather nice looking (considering the limits given by new regulations) RB5. Also Mark Webber returned to cockpit for the first time since breaking his leg during Tasmanian charity race.


2009 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 50 Days To Go


We are ten days closer to the start of 2009 Australian GP. Not much has happened in past ten days. Despite unofficial end January deadline there are still no news on future of the team formerly known as Honda.


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