Meet The Motorsport Bloggers – Part 3 – Sidepodcast

SidepodcastThe Meet The Motorsport Bloggers series is back. After venturing into the motorbike world in part 2 it is time to meet another Formula 1 blogger. F1Wolf introduces a great F1 blog – Sidepodcast. This blog is somehow special – besides the great writing it brings cool video and audio shows that are really worth watching and listening to. You can sample the F1Minute daily show on F1Wolf as well (on the left sidebar). Also the Sidepodcast’s video previews were regular features in Race Previews on the F1Wolf during the past Formula 1 season. And here is how Sidepodcast describes Sidepodcast:

Sidepodcast began because the coverage provided by FOM (Formula One Management) left, and still leaves, a lot to be desired. For a technologically advanced sport, online broadcasting appears to be essentially non-existent. We craved better coverage and the only way was to create for ourselves what we wanted to see.

So thanks to IT competence of Bernie Ecclestone we can enjoy Sidepocast shows !!!

The Q&A session comes with a F1Wolf exclusive this time ! Read on !


Meet The Motorsport Bloggers – Part 2 – The Biker Place

The Biker PlaceThe first Meet The Motorsport Bloggers interview went quite well so I do not want to wait with the second one for too long. And as this “column” is about motorsport, and not all the motorsport is F1 :-) it is time for some serious biking. I am casual follower of MotoGP and 250cc and 125cc but not much beyond that. However few weeks back I started to read The Biker Place and since than I can actually join the conversation with friends who talk about motorbikes and understand what they are talking about :-) . The Biker Place site is neatly set up and provides information on all sorts of competitive motorbike racing including MotoGP, Superbikes and even races like Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. And talk about blogs being interactive – when I made a wish for post topic in one of my comments, the wish was granted within a day or two! Here is your chance to hear from the guy behind The Biker Place about The Biker Place:

The Biker Place website is a pretty new website launched with the intention of providing information on recent news, motorcycle sports and new products available for bikers. We will hopefully be launching some new features and competitions in 2008 and are looking at getting a few guest bloggers on board to provide fresh information. We are also building a business directory for anything motorcycle related.

And now the Q&A session, questions by F1Wolf, answers by… read on and you will see:

1) Where are you blogging from
From the North East of England, UK

2) Your name or nickname

Now you know…

3) When did you start blogging
In October this year (i think!)

Well, this is impressive. I would not have guessed the site is almost brand new !

4) Why do you blog
Something i was always interested in doing but never got round to it, finally took the plunge as i wanted to build a community type site for bikers.

5) Your favourite F1 team and driver (both current and all time)


Meet The Motorsport Bloggers – Part 1 – Rediscover Formula One

Welcome to the new regular feature on F1 Wolf and meet other guys and ladies that spend their time blogging about Formula 1 and other motor sports. One of my regular reads is The Rediscover Formula 1 blog at To find out more about this blog I asked the mysterious :-) webmaster (who is also one of the commentators on F1Wolf) to introduce his site briefly to the readers of

The Rediscover Formula One blog was started by me and one of my school friends as we enjoyed watching formula one. Over time my friend lost touch and i bought a domain for the blog and shifted to WordPress. The blog features lots of articles, photos and quotes from f1. Very soon we will be launching new exclusive features, so watch out !

I also threw in few questions to find out more about the guy behind this cool F1 site. Here the answers:

1) Where are you blogging from:

New Delhi, India

2) When did you start blogging :


3) Why do you blog:

It’s a way to interact with people from all around the world, keep in touch with my favourite sport and earn a little pocket money too. I enjoy blogging and learning more and more about F1.

4) Your favourite F1 team and driver (both current and all time):

Current: Kimi Raikkonen ,
Team: Ferrari ,
All Time : Michael Schumacher (In fact most forums had this as my ID)

5) Your favourite F1 track (both current and all time):

Current and All Time : Belgium (pray for rain and disaster (sadistic am I! (Yoda would say)))
(well even Jenson Button prays for rain most of the time :-) )

6) Did you go to any F1 races ? Which one was the best for you ?

Never had the money or time to go, would like to go to Malaysia since its pretty near.

7) Did you meet any F1 drivers ?

Narain Karthikeyan (He does count, right ?)
(he definitely does)

8) Your favourite F1 or racing websites ?

I would say (great and funny insights)
(have to agree, they had this great piece on Shanghai Grand Prix back in October!)

9) Your favourite F1 or racing magazines ?


10) What TV channel you watch the races on ?

ESPN-Star Sports plus live timing.
(If knew that I would have asked what he thinks about Steve Slater’s commentary :-) )

This is all from The Rediscover Formula 1 blog for now, but if you want to see more do visit the blog. Among other things you find there much more info on the Force India team than on official Force India web !

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