2010 Prediction Game

[TABLE=43] The 2010 season has 19 races. The best 17 scores count for the final result. That means that those who accidentally miss one or two rounds will still remain in the game with a chance to win, those who do not miss any round will simply have their two worst scores erased. The end season bonus for guessing the champion correctly is 15 points. The 2010 F1 drivers champion prediction will close on March 11, 2010 (see further below). Here is the recap of the rules: 1) First of all, the game starts on Monday 22 February, 2010. From then until March 11, 2010 you can predict the 2010 Formula 1 World Champion. Do not worry, even if you make your prediction and later want to change your mind, your last entry before the deadline March 11, 23:59 GMT will be the one that counts. The correct guess will be worth extra 15 points at the end of the season. Leave your prediction for 2010 F1 Drivers Champion in comments below this post - link. 2) Before each race send in your prediction of top 10 in the order from 1st to 10th place + the fastest lap driver + the pole position driver. You have to make your predictions before the start of the Qualifying on Saturday. There is no registration required. You simply place your predictions in the comments below the dedicated Prediction Game post before each round and you are in. But to make sure you do not miss any round of the game I recommend those who haven't done so yet to subscribe to Prediction Game updates by email. You can do it here:
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Every round there will be a special prediction game post published on Thursday before the race weekend. All you need to do is to make your prediction in the comments below that post . You can also send it in by email to f1wolf at f1wolf dot com. However please note those who do not place their predictions in the Comments will automatically get 2 points deduction from their points total in that particular round ! If you can�t access computer for whatever reason you may ask fellow competitor to enter the prediction on your behalf. However in that case you will also get the 2 points deduction for that particular round Points will be awarded as follows: For drivers: - 1 point for each correct name among top 10 - 1 point for each correct name among top 3 - extra point for each correct finishing position - extra point for correct winner - 2 points for correct driver with fastest lap - 2 points for correct pole position prediction (the actual driver on pole at the start of the race) Teams: - 1 point for each correct team among point finishers. There will be 2 competitions: a) The season long for the Grand Prize - 3 bottles of MUMM champagne. This prize will go to the overall winner. Only those older than the legal limit in their country will get the champagne. If you happen to win but you are too young there will be some alternative prize. b) Prize for the highest score achieved in a single round. The prize will be 2010 F1 Season Review DVD.