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After almost 4 years the wolf is tired and needs a break. The motivation is no longer there. With that also is gone the willingness to voluntarily sacrifice all the time needed to keep the site going. Even that bare minimum of time the wolf devoted to the site in 2010 … So, after a […]

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Singapore GP Onboard Lap Video

This will be a very short post. I checked what is new at the F1Wolf Club and found a nice contribution to the discussion in the Singapore GP Fan Group – few videos from race simulator. If you want to see how the Singapore F1 lap will look, check the videos here, especially the last one !

2009 Formula 1 Drivers Rumours – First Edition

I know, it is too early to think about 2009 when are yet to go to Monaco in 2008. But some teams and drivers can’t wait to get things going, so here is the first overview.

Mark Webber Turkey 2008

First to Red Bull – Mark Webber is eager to stay with Red Bull. The talks between Webber and Red Bull have begun already according to Webber himself:

“We are talking now. I am free next year but I am massively keen to stay here, obviously.”

He is massively keen … Given his performances this year I would be surprised if Red Bull were not to retain him. No news on talks between Coulthard and Red Bull yet, but rumours of Sebastian Vettel replacing Coulthard from next year have appeared already. At the moment that is all they are, rumours …


F1Wolf Club – The F1Wolf Community

There are many ways these days for readers to socialize together. Not all of them work for everybody. I set up a Facebook Group but I do not find it too useful. One of the reasons is I still have not figured out what to do with it. I tried the Entrecard here, but dropped it after while from this site.Twitter has been much better. It drives some traffic to this site and also helps me to keep up to date with what other F1 bloggers are up to. One thing I did like however was The Bikers Place community created by Shaun. I borrowed the idea and created The F1Wolf Community – F1Wolf Club. I did not do much promotion yet. I needed some time to figure out the benefits for me and for the members. So what I think are the benefits ?

If you run a racing site or blog yourself you can use the F1Wolf Club to:
– shamelessly promote your sites
– have your latest posts featured on the main page

If you do not run any site yourself you can use the F1Wolf Club to:
– write what you want on your own page

And everybody can start a dicussion in the forum, set up a group, upload pictures, embed videos and probably much more that I haven’t figured out yet.

After first five days since the clumsy start the F1Wolf Club has already 15 members, few hundred photos, 2 groups and several videos. I expected that by this time I will still be only talking to myself so the start was not too bad :-) .

To join, visit the F1Wolf Club. And do not forget to invite others !

F1Wolf Club

The most recent same track wins hattricks

Kimi Raikkonen Spa 2005

Felipe Massa’s Turkish GP win last weekend was his third in a row on the Istanbul track. I wrote in my previous post that this the first time this has happened since Michael Schumacher… Well I was not exactly right …

Michael Schumacher’s most recent hattrick of wins on the same track was his United States Grand Prix string of wins from 2003 to 2006. These were actually 4 race wins in a row. The hattrick came after the “great” win in 2005 …

There is however one more, even more recent hattrick – Kimi Raikkonen’s 3 Belgian Grand Prix wins in a row. Raikkonen won in Belgium in 2004, 2005 and in 2007. There was no Belgian Grand Prix in 2006.

Photo: Daimler Media

Turkish F1 GP 2008 – Wolf’s Race Review

Giancarlo Fisichella Kazuki Nakajima Crash

First point to make about this race is – the race had flying start (see the picture above). Second – we actually had a race. There were cars that raced each other ! Third point to make about this race is a question – would Lewis Hamilton even start the race under 2005 rules that prevented tyre changes ?

Felipe Massa is becoming the King of Istanbul track. Three pole postitions in a row, three wins in a row. He is the first driver since Michael Schumacher to win three consecutive races at the same Formula 1 track … He had a perfect start and created nice gap between himself and Hamilton before even reaching Turn 1. He lost his lead later on in the race when Hamilton overtook him, but at that time Massa was already aware of Hamilton’s 3 stop strategy and did exactly defend hard. He reclaimed his lead after another round of pitstops and held it rather comfortably. Massa wnet on to win his 7th F1 race, 3th consecutive Turkish GP and second race this year. After 2 DNFs early on Massa made it to the podium 3 times in a row. He is now officially back in the hunt for the title.

It was not the best weekend for Massa’s team mate and the championship leader Kimi Raikkonen. His troubles started on Friday already and stuck with him for the rest of the weekend. He collided with Heikki Kovalainen at the start and damaged his front wing. He still however managed to record the fastest lap of the race and finish on podium. Nothing spectacular from the defending champion, pretty much a damage limitation weekend …



2008 Prediction Game Round 5 Results

Heikki Kovalainen messed up many predictions but there are still several very respectable scores this weekend. Ozzi decided to score 22 points yet again and yet again it was not enough to win a round . Steve Robertson holds on to the lead, but it is quite tight at the very top. I am slowly […]


2008 Turkish GP – Race Result – Massa’s Turkey Hattrick

Felipe Massa made full advantage of his pole position and strange 3 pit stop strategy of Lewis Hamilton and won his 3rd Turkish Grand Prix in a row. Lewis Hamilton split 2 Ferraris and finished second ahead of championship leader Kimi Raikkonen. Solid race for Kubica and Heidfeld, points again for Webber, Alonso and Rosber. […]


2008 Turkish GP – Live Blog – Race Day

Welcome to the Live Blog coverage of 2008 Turkish GP Formula One race ! Thank you for joining the debate, this Live Blog has now closed, you can replay it inside the post.

Force India

2008 – Turkish GP – Force India Party

A bit of refreshment before the Turkish GP Formula 1 race. Vijay Mallya has been known for his lavish parties and his Kingfisher party last year in Monaco was said to be The party to attend. There are still 2 weeks to go before Monaco but the European Party season has already began for Force […]


Lewis Hamilton can fly and regrets it

After watching this video I am not surprised Lewis Hamilton regrets doing the “flying Apollo” stunt for Vodafone … “I thought ‘that really was not cool’. I just turned up and got on with what I’ve been told to do. Now I’ve seen the footage and it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. […]


2008 Turkish GP – Qualifying – Massa on pole

Felipe Massa will start the Turkish GP from pole position, as predicted by many people on this site . His neighbour on front row will be Heikki Kovalainen. Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen will line up on second row. There are suggestions that Kimi might have been slowed down by Alonso… I haven’t seen that, […]


2008 F1 Prediction Game – Round 5 – Turkish GP

The Formula One season continues without Super Aguri and moves to Turkey. The weather should be sunny. The only chances of rain are reported for Friday. This is the 4th Turkish Grand Prix but for the first time it is held this early in the season. All previous 3 races in Istanbul were held in […]


2014 Teams and Drivers

Red Bull
Sebastian VETTEL
Fernando ALONSO
Adrian SUTIL
Force India
Sergio PEREZ
Felipe MASSA
Valtteri BOTTAS
Toro Rosso
Daniil KVYAT
Jean Eric VERGNE

2014 F1 Calendar

14-16 March - Australia
28-30 March - Malaysia
4-6 April - Bahrain
18-20 April - China
9-11 May - Spain
22-25 May - Monaco
6-8 June - Canada
20-22 June - Austria
4-6 July - Great Britain
18-20 July - Germany
25-27 July - Hungary
22-24 August - Belgium
5-7 September - Italy
19-21 September - Singapore
3-5 October - Japan
10-12 October - Russia
31 October-2 November - USA
7-9 November - Brazil
21-23 November - Abu Dhabi


2010 Mercedes GP F1 Merchandise
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