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2008 Monaco F1 GP – What they say about rain

Monaco Wet

It looks likely we may have wet race in Monaco this weekend. So it comes as no suprise that drivers are already expressing their opinions on Monaco race in the rain. There are not many on the grid that have wet race experience in Monaco (I believe the last time it rained during the race was in 1997). However many current drivers had a chance to give it a try last year during wet Saturday practice. Here are two opinions I found so far:

Lewis Hamilton:

“It will be especially difficult here in the wet, especially this year without traction control. Pedro de la Rosa (McLaren test driver) made a comment at the last test that it is incredibly difficult to get to full throttle here in the wet. And with this circuit being so tight, I think it’s going to be a disaster. But despite that, I’m still looking forward to it. It’s going to be a challenge.”


Bernie Ecclestone writes letter too

Bernie EcclestoneAfter the letter from Max Mosley to all FIA Club Presidents and following reaction from Bernie Ecclestone, here comes the promised letter from Bernie Ecclestone to the FIA Club Presidents. Full text inside the post.

22 May 2008

To all FIA Club Presidents

Dear President

The FIA President wrote a letter to you on 16 May 2008 (the Letter) in connection with the FIA Extraordinary General Assembly called on 3 June to consider allegations published about his private life.

The Letter makes statements that could lead to misunderstandings and inaccurate conclusions being drawn. We, the Formula One commercial rights holder (the CRH), are writing to you to ensure that you understand our position on matters raised in the Letter insofar as they relate to Formula One.


2008 Monaco F1 GP – Some interesting Williams stats

Webber Rosberg WilliamsF1Wolf regular and F1Wolf Club member Kotenok posted some ineteresting Williams Monaco stats over at F1Wolf Club. I take the liberty to republish some of it here. For more go and visit Kotenok’s post over at F1WolfClub.

After two wins at Monaco in the 1980s (Carlos Reutemann in 1980 and Keke Rosberg in 1983), Williams had to wait 20 years before the team’s next victory was claimed, by Juan Pablo Montoya in 2003, a year in which he won two Grands Prix.

Williams averages a podium about every other year in Monte Carlo, recording 14 since the team was formed. The team’s most recent podium finish came in the 2005 race, which was also one of the team’s best results at the circuit. That day, Nick Heidfeld and Mark Webber finished second and third, respectively.

More …

2008 Monaco F1 GP – Thursday Practice

The F1 weekend of glamour has began in Monaco with free practice. Kimi Raikkonen was the quickest driver in practice one ahed of two McLarens and Felipe Massa. The session was stopped for about 15 minutes thanks to a loose drain. The honours for being the first driver to touch the barriers and break the car in Monaco this year go to Jarno Trulli. Technical problems stopped David Coulthard and Nick Heidfeld. Not sure what problems Nelson Piquet had, but being 1 and half second slower tahn his team mate is not going to help his case (unless he was on different test program than Alonso).

The order at the top changed in the second practice. Lewis Hamilton was the fastest driver ahead of Nico Rosberg in Williams, both Ferraris and Heikki Kovalainen. The rest of the field seems to be a bit off the pace so far.

Piquet, Alonso, Trulli (again) and Sutil had encounters with barriers in this session.

Toro Rosso drivers are clearly still learning what to do with the new STR03 …

Monaco Thursday Practice 1 Times:


War between Ecclestone and Mosley looming ?

Max Mosley sent the letter to the FIA presidents and that letter was not exaclty Bernie Ecclestone friendly. So it is no surprise that Bernie Ecclestone is not too happy. His response did not take too long to come:

“I sincerely hope that it isn’t a declaration of war because, if that’s what the message should be, then we’ll have to defend ourselves. That is what anyone would do. I don’t believe that’s what Max wanted the letter to say. I don’t want to have a war with Max. I hope he doesn’t want one with me. This whole business is really about what was printed in the News of the World and whether this in any way damaged the FIA clubs or the FIA – that’s all. It’s nothing to do with anything else and I don’t quite know why he’s come out and said these things. I am sorry if the press have reported things which he doesn’t like, but we certainly don’t have any influence over the FIA We have decided we are going to contact all the clubs who Max wrote to, with a reply to the matters raised in his letter.

I think the General Assembly of the FIA was called for one reason only – to decide whether or not they think Max is the right person to be their president. The vote will be on that, not about the Concorde Agreement.”

Quite strong words here … Not really a sign of support from Ecclestone for Mosley’s cause…

Are these two guys seriously contemplating fighting each other or is this just a part of some bigger game ?

In any case, nice touch from the F1 bosses on the eve the Formula 1 showcase race in Monaco.


2008 Monaco Formula 1 GP – Wolf’s Race Preview

Formula One season continues with Monaco Grand Prix. Here is what we know: – Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen sport helmets with diamonds – Toro Rosso will run their new car – the STR03 – for the first time – The new car needs new gearbox and Sebastien Vettel will drop 5 places on the […]


Is Monaco ripe for a surprise result ?

Every year when Monaco GP comes people expect or hope for some surprise result. The track where overtaking is next to impossible (well Barrichello may not agree after his last lap in 2005), where there are no run off areas and the walls are unforgiving is the prime candidate for a messy result of the […]


Drivers and teams – How they compare with 2007 season after 5 races

Formula 1 is about to begin its weekend of glamour in Monaco. Before getting into some serious Monaco related posts, let’s have a look where the teams and drivers stand after 5 races and compare it with where they were a year ago. Rememeber that last year the 5th race of the season was Monaco, […]


2008 Monaco F1 GP – The videos

Monaco Grand Prix is a special event. If I ever doubted it I do not any more after going to see the race last year (my pictures are here). The special GP needs some special treatment also here, so I beging the Monaco GP countdown with some videos. Here is one, Ayrton Senna’s pole position […]


Max Mosley sends out a warning

Max Mosley is determined to stay on as FIA president until the end of his term in 2009. Even if that means leaving the public representation to two Deputy Presidents. This is one the things he states in his four page letter to all FIA club presidents. The more interesting however are the reasons why […]


Budget cap or budget farce ?

The Formula 1 budget cap has been talked about for a while. Yesterday some details of the proposed cap were revealed. The budget cap is set to be introduced in Formula One from the start of 2009. Tony Purnell (FIA consultant) has written to all F1 teams with the figures the FIA would like to […]


Season 2009, please come !

I know that all the teams are driven by the desire to get those few tenths that make the difference between F1 heroes and F1 zeros. But this is what happens when the teams continue fine tuning the ugly additions to their bodyworks, the ugly Dumbo wings get even uglier… Yesterday I watched few videos […]


2014 Teams and Drivers

Red Bull
Sebastian VETTEL
Fernando ALONSO
Adrian SUTIL
Force India
Sergio PEREZ
Felipe MASSA
Valtteri BOTTAS
Toro Rosso
Daniil KVYAT
Jean Eric VERGNE

2014 F1 Calendar

14-16 March - Australia
28-30 March - Malaysia
4-6 April - Bahrain
18-20 April - China
9-11 May - Spain
22-25 May - Monaco
6-8 June - Canada
20-22 June - Austria
4-6 July - Great Britain
18-20 July - Germany
25-27 July - Hungary
22-24 August - Belgium
5-7 September - Italy
19-21 September - Singapore
3-5 October - Japan
10-12 October - Russia
31 October-2 November - USA
7-9 November - Brazil
21-23 November - Abu Dhabi


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