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After almost 4 years the wolf is tired and needs a break. The motivation is no longer there. With that also is gone the willingness to voluntarily sacrifice all the time needed to keep the site going. Even that bare minimum of time the wolf devoted to the site in 2010 … So, after a […]

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Ten to tackle – Weekly F1 Quizz Number 1


Here comes one of the new regular features of F1Wolf – Weekly Quizz. Every week there will be 10 questions to tackle. Choose the correct answer and click NEXT. After the final question is answered you will see the result with the correct answers. Go ahead and share your result with others in the comments below this post. And please, do not cheat. Try to answer without the little help of the Google friend :-) .

Who won the very first Formula 1 race ?

What was the closest ever F1 race finish ?

How many times did Damon Hill start from front row in 1996 ?

What is the car on the picture ? what is the car ?

What was the first Middle Eastern Formula 1 Grand Prix venue ?

2004 was the best season for BAR Honda. The next season however did not start that well for them and it took quite a few races to finally get some points. How many ?

What was the last F1 season featuring V12 engines ?

How many times did Lamborghini finish on F1 podium ?

Kimi Raikkonen won the 2005 Japanese GP after slicing through the field like hot knife through butter. Where did he qualify for that race ?

And the last one now - Between 2000 and 2005, how many drivers raced for Minardi in more than 1 season ?

What could have happened if there were medals

No titles for Piquet, one more for Mansell

No titles for Piquet, one more for Mansell

I do not know what FIA tried to prove by applying Bernie’s “medals system” to the results of all the F1 championship. It is interesting reading but rather meaningless. The rules influence the strategy and I am convinced that with the medal system in place many races of the past would have had very different results. But as FIA guys have already spent their time to come up with this report we can as well have look and see what could have happened if we had Bernie’s medal system in place from 1950.


More from FIA on engines, diffusers, Ferrari modifies the exhausts

FIA clarified the engine penalties

FIA clarified the engine penalties

Following the explanations from Charlie Whiting FIA further clarified to Autosport the issues of penalties for drivers who use more than 8 engines per season. The penalty for using an extra engine would only be applied at the first event it was used. That means that if a driver used a ninth engine for Singapore and Japan he would only receive the penalty for Singapore. But if he had to use 10th engine for Brazil and Abu Dhabi he would suffer another penalty for Brazil.


If they had to race three cars, who would race for them ?

Whom would Ferrari and McLaren race ?

Whom would Ferrari and McLaren race ?

Bernie Ecclestone suggested few days ago that should there be only 9 teams ready to race in 2009, some manufacturers could end up running three cars. I am not sure if such a scenario would be possible for 2009 season in case the team formerly knowns as Honda does not make it. But let’s say that Bernie asks Ferrari and McLaren to race three cars and these two top teams from 2008 season agree. Whom would they race ? Would this get the drivers market moving again ?


Charlie Whiting clarifies 2009 engine and safety car regulations

Charlie Whiting

The latest version of 2009 Formula 1 regulations included some changes that were not exactly advertised in advance. I was not alone not sure about what the eight engine per season rule exactly means. The other innovation were the safety car rules. Timmie pointed out yesterday the interview with FIA race director Charlie Whiting that also clarifies some of the new things in the 2009 F1 regulations:



2009 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 60 Days To Go

Two months to go. Time to summarize what has happened during the past 10 days. Three more teams launched their 2009 cars – Williams their FW31, Renault their R29 and BMW Sauber their F1.09. Toro Rosso still has one vacancy although rumours are the team will keep Sebastien Bourdais. With 60 days to go Honda […]


Bernie on free spending F1, KERS and third cars

We haven’t heard too much from Mr. Ecclestone since his FOTA and FIA shelved his medals idea. But he is back. Last week he told us what teams he would not want loose, later last week he confirmed he advanced payment of £14.5 million to Williams to help to balance their books. Now he came […]


2009 Winter Testing – January test summary

The new 2009 F1 cars took to test tracks last week. Ferrari tested at Mugello, BMW Sauber in Valencia, Toyota, McLaren, Renault, Williams and Renault at Portimao (Algarve). Toro Rosso and Red Bull (also at Portimao) are yet to reveal their new car and so Toro Rosso’s new driver Sebastien Buemi spent his track time […]


So, F1 almost lost Williams team …

Only 2 days ago I posted the article “What current F1 teams I would and what teams I would not miss ?” I listed three current teams that I believe F1 can’t afford to loose. Yesterday the news broke out that one of those three – Williams – was close to giving up. Not that […]


2009 Formula 1 cars – Do they look like we expected them to look ?

Most of Formula One fans knew that the 2009 Formula One cars will be quite different than their predecessors. But as teams kept their ideas to themselves we could all only guess how the new cars will look. I summarized all the main differences between 2009 and 2008 cars back in August in the post […]


What current F1 teams I would and what teams I would not miss ?

There was not much talk about more teams leaving Formula One for quite some time. The cost saving measures seemed to have done the trick. But last few days the F1 exit talks surfaced again. The 2009 season seems to be the make or break for Toyota. Some fresh rumours surfaced also about future of […]


KERS – Where do the F1 teams stand – summary

The introduction of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) into Formula 1 has turned into rather controversial issue. One hand this brainchild of Max Mosley is here to show to the outside world how green and road relevant F1 can be. On the other hand this for F1 new technology has been a massive drain on […]


2014 Teams and Drivers

Red Bull
Sebastian VETTEL
Fernando ALONSO
Adrian SUTIL
Force India
Sergio PEREZ
Felipe MASSA
Valtteri BOTTAS
Toro Rosso
Daniil KVYAT
Jean Eric VERGNE

2014 F1 Calendar

14-16 March - Australia
28-30 March - Malaysia
4-6 April - Bahrain
18-20 April - China
9-11 May - Spain
22-25 May - Monaco
6-8 June - Canada
20-22 June - Austria
4-6 July - Great Britain
18-20 July - Germany
25-27 July - Hungary
22-24 August - Belgium
5-7 September - Italy
19-21 September - Singapore
3-5 October - Japan
10-12 October - Russia
31 October-2 November - USA
7-9 November - Brazil
21-23 November - Abu Dhabi


2010 Mercedes GP F1 Merchandise
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