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After almost 4 years the wolf is tired and needs a break. The motivation is no longer there. With that also is gone the willingness to voluntarily sacrifice all the time needed to keep the site going. Even that bare minimum of time the wolf devoted to the site in 2010 … So, after a […]

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Jerez test March 2009 – Day 3 – Brawn GP fastest again

The Jerez test continued for 3rd day . The drivers in action today were Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Nelson Piquet. Nico Rosberg spent some time at the top of the table with 1:18.071s, but Jenson Button and his Brawn – 1:17.844s topped today’s timesheets … What a pace … Lewis Hamilton in the meantime is getting faster, his best time today 1:19.121. Nico Rosberg caused the only red flag of the day after crashing out in similar fashion as Fernando Alonso on Monday.

Today was the last day of pre-season testing for Renault and Brawn GP. Only Williams and McLaren are expected to run tomorrow.

Test times Jerez March 17, 2009:


2009 F1 cars – It has been 2 months already, do we like them already ? – Poll

Ferrari was the first team to reveal the 2009 car

Ferrari was the first team to reveal the 2009 car

It has been a bit over 2 months since the first all new 2009 Formula 1 car was officially revealed to the public. While the 2009 F1 cars  seem to be quick, some very quick, the opinions on their esthetic qualities are rather divided. We probably expected them to look the way they look but do we also like what we see ? Some people find the cars looking great, some so so, some people believe we will get used to them, some still insist the class ’09 F1 cars are plain ugly. So, what is your opinion about the 2009 F1 cars, 2 months on ?



Jerez test March 2009 – Day 2 – Alonso fastest

The final test before the start of 2009 F1 season continued for the second day in Jerez. Rubens Barrichello, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were in action today. For most of the day the fastest car on track was Brawn. First Rubens Barrichello smashed through the 1:19s barrier with 1:18.398, almost a second faster than his fastest time on Sunday. Jenson Button took over the Brawn GP car for the later in the afternoon and quickly set second fastest time of the day (at that time) – 1:18.892. But then with only minutes left on the clock Fernando Alonso ended his winter testing season with the quickest time of the day – 1:18.343 (qualifying simulation run). Where did that come from ?

Earlier Jenson Button caused a red flag, his day lasted for 12 laps only. Nico Rosberg was the busiest driver today with 123 laps.

The previous best lap time in Jerez this winter was Vettel’s 1:19.055s set two weeks ago.

Jerez test times March 16, 2008:


Ten to tackle – Weekly F1 Quizz Number 7

It’s time for a little Monday F1 quiz again. There is not any special topic this week, just 10 random quiz questions.  So, go ahead, choose the answers or make your guess and have fun !

You will find all the answers after you complete all 10 questions. As usual please no googling for answers  :-) . And again do not forget to share your result in comments ! If you missed the past quizzes you can also click here to see and try them.

With the exception of the first F1 World Championship race in 1950, how many times has a new F1 team won the opening race of the season.

Who is the last driver to date to have scored points with Cosworth engine ?

Jenson Button has only one win to his name so far, but how many times has he finished on the podium ?

Sebastien Buemi is the only rookie on 2009 F1 grid. In 2008 he raced in GP2, where did he finish ?

Spa-Francorchamps is the longest track on 2009 F1 calendar (4.352 miles). Which one is the second longest ?

What country hosted the opening race of F1 season most often ?

How many races did it take for Sebastian Vettel to finally see the checquered flag in 2008 season ?

How many teams competed in 1992 F1 season

David Coulthard won 13 F1 races during his career. How many of them with Williams ?

Who finished 8th in the 8th race of the '08 F1 season ?

Jerez test March 2009 – Day 1

The final test of 2009 pre-season kicked off today in Jerez. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), Nico Hulkenberg (Williams), Fernando Alonso (Renault) and Rubens Barrichello (Brawn GP) were to be in action today however McLaren chose to stay in garage. Fastest time of the day belongs to Rubens Barrichello who was also the busiest driver of the day (102 laps). Fernando Alonso crashed heavily early on today causing half an hour long red flag break.

Jerez test times – March 15, 2009:



Attempt to rank the F1 teams after Barcelona test

There is a bit of calm following the days of Barcelona testing. We will not have another chance to see all 10 teams on track together until the Friday practice for Australian GP (only Williams, Brawn, Renault and McLaren will test in Jerez next week) so let’s make an attempt to rank the teams ahead […]


McLaren MP4-24 at the moment not as competitive as the team hoped

Many people believe that despite slow times posted by McLaren drivers during the recent tests the team still will be right there at the front once the season kicks off. That is of course very much possible. Even Ron Dennis said only few days ago that there is no need to worry and they will […]


Brawn GP BGP001 – Will it be BAR 006 or Prost AP04 ?

When Ross Brawn and Nick Fry were talking up the future of their team following Honda’s withdrawal announcement many people had their doubts. Yes, Honda F1 Racing did sacrifice 2008 season and focused on 2009, yes, they had Ross Brawn at their helm. But over the years we got used to promises and words of […]


Barcelona test March 2009 – Day 4 – with images

Today was the last day of Barcelona test, also the last test for several of the F1 teams (some like McLaren and Brawn will test again in Jerez next week). The fog delayed the action this morning. Nico Rosberg has become the second driver this week to set the time below 1m20s (at the moment […]


F1Wolf.com now iPhone friendly

For those who walk around with the Apple gadget F1Wolf.com is now available in iPhone friendly version. When accessed on iPhone this site will appear in simpler and faster iPhone version instead of the full theme. Those who prefer to view the original theme anyway can always switch back to it at the bottom of […]


When the top teams got it wrong

The pace of new McLaren MP4-24 is becoming a hot topic these days. The team either got it wrong, or they are sandbagging, or they simply do not care about the lap times and go testing according their plan. We will see in about two weeks in Melbourne … n {democracy:51} But if they indeed […]


Barcelona test March 2009 – Day 3 – with images

The pre season test in Barcelona continued with day three. The fastest time of the day belongs to Jenson Button who early in the afternoon session posted few very quick laps. His best time 1:19.127 is also the fastest time of the week so far. Whether today’s Button’s time was on empty fuel tank or […]


2014 Teams and Drivers

Red Bull
Sebastian VETTEL
Fernando ALONSO
Adrian SUTIL
Force India
Sergio PEREZ
Felipe MASSA
Valtteri BOTTAS
Toro Rosso
Daniil KVYAT
Jean Eric VERGNE

2014 F1 Calendar

14-16 March - Australia
28-30 March - Malaysia
4-6 April - Bahrain
18-20 April - China
9-11 May - Spain
22-25 May - Monaco
6-8 June - Canada
20-22 June - Austria
4-6 July - Great Britain
18-20 July - Germany
25-27 July - Hungary
22-24 August - Belgium
5-7 September - Italy
19-21 September - Singapore
3-5 October - Japan
10-12 October - Russia
31 October-2 November - USA
7-9 November - Brazil
21-23 November - Abu Dhabi


2010 Mercedes GP F1 Merchandise
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