2008 Winter season – Winners and loosers so far

With 2 months to go before the 2008 season kicks off in Melbourne let’s have a look at some early winners and loosers.

Looser – McLaren – Loosing Fernando Alonso (although they are probably happy they got rid of him)

Winner – Honda – Signing Ross Brawn as a team principal and Alex Wurz as the test driver – probably the best people around for these positions.

Looser – Ralf Schumacher – After being so sure he will be on the grid in 2008 he had to face the reality and admit his F1 racing is very likely over.

Winner – Renault – They have got Alonso back. He may be pain in the butt but he still is one hell of a driver.

Looser – Christian Klien – After loosing out the race for the Force India drive to Fisi and declaring no further interest in testing roles he is on the way out of F1.

Winner – Giancarlo Fisichella – He won the hottest contest for a 2008 race drive

Looser – Prodrive – They did not make it and they have given up

Winner – Williams – They still have Nico Rosberg

Looser – McLaren again – They will occupy the last garage in the pitlane

Winner – Heikki Kovalainen – Not wanted by Renault landed race seat with McLaren

Looser – Nelson Piquet Jr. – So far the only obvious No. 2 driver on the 2008 grid

What would you add to this list ?

Merry And Happy From F1 Wolf (with a meme)

Merry and Happy

Merry Christmas (and if you do not visit again before end of the year then also Happy New Year !) from F1 Wolf.

If you continue reading, there is an Entrecard meme :-). Christmas looks like a good time for F1 Wolf to participate in a meme for the first time.


Year End Fun – The Different Look At The Last Four F1 World Champions

This is the time of year when we usually look at the funnier sides of life and Formula 1. So let’s have a look at the last four Formula 1 Champions.

First the new champion, Kimi Raikkonen, who was a gorilla before he became F1 champ. Check this previous article on F1Wolf on Kimi and his friends dressed in gorilla suits. They were all having fun back in Finland participating in a motorboat race.

Kimi Raikkonen - Gorilla

Next to the previous champion in Ferrari colors – Michael Schumacher. Here is the poster with Schumi in his brand new role:


Meet The Motorsport Bloggers – Part 3 – Sidepodcast

SidepodcastThe Meet The Motorsport Bloggers series is back. After venturing into the motorbike world in part 2 it is time to meet another Formula 1 blogger. F1Wolf introduces a great F1 blog – Sidepodcast. This blog is somehow special – besides the great writing it brings cool video and audio shows that are really worth watching and listening to. You can sample the F1Minute daily show on F1Wolf as well (on the left sidebar). Also the Sidepodcast’s video previews were regular features in Race Previews on the F1Wolf during the past Formula 1 season. And here is how Sidepodcast describes Sidepodcast:

Sidepodcast began because the coverage provided by FOM (Formula One Management) left, and still leaves, a lot to be desired. For a technologically advanced sport, online broadcasting appears to be essentially non-existent. We craved better coverage and the only way was to create for ourselves what we wanted to see.

So thanks to IT competence of Bernie Ecclestone we can enjoy Sidepocast shows !!!

The Q&A session comes with a F1Wolf exclusive this time ! Read on !


Friends of F1Wolf

I appreciate a lot every single comment on F1Wolf. I decided to honour the most active monthly commentators who leave more than 20 comments on this blog with a spot on the Friends of F1Wolf wall for the next month. I have space for 5 Friends of F1Wolf on the right sidebar and the first one just went to Shaun of The Biker Place.

Before you try – spam does not count :-)

Meet The Motorsport Bloggers – Part 2 – The Biker Place

The Biker PlaceThe first Meet The Motorsport Bloggers interview went quite well so I do not want to wait with the second one for too long. And as this “column” is about motorsport, and not all the motorsport is F1 :-) it is time for some serious biking. I am casual follower of MotoGP and 250cc and 125cc but not much beyond that. However few weeks back I started to read The Biker Place and since than I can actually join the conversation with friends who talk about motorbikes and understand what they are talking about :-) . The Biker Place site is neatly set up and provides information on all sorts of competitive motorbike racing including MotoGP, Superbikes and even races like Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. And talk about blogs being interactive – when I made a wish for post topic in one of my comments, the wish was granted within a day or two! Here is your chance to hear from the guy behind The Biker Place about The Biker Place:

The Biker Place website is a pretty new website launched with the intention of providing information on recent news, motorcycle sports and new products available for bikers. We will hopefully be launching some new features and competitions in 2008 and are looking at getting a few guest bloggers on board to provide fresh information. We are also building a business directory for anything motorcycle related.

And now the Q&A session, questions by F1Wolf, answers by… read on and you will see:

1) Where are you blogging from
From the North East of England, UK

2) Your name or nickname

Now you know…

3) When did you start blogging
In October this year (i think!)

Well, this is impressive. I would not have guessed the site is almost brand new !

4) Why do you blog
Something i was always interested in doing but never got round to it, finally took the plunge as i wanted to build a community type site for bikers.

5) Your favourite F1 team and driver (both current and all time)


Meet The Motorsport Bloggers – Part 1 – Rediscover Formula One

Welcome to the new regular feature on F1 Wolf and meet other guys and ladies that spend their time blogging about Formula 1 and other motor sports. One of my regular reads is The Rediscover Formula 1 blog at F1Chronicles.com. To find out more about this blog I asked the mysterious :-) webmaster (who is also one of the commentators on F1Wolf) to introduce his site briefly to the readers of F1Wolf.com:

The Rediscover Formula One blog was started by me and one of my school friends as we enjoyed watching formula one. Over time my friend lost touch and i bought a domain for the blog and shifted to WordPress. The blog features lots of articles, photos and quotes from f1. Very soon we will be launching new exclusive features, so watch out !

I also threw in few questions to find out more about the guy behind this cool F1 site. Here the answers:

1) Where are you blogging from:

New Delhi, India

2) When did you start blogging :


3) Why do you blog:

It’s a way to interact with people from all around the world, keep in touch with my favourite sport and earn a little pocket money too. I enjoy blogging and learning more and more about F1.

4) Your favourite F1 team and driver (both current and all time):

Current: Kimi Raikkonen ,
Team: Ferrari ,
All Time : Michael Schumacher (In fact most forums had this as my ID)

5) Your favourite F1 track (both current and all time):

Current and All Time : Belgium (pray for rain and disaster (sadistic am I! (Yoda would say)))
(well even Jenson Button prays for rain most of the time :-) )

6) Did you go to any F1 races ? Which one was the best for you ?

Never had the money or time to go, would like to go to Malaysia since its pretty near.

7) Did you meet any F1 drivers ?

Narain Karthikeyan (He does count, right ?)
(he definitely does)

8) Your favourite F1 or racing websites ?

I would say funf1.com (great and funny insights)
(have to agree, they had this great piece on Shanghai Grand Prix back in October!)

9) Your favourite F1 or racing magazines ?


10) What TV channel you watch the races on ?

ESPN-Star Sports plus live timing.
(If knew that I would have asked what he thinks about Steve Slater’s commentary :-) )

This is all from The Rediscover Formula 1 blog for now, but if you want to see more do visit the blog. Among other things you find there much more info on the Force India team than on official Force India web !

Join 2008 F1 Prediction Game

The 2007 F1 Photobook Lucky Draw Winner

F1 2007 PhotobookThe lucky winner of the 2007 F1 Photobook lucky draw is the F1 Wolf email subscriber sunilctw. Congratulations ! I will be getting in touch once the new lot of books arrives.

New On F1Wolf.com Sidebar

The regular visitors to F1Wolf may have realized several changes to the left side bar.

I removed the categories and archives sections. These were not used too much by the visitors and were taking too much space. So I got rid of them, at least for now.

Some new stuff arrived instead…

1) The Top Commentators
From now on if you comment a lot on this site, you will make it to the Top Commentators list. Those with links to their site will also automatically get the link back if they appear on the list. At the moment I am displaying only 5 commentators on the list, but I may extend it to 10 in the future. The list displays the rankings for last 30 days. Even if you do not link back to your site, like for example our Prediction Game competitor and esteemed commentator Klokan, you still can feel good seeing yourself on the list :-)

2) F1 Minute Player
This great 1 minute sum up of day news in Formula 1 from people behind the Sidepodcast plays now on F1Wolf. Simply click on the Play button on the picture to listen to the latest broadcast, or scroll down and play previous shows. So if you are too busy to read all the bull that is written here, spare a minute and listen to F1 Minute.

The F1 Minute player is located right below the Top Commentators list.

3) Entrecard
I got introduced to this by Nate Whitehill, the person behind the design of this site.

What is Entrecard? Entrecard is 125×125 Internet business card. It is also an ad network that actually helps to get extra traffic. You can network with other bloggers when you leave them your card, and you can use credits that you earn networking to advertise your card, for free, on any blog in the network (including this one). This Entrecard seems to be working really well, I can say that after only 2 days using it. At the moment however there are not too many sport related sites with an Entrecard and at the time of the writing F1Wolf.com was the only F1 or racing site there. It would be great if more sport or racing sites go and grab the Entrecards. It costs nothing except the little space on the sidebar but it gives great exposure. And the more sport or racing sites are there, the more targeted the exposure will be. So go over to Entrecard, get yourself one, and once you have it, don’t forget to drop yours also here, at the bottom of the left sidebar :-)

Oh, and the 2007 Race Calendar has been replaced with 2008 one :-)

Hong Kong Van Driver World’s Fastest On F1 Simulator

Formula 1 proper will find out the name of the new World Champion tonight. But the F1 simulator champion is known already. Williams and their sponsor RBS held series of Grand Prix Challenge Live shows around the world – London, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong. They challenged members of the public to set their fastest lap in a state-of-the-art F1 simulator in a full-size F1 show car. The fastest man of all was So Wai Sai, van driver from Hong Kong.
Van Man
His 1:15 lap was enough to make it to the Hong Kong final, where he clocked 1:11. That was reportedly between 1 to 5 seconds quicker than times of other world finals winners. The prize – a race in the real F1 car in Valencia, Spain, with Williams F1 drivers as his tutors. He will head to Valencia next month to face his competitors – winners from London, Sydney and Singapore on the track. Well, that does not sound bad at all…

And we can return our attention back to Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen :-)

$100 Competition Lucky Draw Results

So, the car on fire is Stefan Johansson, 1985 Ferrari. I receieved 10 correct replies (one by email). We found this nice young lady at the BWM Pit Lane Park at the Shanghai Grand Prix and asked her to put all the names to the cap and then pull some out :-)


First came the 5 names for the large prints of race photos:

Fantoci, Ankit, John Zaniker, F1Golfer and Malt

Then the $100 Winner – Etienne Teo

Here is the video of the lucky draw. The quality is very disapointing, but we only found out after we shot the video, and by then we could not repeat the lucky draw :-)

I wish to thank to Christine from Sidepodcast and Keith from F1Fanatic for their assistance with this contest.

Lucky Draw Video

Results and comments will follow later :-)

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