2008 F1 Qualifying – Team mates head to head statistics

Qualifying performance is one of the important benchmarks used to evaluate relative performance of team mates. Here is an overview of qualifying results in 2008 Formula 1 season. The table displays the results as achieved in qualifying, not the final position on the starting grid – grid penalties are not reflected in this table. I included this table also in the 2008 season stats.

2008 Formula 1 Qualifying - Team Mates Head to Head

RAI 16 2 4 1 4 2 3 1 3 6 6 4 4 14 3 2 2 3 6
MAS 4 1 2 3 1 1 6 2 9 2 2 1 2 6 1 5 3 1 12
KUB 2 6 1 4 5 5 2 7 10 7 4 3 8 11 4 6 12 13 13
HEI 5 7 6 9 9 13 8 12 5 12 16 8 5 10 6 16 7 8 5
ALO 12 9 10 2 7 7 4 4 6 5 7 12 6 8 15 4 4 6 18
PIQ 21 13 14 10 17 17 15 11 7 17 10 15 12 17 16 12 11 11 0
ROS 7 16 8 15 11 6 5 15 18 13 15 9 15 5 9 15 15 18 14
NAK 14 18 16 12 16 14 12 16 15 16 17 11 19 18 10 14 17 16 4
WEB 15 8 11 7 6 9 10 8 2 8 8 14 7 3 13 13 6 12 16
COU 8 12 17 17 10 10 13 9 11 10 13 17 14 13 14 11 16 14 2
TRU 6 5 7 8 8 8 14 5 14 4 9 7 11 7 11 7 9 2 14
GLO 9 10 13 14 15 11 11 10 12 11 5 13 13 9 8 8 13 10 4
BUT 13 11 9 13 13 12 19 17 17 14 12 16 17 19 12 18 18 17 8
BAR 11 14 12 11 12 15 9 18 16 18 18 19 16 16 18 17 14 15 10
VET 10 15 19 18 14 18 20 13 8 9 11 6 10 1 7 9 8 7 13
BOU 18 19 15 16 18 16 16 14 13 15 14 10 9 4 17 10 10 9 5
FIS 17 17 18 19 19 20 18 19 20 20 19 18 20 12 20 20 20 19 10
SUT 19 21 20 20 20 19 17 20 19 19 20 20 18 20 19 19 19 20 8
HAM 1 4 3 4 3 3 1 3 4 1 1 2 1 15 2 1 1 4 14
KOV 3 3 5 6 2 4 7 6 1 3 2 5 3 2 5 3 5 5 4
SAT 20 20 22 22                             2
DAV 22 22 21 21                             2

Please do let me know if you spot any errors.

2009 Formula 1 Drivers Rumours – Third Edition – Return of Sato ?

Kubica Ferrari

All we need is 2 weeks break between races and the rumour floodgates open. Let’s have a look what’s new since the second edition.

Robert Kubica has been doing well and so it comes as no surprise his future has been talked about quite a bit. Few innocent remarks to Italian paper La Stampa created two contradictory rumours. First linking Rosberg with BMW Sauber (as Kubica’s team mate) and then linking Kubica with a move to Ferrari. Sounds interesting but whom would Kubica replace ? Massa is under contract till 2010 and doing well right now (after shaky start to the season). There has been lots of talking about Raikkonen’s retirement but if I am not wrong that is part of the post 2009 future. All I can say about Kubica and Ferrari is that Kubica’s helmet matches the Ferrari colour scheme quite well as the picture above shows :-) .

Fernando Alonso has dismissed the rumours about him signing for Ferrari, so now it is time to link him to BMW Sauber, now also a race winning car. It may help that Robert Kubica does not seem to mind having Alonso as a team mate. The question for me however is if Alonso would be OK with Kubica in the other car. At the moment all that is sure about Alonso’s future is that he has not made any decision on it, at least that is what he says.


2008 Canadian F1 GP – Live Blog – Qualifying

Join us here for the live blog from the Canadian GP qualifying session:

This live blog has finished, you may replay it inside the post.


2008 Canadian F1 GP – Friday photos and sounds

Here are few pictures and sounds from Montreal qualifying. The MP3 file can be a bit noisy, so better lower the volume before listening to those V8 engines :-)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Montreal 2008

Rubens Barrichello


Demise of pay drivers in Formula 1 – Is it a good thing ?

It looks like after many years there are no pay drivers on Formula 1 grid. Their last sanctuary disapeared when Vijay Mallya took over Spyker F1. The last proper pay driver – Christijan Albers – left the grid even earlier. Not (as he should) because of his mediocre performances, but because his sponsor stopped sending money.

Christijan Albers – Spyker

So now there isn’t a driver on the Formula 1 grid who has to pay to drive instead of getting paid for driving. At least for now gone are the days of fat purses buying F1 drives in teams like Prost, Minardi, Jordan (later Midland and Spyker)… At the same time however almost gone are also the days when other teams or drivers management could place their young and upcoming drivers to weaker back-of-the-grid teams for few seasons. This is what Honda could do with Super Aguri but never really did, this is what Toyota have done with Kazuki Nakajima and Williams, this is what Flavio Briatore have done with Minardi. Many different drivers started (and some also ended up) their F1 careers in with the backmarkers:

Fernando Alonso – Minardi


Renault – Present or future ?

Renault have admitted they are facing a dilema whether to keep improving this year’s car or shift the focus to development for next season. Pat Symonds:

“It is always difficult and the level of difficulty depends on two major factors – one is where you are sitting in the current championship, how threatened you are and what you can achieve. If you are in a solid third place and unlikely to get second but unlikely to drop to fourth, more or less as we were last year, you can think about turning your attention to the following year. If you are fighting, like we are doing this year, then you have got to keep the development.

There is nothing wrong with keeping the development going if it is all applicable to next year’s car, unfortunately this time there is very little that is applicable to next year’s car. Next year’s car is a very, very different animal, completely different aerodynamic rules, the KERS system, slick tyres – lot of things that will make it a very different car. So it is all the more important that we start early on it.


Monaco 2008 – Force India Fly Kingfisher Party

Looks like Sonia Irvine’s Amber Lounge parties have serious competition from Vijay Mallya :-) . Here are some photos from Fly Kingfisher Party in Monaco 2008, including again DJ Sakon Yamamoto (after his success in Istanbul).


2008 Monaco F1 GP – Looks like wet race is on

It is about 3 hours to go and it looks like we are on for a wet Monaco race ! Here are some screenshots from Monaco webcam:

You can check the live webcam and weather in Monaco if you click here.

Spotted by Wolf – 7th Edition

Wolf It has been a while since the last Spotted by Wolf post. Travelling and following the first 2 races of the season caused few weeks gap, but now the 7th edition is here.

Malaysian Grand Prix organizers managed to keep the rain away, but the storm hit from somewhere else. The official Malaysian GP website was hacked only few days before the race.

The 2008 driver helmets preview is a popular feature of this web. Daniel at F1Bloggen went a step further and compiled photos of team overalls. Nice one !

F1 Pitlane is nice new project of several F1 enthusiasts and I am glad F1Wolf got mentioned there :-) . They were not the only site that featured F1Wolf last week – Sidepodcast selected F1Wolf as the featured site of the week in their F1 Rewind episode #2.

David Coulthard’s RB3 was sold on eBay for a neat amount.

In Singapore the F1 track lighting system tests have began. Also in Singapore … well, just listen to the podcast :-) .

F1Wolfs Season StatsOver here at F1Wolf the engine and gearbox statistics proved to be extremely popular. To make it easy to find them I moved all the 2008 statisctics to one place. Simply click on the 2008 Season tab just below the header of this site, or follow this link. I am also placing a button on the left sidebar for easier navigation.

Spotted by Wolf – 6th Edition

WolfI thought I won’t be able to get this edition of Spotted by the Wolf together due to my travels, but here it is:

We complain about official Formula 1 site not realizing we have been living in 21st for quite a while. Well, they do have mobile services you can subscribe to now. But as usual, the pricing is out of touch with the reality. People over at FOM, wake up, think of your regular fans, not the guys with yachts …

Mercedes Benz introduced the 2008 Formula 1 safety cars, Car Zi has the pictures and story.

F1Fanatic celebrated 3rd birthday, and did that with a redesign.

The Automoblog has pictures from Geneva – two Honda F1 cars side by side – 2008 (RA108) and 1967 (RA300)

And Singapore GP organizers mean business when it comes to promoting the race. The ads are all over the web, you can’t miss them. But the promo is not limited to online media. Yesterday I took the express train from Hong Kong airport to the city, and here is how it looks. It is over 6 months to go and Hong Kong is 3 1/2 hours flying time away from Singapore. There was never such promo for Chinese GP around here… I apologize for this not F1Wolf like quality of photos, but all I had with me was my Nokia phone.

Hong Kong Airport Express Singapore F1 Ads

(more photos in the article) (more…)

Spotted by Wolf – 5th Edition

Wolf The season start is getting closer and it looks like we are going to start from where we finished last season – with McLaren making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The spy affair just does not want to go away and in McLaren they are clearly upset with the claims Italian police is making.

The rumours surrounding Ron Dennis seem to be just that. I still wonder why it took McLaren several days to come out and dismiss what the Spanish paper Marca has started. However the reasoning that Ron Dennis simply can’t be fired is not convincing. In the corporate world people can be fired from their posts even if they are shareholders. This has happened before and this will keep happening…

The street tracks keep making headlines. Bernie Ecclestone wants Formula 1 GP in Paris from 2009. Williams may be bringing their test car to Singapore during summer, ahead of this year’s Singapore GP.

Further testing of slick tyres is planned ahead of their expected F1 return in 2009. Please, bring them back !

Super Aguri finally made some announcements. No surprise that their future was again a topic for Formula 1 blogs.

F1 Minute celebrate their 100th edition. You can listen to F1 Minute podcast here at F1 Wolf as well, and you could do so from pretty much their day 1, just look at the sidebar and play.

With Australian GP being just around a corner it is a good time to remind everybody to join some of the great Formula1 blog contests. It does not get any better than taking part of our own F1 Wolf 2008 Prediction Game. Do not be afraid to loose, join in !

There is great prize to be won at F1-TOGO too, head over there to see how to win Kimi’s die cast Ferrari model. And if this all is not enough you can try your luck in this fantasy game where some serious, very serious, names already built their teams ! Register there and join the Sidepodcast private league.The February is over, March is here, it is time to reward the regular commentators from February. I am not going to strictly enforce the 20 comment rule yet, I will wait for the season to start with that :-) .

There are 4 commentators with more than 10 comments last month on the Top Commentators list who also have their own blogs – Stew, Black Zedd, Sidepodcast and Shaun. If you want to appear on the Friends of the Wolf wall for the whole month of March, just mail me your 125 x 125 jpg button to f1wolf at f1wolf dot com and you are set. The sooner you mail me, the longer you stay :-) .

2008 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 20 Days To Go

20 Days To Go

Welcome to the penultimate edition of the 2008 Formula 1 season countdown. Yes, there is only one more to go, and no, I will not start counting down day by day after we hit the 10 days mark :-) .

2008 F1 Champion Poll ResultFor the past month I have been running a poll here. You voted for the 2008 F1 Driver Champ. It looks like Kimi Raikkonen is the overwhelming favourite, at least among the F1Wolf readers. (click on the thumbnail to see the votes). There is a new poll running now, I expect the results to be closer :-) .

We are only 20 days from the start of the season and there are still 2 unconfirmed seats – although both Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson testes when the team last time made it to the test track, none of them has been officially confirmed yet. The team itself is in troubles. They cancelled their plans to test in Barcelona last week and Aguri Suzuki is in Japan as we speak talking his team’s future with the Honda brass. A year ago this time the only empty seat was in Toro Rosso, where the team waited till the last moment to confirm Scott Speed, only to let him go few months later. By the way, when talking about a year ago this time – check my 2007 Formula 1 predictions and please do not laugh too much :-) .

In Singapore the tickets for the first F1 night race went up for sale with a bang… perhaps with a crash is more accurate. At about the same time the Singaporean public got the first taste of an F1 car on the streets. Red Bull car show was a part of the annual Chingay parade. It was driven by Robert Wickens, a young driver racing A1 this weekend in Durban.

The winter testing season is coming to a close. Since the last summary the teams tested in Jerez, in Barcelona and in Valencia. Valencia was pretty much a private test for BMW Sauber. We were all hoping to see where Ferrari and McLaren stand, unfortunately the Barcelona test was affected by wet weather and it is rather difficult to make anything from the times. Still, the general view of the situation is Ferrari on top of the game right now, with McLaren behind them. After that it is anybody’s guess. Some see Renault much stronger than they are willing to show (Gene). Fernando Alonso has totally different opinion and sees BMW Sauber in very strong position. Jarno Trulli is quite upbeat about the Toyota car. And surprisingly even boys, despite the poor winter performances, seem to be feeling quite good about their package… It looks like the only guarantee we have for this year is 11th for Super Aguri, that is if they make it to Melbourne.

Unfortunately the racism issues are not going away. Last 10 days the talk was about reactions of Bernie Ecclestone and Fernando Alonso. I am quite willing to believe that Bernie meant what he is said to have said. But as far as Fernando Alonso goes, I would like to see the full interview or speach where his remarks were taken from before making any opninion on that. All I had chance to read were excerpts only.

Outside of F1 there were some interesting developments too. Ralf Schumacher found his ride in DTM with Mercedes. He also admitted that he made up his earlier claims about being sure to remain in Formula 1 after leaving Toyota. Jacques Villeneuve lost his drive in NASCAR after his crash at qualifying race for Daytona 500.

And finally the over a decade long rift in North America is over. Champ Car and IRL series are merging:

“Indy Racing League founder and CEO Tony George and owners of the Champ Car World Series have completed an agreement in principle that will unify the sport for 2008. Gerald Forsythe, co-owner of Champ Car, signed an agreement in principle Feb. 22 in Chicago, joining his partner, Kevin Kalkhoven. George signed the agreement Feb. 21. Details of a news conference about the agreement will be forthcoming.”

The 2008 Formula 1 Season Countdown will be back for one more time in 10 days.

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