New site design, yet again – What is in the background ?

If you visited the site today you might have noticed some differences in the site design. I had not intention to change it this early after the last change. But my frustration with the previous theme kept growing and finally reached the limit last weekend. And that was it. I picked up new theme while keeping the same colour scheme and very similar layout as with the previous theme.


F1Wolf – The new look

As you may have already realized F1Wolf received a facelift. I have been thinking about change of the design for quite some time. The previous design was from summer of 2007. It was great at the time of its launch and several tweaks here and there managed to extend its life span to almost 2 years. Unfortunately it was becoming more and more difficult to ad new features to the site. I was also getting a bit tired of the look of the site. And so as the F1 holidays arrived I decided to go ahead with the redesign.

The new F1Wolf uses the ColorMatic Theme from Theme Wars. The reason why I chose this theme was simple – it is simple, clean and easy to navigate. I stayed with same colours as the previous theme – combination of red and grey. The dominant colour however is white.


Server issues …

Mediatemple (where this site is hosted) encountered some serious issues earlier today. As a result this site was down for several hours. Now appears to be back although it may take few more hours before all the problems are solved and the site runs properly again. All I can do is sit and wait :-) . now iPhone friendly

For those who walk around with the Apple gadget is now available in iPhone friendly version. When accessed on iPhone this site will appear in simpler and faster iPhone version instead of the full theme. Those who prefer to view the original theme anyway can always switch back to it at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

Here is short video showing the basic features. If you want to hear the soundrack music please hit the volume button on the menu bar of the video player:

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Honda F1 – The interested parties – Richards, Slim, Mallya and others

Prodrive - They gave up on 2008 entry, will they make it in 2009 ?

Prodrive - They gave up on 2008 entry, will they make it in 2009 ?

Many different parties have already been connected with the purchase of Honda F1 Racing. Some names were making some sense, some were just rubbish stories. But Nick Fry seems to be confident the buyer will be found:


F1Wolf is back after a server shutdown

I found this message in my mailbox on Friday morning:

Your web hosting account has been deactivated (reason: site causing performance problems). Although your web site has been disabled, your data may still be available for up to 15 days, after which it will be deleted. If you feel this deactivation is in error, please contact customer support as soon as possible.

Of course I felt that the deactivation was in error. So I contacted the customer service trying to find out what is the problem. That however they never told me. They threw some numbers at me saying once I get over those my account gets suspended. I never got even remotely close to those numbers. But arguments like those do not go well with those arrogant customer service people. All they said was that if I feel there is nothing wrong with my data then perhaps it is time to upgrade my hosting plan. Alternatively I was to hire a webdeveloper to solve the issues for me. What issues however they still did not tell me. Before I had chance to ask any more question they cut me off from the Live Chat too …

The help came via Facebook from Manila :-) . It does not look like there was much wrong with my data other than the fact there seem to be way too many sites hosted on my old shared server. The hosting company does not care. For them the solution to their problems is to suspend their customers’ accounts witout any prior warning … Very strange way of customer care and services. All they achieved is that I moved the site to different host.

Thanks to everybody who offered me help yesterday and sent over those encouraging messages !

Felipe Massa’s F2008 1:18 Die Cast Model by Mattel now available


1:18 Die Cast Model of Felipe Massa's F2008 available now

Fans of Lewis Hamilton have had their chance to get Lewis Hamilton 2008 World Championship die cast presentation for several weeks already. Now the 1:18 scale die cast model of Felipe Massa’s Ferrari F2008 is available too.


Two out, nine to go – How will 2009 Formula 1 grid look ?

Super Aguri - out, Honda - out, who is next ?

Super Aguri - out, Honda - out, who is next ?

Judging from the Google stats the main point of interest of general F1 fan in past few weeks was – How will the 2009 cars look. From Friday the fifth 2008 the question has changed somehow – How will the 2009 F1 grid look ?


The Formula 1 Off Season News Round Up – Part 4

Nico Rosberg looking into his post Williams future ?

Nico Rosberg looking into his post Williams future ?

The last few days have been pretty quiet in F1, the main topic of the past week was Red Bull’s purchase of Gerhard Berger’s share in Toro Rosso and all the implications of this (Gerhard Berger’s departure from the team, the future of Toro Rosso itself). This however may have been only the silence before the storm. The World Motorsport Council of FIA is meeting today if I am not mistaken and among other things should release the final version of 2009 Formula One Calendar as well as do something about that medal system proposed by Bernie Ecclestone. But before that let’s sum up the other F1 related news from last week.

Quick return to the medal system. Contrary to Ecclestone claims it seems that there are voices claiming that the medals do not have the support of all the F1 teams and even if the system is at the end implemented it will not be from 2009 season. We will see soon.

Now some driver news:


2008 Hungarian GP – Red Bulls and Lake Balaton – video and photos

Earlier this week Red Bull and Toro Rosso took their show cars for a ride alongside Lake Balaton in Hungary. Red Bull’s test driver Sebastien Buemi drove the Red Bull car, Toro Rosso’s team boss Gerhard Berger drove the Toro Rosso. Here is the video:

Find more videos like this on F1Wolf Club

Video also available at Dailymotion and F1Wolf Facebook Group

Check the rest of the post for picture gallery:


Will Alonso do Schumi or Jacques ?

After reading all that has been written about Fernando Alosno since his not that good German Grand Prix performance, a question popped up in my mind. Which way will his career go from now ?

Same as two former champions Alonso left his title winning team to try his luck somewhere else. After winning his first title in 2005 he signed for McLaren from 2007 season. He did manage to win his 2nd title in his final (?) season with Renault, but not much went right for him since. When he arrived in McLaren he found his rookie team mate to be the next big thing in F1. He had a car able to challenge for race wins and for the title, but the expected number one status was nowhere. Not able to bite the bullet he did not manage to keep his mouth shut and found himself out of the team not long after the end of 2007 season. (Seems like Heikki has learned the lesson :-) ). With nowhere else to go he returned to Renault, now no longer a front running team. Despite all the PR talk he clearly struggles with the uncompetitve car and his performances seem to start to reflect his unease. There is not really anywhere else to go for him next year. Unless he forgets about Ferrari and signs longer term deal with another team he is stuck with Renault for a while … How will these few fruitless years affect his future career ?

Will he do Schumi or will he do Jacques ?


2008 German F1 GP – Race result – Hamilton wins, podium for Piquet

Nelson Piquet Hockenheim 2008

Lewis Hamilton managed to overcome apparent strategy blunder and won the 2008 German GP at Hockenheim. Nelson Piquet climbed up to the podium for the first time in his F1 career scoring also the first podium of the season for Renault. Felipe Massa finished 3rd. First time since 1991 Belgian GP (when Senna won and Piquet sr. finished 3rd) there were 2 Brazilian drivers on podium .

The race was affected by safety car following Timo Glock’s violent crash. Glock looked a bit shaken after the crash but seems to be OK.

2008 German GP result:

1. Lewis Hamilton – McLaren – 1:31:20.847
2. Nelson Piquet – Renault + 5.586
3. Felipe Massa – Ferrari + 9.339
4. Nick Heidfeld – BMW Sauber + 9.825
5. Heikki Kovalainen – McLaren + 12.411
6. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari + 14.483
7. Robert Kubica – BMW Sauber + 22.603
8. Sebastian Vettel – Toro Rosso + 33.282


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