Formula 1 – Paul Ricard Test May 16

The times of the second day of testing are probably more accurate display of the current form. McLaren and Ferrari evenly matched, then a bit of a gap, and then 6 cars without too much between them. Yesterday saw a return of Sebastien Bourdais. Being only a second slower than Wurz, Schumacher and Barrichello in a better cars and loads of experience in F1 cars – well that is not bad at all. Nothing has been confirmed, everything has been denied, but I think, that Bourdais in F1 in 2008 is more less a sure thing.

Day 2 Times Here

Formula 1 – Paul Ricard Test May 15, 2007

All the teams are back to work at the Paul Ricard test track. The Monaco style track configuration is used this week as the teams prepare for next weekend race.

James Rossiter ran for Super Aguri for the first time after his switch from Honda. Reanult, Honda, Spyker and BMW also used their test drivers yesterday. For the record Lewis Hamilton clocked the fastest lap.

Lap Times Here:

Formula 1 – Barcelona Test May 3, 2007

With the rain messing up the track it is again difficult to make any conclusions about the form of the teams. But still, must feel good for DC and Red Bull to finish a day of testing on the top. Not sure if that happened before.

On the first day we had a new front wing design from McLaren, but Honda left the best for the last day. How about this pair of elephant ears ….
Honda Dumbo Ears
Does not seem to be helping much, Honda ended up 7th out of 7 … This may be as short lived as the twin towers on BMWs last year, may be even shorter. The twin towers did a race …

May 3 Test Times Here

Formula 1 – Barcelona Test May 2, 2007

The drivers may have changed but Ferrari car still tops the time sheets with Massa this time. Webber in Red Bull did not do too bad. The new front wing does not seem to be helping McLaren too much, yet. No signs of anything special from Honda, still long way down …

Williams wrapped up the test early after Nico Rosberg smashed the car beyond quick repair.

May 2 Test Times Here

Formula 1 – Barcelona Test May 1, 2007

Rain created unpredictable conditions. There was little mileage, in Alonso’s case none. The times and positions do not tell much. For the record, Kimi posted the fastest time.

The test sessions was extended by 1 day, till Thursday.

May 1 Test Times Here

Formula 1 – Barcelona Test April 30, 2007

Too early after first day of testing to make any conclusions about the form of the teams. But Toyota on top and Aguri 3rd is still surprising …

Updated: Well Ralf was not that fast after all, he only managed the fastest lap by cutting the track short, so his best time was enough for P4 only. The top spot went to Kimi.

April 30 Test Times Here

Formula 1 – Sepang Test March 30, 2007

Hard to believe that McLaren would go so much backwards in their performance for Hamilton to be all of a sudden almost 2 seconds slower than Kovalainen’s Renault. Looks like McLaren was playing around with different fuel loads and tyres. However it looks like Toyotas are slowly finding their way, however, still slower than Williams :-). Super Aguri’s pace is no longer a surprise.

Sepang Test March 30, 2007

Formula 1 – Sepang Test March 29, 2007

Too much water to take this test seriously, but some practice in wet in Malaysia may come handy. Heavy rain is never too far down there.
1. Hamilton – McLaren-Mercedes – 1:35.918
2. Webber – Red Bull-Renault – 1:36.138
3. R.Schumacher – Toyota – 1:36.700
4. Liuzzi – Toro Rosso -Ferrari – 1:36.712
5. Massa – Ferrari – 1:36.947
6. Rosberg – Williams-Toyota – 1:37.070
7. Button – Honda – 1:37.472
8. Davidson – Super Aguri-Honda – 1:37.606
9. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber – 1:38.551
10. Kovalainen – Renault – 1:39.654
Besides rain the other excitement was Nick Heidfeld setting his car on fire after oil leak.

Bad weather and no chance to post fast laps made the teams to agree on extra day of testing on Friday.

Formula 1 – Sepang Test March 28, 2007

Raikkonen on top. Williams showing good speed and relaibility (2nd fastest time and 114 laps completed). BMW probably focusing on reliability today with 111 laps for Kubica. No surprises today with Honda powered cars – Sato faster than Button and Barrichello :-)

- Sepang Test March 28

Formula 1 – Sepang Test March 27, 2007

Kubica fastest, Raikkonnen second. Wurz in Williams not doing bad too. But the most notable achievement of the day is Honda being quicker than Super Aguri !!!

- Sepang Test March 27

Formula 1 – Webber to test drive Singapore F1 track

Australian Red Bull driver Mark Webber will take to the streets of Singapore this weekend for a trial run of the city-state’s proposed Formula One race, the Straits Times reported on Tuesday. Singapore is in talks with Formula One over the hosting of a street circuit grand prix, which may be held at night, under floodlights — a first for the sport. The report said Webber would drive a Porsche 911 GT3 for Saturday’s test run “within the legal speed limit”. “We didn’t have enough time to get the clearance for a high-speed run,” Jyn Wee, Red Bull’s brand manager in Singapore, was quoted as saying. The GT3 has a top speed in excess of 300 kph and can go from 0-100 kph in less than five seconds.

Formula 1 – 2007 Test Drivers Helmets

Here are 2007 helmets of some the F1 test drivers. Who knows, we may see some of these guys racing later on this season …

Winkelhock (Spyker), Zonta (Renault)

Vettel (BMW Sauber), Piquet Jr. (Renault

Valles (Spyker), Rossiter (Super Aguri)

Paffet (McLaren), Nakajima (Williams),

Montagny (Toyota), Glock (BMW Sauber)

Klien (Honda), Karthikeyan (Williams)

Fauzy (Spyker), Doornbos (Red Bull)

Ammermueller (Red Bull)

More to come …

Check also 2007 Race Driver Helmets

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