Formula 1 – Turkish GP Race Review (with video)

It is said to have to say that the Turkish GP did not live up to the expectations. If even this excellent track can’t offer decent racing than what can (other than rain or safety cars)? This is a topic for another post that will be coming up next (you can subscribe to RSS feed to get all the future posts).

To prove Sir Jackie Stewart wrong again, the race was again decided on lap 1, if not on Saturday… The dirty side of track fears of McLaren drivers materialized, both lost track positions, Hamilton to Raikkonen, Alonso to both BMWs. This ruined Alonso’s chances for a win, and all he did was praying for miracle. Even if he would not say that after the race, it was quite obvious, he tried more less nothing to get ahead of Heidfeld …

Formula 1 – Hungarian GP Race Review With Video

In this review I will focus on the race itself. What I think of McLaren and Ferrari camps is here and in another post as well.

For race results click here:


Hamilton did not do much wrong during the race. Heidfeld starting from the dirty side of the track was never a threat to him and Kimi on P3 was a bit too far behind to challenge him at the start. At times Kimi was getting quite close but without a mistake the overtaking was out of the question. Pit stops posed the only danger. But when both Kimi and Hamilton came in at the same time for the first stop and left without change in the track position Hamilton could have begin to believe the race is in the bag.

Le Mans – The Movie

Last week I made a post on Jacques Villeneuve. The mention of him and Le Mans reminded me of the 1971 movie with Steeve McQueen. It has been quite a few years since I watched that. So with no F1 or MotoGP race on calendar this weekend I’d picked up the DVD and did the re-run on my home cinema. This movie was made about 30 years before CGI turned every action flick into anime.

Formula 1 – European GP Race Review

The rain threatened several races this year, finally it came. Finally… As we have it in F1 these days, only changing track conditions or safety car confusion result in exciting races.

It looked like everybody expected the rain to come in the early stages of the race. But clearly not on lap 1 and not a rainstorm. Video here. The cars sliding around and out and over, that was one mayhem. Kimi not able to hold the line and sliding out of the pitlane exit back to track for another very slippery lap. Several cars parking it in the gravel next to each other one by one … And Marcus Winkelhock leading the race on his race debut in the worse car of them all … Awesome…

Formula 1 – Mid Season vs Season Preview

I started this blog on February 21, 2007 with my season preview of all the teams and drivers. Half the season is gone, it may be a good time to have a look 5 months back and see how my predictions compare with reality. All that was available in February were winter test reports and result and some rumours maybe…



Fernando Alonso – Do not like him that much, but have to give it to him. Champ twice in the Schumi era. McLaren does not look too bad so far, so he may have a shot at the third one.
Lewis Hamilton – Rookie rookie rookie … Good to see young blood in the top team.
Car – Looks great and fast as always and reliable (unlike in recent years). Should be back in fight for both championships.


Alonso – Well, pretty much on the mark. He is still well in the picture, and perhaps the better part of season is ahead of him. – CLOSE

Hamilton – Does not look like I expected him to do anywhere near as well as he does. With 12 points lead and 8 races to go the championship is now his to throw away. The tougher part of the season awaits with all the high expectations and rising pressure. – A BIT OFF THE MARK

Car – Ha, right on the spot, looks great, it is fast and reliable. – SPOT ON

Formula 1 – British GP – Race Review

British GP provided quite interesting race. As it is becoming a habit the strategy in pit stops decided the final order. But thanks to Massa we could also see some serious on the track overtaking.

Formula 1 – French GP Race Review (with video)

It took them quite some time, but Ferraris returned to the top. They were helped by not so perfect start from Hamilton and Alonso being way down the grid did not harm them too.

Race start:Alonso’s move on Heidfeld

Formula 1 – US GP Race Review

Another race, another great performance from McLaren and Lewis Hamilton. He won in Montreal fair and square. But his job was made a bit easier as his main rival had the bad luck with the safety car. Those chasing him were no match for him and he could only throw the race win away by himself. Indianapolis was totally different story.

Formula 1 – Canadian GP – Race Review (with videos)

And we had an exciting race. I was not alone predicting several safety car deployments and that is what happened. What a shame that the safety car periods lead to penalties and black flags. But that is topic for separate post.

Lewis Hamilton finally made it to the top of the podium. And that means the end of the discussions about him leading the championship without winning the race.

Formula 1 – Monaco Race Review

It was interesting weekend in Monaco. What a pity that the rain that mixed up the free practice on Saturday did not last till the qualifying session …

The domination of McLarens did not come as a big surprise. The test in Paul Ricard indicated that the silver cars are best suited for this tight track. But the gap between them and Ferrari was a bit bigger than expected. The case might be that Massa settled for comfortable 3rd knowing that he has no chance challenging the McLarens.

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP Review

I can’t make up my mind whether the race was exciting or boring. We had a winner who led the race from lights to flag followed by the same guy all the time. On the other hand some cars crashed out in first corner (first time this season), some (Honda) engines blew up, Heidfeld overtook Alonso, Coulthard overtook perhaps ten other cars, Rosberg visited the run off areas several times while fighting for position …

There is this funny web page showing the race animations – click on and see.

Massa won, but Hamilton was all the time right there behind him. This race result may be very important for these two guys, especially for Massa.

Formula 1 – Malaysia GP Review (as seen from Turn 1)

Friday evening after the practice I was sitting on the Ekspres riding from KL airport to the city. On the small TV screen I could see Alonso saying something about McLaren having no chance to beat Ferrari in Sepang… Well, sometime even world champion can be wrong.

Ferrari had Massa on pole, Kimi on P3 and according to the popular belief the fastest cars on the grid. How could they not win the race?


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