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[caption id="attachment_5111" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Sebastian Vettel - The Winner"]Sebastian Vettel - The Winner B12 And Synthroid, [/caption]

The Chinese GP is becoming the most likely F1 race to be affected by rain. This was the 6th Chinese GP and the third wet one ... The 6th Chinese GP also produced the 6th winner after Barrichello, Alonso, Schumacher, Raikkonen and Hamilton. But let's have a look who were the other winners and losers in Shanghai, B12 And Synthroid usa.


Red Bull
This does not need much explanation. The car worked very well for them in dry, it worked great in the wet, B12 And Synthroid. They had some technical issues with a "5 EURO" part of their gearbox (part that can be changed without penalty) but managed to sort it out and went on to dominate the weekend. Their race strategy was aggressive with short first stint. It was probably planned for dry race (with a short super soft tyre first stint) but worked for them nicely on Sunday as well. This may not be the last word from Red Bull this season with Adrian Newey working on major diffuser related upgrades of the Red Bull car. B12 And Synthroid, This was the maiden race win for Red Bull Racing and they did in the same 1-2 fashion as BMW Sauber in Montreal last year. 750mg B12 And Synthroid, Brawn
Although their winning streak has ended they must be reasonably satisfied with the result of the race. As Ross Brawn said - "Being disappointed with 3rd and 4th says it all" . Other than the tricky surface the one critical point was the safety car after Trulli - Kubica accident that could have ruined Button's race. He was yet to pit at that stage. But he made his pit stop right away, while the gaps between the cars were still big but all cars already moving slowly (to observe the safety car speed limit), B12 And Synthroid. He returned back behind Vettel, in the position he would probably have anyway after first pit stop should there be no safety car. Barrichello lost a bit more at that stage but problems of other drivers helped him to get back to 4th place, 10mg B12 And Synthroid. Barrichello also recorded the fastest lap of the race, the first one for Brawn this season.

McLaren as a team must be happy with how the things turned out for them in China. B12 And Synthroid, Both cars in points when perhaps only Hamilton had the pace to get there under normal racing conditions. At the same time however Hamilton must be pulling his hair. For him this race was the opportunity lost. 200mg B12 And Synthroid, He would not be too far from podium places if not for his spins. It was very different Hamilton than the one who dominated wet Silverstone last year...

Toro Rosso
Sebastien Buemi finished in points again after solid performance, B12 And Synthroid. He was running in the points for big part of the race but lost few positions after his pit stop. At the end he benefited from Sutil's misfortune but as the saying goes, to finish first (in this case in points), first you have to finish. Buemi had one close call when he hit Vettel behind the safety car but luckily for both the Fuji 07 scenario did not repeat itself in Shanghai 2009, 40mg B12 And Synthroid.

Now the losers:

Williams have one of the fastest cars out there, they should be fighting for podiums at least. B12 And Synthroid, But after three races all they have are 3.5 points ... Only Ferrari and Force India have less (zero). They have to stop making those wrong calls, their current technical advantage over Ferrari, B12 And Synthroid mexico, Renault, McLaren, Toro Rosso may not last for too long ...

BMW Sauber
The whole weekend was only going from bad to worse for Robert Kubica. The fruitless KERS experiment on Friday, Q1 elimination on Saturday, the climb over Trulli's Toyota on Sunday .., 750mg B12 And Synthroid. Nick Heidfeld was at least running near and at the points scoring positions most of the time, B12 And Synthroid. But then he hit some debris left on track by Adrian Sutil, damaged the car, lost some pace and few positions. Zero points for the team ...

Timo Glock picked up 2 points for the team but that must be very disappointing result for one of the pre-race favourites. B12 And Synthroid canada, It was impressive performance from Glock, climbing from the back of the grid to 7th place. B12 And Synthroid, But the team with such a strong package as Toyota has at the moment should be leaving races with much more than 2 points ... Jarno Trulli had a race to forget. He kept loosing positions from the start. Then he found himself just ahead of Robert Kubica and soon just under Robert Kubica. His rear wing and big chunk of the shark fin was gone, Trulli's race over .., 20mg B12 And Synthroid.

Fernando Alonso keeps praising the progress the team made with the R29, B12 And Synthroid. But it was very obvious that the front row on the grid was only result of super light fuel load. It may have worked for him in normal conditions but the race started behind the safety car and before the proper racing began Alonso had to pit for fuel. That relegated him to the back of the grid and ruined his race. He did get back to the points on lap 28 but lost few places after a spin later on. B12 And Synthroid, Nelson Piquet is not making his life in F1 any easier. Flavio Briatore's face on the pit wall was not too happy after Piquet's crash out of the race. B12 And Synthroid coupon, Ferrari
Two weeks ago we talked about the worst start to the season by Ferrari since 1992. Now we need to go almost a further decade back to find 3 pointless races at the start of the season for Ferrari. Last time that happened was in 1980 (Jody Scheckter and Gilles Villeneuve) and 1981 (Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi). The points however were well within the reach for the Maranello team in Shanghai, B12 And Synthroid. Massa drove excellent race. He was on one stop strategy, running heavy but making his way up. He was running in 3rd place when his car came to a stop. Kimi Raikkonen was on one stop strategy as well. B12 And Synthroid, He spent his first stint safely within the point scoring positions but dropped deep back after his pitstop a never recovered the lost ground. The only consolation for the team must be that thanks to Sutil's crash they are not the only pointless team ...

Force India
Only 6 laps separated Force India from their first ever F1 points but then Adrian Sutil spun off the track, hit the wall and the dream was over. To Sutil's defence it has to be said that he had to push the car to the limit as there was a chasing pack right there behind him. Taking it easy was not an option for him if his goal were the points. At the end he lost it ... But considering how much off the pace the Force India cars were on Saturday his race performance was impressive.

Photo: Bridgestone Motorsports .

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Cialis Uk

[caption id="attachment_4941" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="And then came the rain ..."]And then came the rain ... Cialis Uk, [/caption]

Every time the F1 comes to Malaysia the first thing on everybody's mind are the chances of rain. And they are always said to be quite big. Surprisingly however, so far the only proper rain came down on 2001 Malaysian GP. I went to the Sepang race three times in very recent past. All the races and if I remember well even all the practice and qualifying sessions were always dry (altghough humid and hot), Cialis Uk mexico. The only visibility problems I remember was the haze that came out of nowhere and covered the track back in 2005, Cialis Uk. What I also remember however is that every time I was in Kuala Lumpur this time of the year it rained heavy every day in the early evening. Early evening was the time the heavy rain came down yesterday. Early evening also was when the 2009 Malaysian GP was still in full swing thanks to that wise decision to move the start to 5pm ... Why on Earth did the organizers agree to such a late start is beyond me ... Cialis Uk, Anyway, back to what happened before the rain stopped the race. 20mg Cialis Uk, Jenson Button made a mess of the start and dropped back from the pole behind Nico Rosberg, Jarno Trulli and Fernando Alonso. Rosberg and Trulli pulled away while heavily fueled Alonso held everybody back. Button managed to overtake him before the lap 1 was over and quickly caught up with Rosberg and Trulli. Alonso helped to create huge gap behind them. Heikki Kovalainen spun off soon after start, Robert Kubica's engine expired on lap 1 too (Kubica reported starnge sounds from engine during his installation lap), Cialis Uk.

The rain was on the cards from the race start and it was only matter of the time when it will arrive, 40mg Cialis Uk. As the first pit stop window approached many drivers probably hoped that the arrival of the rain would coincide with their pit stop. That did not happen (the only one lucky was Heidfeld) and most of the drivers put fresh set of soft tyres on. The first one to gamble on wet tyres was Kimi Raikkonen (see image below). Cialis Uk, Ferrari probably had the reason to think it may rain soon, same as they had reason to believe that starting on super soft was good idea in Melbourne or that one lap in Q3 will be enough Massa if qualifying for Malaysian GP. The rain came eventually, 50mg Cialis Uk, but only several laps later and by then Raikkonen's wet tyres were totally destroyed and Raikkonen far back after lapping several laps 20 second slower than the rest of the field.

After all the front runners made their first pit stops Jenson Button was in the lead. Only three laps after his first pit stop the first drops felt and Button stopped again, this time for set of wet tyres expecting as most of the field the rain to be heavy right away. The intermediates however were clearly better tyres at that time and on lap 29 also Button made the switch to inters too. He dropped behind Glock but overtook him just before the end of lap 30, Cialis Uk. Glock however turned into the pit lane an took on full wet tyres as the rain became heavier, 200mg Cialis Uk. On lap 32 Button returned to pits for his 4th pit stop and switched back to full wet tyres. He returned back to track still in the lead. Moments later the safety car was deployed and a lap later the red flags stopped the race. Cialis Uk, Mark Webber was immediately out of his car talking to other drivers and getting their opinions on the conditions. At that moment it was not clear if the race would be restarted or not. 100mg Cialis Uk, But as the time went on it became clear that even if the race starts again there would not be enough time left to finish more than 75% of the distance needed for full points to be awarded. I have no idea why the race control had to let the cars and the drivers out there in that rain until almost 7pm before announcing the race is over ... Anyway, that is what they did. The race was stopped on lap 33, the results went back to lap 31, Cialis Uk. Jenson Button ended up as the winner, Nick Heidfeld climbed up to 2nd place (thanks also to the fact that he only made one pitstop), Cialis Uk india, Timo Glock dropped to 3rd.

Brawn GP again showed that they are class of the field at the moment. When Button needed to put his foot down he drover the fastest lap of the race creating anouh gap to leapfrog both Trulli and Rosberg after first pit stop. The team now also can see that the car that never tested in wet can handle that kind of conditions well too. Cialis Uk, They also had luck on their side with the timing of their wet and inters pit stops because if the race was stopped a lap earlier the win could have gone to Glock ... Cialis Uk usa, Both Toyota and Williams are very strong and both have potentially race winning cars at this moment. Toyota needed only a bit more luck on their side today. Williams however will need to do something about their strategies and team work. They are not as hopeless as Ferarri at the moment, but tactical errors are costing them points and podiums while there aren't that many cars better than theirs ...

Red Bull is another impressive team and the wet conditions seem to only emphasize how good the new Red Bull car is, Cialis Uk. The one thing they do not have on their side is luck, Cialis Uk ebay. Such a car but only 1.5 point after 2 races ...

Heidfeld brought the BMW Sauber to the podium making the most of what the conditions offered. Robert Kubica who outqualified Heidfeld is still without any points as his engine expired very early on. Cialis Uk, Lewis Hamilton pushed his uncompetitive McLaren to points, to one point to be precise. That is probably as much as can be expected from the team at the moment. 750mg Cialis Uk, Heikki Kovalainen crashed out, right after the start, long before the rain.

[caption id="attachment_4943" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Raikkonen and Ferrari - not the best day in the office"]Raikkonen and Ferrari - not the best day in the office[/caption]

Ferarri that is a special chapter. Their car is not a race winner at the moment but it doesn't seem to be much worse piece of machinery than for example BMW Sauber at the moment for example. But what a mess are the team and drivers making out of the races this year ... It has been long time since the red cars failed to score any points in first 2 races of the season (how long, you can find out in this week's quiz). The only positive moment for Kimi on Sunday was probably this (click to see the pictures).

The prediction game results will be out later today.

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36 Hour Cialis, [caption id="attachment_4811" align="aligncenter" width="489" caption="Jenson Button, Brawn GP"]Jenson Button, Brawn GP[/caption]

Before moving on to Malaysian GP here is quick look back at the 2009 Australian GP. I watched the race live in Melbourne and although thanks to the nice people from Kangaroo TV I had the pleasure to use their handy little device there was so much happening and so fast that I may have to watch the race again on TV to see what was actually going on. So instead of reviewing the race that I enjoyed but could not really follow to the detail here is my brief review of the teams:

I start with Bridgestone as the tyres influenced the race quite a lot. The super soft tyres did not last, the medium tyres were hard to warm up, 36 Hour Cialis craiglist. Not sure if this is what Bridgestone had in mind when they were talking about increasing the difference between 2 compounds used in the same race. If yes, then the trick definitely worked, 36 Hour Cialis. The tyre strategies influenced the performances of cars more than any time last season if my memory serves me right.

Brawn GP - quick, 200mg 36 Hour Cialis, strong and a bit lucky. At the end it all worked out well for them. They qualified on front row after impressive qualifying runs while their strongest rivals had to start from pit lane. 36 Hour Cialis, They avoided (just) getting caught up in safety car confusion (after Nakajima's crash), the only car that could challenge Button's lead in the closing stages crashed out together with the only other one racing between Barrichello and Button. And so despite mistake at the start, several hit and runs by and to Barrichello, 36 Hour Cialis coupon, mistake and delay during Button's final pitstop the team ended up with one-two finish they probably hoped for. And there are suggestions that Button was not even racing on the limit. How must the Honda guys back in Japan feel. 36 Hour Cialis australia, They paid for all this but it was Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin logo all over the place instead :-) .

Toyota - quick, strong but not so lucky, 36 Hour Cialis. Strong in practice, a bit weaker in qualifying then disqualified and starting from pitlane. And still Trulli finished 3rd (before the 25 sec penalty) and Glock 5th (later moved up to 4th following Trulli's penalty). They do look like second best team at the moment, 30mg 36 Hour Cialis.

Williams - quick, but they made some mistakes and it also looked like their car was much tougher on the super soft tyres than Brawn or Toyota. 36 Hour Cialis, It was a sad sight watching Nico Rosberg towards the end of the race loosing position after position when the tyres totally deserted him ... They however are in better shape than many other teams because they do have a good car. 36 Hour Cialis ebay, And Nico Rosberg recorded the fastest lap of the race.

[caption id="attachment_4824" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Alonso and Heidfeld in Turn 1"]Alonso and Heidfeld in Turn 1[/caption]

BMW Sauber - Heidfeld's race was very much over right after the start but Kubica could have finished at least 2nd and perhaps he also could give Button some difficult time. The mix of the the tyre strategy and pace combined with bit of luck (as the first safety car erased the gaps between the teams) put Kubica in very strong position in the closing stages of the race. BMW Sauber is a team to watch, 36 Hour Cialis.

Red Bull - There was only one Red Bull car really in the race after Webber got hammered in Turn 1. But Vettel was set for a podium finish with the only challenge coming from Kubica in final few laps, 750mg 36 Hour Cialis. The strategy of qualifying rather light worked for Vettel very well. They left Melbourne empty handed but unlike some others at least knowing they have very competitive package.

[caption id="attachment_4825" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Midfield battle - Hamilton and Massa"]Midfield battle - Hamilton and Massa[/caption]

McLaren 36 Hour Cialis, - I am not sure what to make of their performance. They were struggling in free practice, 1000mg 36 Hour Cialis, in qualifying but then when the race day came the performance was not that bad. Good enough to pass several cars at least. The podium was pure luck but that is part of the sport.

[caption id="attachment_4829" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Starting on supersofts did not work for Ferrari"]Starting on supersofts did not work for Ferrari[/caption]

Ferrari - Obviously they thought they may have a chance but risks were necessary. It did not work out, 36 Hour Cialis. The super soft tyres they started on were gone after 5 laps, 100mg 36 Hour Cialis, both drivers had to pit much earlier than planned, their strategies (especially Massa's) were compromised. They may not be as much off the pace as they say they are but in a season like this one is shaping up to be they can't afford mechanical troubles and retirements ... 36 Hour Cialis paypal, [caption id="attachment_4826" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Nelson Piquet crashing out"]Nelson Piquet crashing out[/caption]

Renault - Alonso picked up decent points and Nelson Piquet was on course for some too before his crash. Not a bad result but not a result that reflect the current strength of the Renault package.

Toro Rosso 36 Hour Cialis, - very decent debut performance from Buemi, solid drive from Bourdais. They kept out of trouble and ended up with both cars in points.

Force India - They must be reasonably happy with getting very close to points and having both cars running without too much trouble. But ... realistically, their only chances for points will come in races where chaos is present. The only way to capitalize on that chaos is to keep out of it. That means no crashes in Turn 1, that also means knowing where your garage is and not going to neighbours for the pit stop :-)

Photos: F1Wolf

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30 Days Of Flagyl For

[caption id="attachment_2916" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Bittersweet victory for Felipe Massa"]Bittersweet victory for Felipe Massa 30 Days Of Flagyl For, [/caption]

I though that we we had in Brazil in 2007 was as good as it gets when it comes to title deciding season ending Formula 1 races. I was wrong :-) .

Both Hamilton and Massa could have had wrapped the title before the Brazilian Grand Prix. But the reliability problems, driver mistakes, safety cars, rain soaked races and some controversial decisions of stewards created the foundations for potentially interesting final race.

Felipe Massa did as expected, 200mg 30 Days Of Flagyl For. The Interlagos circuit seems to suit Ferrari especially with Massa behind the wheel, 30 Days Of Flagyl For. Massa secured dominant pole position and few people doubted he would go on and win the race. There was however rain in the air for the better part of the weekend and that still could play some role. It did. A nice little shower felt on the track with only minutes to go and the start had to be abandoned and delayed by 10 minutes. 30 Days Of Flagyl For, Almost all the cars switched to intermediates and the race was go. Massa pulled away and from then on he only lost his lead when he went for pit stops. Behind him Heikki Kovalainen dropped back, 500mg 30 Days Of Flagyl For, Trulli kept second, Raikkonen 3rd and Hamilton moved ahead to 4th place. At this point came the end of David Coulthard's Formula 1 career after collision with Nico Rosberg that sent his car spinning, dancing and hitting Kazuki Nakajima. A corner later Nelson Piquet spun off ending his race. Robert Kubica had to pit after realizing starting on dry tyres was not such a good idea, 30 Days Of Flagyl For.

Little else happened until the track started to dry and the teams went for dry tyres. Not a first time this season Alonso and his crew made a good early call. When all the drivers came back out on dry tyres the order was Massa, 30 Days Of Flagyl For india, Vettel (on different strategy), Alonso, Raikkonen, Fisichella, Hamilton and Glock. The first three pulled away while Hamilton was taking it easy. 30 Days Of Flagyl For, He took the position from Fisichella without too much trouble and held on to his 5th place that he needed for the title. 150mg 30 Days Of Flagyl For, Vettel was confusing the things a bit with his out of sync 4 pit stops strategy but otherwise not much has changed for a while. At this stage it was rather quiet but tense race with Hamilton being always around that important 5th place.

Then came the next round of pit stops and the very long one from Timo Glock. He took on over 14 seconds of fuel and it became clear that his intentions were to go full distance with that. All the other pit stops suggested that the rest of front runners will likely have to stop one more time, 30 Days Of Flagyl For. I bet nobody could foresee at this stage what implications would this Glock's long pit stop have on the outcome of the 2008 championship battle.

Then, despite the earlier radio communications suggesting otherwise, the rain came again, 40mg 30 Days Of Flagyl For. Not a heavy rain, but steady. With five laps to go some drivers (Kovalainen, Heidfeld, Barrichello, Rosberg, 30 Days Of Flagyl For paypal, Bourdais, Kubica) gambled on intermediates, a lap later followed by Alonso, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Vettel and Button. 30 Days Of Flagyl For, Felipe Massa stayed out for one more lap but then made the switch to inters as well. Only Glock and Trulli stayed on dry tyres hoping they will be able to hold on for two-three more laps.

And here it became interesting, 30 Days Of Flagyl For usa. Felipe Massa kept his lead despite the tyre switch. Hamilton however reappeared only at fifth with Sebastian Vettel chasing him down. Robert Kubica decided to unlap himself and overtook Hamilton, 30 Days Of Flagyl For. It looked at that moment that all he achieved was to disturb Vettel's charge. But only seconds later Vettel made the move and took that crucial 5th place from Hamilton. Massa was safe in front but all the attention turned to Vettel and Hamilton. After few corners it became obvious that without Vettel making a mistake Hamiton has no chance to take the 5th place back. 30 Days Of Flagyl For, The wild celebrations started in Ferrari garage soon after Massa crossed the line. 30 Days Of Flagyl For craiglist, What everybody missed however (including the TV directors) were the on the dry tyres struggling Toyotas. The last corner of the last lap of the last race of the 2008 season - Vettel and Hamilton overtook Glock without anyone really noticing. When the final results came up on the screens they read MAS, ALO, RAI, VET, HAM, GLO. Lewis Hamilton was very close to repeating the history loosing 7 points lead and the title in the final race, 30 Days Of Flagyl For ebay. Instead he made the history by becoming the youngest ever Formula 1 champion.

[caption id="attachment_2915" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Lewis Hamilton, 2008 Formula 1 World Champion"]Lewis Hamilton, 2008 Formula 1 World Champion[/caption]

Felipe Massa won the race but lost the title by a single point, 30 Days Of Flagyl For. It was a very different podium ceremony. The guy who had the reason to celebrate was not there and so it was all about Massa thanking his supporters. I must say I was very impressed with the way Felipe Massa handled the situation on the podium and during the press conference.

Fernando Alonso made it to the podium for the 3rd time this season and probably against his own expectations climbed to 5th in drivers championship. 30 Days Of Flagyl For, Kimi Raikkonen's 3rd place elevated the outgoing champion to 3rd place in the championship ahead of Robert Kubica who had the weekend to forget. Sebastian Vettel ended his great season and his Toro Rosso career on high with 4th place and a memorable few laps of fight with Lewis Hamilton. 30 Days Of Flagyl For canada, Nick Heidfeld finished 10th but he finished. He is the only driver who finished all 18 races of the 2008 Formula 1 season.

This was a great finale to an exciting season, arguably the most exciting ending to the Formula 1 season, at least for me it was.



[caption id="attachment_2917" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="First title for McLaren since Mika Hakkinen"]First title for McLaren since Mika Hakkinen[/caption]

Photos: Shell Motorsport, Daimler Media

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Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus

[caption id="attachment_2791" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="2008 Chinese GP - Podium"]2008 Chinese GP - Podium Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus, [/caption]

The smog covered 2008 Chinese GP was a boring affair that brought us back to the dull F1 reality. The quickest car started from the pole position and bar some mishap it never looked like anybody was going to challenge Lewis Hamilton. There is very little to say here. Hamilton was simply the best for the whole weekend and he won the race. Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus craiglist, He extended his championship lead to 7 points. This is the same lead he had last year ahead of the final race of the season and so same as last year it is now Hamilton's title to throw away, Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus.

His team mate Heikki Kovalainen had again all the bad luck. First the tyre failure then retirement. But, again, Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus ebay, as often this year, even without the bad luck he was disappointing. While Hamilton in the same car was pulling away from everybody Kovalainen was clearly outpaced by both Ferraris and even Fernando Alonso's Renault. Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus, I am wondering if the 1 year extension of his contract with Mclaren is not just a stop gap before Nico Rosberg's contract with Williams is up ... Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus canada, [caption id="attachment_2793" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Ferrari in China - No match for Hamilton with or without the shark fin"]Ferrari in China - No match for Hamilton with or without the shark fin[/caption]

Ferraris had trouble to match Hamilton's pace since Friday. Many people suspected that they are simply sandbagging. But then came qualifying and it became clear that this may not be Ferrari's weekend. They kept experimenting for the whole weekend with the set up of their cars, even putting the shark fins on and off, Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus coupon. The fact that Massa drove the race with very differently looking car than Raikkonen suggests that they simply could not figure out what does and what does not work for them in Shanghai, Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus. At the end they did the best they could - the perfect damage limitation. Kimi Raikkonen stepped aside and allowed Felipe Massa to finish 2nd. Sure there will be those saying that these were blatant team orders. Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus mexico, But frankly, did anybody expect that Kimi would take 2 points away from Massa .


[caption id="attachment_2795" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Renault secured 4th place in constructors table"]Renault secured 4th place in constructors table Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus, [/caption]

Renault now do seem to be the third fastest team on the grid. Fernando Alonso had no problems to overtake Heikki Kovalainen and later even managed to match the race pace of Ferraris. His fourth place in China alone means that the teams target - 4th place in constructors table - has been achieved. Nelson Piquet added his bit with a point for the 8th place, 100mg Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus. It sure did help him that Bourdais and Trulli took each other out at the start but it is the points that count. He did not do his F1 future career any harm in China but whether this is enough for Flavio to keep him is another question, Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus.

[caption id="attachment_2794" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Nick Heidfeld this time ahead of Robert Kubica"]Nick Heidfeld this time ahead of Robert Kubica[/caption]

BMW Sauber continues to have difficulties with setting up their cars. After Heidfeld's qualifying failure in Japan it was Kubica's turn in Shanghai. Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus us, Starting from P11 was not the best position to keep his title hopes alive. He gained several places in the race but finishing 6th meant Kubica's elimination from the drivers title fight. Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus, This was the weekend when all worked better for Nick Heidfeld. He outqualified Robert Kubica and finished one place ahead of him in 5th. Another solid point haul for BMW Sauber but they are now also out of the constructors title race. Nick Heidfeld still holds his 100% finishing record this season, 40mg Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus.

[caption id="attachment_2792" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="2008 Chinese GP - Smog Covered Race Start"]2008 Chinese GP - Smog Covered Race Start[/caption]

Toyota probably hoped for more. Two points by Timo Glock were not enough to keep the team in the race for the 4th place in Constructors Championship, Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus. These 2 points however elevated Glock into top 10 of the drivers table. Jarno Trulli's race ended after he got hit by Sebastien Bourdais and so we lost the chance to see the Trulli train this time. Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus japan, It has been a while since Toro Rosso left empty handed. It looked good for them after qualifying with both cars again in Q3. Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus, But Sebastien Bourdais destroyed his race right at the start with that not exactly smart move into Trulli's rear. Sebastian Vettel was doing OK during his first stint but his car was not the same in the second one (team blames it on graining). But his race was ruined even before that when his front wheel got stuck during the pit stop loosing Vettel valuable time. Still, 10mg Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus, Toro Rosso again finished ahead of Red Bull Racing and they are well set for the 6th place in constructors table.

The only highlight for Honda was Barrichello making it into Q2 but this not an achievement a team like Honda should be celebrating ... Williams had weekend to forget, Will Diflucan Cure Skin Fungus. Force India seems destined to finish the season with zero points but Sutil would probably not mind to actually finish some races ... Chinese GP was his 11th retirement of the season ...

Bring on Brazil .

Photos: Daimler Media, Shell Motorsport, Renault/LAT, BMW Motorsports

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Flagyl And C Diff And Days

[caption id="attachment_2691" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Good day for Renault in Japan"]Good day for Renault in Japan Flagyl And C Diff And Days, [/caption]

After the 2007 wash out we had this year an opportunity to see what kind of racing can the new Fuji Speedway offer in dry weather. With "regular" although rather cold conditions few would have expected cars other than McLarens and Ferraris in the front. Even Fernando Alonso said ahead of the race that the race start will be for him more about defending his position then tryin to gain some places. But Raikkonen, Hamilton and Kovalainen had other ideas. Raikkonen had the best start but late breaking into the corner by probably both Hamilton and Kovalainen made the race interesting. Raikkonen went straight instead of turning right, Kubica and Alonso squeezed ahead of Kovalainen, Flagyl And C Diff And Days. And Hamilton somehow managed to drop back behind Massa. The TV followed the corner 1 chaos for a while and by the time the director switched back to the race Kubica and Alonso were comfortably leading the race with Heikki Kovalainen 3rd.

At this stage both Massa and Hamilton were down, Flagyl And C Diff And Days mexico, but still on the egde of point scoring positions. Then however came lap 2 and Turn 10. Flagyl And C Diff And Days, Hamilton attacked, Massa defended only to run a bit wide in the following corner. Hamilton took an advantage and squeezed ahead of his title rival. Massa tried to claim the lost ground back but ran wide with all four wheel over the kerbs and beyond. Collision with Hamilton followed. Massa lost some track position but continued right away. Hamilton had to wait for all the cars to pass, Flagyl And C Diff And Days. After rejoing the race he went straight to pitlane, Flagyl And C Diff And Days canada, filled up his car hoping that change of strategy may help to salvage some point. But then came the penalties for both him and Felipe Massa (read more here) ...

In the meantime in the front Kubica and Alonso pulled away, their escape also helped by Kovalainen's retirement. It was still early days but it did not look bad for these 2 poker buddies. During the first series of pit stops Alonso gambled on shorter stop and lower fuel load. Flagyl And C Diff And Days, The gamble paid off. He leapfrogged Kubica and took the effective race lead (although the actual leaders at that time were the drivers on 1 stop strategies). Alonso managed to create gap big enough to remain comfortably in the lead also after his second and final stop. Towards the end of the race he could afford to preserve the engine and went on to win his second consecutive race. It was a faultless race from Alonso and reminder to all of us that the double world champion is still around ready to bite, Flagyl And C Diff And Days coupon. What a turnaround of fortunes for Alonso and Renault, Flagyl And C Diff And Days.

Nelson Piquet added his bit too. A bit of luck at the start sure helped but unlike in many previous races Piquet drove a mature race. Thanks to Kubica and Raikkonen fighting among each other he even caught up these two and it looked for a while that he may try to go for podium glory. At the end looked like Renault decided not to take too many risks and settled for 4th place. Flagyl And C Diff And Days, Performance like this is what Piquet will need to display in the remaining 2 races if he wants to see himself in the same seat next year ...

[caption id="attachment_2693" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Robert Kubica still in the picture for 2008 title"]Robert Kubica still in the picture for 2008 title[/caption]

The weekend did not start very well for BMW Sauber. The cars were struggling in free practice, then Heidfeld got eliminated in Q1 and Kubica only just escaped the same fate. 10mg Flagyl And C Diff And Days, Then however Kubica qualified 6th and on Sunday after Turn 1 he was the race leader. He lost the lead to Alonso later on but defended well the attacks from injured Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen. By finishing 2nd he closed on Massa and Hamilton and kept himself in the title fight, Flagyl And C Diff And Days. In fact his gap to Hamilton is much smaller than Kimi's was last year with 2 races to go. This is an amazing achievement considering the performance gap between BMW Sauber and McLaren/Ferrari. Woud not it be great if he picks up the title that neither Hamilton or Massa seem to want .

Kubica's team mate, Nick Heidfeld, finished out of the points, but he finished the race again, Flagyl And C Diff And Days india. Flagyl And C Diff And Days, He is still to fail to finish a race this year and he is the only one.

[caption id="attachment_2694" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Kimi Raikkonen - back to podium but the title hopes are over"]Kimi Raikkonen - back to podium but the title hopes are over[/caption]

Kimi Raikkonen finally returned to the front row on the grid and also to the podium. His chances for race win were very much gone after the Turn 1 get together with both McLarens. But he still had a decent race in slightly damaged car. It was good to see Kimi Raikkonen back on the podium, and ineteresting hearing him saying that much at the press conference after the race. There was no stopping him :-), Flagyl And C Diff And Days. He must have missed that feeling ... He failed however to add to his tally of fastest laps. 750mg Flagyl And C Diff And Days, Also his failure to overtake Kubica means that his gap to Hamilton is 21 points with only 2 races to go, he is officially out of the title race.

[caption id="attachment_2692" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Felipe Massa 2008 Japanese GP"]Felipe Massa 2008 Japanese GP[/caption]

I may not have too much support here given all the incidents that affected this race, but I think that Massa had one hell of a race in Japan. Flagyl And C Diff And Days, He screwed up his qualifying and had to start from row 3, he then lost out in that now infamous Turn 1 chaos, then he brought all sorts problems upon himself a lap later after that tussle with Hamilton. But from then on there was no stopping him. He clocked several fastest laps, he overtook few drivers and after that quite interesting stunt he pulled on Webber he squeezed himself into the points. It is unfortunate that the silly decision to penalize Bourdais that promoted Massa from 8th to 7th turned the attention away from Massa's racing to FIA's alleged bias.

Some people (including Bourdais) questioned why Massa actually took the risk overtaking Bourdais when he planned his pit stop not long after anyway, 50mg Flagyl And C Diff And Days. Well, to those I would say - Massa, unlike Hamilton, has a gap to close to win the title and he needs to take risks and fight .., Flagyl And C Diff And Days. He is a hungry driver who smells the opportunity that may not come again. Worth taking some risk in my opinion ...

Lewis Hamilton on the other hand lost his head again. We may be blaming stewards for spoiling his race but the primary reason for all his trubles was Hamilton himself. Flagyl And C Diff And Days, At the race start he totally forgot whom is he fighting for the title and repeated Brazil 2007 all over again. No lessons learned. Even after dropping down the field and behind Massa he could have simply stayed put, follow and wait for the right and safe moment to overtake. 1000mg Flagyl And C Diff And Days, Or simply stay put. Remember, finishing a point or two behind Massa in all remaining races still means the title. Going out of races and scoring zeros does not .., Flagyl And C Diff And Days. I am not impressed with Hamilton at all ... Ron Dennis and McLaren may feel to be hard done by stewards, but he should reserve some harsh words for his protege too ...

Heikki Kovalainen suffered some engine related failure, something that hasn't yet happened to McLaren this year. As a result, Flagyl And C Diff And Days usa, McLaren left Japan empty handed and lost the lead in the Constructors table. Flagyl And C Diff And Days, [caption id="attachment_2696" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Both Toro Rosso cars finished in points, well almost"]Both Toro Rosso cars finished in points, well almost[/caption]

It was another great weekend for Toro Rosso and this time it could have been (and should have been) for Sebastien Bourdais too. Both cars made it to Q3, both cars finished in points, again outperforming the Red Bull team proper. Unfortunatelly Bourdais was later hit with that 25 sec penalty and relegated down to 10th place. This hurt the Toro Rosso team but ironically helped Vettel to stay ahead of Trulli in drivers standings ...

Following David Coulthard's crash early on it was on Mark Webber to try to salvage some points. He gambled on one stop strategy to do so, Flagyl And C Diff And Days. 100mg Flagyl And C Diff And Days, It worked at the end but it was on the edge. His tyres were pretty much gone by the time he went for his first pit stop, they were gone again by the time Felipe Massa was closing on him towards the end of the race. At the end Bourdais pain was Webber's gain...

The 2008 Japanese GP was not the best for the home boys. Flagyl And C Diff And Days, Toyota and especially Glock looked very good on Friday and Saturday but his race was spoiled by damage to his car following Coulthard's crash. The only joy came from Jarno Trulli's 5th place. The gap to 4th Renault however looks now to be too big to overhaul ...

Kazuki Nakajima, the only Japanese driver on the grid, lost his front wing in the post start accident and his race was ruined right at the beginning.

And well Hondas, no one hoped they would pull something out of the hat, so no suprises there.

Photos: Renault/LAT, Red Bull/GEPA, BMW Motorsports, Shell Motorsport

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Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid

Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, I decided to go to the Singapore GP the moment it was announced just over a year ago. I was so excited about the race that I even travelled down to Singapore last December to walk to the Formula 1 track to be. After that visit there was no way back, the 2008 Singapore GP was a go, for me and for a bunch of friends. It got a bit tense first when the ticketing system failed, then again when the F1 time hotel prices were published. But we overcame all these issues and we were all set. So, how did it go, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid.

The trip started with minor hick up. Our pilot found out not all is right with our plane and instead of taking off we returned to the gate for repairs. An hour later all was fixed (at least that is what we all wanted to believe :-) ) and the trip was on. We arrived in Singapore an hour later than expected but our time was still OK to make it to the hotel, turn around and be on the track on time for the first practice session. Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, We had so much time, that we decided to make a "pit stop" on the way. We had our own minibus with a driver, so we were flexible :-) .

[caption id="attachment_2564" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Pit Stop in Hanamco Bar"]Pit Stop in Hanamco Bar[/caption]

Duly refreshed we continued our journey, next stop - hotel. We stayed at the beautiful island of Sentosa (that is what the hotel people called it when they mailed me before the trip), Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid australia. Not exactly in the city center but still only about 15-20 minutes drive from the track (unless it is Friday late afternoon peak hour). If you don't mind the travel time, this is what you get:

[caption id="attachment_2565" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="The pool and the beach"]The pool and the beach[/caption]

We checked in without any difficulties (except those we created ourselves :-) ) and after a short while of doing nothing (or something) we all met up in the lobby, boarded our minibus and moved in the track direction, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. The one thing we totally forgot about was the small little fact that besides heading to track we were also heading into the peak of the Friday late afternoon Singaporean rush hour. On top of that the road also included an overpass, the one passing above the start finish straight, where many cars slowed down to get the view of the race track ... All and all it took us over an hour to make that 15 minutes trip. Not expecting that sort of delay we made another strategic error - we did not take any beer on board. Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, We were never again going to repeat that mistake :-) .

The bus dropped us off about 10 minutes walking distance from the Gate 1 - that was the gate we were aiming at. Somehow we all dispersed in all possible and impossible directions (although all trying to get to the same place). It took us anywehere between those 10 minutes to half an hour but at the end, thanks to calculating on getting lost, we all made it to track on time. There was quite some noise made about the security procedures at the gates. The reality was, the security check was pretty thorough, but very quick and smooth, with smiles flying all around, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. I was in in no time. (And this was the case also on Saturday and Sunday, when the crowds became bigger.)

I picked up my free Kangaroo TV (big thanks to the nice people from F1GPSG.com for arranging this) and we all made the next routine refueling pit stop in the Long Bar (the one they built on the track). 20mg Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, [caption id="attachment_2566" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="The Long Bar, Gate 1, Singapore GP"]The Long Bar, Gate 1, Singapore GP[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2567" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="The Fuel"]The Fuel[/caption]

After a long journey, that for some begun a day earlier in Europe, for the rest that early morning in Hong Kong, we were finally about to make it to our grandstand. (Sorry, we also had one envoy, Mr. Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, fantoci, who arrived a day in advance to do the bar research. His hard research work was very much appreciated by all the rest of us.) In certain sense this was the moment of truth. A wrong seat selection may ruin the whole race weekend. With a track none of us ever been to it is always a gamble. In Singapore case it was gamble for everybody. There sure were people who were not exactly happy with their seats (see comments here), Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. Our view however was this:

[caption id="attachment_2568" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="The View"]The View[/caption]

I do not want to make too much of my ticket selection skills, but these seats were simply great. We were also a bit lucky because few meters left or right in these grandstands may mean lighting pole or a speaker getting into the view, 150mg Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. We were fine though.

Friday at the race is for me usually the photo taking time. Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, The grandstands are not that full so I am free to roam about. The section between Turns 1 and 3 was all accessible, so I also had a chance to see how is the view from different corners of this grandstand section. The seats where we were seated provided the view of the entire length of the start finish straight, the pit lane exit and the Turns 1 and 2. Going closer towards the Turn 1 grandstand the visible part of the start finish line was becomeing shorter, but on the other side the view extended from Turn 1 to Turn 3. Moving to the other end, towards Turn 3 grandstand, offered the same - less start finish view, more corner view, but from different angle. The lower seats had the fence disturbing the view, but in general, at least I believe so (I could not try and sit in every single seat of that part of the track), most of the seats in Turns 1, 2, 3 offered good view of the track, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid.

There are two other things worth mentioning here. First - the TV screens were very clear and well visible (unless someone decided to stand up and block the view, but the crowd and the organizers dealt quickly with these mean people :-) , 50mg Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, few booooos and the view was clear again. I could even read the text, this is something I had big difficulties to achieve on Shanghai or Sepang tracks for example. Second - the speakers some time blocked the view a bit, the upside however was, that one could actually clearly hear what were they talking about over there in the commentary box . Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, OK, we were in our seats, the action was about to start, and ... my new Sigma lense went on strike. I lost all the driver aids and had to switch my camera into fully manual mode. That is something I never even tried before. How did I fare . You will have chance to see when I sort out all my pictures, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. I expect the Singapore GP photogallery to be ready here on F1Wolf sometime over this weekend. All I can say, it is not that easy to take photos of these fast moving objects under the artificial lighting with all the reflections.

[caption id="attachment_2569" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="fast moving Renault under the Singapore lights"]fast moving Renault under the Singapore lights[/caption]

What makes it difficult to take pictures makes it however great spectator experience. Luca de Montezemolo may call this a circus, and well, he may be right. Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, It was a surreal feeling sitting in those grandstands looking at the dark skies and lit up track. But it was great, 750mg Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. There were all sorts of worries about the light reflections, darkness, power outages, rain etc etc. The reflections - yes, they were there and I really liked them (I am talking from a spectator point of view).

[caption id="attachment_2570" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Felipe Massa shines under the lights"]Felipe Massa shines under the lights[/caption]

The power outages never happened and although drivers complained about some parts of the track being a bit dark the lighting worked pretty well. The rain threatened on Sunday and it even rained in some parts of Singapore not that long before the race, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. But it never came to the track and we have to wait for another year to see how and if the night race and tropical rain can coexist.

What probably was not predicted were those bumps on the track. Drivers complained about them a lot but I would say they were not too bad for us, spectators. The bumps made it difficult to set up the cars' height and we could see all those sparks ... Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, How often we see them these days . I understand the drivers do not appreciate feeling like shaken martini on the rocks but ... the sparks . :-) .

Now a bit to the entertainment, 500mg Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, on the track. There were several stages around the venue (I believe 3 in total), we had one right behind our grandstand, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. The acts were changing during the day from rock, to comedy to DJs. Everyday, almost non stop. Never happened to me in any previous races to sit by the bay (was it a river or was it a sea ?) between two F1 sessions with bunch of friends around, beers in hand, getting dark, and DJ somewhere out there playing some cool lounge music ... F1 felt great in Singapore :-) .

[caption id="attachment_2571" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="The Music"]The Music Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, [/caption]

I can't say much about the food, because I never went to get any at the track. There was a booth with food and the only thing I heard about it was my buddy reporting that there is no more food left, all sold out. This was on one of the days, before the final F1 session.

The drinks were in plentiful supply. Not cheap, but drinks are not cheap in Singapore (unless you go to hawkers food market where you can get 600ml bottle of Tiger for SGD5.00, SGD2.50 buys a meal there :-) ), Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid india. The people were all thirsty (it is very hot to very very hot in Singapore), the drink lines were very long, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. It looked scary, but we never waited longer than 10-15 mins in the queue. To increase our efficiency, we always purchased double the amount of beers and water than we planned when we queued up. This strategy worked very well and I can only recommend it.

Getting to the track was easy. Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, Getting out was a bit more difficult but we worked it out. Our minibus could get very close bringing us in, but the driver was not allowed to get to the same place after the race. He called us with his wehereabouts but we had a) no idea where is that, b) no idea how to get there. What we had was a policeman regulating the flow of people. I passed him my phone, asked him to talk to our driver and navigate us to him. The police guy was all smiles and very helpful, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid. Took 2 minutes, and we knew where to go to find our bus. And we even found our bus at that place :-) . Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid paypal, On Saturday some of us discovered a shortcut, worked very well on Saturday. On Sunday we told the others we know the shortcut to the bus, all followed, but ... Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, it was Sunday, taking that shortcut resulted in walking about 3 times as much as we would following the normal people :-) . There was also a bit more traffic regulation after the race and because of that it took us a while to find our bus. We still found it or better it found us. How would I rank getting out of the track on scale 1 to 10 (10 being the perfect score) . Perhaps somewhere between 7-8, not bad, but we had our own minibus. I can't speak on behalf of people waiting in those long taxi lines, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid.

That was the track. What did we do before and after the F1 action . Beach or swimming pool in the morning, food in early afternoon (Little India one day, hawker food the other), bars in the late night - Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid ebay, Mohammed Sultan Road). Go and google it :-) . Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, Going to Singapore GP definitelly is not a cheap experience, even if you are arriving from as close as from Hong Kong. But it definitelly is an experience. Friendly attitude, good organization, everybody speaking English (most people the Singlish version :-) ). Then the added excitement of the unique night race, the walls, the bumps, the sparks, the safety cars, the packed grandstands. Since 2004 our bunch went every year to Shanghai for the weekend of Formula 1 action and parties. This year we switched to Singapore and none of us regrets.

For those who hang out around these pages on regular bases or play the prediction game, here is the list us who met in Singapore - me (F1Wolf), 30mg Hyperthyroidism Due To Too Much Synthroid, fantoci, fatfish, blazena, Queen Bee, Rob The Flying Dutchman, xxMarinaxx, Gert-Jan. We visited the Hanamco restaurant that among other things also shows the F1 races, on the track I exchanged few text messages with Journeyer that you may know from his guest posts at F1Fanatic and who was at another part of the track, and I could use free Kangaroo TV thanks to Kaylen from F1GPSG.com, whom unfortunately I haven't had chance to meet this time. And then there was the rest of our group that am not going to name here, but they all know who they are :-) .

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150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg

[caption id="attachment_2545" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Fernando Alonso - 2008 Singapore GP Winner"]Fernando Alonso - 2008 Singapore GP Winner 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, [/caption]

It was a great weekend in Singapore and the whole experience deserves a special post (coming soon :-) ). This review however will focus on the race only.

Following his technical problems in second the part of qualifying Fernando Alonso had to start from lowly P15. It had to be great disappointment after very promising performances in free practice sessions and Q1. His post qualifying words sounded like he will only be there on Sunday to get over with the race:

"The race is lost. You can't overtake here and I'm starting from 15th, so I will be going out just to lap the track, but it's over already, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg. If there are 10 or 12 retirements and there are safety cars... but there are no miracles. We have to do a better job on Saturday, 150mg 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, especially on tracks like this where you can't overtake. We said all weekend that starting from eighth or ninth would be a problem, so starting from 15th it's all over."

But then Sunday came and he looked very relaxed on the grid. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, When the commentator on the track asked him about his feelings before the race that seemed to be ruined before it even started, Alonso's replied with a smile on his face - "who knows, perhaps there will be a safety car and we will get lucky" (this is not the exact quote). He had no idea ...

The race started very well for Massa. As for the better part of the weekend he took the near perfect line into the Turn 1 and by Turn 3 he was well clear in the front. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg coupon, He started to pull away from Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen. Massa looked well in control from the beginning and the only serious battles were further down the field, where slow and heavy Trulli held several faster cars behind himself, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg. Here happened the only overtaking attempt in Turn 1. Nico Rosberg made move on Trulli got in front of him but went wide and lost that particular battle. He as well as his team mate Nakajima later managed to get ahead of the moving chicane that was Trulli. In the meantime Kimi Raikkonen picked up the pace and started to record fastest laps of the race. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, Contrary to my predictions Alonso started the race quite light. He took full advantage of his lighter fuel load and climbed 3 places after start. He also overtook Jarno Trulli and then surprisingly made his first pit stop. I am not sure what (other than the places gained at the start) was the actual plan here, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg craiglist. But we only wondered for 1 or 2 laps. Then the wreck of Piquet's car appeared on the screen and the fun begun, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg.

[caption id="attachment_2546" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Safety Car"]Safety Car, Massa still in the lead[/caption]

The Safety Car came out and as it often happens it came out around the time some drivers needed to make their pit stops. Alonso was good having made pit stop only 2 laps earlier, both Red Bull managed to get in just before the pit lane closed but that was about it. Kubica and Rosberg were running out of fuel and had to pit despite knowing a penalty would follow. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg australia, Once the pitlane opened most of the other went in, including both Ferraris and McLarens. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, What happened next was sort of Montreal deja-vu. The race was again turned on its head during the Safety Car pit stops. Ferrari not for the first time this year made a serious pit stop blunder releasing Massa with the fuel hose still attache. The hose broke away hitting one of the mechanics. Massa could only stop at the end of the pitlane, far from Ferrari garage. It took quite a while for his crww to reach him and detach what was left of the fuel hose, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg. Massa later received a drive through penalty for dangerous release from the pit stop, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg japan. His race was ruined.

[caption id="attachment_2547" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Raikkonen and Massa at the pitlane exit"]Raikkonen and Massa at the pitlane exit[/caption]

Once things settled down a bit I checked the Kangaroo TV in my hand trying to make some sense of what was happening, but it was not easy. The order simply did not make any sense :-) . 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, After the restart Nico Rosberg pulled away. Knowing that a penalty will almost sure follow his "illegal" pit stop he put his foot down to create some gap before he would have to go in to serve his penalty. By the time that moment had arrived, 10mg 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, he was over 20 seconds ahead. It played to his advantage that 2 cars behind him were Trulli and Fisichella ... The other thing that played to his advantage was the long time it took stewards to come up with the penalty (more on that later)... He resumed his race in 4th place, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg.

When everything settled down Alonso took the lead, followed by Rosberg, Coulthard and Hamilton. Hamilton later passed Coulthard just before both made their pit stops (Coulthard's pitstop did not go too well). Behind them Raikkonen was making his way up the field into the points, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg paypal. Alonso looked well set for the win. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, Then Jarno Trulli's Toyota slowed down. Before he made it back to pits he managed to "disturb" Massa near the entry to the tunnel. Massa spun and touched the wall, stopped for a while then pulled away only to make room for Adrian Sutil to hit the same spot. Safety Car was out for the second time. With only around 10 laps to go the gaps were erased and we were in for sprint race to the flag. Once Sutil's car was cleared away from the track the Safety Car went in and Alonso pulled away again, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg usa, He created himself healthy 6 sec lead in no time. Behind him Rosberg, Hamilton, Glock and Raikkonen. For a while it looked like Hamilton may try something on Rosberg but soon it became apparent that the top 3 settled for the positions, nobody ready to throw away the podium places and Hamilton 6 points (with Massa scoring zero). Kimi had other ideas however and kept pushing. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, He hit the kerbs at Turn 10 harder than he could handle and ended up in the wall (yet again). Fourth consecutive zero points finish for the defending chapmpion .., 40mg 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg. His title hopes are now as good as over. His zero also helped Ferrari to take over the constructors championship lead.

Fernando Alonso switched to cruise control mode in the final laps and brought his car safely home in 1st place. This was his 20th Formula 1 win, his first since 2007 Italian GP, 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg. For Renault this was the first win since 2006 Japanese GP.

Nico Rosberg's 2nd place was his best ever Formula 1 race finish and his second podium (3rd in 2008 Australian GP).

Lewis Hamilton played it smart this time and extended his lead to 7 points. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg us, This means he has it all in his hands. 150 Mcg Synthroid And Synthroid 0.05mg, Massa can win all 3 remaining races and it still may not be enough for the title ...

Further back Glock hauled in decent points for 4th place helping Toyota to keep contact with 4th placed Renault team. Nick Heidfeld, besides scoring some points, beating Robert Kubica, overtaking Heikki Kovalainen and closing on Kimi Raikkonen in drivers standings also recorded his 25th consecutive race finish, breaking the record set by Michael Schumacher. Sebastian Vettel's points for 5th place took Toro Rosso ahead of Red Bull in constructors standings, 2 points scored by Coulthard were not enough. Kazuki Nakajima added to great weekend for Williams with his point.

Stay tuned for more on Singapore GP - my complete photo gallery and the great Singapore GP experience - coming up later this week .

Photos: Renault/LAT, F1Wolf.com .

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Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome

Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, [caption id="attachment_2312" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Sebastian Vettel, 2008 Italian GP"]Sebastian Vettel, 2008 Italian GP[/caption]

This was a funny Formula 1 weekend. Rain in Monza turned this classic but recently often processional race into a grand theater. As expected, we have a first time Monza winner. But few would have expected that this would be Sebastian Vettel - now the youngest ever Formula 1 race winner (and pole position holder). This was also the first time since 1957 German GP (win for Maseratti) that Italian team other than Ferrari won Formula 1 race.

It is often the case that when we have a surprise winner it is a fluke result, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome. Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome coupon, Just look back at Fisichella's win in Brazil with Jordan or Panis' win in Monaco with Ligier. Vettel's Monza win doesn't fit into this fluke category though. Yes, Vettel had luck on his side during the qualifying. But his and his team's race performance was well worth the race win. Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, The race started behind safety car. When that pulled off Vettel took the lead from Kovalainen, Webber, 100mg Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, Rosberg and Massa. Making the most of the clear track and no spray Vettel slowly started to extend his lead. Still it was surprising that Kovalainen could not match Vettel's pace. At the same time at the back Hamilton was quicker than anybody else and on lap 10 overtook Kimi Raikkonen. No one however matched Vettel at the front and by the time he went in for his first pit stop on lap 19 he was 10 seconds ahead of Heikki, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome. Vettel rejoined the race in 4th place behind Kovalainen, 30mg Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, Webber and Massa. This was the only time in the race Vettel was not in the lead.

The only real scare for Vettel was Hamilton's chase. Just before his first pit stop Hamilton was running 2nd, only about one second behind Vettel. Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, And it looked like Hamilton is on one stop strategy with Vettel still to make one more stop. The timing of Hamilton's first (and only one planned) and Vettel's second pit stop is what made the difference. Hamilton took on another set of extreme wet tyres, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome overseas. The track was however beginning to dry and when Vettel went for his second pit stop he, same as others pitting at that time, chose intermediate tyres. Hamilton had to go back to pits for another tyre change and dropped down to 10th. His hopes for win were over, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome. From that moment on there was no one left to fight with Vettel. 10mg Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, He mastered the remaining 15 laps with class and went on to win the race.

This was thourougly deserved win for Sebastian Vettel and Toro Rosso and I do not want to take anything away from him. But besides Vettel's near perfect race and his teams perfectly timed strategy the other main factors were the performances of Ferrari and McLaren. Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, I simply could not believe what I was seeing ...

Kimi Raikkonen was nowhere. Nowhere for most of the race. I am a big fan of this guy, but his speaches after races with all the reasons why it again did not work are getting very boring .., 200mg Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome. He did not even bother to defend his position from Hamilton early on in the race, he did not attempt to overtake anybody for better part of the race. Then, on the intermediates he suddenly started to record one fastest lap after another, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome. What was he doing for the first 1 hour of the race . Where was he .

Felipe Massa's race was ruined by his team ... Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome us, First, everybody who watched the race must have seen that he simply had to give the position back to Nico Rosberg after that failed overtaking attempt on lap 13. Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, Well everybody except his team. They let Massa to pull away from Rosberg only to inform him later to slow down and let Nico pass. Massa wasted a whole lap and lost lots of time ... Then the timing of his pit stop ... Massa's crew must have seen the busy traffic but they made sure that Massa rejoined the race stuck behind several drivers who were fighting for position with him ...

Ferrari are yet to find new Ross Brawn .., Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome.

Heikki Kovalainen can't be very proud of himself either, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome usa. His car was McLaren, very similar to the one that in Hamilton's hands was slicing through the field even with heavier fuel load. Kovalainen should have won this race, it is as simple as that... Toro Rosso has improved a lot but it is still Toro Rosso, 250mg Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, not McLaren .

[caption id="attachment_2313" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Monza 2008"]Monza 2008 Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, [/caption]

The big winner was (besides Vettel of course) Robert Kubica. Well not that big winner, but the strategy worked in his favour and from 11th on grid Kubica climbed up to 3rd. He gained nice few points on both Massa and Hamilton. Kubica is now only 14 points behind Lewis Hamilton with 4 races to go ... He is not yet out of the title chase.

Fernando Alonso made his only pit stop only 3 laps later than Hamilton but those 3 laps made the difference, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome. The track was drying and Alonso was able to switch to intermediate tyres, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome australia. Alonso finished in strong 4th place, Renault is now on even points with Toyota ...

As Hamilton and Kubica examples show, it was perhaps better to start outside the top ten and have te tank filled up with fuel up to the rim. The examples of Webber (who slipped to 8th but at least still finished in points) and Rosberg who started from P5 but finished down in 14th (even 2 places behind his team mate Kazuki Nakajima who started 18th) seem to prove this theory. Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome, All the celebration in Toro Rosso was spoiled by some sort of failure on Bourdais' car on the starting grid. The team managed to restart his engine but as the race took off behind the safety car Bourdais found himself immediatelly a lap down and his race was ruined ...

Honda and Force India were the teams that could have capitalized on these freaky conditions the most. It was not to be. Giancarlo Fisichella was the only driver to retire from the race, Adrian Sutil's performance was nowhere near his Monaco magic. Hondas simple were not there at all, Colchicine For Dressler's Syndrome.

Toyota missed out on points this time and so the fight for 4th place is on again ...

It was a bit freaky weekend. Rain on a track that is almost as good as guaranteed to be sunny and dry produced one of the most interesting races and race result of recent F1 history ... I wonder what effect will the events of last weekend have on Dietrich Mateschitz's intentions to sell the Toro Rosso team ...

Photos: Red Bull/GEPA .

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Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp

[caption id="attachment_2181" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="2008 Belgian GP - Podium"]2008 Belgian GP - Podium Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp, [/caption]

The penalty imposed on Bruno Senna during the Belgian GP2 race renewed the debate about pro-Ferrari bias from FIA. No, Bruno Senna is not yet racing against Ferrari. But he received drive through penalty for almost an identical "offence" that brought Felipe Massa under investigation in Valencia - dangerous relase from the pits. Felipe Massa however received only reprimand and the team fine, 10mg Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp, no other penalty that would have some effect on the race result. (See video of Senna's incident inside this post). Few could have expected that few hours later after the Belgian Formula 1 race the debates will heat up even more following a decision that went against Lewis Hamilton and for Ferrari, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp. The irony is that the main beneficiary, Felipe Massa, was not even involved in that incident ...

When watching the race I smelled trouble for Hamilton the moment he cut through that chicane, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp coupon. I had no doubts he would give the position back to Raikkonen. He is smart enough to know that he has to do that. Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp, But I still expected something to happen that will get him into trouble. He did not disappoint. Although he must have felt that he had upper hand over Kimi in those conditions, 250mg Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp, he decided he can't wait. A moments after Kimi regained his lead Hamilton took advantage of being very close to Kimi and pulled another (this time successful) overtaking maneuvre. At that moment I felt that something is not right here and the announcement minutes after the race that the incident is under investigation confirmed my suspicion. From the post race comments from Ron Dennis it is clear that even McLaren had at least some doubts about legality of that move, otherwise why would they enquire with Charlie Whiting, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp. (see comments below my yesterday post on this topic). I think I can confidently say that should Lewis let Kimi to get clearly back to the lead and then go on and overtake him few corners (or a lap) later, there would be no investigation at all, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp mexico. This way he called the investigation upon himself.

What I however find surprising is that only Hamilton appears to have been subject to this investigation. Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp, I expected that the stewards would also look into that mini collision between Raikkonen and Hamilton that actually lead to Hamilton cutting the chicane ...

After talking to both parties the stewards made their decision. Hamilton was given drive through penalty (in last 5 laps of the race this changes to 25 sec time penalty), Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp japan, Massa the race win. Now the question - has Hamilton commited any offence that justified this penalty ? Without being a hot head on this issue I will try to look at it as if I were the one to make the decision.

The readers of F1Wolf are split. As the poll stands now, about 2/3 of F1 readers who voted believe the penalty was not justified, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp. One third however believes the penalty was fair.


I myself am one those who voted "I don't know". I refused to jump on the wagon with those who immediately branded the decision farcical and biased, 750mg Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp. The main reason is that I did feel that the fact that Hamilton slowed down, allowed Kimi to get back to the lead did not necessarily mean that he gained no advantage. Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp, I am not saying that he deserved the penalty but I do think there was a case for investigation.

When the case came before the stewards I believe there was not much choice for them when it came to the penalty itself. The drive through (translated to 25 sec time penalty) was the only one they had on hand in Hamilton's case. Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp usa, The question was likely only whether they should or should not impose it. The decision depended on one thing only - did Hamilton gain any unfair advantage thanks to cutting the chicane or did he not .

Here the opinions are split. If I was to decide my question would be - Would it be possible for Hamilton to get that close to Raikkonen on that straight if not for his momentum and the fact he was in Raikkonen's slip stream, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp. Remember how close can F1 cars under normal conditions get to each other these days without running into turbulence of the followed car. On the whole start finish straight Hamilton managed to stay within inches ahead and then behind Kimi before launching the final attack. Was that the advantage gained by cutting that chicane or was that combination of Hamilton's superior performance at that stage of the race combined with the slippery track . Remember, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp ebay, once the track gets wet the whole nature of F1 changes and we immediately have lots of overtaking all over the place. Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp, If I were confident that this was all thanks to the advantage from cutting the corner I would without any doubt vote for the penalty. If I had any doubts, even minor, I would be against any decision that might alter the race result and more - the outcome of the Championship. Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp australia, In this case I am not convinced but I have my doubts. Because of that I would not vote for the penalty. Stewards thought otherwise.There is no denying this was very controversial decision and the stewards must have expected the uproar it would generate. They could go the easy way and let Hamilton walk away without any penalty and with the race win in the bag. They however still decided the way they decided, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp. They were either very confident their decision is correct or they did not care at all about the reaction if would spark.

So, justice or farce, Uses Of Amoxicillin Trihydrate Bp uk.

For the record this is what the stewards sent to McLaren and Lewis Hamilton:

From: The stewards of the meeting

To: The team manager, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

The stewards, having received a report from the Race Director and having met with the drivers and team managers involved, have considered the following matter, determine a breach of the regulations has been committed by the competitor and impose the penalty referred to.

No./driver: 22, Lewis Hamilton

Time: 15:21:33

Facts: Cut the chicane and gained an advantage

Offence: Breach of Article 30.3(a) of the 2008 FIA Formula 1 sporting regulations and Appendix L chapter 4 Article 2 (g) of the International Sporting Code.

Penalty: Drive-through penalty (Article 16.3 (a)), since this is being applied at the end of the race, 25 seconds will be added to the driver’s elapsed race time.

FIA Stewards of the Meeting

Received by: Lewis Hamilton, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Here are the articels mentioned in the ruling:

Article 30.3(a) of the 2008 FIA Formula 1 sporting regulations says:
"During the practice and the race, drivers may use only the track and must at all time observe the provisions of the Code relatiing to driving behaviour on the circuits."

Appendix L chapter 4 Article 2 (g) of the International Sporting Code relates to overtaking and says:
"The race track alone shall be used by the drivers during the race."

Here is that above mentioned Bruno Senna video for reference. It does not relate to Hamilton vs Raikkonen incident but to Massa's pit lane troubles two weeks ago:

Photo: BMW Motorsports .

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What Is Cialis Soft

What Is Cialis Soft, [caption id="attachment_2175" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Felipe Massa, 2008 Belgian GP"]Felipe Massa, 2008 Belgian GP[/caption]

So, we finally had a race that went to the wire. It actually went even further and the final result was amended about 2 hours after the race with 25 second penalties to Timo Glock (overtaking Webber under yellow flags) and the controversial one to Lewis Hamilton for cutting the chicane. The debate on that Hamilton's penalty has already begun below another article. I wil focus this review more on the race action itself and later today post my take on the whole controversy.

Following the qualifying Lewis Hamilton looked well set for the return to the top of the podium. His McLaren seemed to be the car to beat, What Is Cialis Soft. But there was Kimi, lighter than his qualifying time might have suggested, who althout running wide using all the run off area available managed to pass cautious Massa and few moments later also Lewis Hamilton. Kimi's fight with Massa was actually quite rough, 30mg What Is Cialis Soft, I thought for a moment they will both go off ... Massa dropped back a bit (it was later revealed that as a precaution his engine was tuned down and never reached the 19,000 rpm limit) but there was not much between Raikkonen and Hamilton. Hamilton stopped first but Raikkonen and Massa followed soon after. What Is Cialis Soft, Not much changed only Kimi's lead was a bit bigger. It was a bit different situation after the second round of pit stops. Either the harder tyres worked better for Hamilton than for Raikkonen or Raikkonend started to control the race - Raikkonen's lead was shrinking, Hamilton was right on his tail. 500mg What Is Cialis Soft, About that time the it became to look like some rain may affect the final stages of the race. In the meantime Massa cruised behind in 3rd. Knowing that he has no chance to catch the leaders he probably settled for damage control result and 6 points, What Is Cialis Soft.

And then with 3 laps to it started to rain. Hamilton took an immediate advantage of Kimi's slower pace and tried to overtake him. Raikkonen defended hard. Some say he simply kept his racing line, some say he deliberately turned into Hamilton. What Is Cialis Soft, The result was Hamilton had to cut the chicane and got ahead of Kimi. He gave the position back on the start finish straight but once behind Kimi Hamilton attacked immediately again and this time successfully. From then on Hamilton's focus was to keep the car on the track, What Is Cialis Soft craiglist. Raikkonen had other ideas, he needed the win. He decided to go for all or nothing. He managed to survive one spin, but after another one he found himself in the tyre wall, What Is Cialis Soft. That elevated Massa to 2nd place.

[caption id="attachment_2176" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="2008 Belgian GP"]2008 Belgian GP[/caption]

What was happening behind these three was even more fascinating, well on the last 3 laps at least. After Raikkonen's crash Fernando Alonso climbed to P3 but only for a very short while as he dived into the pits for intermediate tyres. 20mg What Is Cialis Soft, All of a sudden Bourdais found himself in podium position, Alonso dropped to 8th. What Is Cialis Soft, Bourdais struggling to keep the car on the slippery track lost few positions and Vettel took over the P3 for a while. But then few metres from the finish line Heidfeld and Alonso benefited from their gamble on late switch to intermediate tyres. Heidfeld took 3rd, Alonso 4th. Sebastian Vettel brought the car home in 5th ahead of Kubica, Bourdais and Glock. The post race penalties moved Hamilton down to third, handing the win to Felipe Massa and elevating Nick Heidfeld to 2nd place, What Is Cialis Soft overseas. Mark Webber jumped to 8th while Timo Glock dropped to 9th, What Is Cialis Soft.

Ferrari will have some tough decisions to make. No matter if Hamilton's penalty stands or McLaren will be successful with their appeal it looks like Kimi Raikkonen is now out of the title race. The fact that Kimi crashed out however means that he may not have to use his Spa engine again in Monza this weekend. Ferrari may give him one more race to keep his title chances alive. What Is Cialis Soft, Felipe Massa can call himself extremely lucky. With the tuned down engine he must have known that 3rd is probably the best he could hope for. The luck (and stewards) were on his side and what looked like 8 points gap to Hamilton is now only 2. But there would be no win for him if he did not keep his car on the track in those trecherous final laps. 200mg What Is Cialis Soft, So credit to Massa for keeping his head cool. He also will not complain about Kimi crashing out, What Is Cialis Soft. It looked like Kimi was on course to cut Massa's advantage to only 3 points, 3 laps and 2 hours later that turned out to be 17 points ...

Lewis Hamilton, although penalized, again proved he is the guy to watch once the track gets wet. He however drove a smart race even before that rain, not taking too many risks. He made a mistake early on and allowed Kimi Raikkonen to take the lead, 1000mg What Is Cialis Soft. What Is Cialis Soft, But Hamilton was doing what he needed to do. Finishing second behind Kimi and ahead of Massa would mean extending his championship lead and that is what matters to him at this stage of the season. But then the moment he smelled the blood he went for it and Kimi had no chance.

Heikki Kovalainen had very mixed race. He lost lots of ground at the start but once he got his McLaren up to the pace there was no stopping him. Well, until his collision with Mark Webber that resulted in drive through penalty, What Is Cialis Soft. He looked set for some low points finish but retired on the last lap.

It was a rare weekend for BMW Sauber. Nick Heidfeld outclassed Robert Kubica . What Is Cialis Soft canada, He did so in practice, in qualifying and in the race. What Is Cialis Soft, That is something we almost forgot is possible. Robert Kubica's 6th place however means he jumped ahead of Kimi Raikkonen in drivers standings. Nick Heidfeld's tyre gamble returned him to podium and eased some pressure that sure is on him.

[caption id="attachment_2177" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Fernando Alonso, 2008 Belgian GP"]Fernando Alonso, 2008 Belgian GP[/caption]

Fernando Alonso will be happy with his race. He could have reached the podium, there were also speculations that he perhaps could even have a shot at the race win should he switch to intermeds a lap earlier, 40mg What Is Cialis Soft. But at the end 4th place combined with no points for Toyota is a bigger gain than the team may have hoped for, What Is Cialis Soft. The fight for 4th place in constructors table is still on. Nelson Piquet did not last for long. He crashed out on lap 14, not what a driver in his positions wants to do ...

[caption id="attachment_2178" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Sebastien Bourdais, Belgian GP 2008"]Sebastien Bourdais, Belgian GP 2008[/caption]

Toro Rosso continued their impressive run of results. What Is Cialis Soft, Bourdais was close to a great result but the conditions that placed him on the podium position for a while at the end worked against him. What Is Cialis Soft paypal, But still, 5th place for Vettel and 7th for Bourdais is a great result for the team following equally strong qualifying (both cars in Q3). Toro Rosso now caught up with Williams in the constructors table and jumped ahead of sorry Honda.

Mark Webber, the regular point scorer in the early stages of the season, returned to top 8th for the first time since French GP but none of the Red Bull cars seems now to able to challenge their Toro Rosso cousins.

It was disapointing weekend for Toyota with both drivers missing out on points allowing Renault to close the gap. Williams, Honda and Force India were in class of their own. Honda guys obviously gave up on 2008 season and that allowed Force India to close the gap.

I am not going to post any videos here, but here are 2 links to some video higlights from Belgain GP.

Link 1
Link 2

Photos: Shell Motorsport, Renault/LAT, Red Bull/GEPA .

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Stopping Clomid

Stopping Clomid, [caption id="attachment_2073" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Felipe Massa, Valencia 2008"]Felipe Massa, Valencia 2008[/caption]

It was not the most exciting race of the season but still, it was a great weekend in Spain. I am really glad that it was this race that this year coincided with my annual summer trip to Europe. Spain is definitely a great place to enjoy Formula 1 weekend and the setting in Valencia is simply great. And perhaps next year the Formula 1 cars will also be able to show us the kind of racing GP2 offers :-) .

Already on Friday it was becoming obvious that Ferrari will be the team to beat in Valencia. And at the end that also was the case, Stopping Clomid. Felipe Massa claimed the pole and was well set for the victory. His first pit stop (a lap earlier than Hamilton) and the smiles on face of Martin Whitmarsh made the commentators on the track to hand the victory to Lewis Hamilton, 20mg Stopping Clomid, but when Hamilton emerged from his own pit stop behind both Massa and Raikkonen, the speculations about possible superior McLaren tactics ended. From then it was pretty about Massa not making any errors and his car giving him no Hungary like shocks. The scare came during his second pit stop. Stopping Clomid, His crew released him straight into the path of Adrian Sutil (who was a lap down). These two almost collided and the incident was under investigation. 10mg Stopping Clomid, Massa himself blamed Sutil for it, not understanding why Sutil needed to rush ahead of Massa in the pitlane when he would still have to let him pass on the track. From the outside it looked more like an error of Massa's crew. In GP2 race Karun Chandhok received drive through penalty for similar error, in F1 it was to be investigated after the race. It is hard to say what approach is better but .., Stopping Clomid. should not the officials apply the same penalties (or procedures) for the same violations (or incidents) . I am not questioning the fact that Massa escaped without penalty (I do not think he deserved one) but the FIA's inconsistency that naturally leads to debates about certain teams escaping lightly, Stopping Clomid us.

On the track Felipe Massa's Ferrari held on and he cruised to a deserved victory. Kimi Raikkonen on the other hand had yet another "not so good" weekend. Stopping Clomid, He was fastest in one of the Friday sessions but that was about it. He again disappointed in qualifying. Then not much went right for him in the race. First he lost out big way after first round of pit stops. Stopping Clomid coupon, Towards the end of his second stint he managed to close down on Kovalainen and he seemed to be set to get ahead of him when both pitted at the same. But then he tried to leave the pits with the refueling hose still attached (running over one of his crew in the process) and lost several seconds, Stopping Clomid. Short while later came the icing on cake and his engine let go ...

Lewis Hamilton apparently suffered from some health problems for the most of the weekend and if that was the case, he must be more than happy for his solid 2nd place and extended championship lead. His only overtaking chance came at the start but Massa did not give him much chance. Heikki Kovalainen had rather quiet race after his Hungarian win. Stopping Clomid, The fourth place however means he finally jumped ahead of Nick Heidfeld in the standings.

Robert Kubica capitalized on his great qualifying performance and returned to the podium for the first time since his win in Canada, 1000mg Stopping Clomid. There were some concerns about his car early on in the race but all worked out for him. He kept Kovalainen and Raikkonen safely behind. The two guys in the front were beyond his reach. The gap to Ferrari and McLaren (when in good hands) is still too big, Stopping Clomid.

Nick Heidfeld again had a scare in qualifying but this time made it to Q3. He only qualified 8th however. Stopping Clomid mexico, He lost few places in the race and finished empty handed in 9th. He still has his 100% race finish record this season but I wonder if that would be enough for Mario Theissen to offer quick Nick new deal ... Stopping Clomid, Now to the rest:

Another great weekend for Toyota. Both their drivers finished in points and Trulli did not seem to have too difficult time keeping up with Kovalainen and Raikkonen (while he was still on track). Toyota guys seem to be serious about finishing 4th in constructors table.

The surprise of the weekend must be Toro Rosso. Both cars made it to Q3 (I believe this is first time this has happened), Vettel was quickest in 2 practice sessions, 40mg Stopping Clomid, both cars finished the race in top 10, Vettel in great 6th place. What is more important they totally outpaced their big brothers from Red Bull proper, Stopping Clomid.

Renault had another race to forget. After some promising speed in practice sessions I actually believed that Alonso may make it to the podium. It was not to be. Stopping Clomid us, He failed to make to Q3, had to start from deep down in midfield and became a victim of it. Stopping Clomid, Kazuki Nakajima hit the rear of his car and Alonso's race was over on lap 1. Nelson Piquet did not make any serious mistakes but also did not show much. His race engineer was almost non stop on the radio pushing him forward to catch up with what should have been slower cars ahead of him. Never happened. At the end he finished 11th, not a had result in his standards, Stopping Clomid uk, but he will have show more passion on track if he wants to keep his seat ...

Red Bull - Their season goes down hill since Coulthard's 3rd place in Montreal, Stopping Clomid. Mark Webber, the early season regular point scorer finished in points only once in last 6 races. In Valencia, their juniors in Toro Rosso outpaced them and the only teams they could compete with were Honda and Force India. Stopping Clomid canada, Nico Rosberg returned Williams back to points after a good weekend for the team. After good qualifying he lost few positions but thanks to Raikkonen's retirement he jumped back to top 8. Stopping Clomid, Kazuki Nakajima survived his early get together with Renault of Fernando Alonso. He however lost lots of ground after the pit stop he had to make to repair the damage.

Jenson Button was surprisingly quick in free practice and also early on in qualifying. At the end however neither Honda made to Q2 and both drivers took their usual places at the (almost) back of the grid. They still seem to be a bit better than slightly improved (now with seamless gearbox) Force India. The only Force India memorable moments came from Adrian Sutil. First his Alonso like pledges to the team to let him pass slower Fisichella (he really sounded like Fernando Alonso few years back in Renault :-) ), and then the spin that ended his race.

Stay tuned for the photo gallery from my Valencia trip. It may take few days before I manage to sort out the photos though :-) .

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06-08 September - Italy
20-22 September - Singapore
04-06 October - Korea
11-13 October - Japan
25-27 October - India
01-03 November - Abu Dhabi
15-17 November - USA
22-24 November - Brazil


2010 Mercedes GP F1 Merchandise