2008 French F1 GP – Qualifying – Ferrari front row

Kimi Raikkonen will start the French GP from pole position, his second of the season and 200th for Ferrari in F1. Felipe Massa will line up alongside him after being only few hundreds slower. There will be unusual second row – Fernando Alonso and Jarno Trulli. Alonso will sure fancy his podium chances now …

With Hamilton dropping 10 places from his P3 McLaren will have to do with Kovalainen’s P5 and Kovalainen’s 5 place penalty for impeding Webber, McLaren are in for some tough time. This was not the best of qualifying sessions for BMW Sauber – Kubica will be on P6, Heidfeld did not even make the cut to Q3 … Timo Glock and both Red Bulls make up the rest of the top ten. Well, almost, Nelson Piquet will take up P10 P9 after Hamilton’s and Kovalainen’s penalties …

Toro Rosso did well for most of the weekend but not when it mattered the most and both cars got elimitaned in Q2. They still did better than the Hondas though … Nico Rosberg just about made it to Q2 but P15 combined with his 10 place grid penalty will see him starting from the very back of the grid …

French GP Qualifying Results:

1. K. Raikkonen – Ferrari – 1:16.449
2. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:16.490
3. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:16.693 (will be demoted 10 places)
4. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:16.840
5. J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:16.840
6. H. Kovalainen – McLaren – 1:16.944 (will be demoted 5 places)
7. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:17.037
8. M. Webber – Red Bull – 1:17.233
9. D. Coulthard – Red Bull – 1:17.426
10. T. Glock – Toyota – 1:17.596


2008 French F1 GP – Live Blog – Qualifying

Welcome to the live blog debate covering the 2008 French Formula 1 GP qualifying session ! Join the debate below: This live blog has now finished. You can replay the discussion inside this post.


2008 Canadian F1 GP – Saturday practice and qualifying

No rain today but still it was an eventful practice session this morning in Montreal. That was after rather quiet first fifteen minutes. After that all the teams tried to make up for the time they lost while the track was wet on Friday morning. Some were trying too hard, 2 cars hit the wall – Bourdais and Vettel, Nelson Piquet skilfully parked it right next to the wall. Vettel did enough damage to his car to miss the qualifying … Bourdais damaged his gearbox and got himself 5 place grid penalty for Sunday race. For the record Nico Rosberg was the fastest man on track in the morning session.

Morning practice suggested that perhaps we could see some surprise from Toro Rosso in qualifying. Vettel however was not able to take part in qualifying and the best Bourdais could manage was 16th just behind 15th Nelson Piquet. Jenson Button did not make it to Q2 for the first time this season after what looked like some mechanical problems. The other 2 looser spots went as usual to Force India cars.

It was much more exciting in Q2. Both Timo Glock and Kazuki Nakajima were getting very close to Q3 but at the end the only unusual name in top 10 was Rubens Barrichello. Mark Webber was very impressive, finished Q2 in 5th place but unfortunately spun off on the way back to pits and was not able to take part in Q3. Already in Q2 the track was visibly deteriorating and drivers were not able to match their Q1 times. The track conditions only got worse in Q3 and so the final session turned into sort of a gamble. Lewis Hamilton occupied the top spot for most of the time. Kimi Raikkonen was able to go faster in sectors 1 and 2 but not in the sector 3. Only Robert Kubica managed to claim the pole position for a while but Hamilton reclaimed it back on his final run. Renault must be excited with Alonso on P4, Williams should be very happy with P5 for Rosberg. Barrichello only made one run, probably choosing to save up fuel for the race.

The drivers seems to be attracted to the walls and I would be surprised if we have no safety car out tomorrow. If that happens, anything can happen …


2008 Monaco F1 GP – Qualifying – Massa surprises

2008 Monaco Formula 1

McLarens were favourites going into the qualifyung. But Felipe Massa suprised even himself and after what he himself called “the perfect lap” claimed pole position on a track he does not really like. Impressive performance… Kimi Raikkonen’s P2 means all Ferrari front row. Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen will line up on row 2.

There was a bit of excitment towards the end of Q2. David Coulthard hit the barriers at quite high speed. He escaped without any injury but he had no car continue in Q3. His accident cut the Q2 short. One of the victims may be Nick Heidfeld who had no time to do his final flying lap. Disapointing P13 …

Nelson Piquet struggled again and did not even make it to Q2. He was eliminated along with both Toro Rosso and Force India cars. Vettel will be relegated to the back of the grid following his 5 place penalty for gear box change.

Qualifying was all dry (unlike the morning practice). The weather however may be different tomorrow and race can still turn into a gamble. If it rains, the qualifying results may not mean that much …

2008 Monaco F1 GP – Qualifying Results:

1. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:15.787
2. K. Raikkonen – Ferrari – 1:15.815
3. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:15.839
4. H. Kovalainen – McLaren – 1:16.165
5. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:16.171
6. N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:16.548
7. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:16.852
8. J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:17.203
9. M. Webber – Red Bull – 1:17.343
10. D. Coulthard – Red Bull – no time


2008 Monaco F1 GP – Live Blog – Qualifying

Join us for Live Blog session from Monaco qualifying ! Join the debate and have fun ! If you want to see the current weather situation in Monaco – check this webcam. To watch the race and qualifying online, check out the tips at F1Wolf Club.

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2008 Turkish GP – Qualifying – Massa on pole

Felipe Massa will start the Turkish GP from pole position, as predicted by many people on this site :-) . His neighbour on front row will be Heikki Kovalainen. Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen will line up on second row. There are suggestions that Kimi might have been slowed down by Alonso… I haven’t seen that, will have to wait for more on that. Both Red Bulls made it to Q3 for the first time this season.

This was another disapointing day for Nelson Piquet … Getting out after Q1 is not what Flavio Briatore signed him for …

2008 Turkish GP Qualifying Results:

1. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:27.617
2. H. Kovalainen – McLaren – 1:27.808
3. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:27.923
4. K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:27.936
5. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:28.390
6. M. Webber – Red Bull – 1:28.417
7. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:28.422
8. J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:28.836
9. N. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber – 1:28.882
10. D. Coulthard – Red Bull – 1:29.959


2008 Turkish GP – Live Blog – Qualifying

Welcome to Live Blog from Turkish GP qualifying session ! (This Live Blog session has finished, you can replay it inside this post).


Spanish GP – Qualifying – Alonso on front row

Kimi Raikkonen will start the Spanish GP from pole position confirming the strength of the Ferrari package in Barcelona. It is also the first pole position of the season for Raikkonen. He will however have an unexpected neighbour on front row – Renault with Fernando Alonso in the cockpit. Felipe Massa missed out on front row and will start from P3.

Robert Kubica qualified well again – P4  ahead of both McLarens. The silver cars have exclusive rights to row 3 in Barcelona and they will not be too happy about that. Mark Webber and Jarno Trulli proved again they are masters of qualifying – P7 and P8 are great results for Red Bull and Toyota. Nick Heidfeld may be heavier than his team mate but still, P9 is hardly a starting position he would have hoped for. Nelson Piquet made it to Q3 adding his bit to what definitelly was a very good day for Renault.

The midfield is extremely even. Only few tenths separate 11th from 15th.

This was a disapointing session for Coulthard (eliminated in Q1), Vettel (beaten by his team mate again), Sutil (7 tenths behind Fisichella and less than a tenth ahead of Davidson in pennyless Super Aguri…).

Is Renault that good all of a sudden or did Alonso only go for home qualifying glory in a lightly fueled car ? We will see tomorrow.

Spanish GP Qualifying Results:

Live Blog – Spanish GP – Qualifying

Now the real fun begins ! Follow the qualifying session here with Live Blog and join the debate !

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2008 Bahrain Formula 1 GP – Qualifying – Pole on pole

Robert Kubica Bahrain 2008After just missing out in Melbourne, Robert Kubica scored the maiden pole position for himself and the BMW Sauber team this time in Bahrain. Felipe Massa will start alongside him from P2. Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen occupy the second row. Besides the top 3 teams also Toyota (Trulli), Williams (Rosberg), Honda (Button) and Renault (Alonso) made it to Q3. Takuma Sato crashed during P1 causing yellow and red flags.

The Qualifying Results:

1. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:33.096
2. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:33.123
3. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:33.292
4. K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:33.418
5. H. Kovalainen – McLaren – 1:33.488
6. N. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber – 1:33.737
7. J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:33.994
8. N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:34.015
9. J. Button – Honda – 1:35.057
10. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:35.115

More photos in the article

Live Blog – Bahrain – Qualifying

The Live Blog is back for Bahrain Qualifying session. Follow the session and join the discussion !

he Live Blog has now closed, you can replay the discussion and comments on this practice session inside the post. Next live blog will be from Bahrain Formula 1 race.


FIA to revise qualifying … again

Formula One qualifying will be modified to prevent the danger of drivers suddenly slowing to save fuel after their final quick laps while others are still at full speed, the governing FIA said on Friday.

A FIA spokesman confirmed the change is likely to come to effect before next week’s Bahrain Grand Prix. As expected the FIA will set a maximum time for drivers to return to pits after completing their qualifying run.

“Our clarification to the teams and drivers will be that cars returning to the pits having completed their flying lap or laps will be required to do so within a time that we will set. This could be approximately 120 percent of the normal time as we do to prevent drivers going very slowly to the grid (on the pre-race formation lap) to save fuel.”

The calls for modification came after Nick Heidfeld and Fernando Alonso had to navigate between several slow moving cars (including both McLarens) on their flying lap during Malaysian GP qualifying session.

The qualifying has not been modified yet … FIA only stated the intention to do it and presented the media with some hints of what to expect. We still need to wait for official decision.

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