2009 Turkish GP – Friday Practice

The Turkish GP weekend has started with Friday practice. Nico Rosberg was the fastest driver in the first session ahead of Hamilton, Trulli, Vettel, Massa and Nakajima. The session was red flagged for a while when the green carpet (astroturf) ripped away by cars going wide had to be fixed.

Heikki Kovalainen posted the fastest time of the afternoon session. Fernando Alonso climbed to second place on his final lap jumping ahead of Robert Kubica. Sebastian Vettel only stopped his car after only four laps (technical issues) but still ended up 5th fastest in this session. It was a tricky sessions with lots of spins (Hamilton, Nakajima). Most of the drivers experienced problems with the soft tyres.

2009 Turkish GP Friday practice 1 times:


2009 Monaco GP – Saturday practice – Alonso on top

Fernando Alonso posted the fastest time of the final practice session in Monaco, followed by Jenson Button and Heikki Kovalainen. Top seven drivers were separated only by 2 tenths. Looks like we are in for very unpredictable qualifying session with Brawn, Ferrari, McLaren, Alonso and perhaps Red Bulls as well all looking like pole position candidates. The slowest cars on track in this session were BMW Saubers and Toyota.

2009 Monaco GP – Saturday practice times:

1. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:15.164
2. J. Button – Brawn GP – 1:15.233
3. H. Kovalainen – McLaren – 1:15.278
4. R. Barrichello – Brawn GP – 1:15.266
5. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:15.293
6. K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:15.382
7. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:15.389
8. S. Vettel – Red Bull – 1:15.722


2009 Monaco GP – Thursday Practice

The Monaco GP weekend started today with free practice sessions. Rubens Barrichello was the fastest driver this morning, followed by Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel’s engine blew up earlier in the session.

Nico Rosberg ended on the top of timesheets in the significantly faster second practice session, ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button. After Vettel’s engine blow in the morning there was even more spectacular one in the afternoon session – courtesy of Robert Kubica and his BMW. Oh, and Nelson Piquet was faster than Fernando Alonso …

2009 Monaco GP – Thursday Practice 1 Times:


2009 Spanish GP – Saturday Practice – Ferrari on top

Ferrari drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen were the fastest drivers in the final practice this weekend ahead of Brawn GP cars of Barrichello and Button.

2009 Spanish GP Saturday practice times:


2009 Spanish GP – Friday practice

Jenson Button, fastest in practice 1

Jenson Button, fastest in practice 1

It looks like the upgrades are working for Brawn GP. Jenson Button was the fastest man on the track in morning practice for the 2009 Spanish GP, the only driver in 1:21s . Toyota and Williams also seem to keep their good pace. A bit suprisingly perhaps both BMW Sauber cars ended the first practice in top 4. It is still early days though …

Friday Practice 1 times:


2009 Bahrain GP – Saturday Practice

Timo Glock was the fastest driver in the final practice in Bahrain however his car broke down and his crew will be busy to get him ready for qualifying. Some of the favourites (Brawn GP, Red Bull) ended the session quite far back but that is probably just an indication of running with more fuel on board.

2009 Bahrain GP – Saturday Practice Times:


2009 Bahrain GP – Friday Practice

The 2009 Bahrain GP kicked off with Friday practice. Lewis Hamilton was the fastest man on track in the morning session ahead of BMW Sauber duo.

2009 Bahrain GP Friday Practice 1 Times:


2009 Chinese GP – Saturday practice – Rosberg fastest

Saturday free practice is now over. The fastest time in the final practice session belongs to Nico Rosberg, ahead of Jarno Trulli and Lewis Hamilton. The Brawn cars were probably running heavier than the others focusing more on the Q3 than on Q2 …

Red Bulls did not do much running as the team did some precautionary repairs. Fernando Alonso started the session with new rear diffuser but there obviously were some problems because he spent most of the FP3 in garage.


2009 Chinese GP – Friday Practice

The usual order was restored in the second free practice with Jenson Button fastest, Nico Rosberg 2 hundreds behind in second and Rubens Barrichello 3rd. The times of Button and Rosberg are about 7 tenths quicker than Lewis Hamilton’s pole position last year …

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest driver out there in the first practice, with Button and Barrichello behind him. Ferrari cars seemed to be struggling a lot with their tyres during the first session. The temperatures in Shanghai were rather cool during the first session, about 18 degrees ambient and 33 degrees track. It was all sunny though.

Chinese GP Practice 1 times:


2009 Malaysian GP – Saturday Practice

Final practice for the 2009 Malaysian GP is now over. Nico Rosberg returned back to the top of the time sheets while Red Bull, Ferrari and Toyota all showed respectable pace. Brawn GP cars were coughing up a lot of smoke but apparently that had to something with higher oil levels. Both Button and Barrichello ended the practice at the bottom of top 10 but it may be result of running in Q3 fuel levels … Just a reminder – Sebastian Vettel will be hit with 10 places grid penalty (for the Kubica incident in Mebourne) and Rubens Barrichello with 5 places grid penalty for gear box change.

Here are the final practice times:


2009 Malaysian GP – Friday Action – Free Practice

Kimi Raikkonen fastest in second free practice

Kimi Raikkonen fastest in second free practice

The Sepang action begins today with practice sessions. And same as in Melbourne a week ago Williams and Nico Rorsberg dominate the time sheets, at least in practice one.

Malaysian GP Practice 1 Times:


2009 Australian GP – Friday Action

Nico Rosberg, fastest man on track today

Nico Rosberg, fastest man on track today

Interesting day today. It started for me with a walk through the pitlane (pictures later today) and continued with quite exciting practice sessions. During the first practice most of the cars were all over the place, only Brawn and Williams looked nice and steady. The most shaky (at least from where i was standing) were Renaults. The handling of cars however improved during the second session. The talking points of the day however will be:
– the diffusers, as the cars who use the controversial diffuser design were the fastest ones
– the degradation of the super soft tyres
– the pace of McLaren and perhaps also of Ferrari


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