Formula 1 – US GP Saturday Practice

Alonso still sits on the top of the timesheets. Sebastian Vettel did not need too much time to get used to F1 car again and learn the track. Only 0.171s behind Alonso, impressive. Hamilton also doing pretty well. Ferraris were a bit off the pace, and clocked very similar times with both Renaults and Nick Heidfeld’s BMW.
Saturday Practice Times Here:

Formula 1 – US GP Friday Practice

McLaren looks to be fast again and Lewis Hamilton does not seem to have too much trouble with learning the track. Ferraris are slowly getting there with their ar set up and seem to be close behind McLarens. But still, behind McLarens. Williams, BMW, Red Bull, Renault and even Honda are all there right behind the top 2 teams. Things as usual may be totally different on Saturday, so better do not make too much out of these free practice times.

Practice 1 Times Here

Practice 2 Times Here

Formula 1 – Canadian GP – Saturday Practice

There is not much between McLarens and Ferraris. Hamilton was the fastest in the last sector and that is the difference between him and Alonso and Kimi. Massa slightly behind. Who knows what kind of games were these four playing. We will see soon in qualifying. Sato was 5th fastest and that kind of performance is still a bit unexpected from Super Aguri car. Nico Rosberg keeps displaying good form. Red Bulls also did not do too bad. There must be some sparks of optimism in Honda garage with solid performance from Rubens Barrichello and Button only about a tenth slower. BMW on the other hand have some job on their hands before qualifying session.
Saturday Practice Times Here:

Formula 1 – Canadian GP – Free Practice

It looks like after Monaco, the Montreal track suits McLaren too. Alonso clocked fastest time in both practice sessions. In the first one followed by Hamilton, in the second one followed by Massa. The gap between him in Massa however is probably not as big as the half a second on the time sheet, as Massa locked his front wheel on his fastest lap loosing few tenths. It looks very much open among the top 4. BMW and Williams showed some good form with Heidfeld and Rosberg. Also Barrichello must be happy with 7th fastest time in the 2nd session.
It is interesting to see some team mates being separated by quite a lot of places – Barrichello and Button, Heidfeld and Kubica, Rosberg and Wurz. But … less than a second separates 6th from 18th. Q1 and Q2 will be interesting.
Practice 1 Times Here:

Practice 2 Times Here:

Formula 1 – Spanish GP Saturday Free Practice

Saturday practice did not make us any smarter. McLarens still on top, thanks to late runs on soft tyres, Ferrari, BMWs also around the top. Renaults dropped down the order after quick runs on Friday. Q session may be totally different story …

Saturday Practice Times Here:>

Formula 1 – Spanish GP Barcelona – Friday Practice

McLarens, especially Hamilton, showed fastest pace in the practice 1. However the difference between 2nd Alonso and 3rd Raikkonen was only 1 tenth. It was about the same gap as between 5th Massa and 6th Davidson. Somehow I believe that the preformance difference between Super Aguri and Ferrari is a bit bigger than that …

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP, Saturday Practice

Things getting more interesting. McLaren is pretty much up there with Ferraris. BMWs seem to be closing the gap fast. So we have Hamilton just edging out Raikkonen, then both BMWs. Massa and Alonso further down. But what on Earth is Davidson doing up there …

Saturday practice times here:

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP, Friday Practice

Practice 1:
The top of the time sheets is pretty much as expected. Kimi, Massa, Hamilton, Alonso. However the gap between Kimi and both McLarens is a bit bigger than I would expect. But this is still Friday morning only.

BMWs and Williamses did pretty much as would one expect from them. Liuzzi though is quite unfamiliar name in top 8. One Toyota did good, the other one not so much. Hondas, Renaults are still their dissapointing selves.

Formula 1 – Malaysian GP – Saturday Free Pracitise and Qualifying

Saturday started very hot right from the morning. Hamilton came on top of timesheets and his car looked very nicely balanced. Massa’s time was not much slower. Kimi seemed to be taking it easy to preserve the engine probably. Still he came in 5th. Both BMWs had good runs with Kubica 4th. Williams continues to impress with very strong performance from Rosberg. Super Aguri showed some spark and Davidson clocked 8th fastest time. Hondas were struggling again, especially Rubens. I am beginning to feel sorry for these guys. This session was tough for Renaults as well with both cars deep down the order.

Formula 1 – Australian Grand Prix 3rd Practice

Kimi fastest this time and that makes different driver on top in each practice session. Fisi and Renault keep showing they have the pace. We still have Massa, Hamilton, Heidfeld, Alonso among the top, so the bunch of the favourites is shaping up. But what is Super Aguri doing … Davidson 4th, Sato 9th …

- Australian Grand Prix, 3rd Practice

Formula 1 – Australian Grand Prix 2nd Practice

Massa setting the pace, Kimi seems to be hiding his true speed, still setting 2nd fastest time. Not sure what Alonso was working on, he should not be slower than Fisichella. Fisichella probably surprised even himself, especially with the fastest first sector. Worry for Renault though – both their cars suffered some mechanical problems. BMWs are as quick as the winter tests were promising. Both Williams cars did pretty well. Congratualtions to Super Aguri – Davidson fastest of all 4 Honda powered cars. All 4 cars with customer Ferrari engines are at the tail of the order.

- Australian Grand Prix, 2nd Practice

Formula 1 – Australian Grand Prix, 1st Practice

Alonso over a second faster than Massa, Kimi 10 seconds behind Alonso. Looks funny, but these result do not tell much, as not all drivers managed to get runs on dry track and try tyres.

- Australian Grand Prix, 1st Practice

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