Formula 1 – Italian GP – Saturday Practice

It looks like Ferrari has some job to do if they want to win their home race. Raikkonen heavy crash on Saturday followed his technical problems on Friday. He walked away unhurt, but it remains to be seen if he will be able to fit his engine and gear box into the spare car and aoind grid penalty. The fastest time in the fina practice went to Alonso ahead of Hamilton. Massa was quite a bit behind McLarens. Williams and BMW continue to show good speed on this track.

Saturday Free Practice:
1) F. Alonso – McLaren 1:22.054 10
2) L. Hamilton – McLaren 1:22.200 11
3) F. Massa – Ferrari 1:22.615 11
4) N. Heidfeld – BMW 1:22.855 15
5) R. Kubica – BMW 1:23.287 14
6) N. Rosberg – Williams 1:23.454 13
7) A. Wurz – Williams 1:23.596 15
8) J. Trulli – Toyota 1:23.672 16
9) H. Kovalainen – Renault 1:23.672 12
10) M. Webber – Red Bull 1:23.708 13
11) J. Button – Honda 1:23.803 15
12) R. Barrichello – Honda 1:23.830 14
13) S. Vettel – Toro Rosso 1:23.853 14
14) G. Fisichella – Renault 1:23.877 12
15) A. Davidson – Super Aguri 1:23.942 12
16) T. Sato – Super Aguri 1:24.022 16
17) D. Coulthard – Red Bull 1:24.055 12
18) R. Schumacher – Toyota 1:24.167 13
19) V. Liuzzi – Toro Rosso 1:24.208 15
20) K. Räikkönen – Ferrari 1:24.442 3
21) S. Yamamoto – Spyker F1 1:24.736 17
22) A. Sutil – Spyker F1 1:24.943 18

Formula 1 – Italian GP – Friday Practice

Ferraris were a bit ahead of McLarens in the first practice, with fastest time going to Raikkonen. Alonso’s session was hampered by technical problems, so his time may not reflect the true performance of his car. Rosberg had his usual quick practice session. Button’s time may surprise few. Spyker’s new car seems to be step ahead, if nothing else they closed the gap on and maybe even got ahead of Toro Rossos.

Formula 1 – Turkish GP – Saturday Practice

Ferraris and McLarens seem to be quite evenly matched on this track. Hamilton was again fastest but only few hundreds of second ahead of Massa. Nico Rosberg shows his usual quick practice pace, just ahead of both BMWs. They seem to have found their set up for this track finally. Toyota’s did not repeat 2nd practice results and ended up way down.

Saturday Practice Times Here

Formula 1 – Turkish GP – Friday Practice

No surprises with the fastest laps in first session (Raikkonen) and in the second session (Hamilton). What is a bit unexpected is the strong performance of Toyotas in the second practice. BMWs were a bit off the pace on Friday. But as always, these Friday times may not mean much.
David Coulthard set his Red Bull on fire at the end the first practice causing some extra excitment.

Practice 1 Times Here, Practice 2 Times Here

Formula 1 – Hungarian GP – Saturday Practice

It looks like the Ferraris found some way to work out their set up. Massa was well clear of anybody else in the final free practice. However Kimi finished the session behind both McLarens and Heidfeld’s BMW. Alonso and Hamilton were pretty much evenly matched in this session. It was good session for Williams with both cars in top 10. Renault, after quick times on Friday afternoon, went back down the grid again.

Formula 1 – Hungarian GP – Friday Practice

Kubica clocked fastest time of the 1st practice session. Who knows whether this is the display of real strength of BMW package or is it a result of low fuel run to please the huge army of his followers present at the track.
Both Ferraris were behind the McLarens most of the time, especially in the 2nd sector. However towards the end of the session both Massa and Raikkonen outpaced the McLarens. This was decent session again for Rosberg, Honda and Toyota also will be happy. Renault as is becoming the tradition this year start their weekend way back down.

Formula 1 – European GP – Saturday Practice

It looks like Kimi is the man to beat this weekend. After a bit slower 2nd Friday practice the BMWs are back on the pace. Renaults have a mountain to climb unless they have been hiding their true pace so far this weekend.

Saturday Practice Times Here:

Formula 1 – European GP – Friday Practice

Hamilton came on top but the first session is quite clear indication that BMW is serious about joining the big guys, especially at their home Grand Prix. There was not much between McLaren, Ferrari and BMW in this free practice. The gaps between the team mates may be down to different fuel loads and set ups for the practice.

Formula 1 – British GP – Saturday Practice

Kimi seems to be the man to beat this weekend. Alonso is quicker than Hamilton so far, but that was the case a week ago too … Nico Rosberg continues to impress and same can be said about Ralf Schumacher.Saturday Free Practice Times Here:

Formula 1 – British GP – Friday Practice

First practice session was the usual McLaren-Ferrari top four mix, with Hamilton the fastest. Both BMWs ended up somewhere around where they belong this season. It was impressive session for Williams with both cars in top 8.Friday Practice 1 Times Here:

Second practice was quite different. Ferraris were clearly fastest, with Kimi half a second ahead of Massa. They were followed by surprise-surprise Ralf … Hamilton with same time as Ralf finished just ahead of the second Toyota. Alonso clocked 6th fastest time. Both Williams cars again in top 8

Friday Practice 2 Times Here:

What does all this mean? Ferraris can be quick here, Toyotas too, but this we all knew after last test at this track. McLarens were quite off the pace in the 2nd session, but who knows what was their fuel load. Williams seem to be seriously thinking about double point finish this weekend …

Formula 1 – French GP Saturday Practice

McLaren made it first time to the top this weekend with Hamilton 0.06s ahead of Massa. Kimi in 3rd. Alonso only made 1 competitive lap and his time was enough for 6th. Renaults were the 3rd best team at the last practice. Rosberg again made it to top 10. The quali will be interesting. Lots of cars are on similar pace, it will be interesting to see who will make it to top 10. Also it still remains to be seen how quick Alonso really is here …

Saturday Free Practice Times Here:

Formula 1 – French GP – Friday Practice

As usual nobody really knows what Friday times mean, but there must be some smiles in Ferrari garage. Both their cars are separated only by few tenths and well clear off McLarens. Williams and Red Bul managed to sneak between Alonso and Hamilton. Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and BMW had both cars in top 10. Hondas still haven’t found enough speed to jump ahead of Sato. Renault people believe they are better than BMW now, but times from P1 show a bit different story …

Friday Practice 1 Times Here:

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