Formula 1 – 2003 Liveries

The break between races may be a good time to return the F1 liveries series of posts. Two weeks ago I made an overview of all 2008 liveries but it has been more than half a year since the 2004 liveries post … Here is the look back to 2003 – all ten teams, some alternative tobacco free liveries are also featured. For more F1 liveries of the past check the F1 Liveries History tag.

Ferrari 2003 livery

2003 McLaren livery West
McLaren Mercedes

2003 McLaren livery no tobacco
McLaren Mercedes (no tobacco)


2008 Formula 1 Liveries

I realized I haven’t come up yet with the overview of all the 2008 liveries, so here they are. At the bottom of the article are links to liveries from 2004 to 2007.

2008 Livery Ferrari

2008 Livery McLaren

2008 Livery BMW Sauber
BMW Sauber


Williams reveal their 2008 livery

AT&T Williams F1 team finally revealed their 2008 livery and released a pre-season interview with Frank Williams. The blue white livery is similar to the 2007 one but somehow it does look better :-) . The biggest looser is Lenovo, their logo has been relegated from the prominent position on the sidepods to the rear wing. Still more visible than AT&T logo though …

Williams 2008 Livery Front

Here are few answers from Frank Williams on his drivers and prediction for 2008 season:

Nico returns for his third season this year. How important is he to the team?

He’s fundamental. We have the highest regards for him and we have great confidence that, given the right equipment, he will win races.

Kazuki has been promoted from test to race driver, how has he been doing over winter testing and what are your expectations of him in a race seat?

We knew we were taking a bit of a gamble when we signed him, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by his testing pace. It’s really only a question I’ll be able to answer properly after the first few races of the season.

And lastly, what are your predictions for the season ahead?

I think the first four places are most likely to be occupied by the same people as last year, sadly. But I do think it will be a brilliant racing season.

More photos of new 2008 Williams livery inside the article (all photos courtesy of AT&T Williams).


2007 F1 Year – The Cool Things – Part 2 – Fans On F1 Livery

Part 1 of The 2007 F1 Cool Things was all about Honda’s Rubens Barrichello and his helmet and there will be bit about Honda in part 2 too.

Season 2007 brought a chance for F1 fans to get on the F1 car livery. First it was Honda with their myearthdream livery. Fans could make an enviromentaly friendly pledge on the myearthdream website, donate some money to a charity and get their name on one of the Honda cars. I made it somewhere on Jenson Button’s car :-) . Here is a photo of the Honda livery with all the names. The tiny white lines all over the Earth are the names of the fans.

Names on Honda

Red Bull came with similar idea but went one step further. Fans could get their face on the Ref Bull car for the British GP at Silverstone (although not for the race itself). Donation of 10 pounds to the Wings for Life charity was all that was needed. This is how the Red Bull of David Coulthard looked covered with photos of the fans:

Faces on Red Bull

Besides all the politics, spying, team mates wars, something good came out of Formula 1 in 2007 too …

F1 Tests – What Is New In Barcelona ?

Let the pictures do the talking:

Honda got rid of the Earth livery and painted their car all white. Their last winter interim livery was all black…
White Honda
Force India got rid of the orange Spyker color. The interim livery of the Force India F1 team does not remind me of neither Holland nor India … But Kingfisher is on the nose
Force India
The ugly logo that we spotted on Mallya’s shirt during Brazilian GP is on the car, it looks like it is going to stay…
And Michael Schumacher found some inspiration in Kimi Raikkonen, look at his updated helmet and compare it with 2007 Kimi Raikkonen’s helmet (click here)
Schumi Helmet Schumi Helmet

New looks for teams and drivers for Japanese GP

Browsing the web and the galleries you can see several new things on display in Japan.

First of all, Super Aguri ditched the non-paying SS United and placed several new sponsor stickers on the car, including their new main one – Four Leaf.
New Super Aguri

Red Bull also has a new logo on the car – 7 Eleven.


Formula 1 – 2004 Liveries

The trip down the history of F1 looks continues with 2004 liveries. This was the last year of Ferrari dominance, the best year of BAR Honda, the year of ugly walrus Williams but also the year when Ford chickened out leaving Jaguar and Cosworth for sale. Five out of the ten 2004 teams are no longer on the grid in their 2004 form. What a difference 3 years make…

Ferrari 2004 Livery

BAR 2004 Livery
BAR Honda

Renault 2004 Livery

Formula 1 – 2005 Liveries

The trip down the F1 history continues with a look at the 2005 cars. This was the last time we could see the yellow color of former race winning Jordans, black and white perrenial backmarkers Minardi as well as Saubers (turned into BMW Saubers in 2006)… Several tobacco backed teams used alternative tobacco free liveries for races in countries where tobacco ads had been banned. McLaren went tobacco free half way through the season. Jordans and Minardis kept changing their looks with new sponsors coming and going. Red Bull went mad in Monaco… Toyota seems to be very happy with their boring livery, they haven’t changed it much since they entered F1…

Ferrari – Marlboro version

Ferrari – Tobacco Free

West McLaren

West McLaren West Free Version

Johnnie Walker McLaren

Formula 1 – 2006 Liveries

The 2007 season is close to its finale, it may be good time to see how the grid changed. Below are the liveries teams used in 2006. Some haven’t changed much, some are completely different

McLaren – Mercedes

Renault Tobacco Free

Renault Mild Seven

Formula 1 – Last chance for 2007 season preview

The season officially starts tomorrow with free practice in Australia, so let’s do some summary of what we know and what I expect.

We know what the cars are going to look like – here can see each teams’ 2007 F1 livery, including the newly launched Super Aguri SA07

We know how will the helmets look like – here are all the F1 race driver 2007 helmets.

Formula 1 – All 2007 Liveries

All new 2007 liveries:

McLaren – Mercedes




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