2008 Singapore F1 GP – Wolf’s Race Preview

2008 Singapore GP

2008 Singapore GP

Formula 1 is heading to another new venue – The Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. The added excitment is the fact that the Singapore GP will be the first ever Formula 1 night race. The new track, the unknowns of the F1 racing under artificial lighting combined with predictably unpredictable tropical weather may be the perfect mix for another surprise result. Or maybe not.

The main attention will again focus on the title fight. Following yesterday FIA ruling the gap betweem Hamilton and Massa remains at only 1 point. There are still 6 drivers who can in theory win the 2008 title – Hamilton, Massa, Kubica, Raikkonen, Heidfeld and Kovalainen. Realistically however only Ferrari still has both drivers really in the title fight and even that may not be the case after Singapore GP. Ferrari camp would probably hope the track stays dry, McLaren perhaps would not mind a bit of rain. But it should also be remembered that there were occassions when even Hamilton lost it in the wet … So can it rain ? Well this time of the year in Singapore often rains after sunset, it however hasn’t rained that much this year (at least that is what my sources in Singapore have been saying).


2008 Singapore F1 GP – The Video Preview

As I will be heading down to Singpore later this week, the race video preview is here earlier than usual. So here is the preview of the first Formula 1 night race – 2008 Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

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This video edit features
– photos from Singapore
– interviews with Nico Rosberg, Christian Danner, the Toyota guys Timo Glock, Jarno Trulli, Dieter Gass, Richard Cregan and John Howett
– flying (virtual) lap on Singapore street track with Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel
– and the man with the magic light switch :-)

Warning – the noise level of some parts of this video edit is purposely higher.

This video is also available on F1Wolf Group on Facebook and Dailymotion

2008 Singapore F1 GP – Latest photos from the track

I want to thank to Rob who emailed me today bunch of photos taken only yesterday in Singapore. When compared with photos I took last year in December (Part1 and Part 2) one can see how much work has been done in less than a year. There still seems to be some work to do left before the Formula 1 cars can take to the streets of Singapore this Friday, especially cleaning the track. The lighting system however looks to be all set. Here are the photos from Singapore track only few days ahead of the Formula 1 race:

Singapore GP - Lights On

Singapore GP - Lights On


Exclusive on Singapore GP with Norbert Haug

Norbert Haug

Norbert Haug

Kotenok is another F1Wolf reader who went to see some live racing action last week. Kotenok went to the DTM days on the Barcelona track and during his walk around the paddock stumbled upon Norbert Haug, the main Mercedes guy in McLaren operation. He did not hesitate and decided to ask Mr. Haug some questions for this website (although he forgot to tell him the name of this site :-) ). The interview was conducted in German, so what you read here is translation:


Walk (Drive) Around The Singapore Formula 1 Track – Part 3

The Countdown to Singapore Grand Prix continues with another refreshed older post, this time Part 3 of track walk. This is how the Singapore GP track and the facilities looked back in June. This post was originally published on F1 Wolf on June 13, 2008.

It’s has been half a year since I walked the Singapore F1 track. The pictures in Part 1 and Part 2 posts are from December 2007. So it is about the time to have a look how things have changed … Last weekend my envoys in Singapore Bob, Yvonne & fatfish hopped in a small blue racing car to drive around and take some pictures. Here is how it looks in Singapore with little over 3 months to go before Singapore Grand Prix:

It was a cloudy day so we have a chance to see how the track may look in the wet.

Clouds over Singapore June 2008


Walk Around The Singapore Formula 1 Track – Part 2

As a part of the Countdown to Singapore Grand Prix I am refreshing some older posts on the Singapore GP topic. This is the second part of the walk around the Singapore track, originally published on F1Wolf on December 5, 2007. Stay tuned for part 3, that will show how the track looked only few months back.

The Part 1 of the Walk Around The Singapore Formula 1 Track finished at the Turn 15. You can check the location on this map from f1Singapore.com.
Singapore F1 Track Map

Right after the cars take the right Turn 15 the short stretch of the Raffles Avenue will open up in front of them, here is the view:
Raffles Avenue After Turn 15


Walk Around The Singapore Formula 1 Track – Part 1

As a part of the Countdown to Singapore Grand Prix I am refreshing some older posts on the Singapore GP topic. Here is the second one, originally published on F1Wolf on December 5, 2007 – my walk around the Singapore track as it looked that time. You may wait till tomorrow for part 2, or may simply click on the link at the end of this post and check out the rest of the track right away.

I went to Singapore last weekend for a short weekend break. One of the reasons I picked Singapore as a destination was to check out the place and the future F1 street circuit. I downloaded and printed out this circuit map from f1Singapore.com, took my camera and started walking.

Singapore F1 Track Map

I took off at point nearest to my hotel, this intersection:

Intersection Esplanade Raffles Nicoll
If you look at the track map, these are the turns 8 and 15, this is the part of the track that drivers will pass twice. Photo is taken from the hotel room window with the everpresent trees blocking the perfect view.

The track runs anticlockwise, and exactly in the oposite direction of the normal Singapore traffic.


Singapore Grands Prix Of The Past

As a part of the Countdown to Singapore Grand Prix I will be refreshing some older posts on the Singapore GP topic. Here is the first one, originally published on F1Wolf on September 2, 2007 focusing on the history of the Singapore Grand Prix. Yes, there is history.

Singapore will be hosting its first Formula 1 race in 2008 but it will not be its first Grand Prix. The Singapore Grand Prix was a regular feature in the 1960s and early 1970s.

The Formula Libre & Australian AF2 rules races were held on a Thomson Road clockwise 4.865km long clockwise street circuit.

Countdown to Singapore Grand Prix – Let’s start with McLaren

The Singapore Grand Prix, the first ever Formula 1 night race, is just around the corner. I will have several posts leading up to the race, I will also resurrect some of the older ones I made in the past 12 months, just to refresh the memory. And of course there will be some reporting directly from Singapore once we arrive there in the afternoon of September 26.

This post was supposed to end here. But then I received email from Daniel from F1Bloggen with a video he found on Forumula1.com that fits well to this topic. So let’s kick off with a look at the preparations for the Singapore night race at McLaren:

Getting ready for the Singapore Grand Prix!
by CinnersCreed

Video – Singapore Street Circuit – Lap with Mark Webber

I mentioned the video of Mark Webber’s (and Sebastian Vettel’s) virtual lap around the Singapore Street Circuit in my Singapore GP update post yesterday. Here is the video.

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If for any reason the video in the above player does not load quickly enough, you may also watch it in the video collection at the F1WolfClub !

Yes, I know, it is Monza weekend ahead, but Singapore is coming up next !

Singapore Grand Prix – Few updates and a video !



We still have the final race of the European Formula 1 season before F1 moves to Asia, but there has been some news on Singapore GP (September 26-28, 2008). So before starting the previews of Italian GP, here are some updates on the first Formula 1 night race in Singapore as well as a video of a lap on this F1 night track:

The final schedule for Formula 1 sessions has been announced:

Friday: Practice 1 – 7pm to 8:30pm, Practice 2 – 9:30pm to 11pm
Saturday: Practice 3 – 7pm to 8pm, Qualifying 10pm – 11pm
Sunday: Race at 8pm

This means that now all Formula 1 sessions will be run after sunset giving the drivers more time to test in the night conditions.


Interview for Pit Stop with Kenny James on Power 98 FM in Singapore


Last week I was interviewed for the radio show Pit Stop with Kenny James on Power 98 FM in Singapore. The interview was over the phone and here are the bits of the show that somehow include me.

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Why did I have to pick Force India as a possible winner in Singapore in case it is a wet race ? Hey, but if that happens remember who said that :-) .

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