Red went missing from Rubens Barrichello’s helmet

Helmet designs should help us to identify the drivers on the track. Sometimes however the drivers depart from their traditional designs and confuse us all. In the last two races (Australia and Malaysia) Rubens Barrichello dropped his traditional red (orange) and white design – design he used throughout his entire F1 career. In Melbourne and Sepang the red (orange) went missing… Here is the gallery featuring Rubens Barrichello and his blue-white helmet:


2010 Australian GP – My Sunday in Melbourne – Pictures

The images from Sunday in Melbourne had to wait till my return from Australia but at last here they are – some photos from 2010 Australian GP Sunday action:


2010 Prediction Game – Round 2 Results

Here come the results of round 2 of our prediction game. We have several new names joining the game and few 2009 participants returning after missing the round one. The highest score of this round is 20 points – respectable given the rather unexpected race result – congratulations to Pgirish13, Stew Bibby and JGH ! And in case you wonder how many people got the race win right this time the answer is 2 – Pgirish13 and brabhamburger.


2010 Australian GP – Race Result – Win for Button

Jenson Button - Race winner Australia 2010

Jenson Button - Race winner Australia 2010

Sitting at the Melbourne airport I finally managed to find working internet connection… Here is the result of the eventful wet dry 2010 Australian GP:


2010 Australian GP – My Saturday in Melbourne – Pictures

Today was the day of the qualifying here Melbourne (and before that the final practice of course). It was cool and windy without too much sunshine but for some reason the photos were easier to take today. The rain was in the air but at the end only a little drizzle arrived before the end of qualifying. Here is selection of images I took today at the track:


2010 Australian GP – My Friday in Melbourne – Pictures

Today was the first day of F1 action in Melbourne. It started nice sunny hot, later turned cool and windy and during the second practice session the drivers could sample some light rain for the first time this season. Here is selection of pictures I took in Melbourne today (click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images). The conditions were quite tricky – first way too much light under the strong sunshine, then not too much light when the rain arrived. If you wonder why there are no images of Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa or Nico Rosberg the reason is simple – I had no luck focusing on their cars (in Rosberg’s case on his helmet) …


2010 F1 Season – What is new – Part 1 – Races and tracks

The 2010 F1 season is now less than 2 weeks away. A lot has changed since the end of 2009. Here is the part 1 of a miniseries summarizing the differences between F1 in 2009 and F1 in 2010.

Grands Prix

The 2010 season will have 19 rounds (compared with 17 last year). No race was dropped from the calendar, Canadian GP returns and for the first time F1 will travel to Korea.


The power of F1 blogging ?

Last night a story appeared at – FIA requests BBC’s Whitmarsh tapes. Still in Melbourne Martin Whitmarsh had something to say about the Hamilton/Trulli incident to BBC TV and radio reporters. And that something somehow does not seem to mix well with his later statements regarding Dave Ryan’s actions. This part of the Autosport story it caught my eye:

The FIA has been alerted to the presence of these interviews and wants the BBC to supply any evidence that it believes will be helpful to its investigation.

I am not sure how exactly has FIA been alerted to the presence of these interviews. But first time I read anything about this was over at doctorvee’s blog and later at James Allen’s blog when he elaborated on doctorvee’s comment below one his earlier posts.

It is nice to think that observations of F1 blogger may have made it all the way to the top … And even if the alert came from some other source, still, good job doctorvee for picking that up probably before anybody else did !

Charlie Whiting and his version of the Australian GP events

Charlie Whiting spoke to Autosport’s Adam Cooper and revealed his version of the Australian GP Hamilton and Ryan vs Stewards story. The article is available now at (requires subscription). There is also free article available at covering some part of Charlie Whiting’s story – click here.

The article explains why replying McLaren was not the top priority for the race control during the safety car period, brings more on what was said at meeting with stewards. It then goes on talking about what lead to the decision to reopen the case and of course covers also the events in Sepang.

It is one long article but definitely one worth reading…

The McLaren case – What will happen this time ? – Update: McLaren summoned by FIA’s WMSC


With the F1 racing taking a short break before the Chinese Grand Prix the attention will for a while turn to FIA, diffusers and McLaren. Although with FIA we can never tell and they may come up with a surprise not too many people expect the diffusers used by Brawn, Toyota and Williams to be ruled illegal. The situation where the outcome is less clear is what will FIA do with McLaren (yet again).


Lewis Hamilton thought about quiting McLaren and F1 ?

Lewis Hamilton misled by his team ?

Lewis Hamilton misled by his team ?

The Times Online brought a story out today suggesting that Lewis Hamiton (and his father) got so angry following the events in Australia that Hamilton contacted the FIA president Max Mosley, expressed his frustration over what has happened that he was considering leaving the team and the sport. Mosley apparently advised the driver not to do this.

Here is the link to the article:

Lewis Hamilton wanted to quit over Melbourne lies

My question is, was this a genuine expression of frustration over what his team got him into, or an exercise to limit the possible further sanctions to himself by blaming all on the team in the same way the team put all the blame on Dave Ryan ?

McLaren embarassed, Hamilton misled, not entirely truthful but not a liar

Lewis Hamilton - not entirely truthful

Lewis Hamilton - not entirely truthful

A day after coming out saying that his team did not lie Martin Whitmarsh came out again and very much confirmed that Dave Ryan (now suspended team sporting director) and Lewis Hamilton lied to stewards in Melbourne. What else could he do when the evidence was that strong …


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