2008 Hungarian F1 GP – Live Blog – Race Day

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Should stewards make their decisions earlier ?

Gerhard Berger Sebastien Bourdais

Nick Heidfeld missed out on Q2 on a track where he will have tough time overtaking any of the midfield cars ahead of him. Sebastien Bourdais was demoted 5 places for impeding Heidfeld in at towards the end of Q1 and will start the race from P19. Unless a sudden storm hits the track or safety car comes out in a right time these 2 guys’ Hungarian GP has been ruined already …

After watching the replay of the qualifying session later on in the evening I still did not feel Bourdais really deserved the penalty. I think the violent fist waiving from these days not-so-quick Nick made the incident look much worse than it actually was. But that is not the point. My point is, should the race stewards make decisions in these kind of situations right away ?

Heidfeld finished 16th in Q1. If Bourdais’ demotion came before Q2 has started, Heidfeld could take part in it. It happened to BMW Sauber (even Kubica) already this season that their Q1 was horrible but at the end qualified rather high up on the grid. By making their decision an hour or so after qualifying the stewards basicaly spoiled the race for both drivers. Heidfeld won’t be able to do much from P15 (unless he does Button 2006). And Bourdais from P19 … not exactly what a guy in his situation needs …

The only winner here is Jenson Button who finished at P15 in Q1 and later after great run claimed P12 in after Q2.

Photo: Red Bull / GEPA

2008 Hungarian F1 GP – Qualifying – Front row for McLaren

Lewis Hamilton Hungary 2008

McLarens confirmed their strong form from free practice sessions and booked the front row all for themselves. Lewis Hamilton will start the Hungarian GP from pole position for the second time in a row, Heikki Kovalainen will line up next to him.

Felipe Massa blamed traffic on his outlap for the slower pace. But after rather week showing on Friday afternoon and this morning the Ferrari, at least Massa’s, seems to be on the pace. Robert Kubica was only about a tenth slower then Massa. Toyota’s package looks strong in Hungary, both their cars made it to top 10, Glock P5 and Trulli P9. Nelson Piquet was again outqualified by his team mate Alonso, but he made it to Q3 and I suspect he is rather heavily fueled. Mark Webber, te usual member of Q3 club, claimed P8.


2008 Hungarian F1 GP – Live Blog – Qualifying

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2008 Hungarian F1 GP – Saturday Practice – Live Blog

Welcome to live blog from Hungarian GP – Saturday practice. Join the debate below !

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2008 Hungarian GP – Red Bulls and Lake Balaton – video and photos

Earlier this week Red Bull and Toro Rosso took their show cars for a ride alongside Lake Balaton in Hungary. Red Bull’s test driver Sebastien Buemi drove the Red Bull car, Toro Rosso’s team boss Gerhard Berger drove the Toro Rosso. Here is the video:

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2008 Hungarian F1 GP – Friday Practice

Not much worth mentioning happened in the first session. Ferraris were the fastest cars – the one with the shark fin – Felipe Massa – was faster than the one without the fin – Kimi Raikkonen. Kovalainen and Hamilton lined up right behind the red cars. Renaults, Toyotas and BMW Saubers filled up the rest of  top 10. Trulli did a bit of donut dancing after going wide, Vettel stopped early with mechanical problems. Some drivers complained about no grip – Rosberg, Piquet, some were happy with the grip – Kubica… It was a bit hard to follow this session online with ITV feed being about 12 mins behind the real time action …

Friday Practice 1 Times:


Alonso gives a hint on drivers equality at McLaren

Alonso Hamilton Hungary 2007

It had to be expected that there willl be lots of talk about the 2007 Hungaroring events ahead of this weekend race. So it is no surprise that this topic has been touched also during the press conference yesterday. And this is what Alonso had to say when asking about his feelings one year on:

Much happier this year for sure. Last year again it is true that I had a possibility to fight for the championship and it was okay. I knew that this year it was not possible any more. But if I was racing for McLaren now at this moment maybe I would be in the same position as I am now without the possibility to win. So at least I am happy to be with Renault with the full support of the team and knowing that everybody is working night and day to give me the best car possible. One day we will be seventh, one day we will be fifth and hopefully one day we will be on the podium and everybody on the podium will be there with some excitement.

This seems to me to be the strongest hint yet from Alonso on the “equal” treatment the McLaren drivers get. He has done a good job so far not talking about the details of his 1 year stint with McLaren but it looks like he may be ready to start leaking some bits and pieces :-) .

I do not believe the claims that the drivers at McLaren are equal. I have no problems with any team having number one and number two, I have problems with being told all the time that it is not the case … We only need to look back to Hockenheim to see one example. And if that is not enough, then check the interview Felipe Massa gave to Autosport (Jonathan Noble) yesterday


2008 Hungarian Formula 1 GP – Wolf’s Race Preview

Hungary 2007 Podium

For the 23rd time Formula 1 returns to Hungaroring – the twisty dusty track where overtaking is almost impossible, where races are often boring and where it almost never rains. When it does rain, anything can happen, even Jenson Button can win a race as it happened back in 2006.

Not much happened during the race last year but the more interesting was the qualifying. Ferrari’s mix up with Massa’s fuel relegated the Brazilian to 14th on the grid. Hamilton’s revolt resulted in Alonso’s revolt and ultimately lead to that infamous 100 million fine and Alonso’s departure…

This year it all looks like the usual hot and dry and dusty weekend in Hungary with chances of rain somewhere around 5%-10%. Can’t really tell that pole position will automaticaly result in win but poor qualifing will almost surely ruin any chances for good result. Weather is unlikely to help so the only hope for the midfield teams remains some well timed safety car appearance …

Five of previous 13 Hungarian GP winners (see the video preview) will be on the grid this year – Barrichello, Alonso, Raikkonen, Button and Hamilton. McLaren seems to be the team to beat at the moment but Ferrari (with the shark fin) are also quite optimistic, at least their talk is. It should be four way battle between 2 red and 2 silver cars but a qualifying surprise may mix it up. If a guy like Kubica for example manages to snatch the pole position, it will be hard to overtake him on a track like this …


2008 Hungarian F1 GP – Video Preview

Here comes the second Grand Prix video preview – this time 2008 Hungarian GP:

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This video includes:

– Look back at winners of all previous Hungarian Grands Prix – from Nelson Piquet to Lewis Hamilton
– Flashback to 2007 Hungarian GP
– Race preview with Nico Rosberg and Sam Michael

This video can also be viewed at F1 Wolf Club, on Facebook and on one day perhaps also on Dailymotion

Music: music.podshow.com

Third race for Coulthard’s engine

To make it even more difficult to keep the engine statistics up-to-date Red Bull team has decided to keep David Coulthard on the same Renault engine for the third race in a row in Hungary this weekend. Well on paper it is third race in a row but his British GP barely lasted a lap :-) . Here are the reasons behind the unusual decision – Fabrice Lom, Renault, in charge of Red Bull engine supply:

“This is the first time we have taken this decision. First of all his V8 has not done too much running. Plus, having our two drivers out of synch on the engine cycle means that we won’t be putting all our eggs in the same basket. This decision will also help us in the second half of the season in terms of the logistical challenge. And finally, it means that David will not have to use the same engine in Spa and Monza, which are two of the toughest challenges on the calendar.”

In the early days of two race rule there were worries the teams may choose deliberately not to finish the race to be able to run with fresh engine in next one. It actually happened in 2005 when BAR retired both cars (Button and Sato) on the final lap of Australian GP and again in Australia in 2006 when Button stopped his smoking car meters from the finish line. Now we have a team choosing to use the same engine for third time .

Photo: Red Bull/GEPA

Kimi Raikkonen – How He Won The 2007 Title

Here is a short re-cap of how Kimi Raikkonen’s season went from Australia to Brazil, race by race.

Kimi Raikkonen Shanghai 2007

Raikkonen 10 (+2)
Alonso 8
Hamilton 6

Alonso 18
Raikkonen 16 (-2)
Hamilton 14


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