2008 Brazilian F1 GP – Special livery for David Coulthard

Wings for Life Red Bull Livery Brazil 2008

Wings for Life Red Bull Livery Brazil 2008

David Coulthard’s Red Bull will sport a distinct white livery in the support of Wings for Life charity. This is not the first time Red Bull runs a special livery for charitable purpose. The difference between 2008 Brazilian GP and 2007 British GP however is that Red Bull will run the special livery also in the race and only on one car.

One team running each car with different livery is something normally not allowed in Formula 1. However the fact that this is David Coulthard’s last Formula 1 race and this time (unlike in BAR case back in 1999) it is not for commercial but for charitable purposes all the team agreed to allow Red Bull to have 2 very differently looking cars on the grid.

Check the gallery inside this post for more photos of te Wings for Life livery David Coulthard will run this weekend in Brazil.


2008 Brazilian Formula 1 GP – Wolf’s Race Preview



And here comes the last race and the last race preview of the 2008 Formula 1 season. The honour to host the season finale goes again to Brazilian Grand Prix. And same as was the case in previous 2 seasons the result of the final race will decide the championships. Worth mentioning is that with the exception of the Super Aguri guys all the drivers that started the 2008 season back in Melbourne will be on the grid with the same teams in Sao Paulo. I do not really remember when was the last time no driver got fired or replaced during the F1 season …

The main attention will of course be on the Hamilton vs Massa title fight. Lewis Hamilton may be leading the championship race by 7 points but as last year proved that may not mean much. And after the unpredictable season we have had so far with all the surprising results and all the points and races thrown away by both Hamilton and Massa I would not take anything for certain.


2008 Brazilian F1 GP – The last Grand Prix for …

David Coulthard

David Coulthard

Brazilian GP is remembered for many lasts. The last win for Jordan F1 team (Fisichella in 2003), the last win so far for Williams (Montoya in 2004), the last F1 win for Montoya himself (in 2005 with McLaren), the last Formula 1 race for Michael Schumacher (2006) and actually also for his brother Ralf in 2007 (but who remembers him now :-) ).

At the moment there is only one driver who will officially enter the 2008 Brazilian GP as his final race – David Coulthard. Coulthard announced his retirement back in July during the British GP. He is to remain working with Red Bull and is said to travel to all the races next year. He has also been linked with BBC job following the BBC’s F1 broadcasting deal starting from 2009 season.


2008 Brazilian F1 GP – Video Preview

Here comes the final race video preview of the 2008 F1 season – video preview of 2008 Brazilian F1 GP:

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This edit includes:
– look back at some recent races
– the 2007 3 way title fight
– road to Brazil
– preview of the Interlagos track
– and some Brazilian tunes

If for any reason the video above does not load properly or quick enough you can watch it also on Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube and of course at the F1Wolf Club.

The 2008 F1 Title Fight – Hamilton vs Massa – The Math – Who needs what to win

Hamilton vs Massa - Who will laugh after Brazil ?

Hamilton vs Massa - Who will laugh after Brazil ?

The 2008 Formula 1 championship fight is going down the wire. Same as last year Lewis Hamilton goes into the final race with 7 points lead. The difference is that this year he has only one rival left and he does not need to fight with his team mate. I would say that on paper this makes Hamilton’s job much easier than in 2007. However we have seen this season on several occasions how unpredictable Formula 1 can be and that anything can happen. So let’s have a look what Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa need to do to stand a chance to win the title and what they should not do to help each other.


So Kimi Raikkonen Is The Champion !

The FIA’s International Court of Appeal has rejected McLaren’s case. There will be no changes to Brazilian GP results, and that means Kimi Raikkonen is now definitelly 2007 Formula 1 champion. I repeat one more time especially for F1 Racing magazine – it is Kimi Raikkonen who is the champion ! In the words of Jean Todt “a final and desperate attempt to change the result obtained on the track was rejected”. Before I head off to Macau for Saturday and Sunday, here are some immediate reactions:


Prediction Game Final Results, Season Finale In Amici And Award Ceremony

This must be the longest post title ever on this blog :-)

As usual, we watched the race at F1Wolf’s official bar and we even had some our game participants and regular F1Wolf readers from overeseas present. It is nice of people to fly 10,000 km to watch the race with F1Wolf :-)

The season long game came to a close, here are the final results:

Final Standings:
287 pts – fatfish
277 pts – mp
274 pts – fantoci
250 pts – blazena
216 pts – chobi
212 pts – brabhamburger
204 pts – klokan
161 pts – solly
137 pts – Zblkhwk
50 pts – igi
24 pts – choudy
14 pts – fisheye

The winner was present, so the award ceremony took the place immediatelly after the race, here is fatfish receiving the Mumm bottle from fantoci
Mumm and fatfish
Congratulations to fatfish. She probably deserved it, after leading the game from the first race…


Formula 1 – Brazilian GP – Race Review – And The Title Goes To …

Flag Brazil
This was the first time since 1986 three drivers went into the final race fighting for the title. The last 2 times this has happened the driver leading before the final race did not win the title.

The race start was a perfect display of Ferrari team work. Massa slowed down Hamilton allowing Raikkonen to gain a place. Ferrari 1-2 before the first corner… Hamilton went on to loose another place to Alonso who came out of nowhere to overtake him. Hamilton went off the track and dropped further down to 8th. After first few corners the title chances of Raikkonen and Alonso were no longer only mathematical… Then eight laps later it all went wrong for Hamilton. His car suddenly slowed down and it looked like he may have to retire. He got the car going but by that time he lost about 40 seconds and dropped way back down to 18th place. Ferraris were pulling away from Alonso. It started to look like this may be Kimi’s day after all…


Formula 1 – Brazilian GP – Result – Kimi !!!

Flag Brazil
1. K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:28:15.270
2. F. Massa – Ferrari + 1.493
3. F. Alonso – McLaren + 57.019
4. N. Rosberg – Williams + 1:02.848
5. R. Kubica – BMW + 1:10.957
6. N. Heidfeld – BMW + 1:11.317
7. L. Hamilton – McLaren + 1 laps
8. J. Trulli – Toyota + 1 laps

These Don’t Exactly Look Cool

Two new sights (among others) in Brazil, but these do not look too cool…

If the thing that is on Vijay Mallya’s jacket is the new Force India team logo, hm disapointment to say the least… Not very creative team name, boring logo …
Force India Logo
Yes, I understand the reasons for having India prominently displayed, but there must be hundreds of better options. Going out and asking the big community of F1 fans in India for their ideas and suggestions would I am sure bring out better ideas than these… In F1 one would expect first class stuff but this looks like a takeway meal that ended up by mistake on a table in Michelin 5 Star Restaurant… One would expect better from a guy who managed to throw the best party in Monaco this year…

Robert Kubica’s new helmet design does look cool by itself, no doubt. But it also makes him invisible in his car. Perhaps that was the purpose, who knows…
Robert Kubica Black Helmet In The Car

Formula 1 – Brazilian GP – Qualifying

Flag Brazil
Felipe Massa will start his home GP from pole position, with Lewis Hamilton next to him on the front row. P3 to Raikkonen, P4 to Alonso… Does not look too bad for Hamilton at the moment, but the race can still proove to be a tricky one. The track is slippery and the super soft tyres may cause some problems to drivers…

Q1 brought a bit of a shocker with Kovalainen not making it through. Nakajima did not repeat his decent runs in practice sessions and went out as well. Sutil car broke down early on in the session. Yamamoto, Sato and Davidson are the other three not making it.

Q2 eliminated Fisichella, both Hondas, Toro Rossos and Ralf Schumacher. Not the best day for Renault today. Heidfeld just about made it to the Q3.

Qualifying Results:

1. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:11.931
2. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:12.082
3. K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:12.322
4. F. Alonso – McLaren – 1:12.356
5. M. Webber – Red Bull – 1:12.928
6. N. Heidfeld – BMW – 1:13.081
7. R. Kubica – BMW – 1:13.129
8. J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:13.195

Formula 1 – Brazilian GP – Saturday Practice

Flag Brazil
Massa, Hamilton and Raikkonen on top with less than 2 tenths separating them. Not a best session for Alonso but good runs for Webber, Trulli, Barrichello and both Toro Rossos. The gaps between drivers are not too big (it is a short lap though), it will be interesting fight to get to Q2 and Q3…

Saturday Practice Results:
1. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:11.810
2. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:11.934
3. K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:11.942
4. M. Webber – Red Bull – 1:12.446
5. J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:12.461
6. R. Barrichello – Honda – 1:12.478
7. N. Heidfeld – BMW – 1:12.579
8. F. Alonso – McLaren – 1:12.594

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