Adrian Newey wins again – this time with STR03

Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey did it again. After winning races and titles with both Williams and McLaren he ended his winless streak and added another race win to his already impressive tally of Formula 1 race wins.

Williams raced Newey built cars between 1991 and 1997 winning 59 races in the process (Red Bull’s website says 58, I counted 59). McLaren relied on Newey car design between 1998 and 2005 winning 41 races in that period. I am not sure if all these 100 race wins can be contributed to Newey’s design or not. I haven’t found any source that would state this high number of race wins for Newey built cars, most sources say “over 80″. What we can say for sure now is that he has won one more.

Many people believed that it is only matter of time before Newey designed Red Bull car wins a race. But I think no too many expected that it will be STR instead of RB …

The STR03 first appeared in April test in Barcelona and scored first points on its race debut in Monaco. Then came it’s ninth race weekend, the pole position and the win.

Photo: Red Bull/GEPA

Nico Rosberg to stay with Williams in 2009

Nico Rosberg, Williams

Nico Rosberg, Williams

Nico Rosberg has confirmed that he is staying with Williams in 2009:

“The future is here (at Williams). Well, for next year. Then we’ll see. I feel very comfortable at the team. Of course I feel good. I’ve been with the team a long time, I get on with everybody so it’s very nice. It’ s just the car isn’t fast enough.”

While this pretty much settles it for 2009 Rosberg’s words seem to indicate yet again, that he is ready to move on if an opportunity to drive better car presents itself … Well, who would not be.

You can follow the 2009 Driver Line up on this page

2008 Hungarian F1 GP – Video Preview

Here comes the second Grand Prix video preview – this time 2008 Hungarian GP:

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This video includes:

– Look back at winners of all previous Hungarian Grands Prix – from Nelson Piquet to Lewis Hamilton
– Flashback to 2007 Hungarian GP
– Race preview with Nico Rosberg and Sam Michael

This video can also be viewed at F1 Wolf Club, on Facebook and on one day perhaps also on Dailymotion


Flashback – When Williams used to be red – When ?

Williams – those blue or blue and white cars, at least that is how they have looked in these past few years. But it hasn’t been that long ago that Williams painted their cars red. They used red liveries for 2 years back in the nineties. Can you recall when was that ? What drivers drove for the teams in those 2 years ?

Here are few pictures that might help …

Photos: Williams/LAT

Formula 1 in Moscow – Part 2 – Williams pictures

I am not sure why but for some reason I could not make the Williams pictures from Moscow to appear properly in the gallery in the original post yesterday. No matter what I tried they messed up the whole page :-) . So here they come as Part 2 of Formula 1 in Moscow picture gallery:

Photos: Williams / LAT

Formula 1 in Moscow – Red Bull and Williams rock the Red Square

Williams and Red Bull rocked the Red Square last Sunday. Here are few pictures showing the cars, the square and the drivers – Nico Rosberg (Williams) and Mikhail Aleshin (Red Bull):

Mikhail Aleshin is Russian single seater driver currently racing in World Series by Renault with Carlin Motorsport (winner of Monza race in 2007).

Photos: Red Bull / GEPA

2008 Monaco F1 GP – Some interesting Williams stats

Webber Rosberg WilliamsF1Wolf regular and F1Wolf Club member Kotenok posted some ineteresting Williams Monaco stats over at F1Wolf Club. I take the liberty to republish some of it here. For more go and visit Kotenok’s post over at F1WolfClub.

After two wins at Monaco in the 1980s (Carlos Reutemann in 1980 and Keke Rosberg in 1983), Williams had to wait 20 years before the team’s next victory was claimed, by Juan Pablo Montoya in 2003, a year in which he won two Grands Prix.

Williams averages a podium about every other year in Monte Carlo, recording 14 since the team was formed. The team’s most recent podium finish came in the 2005 race, which was also one of the team’s best results at the circuit. That day, Nick Heidfeld and Mark Webber finished second and third, respectively.

More …

2008 Formula 1 – Rookies and veterans – Part 3

I will close this series with a look at Kazuki Nakajima (almost rookie), Rubens Barrichello and Giancarlo Fisichella.

Rookie no 3 – Kazuki Nakajima

Kazuki Nakajima Bahrain 2008

Still can consider him a rookie after only one race in 2007 season :-) What to say … Can be quick in free practice but can’t get the best out of the car in qualifying. He pretty much ruins his races on Saturdays already. Kind of like Alex Wurz last year or kind of like Kazuki Nakajima in Brazil 2007 :-) … It may be way too early to judge him, remember Kovalainen and 2007 season. But if he does not want Williams to keep him only because of his Toyota connection, he needs to start thinking more about how to get his car into Q3 rather than how to get his helmet paint job on AirAsia plane

Veteran no 3 – Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello Honda

Rubens Barrichello is on track to become the most experienced F1 driver later this year (number of races he participated in). No one, even he himself does not know what race exactly will be the record breaking one, but some time this season he will break the 256 races mark set by Riccardo Patrese.


What do Nico Rosberg, Kazuki Nakajima, Jarno Trulli and F1Wolf have in common ?

What do Nico Rosberg, Kazuki Nakajima, Jarno Trulli and F1Wolf have in common ? Well all these important Formula 1 figures feature in the same show on :-)

Thanks to Sidepodcast for nice review !

After you finish watching the great show about planes, wine, Formula 1 and F1Wolf see the rest of the post for few more photos of the Air Asia Airbus painted in Williams colours with Nico Rosberg’s helmet all over the nose of the plane. (all photos courtesy of AT&T Williams Team):


2008 F1 Season – Team Mates – Williams

AT&T Williams F1 Logo

The strong showing of Williams cars during the tests were for me the highlight of the F1 winter. And then they revealed the classy livery Williams style … I am becoming Williams fan :-) . Let’s look at their drivers Rosberg and Nakajima, both of them sons of former Formula 1 drivers (Keke Rosberg and Satoru Nakajima):

Nico Rosberg – Germany
Born: 27 Jun 1985
In F1 since 2006 – Williams (testing with Williams since 2003)
Best Result: 9th in 2007
Career wins: 0
Pole positions: 0
Podium Finishes: 0
Fastest Laps: 1 (on his race debut)

Nico Rosberg started his F1 career with impressive fastest lap and 2 points on his race debut in 2006. He only went on to score 2 more for the rest of the season, season that was one of the worst ever for the Williams team. Last year was very different. Impressive in qualifying, regular in Q3, string of point finishes. And all in a car that probably should not be that high. No wonder he became the prime target for McLaren as replacement for Fernando Alonso. He however decided to stick with Williams for next 2 years. With what looks like a decent car in hand he can realisticaly think about few podiums this year. One of the things I am really looking forward to in 2008 is seeing Rosberg and Alonso in pretty much equal cars fighting it out on the track …

Kazuki Nakajima – Japan
Born: 11 January 1985
In F1 since 2007 – Williams – 1 race only Brazilian GP
Best Result: 10th place in his only race so far
Career wins: 0
Pole positions: 0
Podium Finishes: 0

Kazuki Nakajima jumped into the Williams F1 race seat after Alex Wurz decided to retire with one race to go last year. The team probably knew about this earlier. Perhaps because of that they placed Nakajima in one of Williams cars for the the free practice in China already (check my Shanghai 2007 photo gallery). Nakajima did pretty well on his race debut in Brazil. After qualifying on P17 only he climbed up the grid and finished the race 10th. Unfortunatelly for him, most people will remember his first F1 race for the famous pitlane incident :-) (see the video below the post). He definitely has something in common with Sato :-) . The fact that Williams selected him as race driver for 2008 season took many by surprise. The Toyota connection is thought to be the main reason and Williams are not exactly denying that. His winter form however shows that he is not that much slower than Rosberg. Whether he can keep his cool during the race that is another question.

F1Wolf’s prediction for Williams drivers in 2008:
No. 1 – Nico Rosberg, natural leader of the team with a chance of a podium finish
No. 2 – Kazuki Nakajima – will eventually emerge as number 2 driver, but he will give Rosberg run for his money. If he keeps cool head and has a bit of luck, who knows, we may see him on the podium. Alex Wurz made it last year in less competitive car …

2008 F1 Season – Team Mates – Ferrari
2008 F1 Season – Team Mates – McLaren
2008 F1 Season – Team Mates – BMW Sauber
2008 F1 Season Team Mates – Renault

Join 2008 F1 Prediction Game

Check the rest of this post for Nakajima’s pit lane incident video


Williams reveal their 2008 livery

AT&T Williams F1 team finally revealed their 2008 livery and released a pre-season interview with Frank Williams. The blue white livery is similar to the 2007 one but somehow it does look better :-) . The biggest looser is Lenovo, their logo has been relegated from the prominent position on the sidepods to the rear wing. Still more visible than AT&T logo though …

Williams 2008 Livery Front

Here are few answers from Frank Williams on his drivers and prediction for 2008 season:

Nico returns for his third season this year. How important is he to the team?

He’s fundamental. We have the highest regards for him and we have great confidence that, given the right equipment, he will win races.

Kazuki has been promoted from test to race driver, how has he been doing over winter testing and what are your expectations of him in a race seat?

We knew we were taking a bit of a gamble when we signed him, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by his testing pace. It’s really only a question I’ll be able to answer properly after the first few races of the season.

And lastly, what are your predictions for the season ahead?

I think the first four places are most likely to be occupied by the same people as last year, sadly. But I do think it will be a brilliant racing season.

More photos of new 2008 Williams livery inside the article (all photos courtesy of AT&T Williams).


Formula 1 Weekend Buzz Round Up

Few things happened over the weekend, here is my attempt to sum them up.

Ron Dennis is back in the news. Last week the Marca story claimed he is being fired by McLaren. Both Mercedes and McLaren too their time before they very quietly rejected the claims. Now the Sunday Times report that according to their sources McLaren will announce exit of Ron Dennis later this week. I do not really care whether he goes or stays, but it would be nice if he himself either strongly denies these rumours or confirms them. The sooner the better, we have F1 racing to watch …

Few funny things came out of Williams. Frank Williams suggests that Lewis Hamilton is better driver than Kimi Raikkonen. He did not say that directly, but what else to make out of this:

“If the Ferrari is the better car this year, McLaren should be saying to themselves ‘Thank god he is not in a Ferrari, otherwise there would be no point going racing’. I don’t know Kimi well. He is a gifted driver, as good as anyone, but Kimi’s weakness is that he is not that interested. So if a man of equal skill, let’s say, turns up in an identical car, with one working harder than the other, it is more likely that that man would have the upper hand.”

Poor Massa …

Patrick Head spoke about Williams missing out on Lewis Hamilton back in their BMW days. Back in 2004 Hamilton and his father came to Grove saying ‘Ron Dennis has dropped us’. Frank Williams proposed to BMW to take Hamilton on, but BMW were not ready to provide any finances and Williams did not have much cash to spare … After the split with BMW Williams signed Nico Rosberg who then became a target for McLaren after 2007 season. Williams admitted they turned down majestic offer from McLaren and kept Rosberg for 2008 and to their surprise even managed to get Nico sign up for 2009 (and more cash).

And finally, Fernando Alonso does not seem to be impressed with the direction F1 is taking, and frankly, he is not alone….

“We are making F1 not the highest technology in the world. Everybody looking at F1 from the outside sees it as the maximum, but if GP2 keeps improving, and keeps their slick tyres, they will do our time laps very soon while we are going back to the past.”
“We are becoming a sort of GP2: same tyres, same engines. We don’t have the best technology anymore. And if you have a car that doesn’t go (quickly) in the winter, you have to put up with it for the whole season.”

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