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[caption id="attachment_8075" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Colin Kolles in his Force India days"]Colin Kolles in his Force India days Cipro Dog Bite, [/caption]

It looks like the end of the F1 dream for Adrian Campos, at least for now. Jose Ramon Carabante (previously a shareholder in Campos Meta team) has taken full control of the team. Colin Kolles (Jordan, Midland, 20mg Cipro Dog Bite, Spyker, Force India) has replaced Adrian Campos as a team prinicipal. Chavski is back... The other people on Kolles' team are Mike Krack (ex-BMW) and Geoff Willis (Honda, Red Bull), 40mg Cipro Dog Bite.

This reshuffle should be the first step on the way to bring 2 cars of the Spanish outfit to Bahrain, Cipro Dog Bite. But they still have some work to do, especially finding the money to pay their most important suppliers - Dallara for the cars, Cosworth for the engines and Xtrac for gearboxes to name few. Cipro Dog Bite overseas, [caption id="attachment_8076" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Jose Ramon Carabante"]Jose Ramon Carabante[/caption]

The money issue is connected with the question of drivers line up. Kolles admitted they need pay drivers to help out with the budget. The only other thing said about drivers was that they will be announced in due course. Cipro Dog Bite, No word on where this deal leaves Bruno Senna yet. One driver connected with Campos seat is Jose Maria Lopez, currently signed by USF1, 1000mg Cipro Dog Bite.

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If they manage to get all in place the plans are to operate initially from Dallara factory where the chassis should be ready by now. Sometime in the future they should move the operation to their Murcia base.

With only three weeks left before the first race and less than a week before the final pre-season test in Barcelona there is no time left for team to test before the start of new season. If they do make it at the end their first on track appearance may be the practice session in Bahrain, a scenario reminiscent of Super Aguri in 2007 .., Cipro Dog Bite. Cipro Dog Bite paypal, It is unlikely that the team will keep the Campos name for too long. But whether they will be able to rename the team for the 2010 season remains to be seen. If it were that easy there would not be a team called BMW Sauber powered by Ferrari engines ...

Meanwhile Stefan GP fired up their engines in their SF01 car (that is what was to be 2010 Toyota F1 car) on Friday and claim they are ready to test. Cipro Dog Bite, The only thing missing in the test package are tyres. Bridgestone only provides F1 tyres to proper F1 teams so Stefan GP needs to look for some alternatives - GP2 tyres or some other alternative rubber, Cipro Dog Bite craiglist. The boss Zoran Stefanovic confirmed they do have Kazuki Nakajima on board and are very close to finalizing deal with Jacques Villeneuve. What they still do not have is the F1 entry.

Since the Campos team is now clearly determined to race the only hope for Stefan is to make some sort of a deal with USF1 people. The easiest way would by buying the USF1 entry, Cipro Dog Bite. Cipro Dog Bite india, With that being perhaps the only USF1 asset of some value it also may be the only tool for the people who invested money into the American F1 dream to get at least some of it back. It may cost Stefan more than if FIA simply grants it an entry. But that may not happen on time for 2010 season and there is no guarantee it would happen in the future. Just go and ask David Richards... Cipro Dog Bite, At the end it can be the simple math - what costs more - having a team that can't race or buying the entry from team that is not able to get a single car ready.

Ken Anderson of USF1 spoke to The New York Times, Cipro Dog Bite usa. He revealed the team is talking to FIA about possibility to miss first four races of 2010 season ...

“We’re working with the F.I.A. to clarify how many races we can miss. In an ideal world, we can miss the first four races and show up in Barcelona"

“I guess anything’s possible, Cipro Dog Bite. 30mg Cipro Dog Bite, But what would be the point of that. Why would they give us a franchise and just, the first time there’s a bump in the road, yank it and put it out of business. That’s definitely not the message that I’m getting from them, Cipro Dog Bite canada. They want to help us, not shut us down.”

“We have a timeline in place that if we get a decision quickly, that triggers funding and we’re good to go. If it takes another week or two to make a decision, it keeps backing up.”

He also admitted that Jose Maria Lopez is weighing his options although he is still under contract with USF1.

Link to The New York Times article - here.

Photos: Force India F1, Campos Meta .

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super-aguri How To Take Cialis, There are reports circulating the web suggesting that Aguri Suzuki may be considering return to Formula One. How To Take Cialis australia, Some sites refer to Reuters as the source while Reuters site refers to Japanese Sankei Sports. I looked up the Sankei Sports website, 30mg How To Take Cialis, How To Take Cialis overseas, Google translated their article and ... haven't really found anything other than the sentence copied around by different news and F1 sites:

"If it's physically possible I would certainly like to (come back to F1)"

I am sure there are many fans around the world who would like to see the Super Aguri team back in F1, How To Take Cialis mexico. How To Take Cialis ebay, It seems to me however that the media are making too much out of Suzuki's words. I would be very surprised if Super Aguri name appears among the 3 new F1 entrants .., How To Take Cialis.

It is also interesting that these rumours appeared exactly a year after Super Aguri team left Formula One .., 10mg How To Take Cialis. How To Take Cialis us, The applications to compete in the 2010 Formula One World Championship have to be submitted to the FIA during the period 22-29 May 2009. The FIA will publish the list of cars and drivers accepted on 12 June 2009, 250mg How To Take Cialis. How To Take Cialis india, So far USGP, Prodrive, 20mg How To Take Cialis, Lola and iSport expressed their interest (intentions) to enter Formula 1 in 2010.


Photo: Super Aguri F1 .

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Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl

We expect some big changes in the look of the Formula 1 cars in 2009 Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl, but as the season progresses the cars change even without new rules. Let's have a look how the 2008 F1 cars looked in Melbourne and compare them with their look in Brazil:

2008 Livery Ferrari
Ferrari - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3028" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Ferrari - Brazil"]Ferrari - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery McLaren
McLaren - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3029" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="McLaren - Brazil"]McLaren - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery BMW Sauber
BMW Sauber - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3030" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="BMW Sauber - Brazil"]BMW Sauber - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery Renault
Renault - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3035" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Renault - Brazil"]Renault - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery Williams
Williams - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3031" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Williams - Brazil"]Williams - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery Red Bull
Red Bull - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3034" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Red Bull - Brazil"]Red Bull - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery Toyota
Toyota - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3037" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Toyota - Brazil"]Toyota - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery Toro Rosso
Toro Rosso - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3036" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Toro Rosso - Brazil"]Toro Rosso - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery Honda
Honda - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3033" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Honda - Brazil"]Honda - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery Force India
Force India - Melbourne

[caption id="attachment_3032" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Force India - Brazil"]Force India - Brazil[/caption]

2008 Livery Super Aguri
Super Aguri - Melbourne

Super Aguri did not make it beyond Spanish GP .., Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl usa. Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl canada, Most of the teams added the shark fin engine covers, Red Bull added the Red Bull Cola logo, 100mg Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl, Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl overseas, Honda those ugly dumbo ears, McLaren less ugly ears and Toro Rosso changed the whole car (from Monaco onwards), 20mg Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl. 250mg Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl, How obsolete the Super Aguri car looks when compared with the F1 cars that raced in Brazil. And that's more less the same chassis that Honda used in 2006 when they won their only F1 race .., 1000mg Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl. Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl japan, Photos: F1Wolf, Shell Motorsport, Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl coupon, 200mg Fish Mox Fish Zole Flagyl, Daimler Media, BMW Motorsports, Renault/LAT, Toyota, Red Bull/GEPA, Williams/LAT, Force India F1, Honda Racing F1, Super Aguri F1

[ad#post] .

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Super Aguri F1 Team

As reported earlier the assets of now defunct Super Aguri F1 team will be sold in auction later this month Siide Effects Of Retin A, . 200mg Siide Effects Of Retin A, The items for sale are to include Formula 1 car, transporters and tractor units, Siide Effects Of Retin A ebay, 750mg Siide Effects Of Retin A, vehicles, race & test equipment, 100mg Siide Effects Of Retin A, 500mg Siide Effects Of Retin A, plant & machinery and merchandise (including clothing, luggage and personal accessories), Siide Effects Of Retin A craiglist. 250mg Siide Effects Of Retin A, It has also been reported that Adrian Campos may be interested in buying what's left of Super Aguri. This follows the earlier rumours about Campos and Agag buying into Super Aguri while the team was still (barely) alive and kicking, 1000mg Siide Effects Of Retin A. 10mg Siide Effects Of Retin A, Campos' interest in Super Aguri bits and pieces renewed some speculations that he may be planning Formula 1 entry. But if that would be the case, why wait till the team disappears and not buy into it while all the structure is in place and team is part of Formula 1, Siide Effects Of Retin A.

Yes, Siide Effects Of Retin A uk, it is possible that the still useful assets like transporters and factory equipment may now be available for bargain prices. But the team is no longer in Formula 1, people are gone and with all the changes coming to effect from 2009 season the Super Aguri Formula 1 car has now become only a collector piece.

Will the Super Aguri auction kickstart a new Formula 1 team project . Very very unlikely ...

Photo: Super Aguri .

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Mark Webber Silverstone 2008 Flagyl What Is It Used For, This is the first 2009 drivers posts that does not have rumours only. One 2009 F1 seat was confirmed last week - Mark Webber's contract with Red Bull was extended for another year. Flagyl What Is It Used For ebay, He will however have new team mate following David Coulthard's retirement announcement. Sebastian Vettel is everybody's candidate ...

There are reports that Toyota will confirm their current drivers Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock for next season, Flagyl What Is It Used For australia. It hasn't happened yet though, Flagyl What Is It Used For. This would mean that Kazuki Nakajima may stay with Williams for a while longer. Flagyl What Is It Used For india, Same as last year a lot seems to depend on the next move by Fernando Alonso. He is not planning to make any announcements before Italian Grand Prix in September and some teams may wait for his situation to clear up before making any moves.

It is unlikely that Rubens Barrichello will be moving to another F1 team, 200mg Flagyl What Is It Used For, but following his Silverstone performance he still is in a picture for new Honda contract. Flagyl What Is It Used For, But whether he gets it or not may depend more on what Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso will be up to. Flagyl What Is It Used For usa, Or will it be Jenson Button making room for Fernando Alonso for the second time :-) . Ross Brawn is not hiding his desire to have Alonso in Honda one day ...

Robert Kubica's future is becoming a topic, Flagyl What Is It Used For paypal. He is the hot property and BMW Sauber will need to decide what they do with the option they have on his services for 2009. Some media connect Kubica's future with Ferrari but that is a team that does not have an empty seat at the moment :-), Flagyl What Is It Used For. Flagyl What Is It Used For uk, Ross Brawn has cooled the speculation that Mike Conway may be on his way to Formula 1 with Honda. He went even further with his comments dashing hopes of many current GP2 drivers:

"His win at Monaco did impress a lot of teams but there are only one or two drivers who make it out of GP2 for next season. You almost need to decimate the championship to become part of a Formula One team, Flagyl What Is It Used For us. You really have got to be quite exceptional to get there, Flagyl What Is It Used For canada, but I wouldn't turn my back on Mike at Honda though. Flagyl What Is It Used For, The difficulty is Formula One is such a high standard and very few drivers make it. I hope he can get there."

There has been also some new talk of future Formula 1 teams.

According to Mario Theissen several car manufacturers are interested in current F1 direction, 40mg Flagyl What Is It Used For, especially with introduction of road-relevant technologies like KERS. He however mentioned Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche with some Asian manufacturers likely to follow the suit in the near future. He must know something we don't because VW and Audi are one company that Porsche is trying to take over, moreover VW are known not to be too keen on F1 entry ... Being interested in direction may not mean the same as being interested in entering .., Flagyl What Is It Used For.

Then there is the Super Aguri auction. GP2 boss Adrian Campos may be looking to buy the assets of the defunct Formula 1 team. Campos and Alejandro Agag were linked with Super Aguri sale ahead of 2008 season and Campos is said to have had talks about the purchase of the assests before the July 31 auction had been announced. Will it be for his F1 memorabilia collection or is he planning to revive the team .

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Amoxicillin Kidney

Amoxicillin Kidney, Some people may have hoped that someone will come out, buy what is left of Super Aguri and perhaps start a new team. Well it does not look like that is going to happen, Amoxicillin Kidney usa. 10mg Amoxicillin Kidney, The online auction of the Super Aguri assets will be conducted later this month. Witin this week the catalog of all the items should be published but there are few items already known to be for sale, 1000mg Amoxicillin Kidney, 150mg Amoxicillin Kidney, a Super Aguri F1 car and the team's transporter among them.

Getting hand on a piece of recent F1 history will probably require pretty fat wallet, 750mg Amoxicillin Kidney. 100mg Amoxicillin Kidney. 20mg Amoxicillin Kidney. 50mg Amoxicillin Kidney. Amoxicillin Kidney overseas. 500mg Amoxicillin Kidney.

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Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription

Kubica Ferrari Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription, All we need is 2 weeks break between races and the rumour floodgates open. Let's have a look what's new since the second edition.

Robert Kubica has been doing well and so it comes as no surprise his future has been talked about quite a bit, 10mg Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription. Few innocent remarks to Italian paper La Stampa created two contradictory rumours. 150mg Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription, First linking Rosberg with BMW Sauber (as Kubica's team mate) and then linking Kubica with a move to Ferrari. Sounds interesting but whom would Kubica replace, Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription. Massa is under contract till 2010 and doing well right now (after shaky start to the season). There has been lots of talking about Raikkonen's retirement but if I am not wrong that is part of the post 2009 future, Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription ebay. All I can say about Kubica and Ferrari is that Kubica's helmet matches the Ferrari colour scheme quite well as the picture above shows :-) . Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription japan, Fernando Alonso has dismissed the rumours about him signing for Ferrari, so now it is time to link him to BMW Sauber, now also a race winning car, Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription usa. Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription, It may help that Robert Kubica does not seem to mind having Alonso as a team mate. The question for me however is if Alonso would be OK with Kubica in the other car. 250mg Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription, At the moment all that is sure about Alonso's future is that he has not made any decision on it, at least that is what he says.

Coulthard's departure and Vettel's arrival in Red Bull seems to be the only generally accepted rumour scenario for next year, 20mg Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription. DC's speach after his podium in Montreal did sound a bit sentimental and I would not be suprised to see Coulthard move from Red Bull garage to BBC commentators box in 2009. Vettel's confidence (despite unclear future of Toro Rosso) looks like another sign pointing in his Red Bull direction:

"I know a little bit of the internal situation so I am very confident."

The rumour that circulated ahead of Canadian GP, suggesting three way switch Coulthard to Renault, Vettel to Red Bull and Piquet to Toro Rosso has only one flaw, Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription. 750mg Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription, How would anybody except Vettel benefit from this .

Last week we had here interesting debate on Danica Patrick and her links to F1, especially Honda, Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription us. Most commentators did not find her move to Formula 1 likely, Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription india, at least not anytime soon. Today however Pitpass and F1 Live came up with a weird one: Honda North America - a second Honda team - could enter F1, possibly as early as 2009. Buy Clomid Online Without Prescription, What a cozy environment for Patrick, an American driver with Honda connection, would that be :-) . Unfortunatelly for her the only names mentioned with this outfit were Takuma Sato (surprise surprise) and GP2 race winner Alvaro Parente.

The fact that the alleged reports on this came from Portugal may explain why Parente's name came up. Honda are said to be ready to sell engines, gearboxes and KERS systems to the new team but where would the chassis come from that quickly the rumour source forgot to ask. Anyway, would Honda support another F1 project only few months after pulling the plug on Super Aguri .

Photos: F1Wolf, Red Bull/GEPA, Super Aguri F1 .

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Colchicine Muscle

Super Aguri Celebrations 6th Place Sato Canadian GP 2007 Colchicine Muscle, A year ago Takuma Sato finished 6th and scored 3 points in Canada. His overtaking maneuvre on Fernando Alonso was one of the highlights of the entire 2007 Formula 1 season, 750mg Colchicine Muscle. 100mg Colchicine Muscle, Following that race team's managing director Daniel Audeto was full of confidence predicted a race win for the team in 2008 ...

"I am very happy because three points for us is a fantastic result, 40mg Colchicine Muscle. 30mg Colchicine Muscle, Now finally people will believe what I said before: that next year we are going to win our first Grand Prix. The team we have are very professional and very motivated, 250mg Colchicine Muscle. Colchicine Muscle usa, They work in the same direction, with no politics, 150mg Colchicine Muscle, Colchicine Muscle ebay, no bureaucracy and no bullshit. We have had a team principal that really understands our business and we have a really good driver line-up."

This is all of Super Aguri that I could see in Canada a year later at 2008 Canadian GP:

Super Aguri banner at Canadian GP 2008

What a difference a year makes, Colchicine Muscle coupon, Colchicine Muscle mexico, 365 little days ...

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Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining

Bernie Ecclestone Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining, Now I really hope he has been misquoted or this story was made up or something. This is what Bernie Ecclestone is said to have said on demise of Super Aguri according to PA Sports:

"More room, Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining india. Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining australia, It means we have a lot more room now because the teams are expanding like crazy with their hospitality units and their trucks and everything. We're always running out of room, 100mg Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining. 10mg Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining, We're not looking for 12 teams, we're looking for ten."

So the space for hospitality is what F1 is about, 200mg Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining, 500mg Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining, not the action on track ... Hm, 750mg Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining, Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining canada, that explains a lot then ...

The later part of the story on potential Super Aguri bail out by Bernie himself makes a bit more sense:

"I didn't want to put in 100 million, Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining usa, Teeth Bleaching With Tetracycline Staining japan, which is what was needed. For somebody else it might have been okay, but it wasn't for me."

For those who do miss the Super Aguri, here is a video:


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What Does Prozac Come From

Super Aguri F1 team What Does Prozac Come From, Almost exactly 2 years ago it looked like we will have full grid of 12 teams and 24 cars from 2008 season. On April 28, 2006 Prodrive were given the F1 entry. Max Mosley commented that "Prodrive have the best combination of financial backing, technical capability and motorsport experience."

Almost exactly a year later, May 13, 2007, What Does Prozac Come From uk, the new boys, Super Aguri, scored their first ever championship point after only 1 season and 4 races in Formula 1. Few months later, in August 2007, the news came out that the team's title sponsor, SS United, does not pay, 500mg What Does Prozac Come From. From then it was all downhill for Super Aguri ...

In late November 2007, it became clear that we will not see 24 cars F1 grid in 2008, What Does Prozac Come From. Prodrive have announced they will not enter Formula 1.

By the end of January 2008 Max Mosley expressed his doubts we will end the 2008 season with 11 teams. There were doubts whether Super Aguri will even make it for Australian GP. They just about made it to Melbourne for the season opener, but only 2 days later Dietrich Mateschitz announced he is putting his share in Toro Rosso up for sale ...

Then came What Does Prozac Come From, May 6, 2008 and the withdrawal of Super Aguri from Formula 1. 100mg What Does Prozac Come From, This is all like the 2002 deja vu. Expectations of full grid for 2002 season thanks to Toyota's entry to Formula only to see first Prost and then Arrows to disapear. The grid went from 11 teams down to 10 instead of up to 12 before the 2002 season was over ...

The Formula 1 grid has changed a lot since 2002. We have Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Force India, BMW, Honda, we had Midland, Spyker, we miss Jordan, Jaguar, Minardi, Sauber, BAR, What Does Prozac Come From. But all these changes were only results of ownership changes. The only genuinely new team was the Super Aguri team in 2006, a team created over the 2005-2006 winter pretty much to keep Sato in F1. Now Super Aguri is gone and we are back where we were after 2002 German GP, What Does Prozac Come From australia, down to 10 teams and 20 cars.

So, are we going to see any new teams anytime soon ? Where would they come from . What Does Prozac Come From, I think we can be quite confident that there will not be 11 teams this season. I also see the chances of having at least 11 teams in 2009 as very very low. I can't see anyone making the decision, getting the money together and building a new car on time to start the 2009 season. 20mg What Does Prozac Come From, Especially with the current situation surrounding the Concorde Agreement and when the 2009 rules are not yet finalized ... The only way how I see anybody new getting on the F1 grid quickly is if somebody strikes a deal with some of the manufacturers, gets a "customer car deal" for 2009 while the current status-quo makes is sort of semi legal and in the meantime gets ready for building own car for 2010 season. This is how Super Aguri were and Toro Rosso are supposed to go on, What Does Prozac Come From. This howere still does not answer the question, where would the new F1 teams come from ...

The 2006 tender for the 12th F1 entry saw 11 applicants (along with then existing 11 F1 teams). They included among others Prodrive, Direxiv, 40mg What Does Prozac Come From, Eddie Jordan, Paul Stoddart, Carlin Motorsport, Craig Pollock ... This looks like a sufficient pool of F1 wannabies to guarantee full F1 grid for years. What Does Prozac Come From, However, most if not all of them only entered the bidding thanks to FIA's idea of customer cars. None of these bidders came forward when Prodrive's slot became available, What Does Prozac Come From japan, none of them came out to buy Super Aguri and it seems that none of them is eager to join Gerhard Berger in running Toro Rosso. The new F1 entry is unlikely to come from this pool of people, unless (I hope not) the customer cars are allowed ...

Can any of the GP2 teams try to make the step up into F1 . While GP2 was still F3000 there was talk about Arden having F1 plans. That did happen to certain extent, the team did not make it but Christian Horner did :-), What Does Prozac Come From. Few of the GP2 people were among the 2006 bidders but under different conditions. So can it happen . Perhaps, 150mg What Does Prozac Come From, but where would the F1 car come from .

The entry of car manufacturers that are not yet in F1 is another possibility. What Does Prozac Come From, The last manufacturer to come to F1 by building the team from the scratch was Toyota. They announced their F1 plans in 1999, secured the entry in 2000, planned to start racing in 2001 but only made it in 2002. And this was with what is thought to be the biggest F1 budget ... 750mg What Does Prozac Come From, If any car manufacturer decides to enter now, it is unlikely we will see them on the grid earleir than 2-3 years later. Unless someone buys Toro Rosso but that would not give us extra cars ... But when was the last time we heard something serious about a car maker wishing to get into F1 if we do not count failed Spyker attempt and Aston Martin / Prodrive talk, What Does Prozac Come From.

Yet I still think it is not impossible to build Formula One team. It takes money, engine, chassis, team of people and drivers, 200mg What Does Prozac Come From. OK, it takes more :-) but let's focus on these basics:

Money - Plenty available but for some reasons the weaker F1 teams are not able to attract them. Just imagine that transfer fees for 2-3 top class football players in Europe can pay for the budget of a team of the size of Toro Rosso or Force India. What Does Prozac Come From, The sums of money involved are crazy, but the money is out there ...

Engine - Honda, BMW, Mercedes do not supply any customer engines at the moment. They could if there was a buyer. And there still is the Cosworth V8 that thanks to the engine freeze could still be used ...

Chassis - The toughest part for sure. But there are companies like Lola for example that could be subcontracted to build the chassis for Formula 1 team and I believe there would not be illegal even under current rules .., What Does Prozac Come From.

People - If nothing else there is the whole Super Aguri team of people without job right now ...

Drivers - I do not see any problem here. There are several experienced drivers out of jobs or nearing end of their contracts. There are many rookies eager to get to F1 and some with sponsors eager to pay for the drive ...

Hm, but I still did not find the answer to my question. Where will new F1 teams come from .... .

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Super Aguri Spanish GP 2008 Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember, The Super Aguri F1 team withdraw from F1 ... That is the outcome of the talks between Honda board and Aguri Suzuki. 500mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember, The Weigl proposal was clearly not good enough ...

Statement from Aguri Suzuki:

"In order to realise my dream to become an owner of a Formula One team, I applied for a grid position in the FIA Formula One World Championship in November 2005, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember paypal. Since then, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember coupon, I have participated in the championship for two years and four months as the Super Aguri F1 Team, but regretfully I must inform you that the team will cease their racing activities as of today.

The team competed against the many car manufacturer-backed teams and have succeeded in obtaining the first points after only the 22nd race finishing in ninth place overall in the 2007 constructors' championship, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember.

However, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember mexico, the breach of contract by the promised partner SS United Oil & Gas Company resulted in the loss of financial backing and immediately put the team into financial difficulties. 10mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember, Also, the change in direction of the environment surrounding the team, in terms of the use of customer chassis, 50mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember, has affected our ability to find partners. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember ebay, Meanwhile, with the help of Honda, we have somehow managed to keep the team going, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember uk, but we find it difficult to establish a way to continue the activities in the future within the environment surrounding F1 and as a result, 100mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember, I have concluded to withdraw from the championship. I would like to express my deepest thanks to Honda, Bridgestone, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Optional Remember craiglist, the sponsors, all the people who have given us advise during various situations over the past couple of years all the Team Staff who have kept their motivations high and always done their best, Anthony Davidson who has always pushed to the limit despite the very difficult conditions, Takuma Sato who has been with us from the very start and has always fought hard and led the team and lastly our fans from all over the world who have loyally supported the Super Aguri F1 Team."

About a year ago it still looked like 2008 will be a season with 12 teams and 24 cars with expected Prodrive entry. It will now continue with 10 teams and 20 cars only for the first time since beginning of 2006 season. This is the first time since 2002 Prost and Arrows demise that Formula One is loosing a team ... Just a year ago (May 13, 2007) Super Aguri scored their first Formula 1 points at Spanish GP (takuma Sato, 8th) and went on to score 3 more 2 races later in Canada (Sato 6th after overtaking Fernando Alonso).

Will anybody pick up the bits and pieces and revive the team or is it gone for good .

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Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning

I realized this weekend that the 2008 Australian GP was the 10th Formula 1 race I went to Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning, . As I am getting ready for my 11th in about 1 month time this may be a good opportunity to recap the events that happened at the races I went to:

2004 Chinese Grand Prix
- Jacques Villeneuve returned to F1 with Renault
- In a taxi on the way to track I opened the China Daily paper :-) I found in the hotel room. And there it was, 20mg Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning, small article announcing that Ford is leaving F1 at the end of the season. Jaguar is left looking for new owner, Jordan and Minardi start wondering what engines will they use...
- Rubens Barrichello wins his last Formula 1 race (this is true at the time of writing), Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning usa.

2005 Malaysian Grand Prix
- Takuma Sato got sick and Anthony Davidson raced for BAR-Honda instead
- Both BAR-Honda drivers, Button and Davidson, famously retired on lap 2 after engine failures
- Jacques Villeneuve spun off in front of me in Turn 1 and beached the car in gravel
- Jarno Trulli scored first ever podium for Toyota

2005 Chinese Grand Prix
- in the hotel room I read Red Bull is buying Minardi
- this race turned out to be the last race for Minardi, Jordan, Sauber and BAR in their former selves
- this was also last race for Barrichello in Ferrari and probably last Formula 1 race for Narain Karthikeyan
- Michael Schumacher colided with Christijan Albers.., Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning. on the warm up lap ...
- Juan Pablo Montoya colided with a loose manhole cover
- Narain Karthikeyan crashed heavily just after the banked corner leading to the long back straight

2006 Malaysian Grand Prix
- First 1-2 finish for Renault since they took the team over from Benneton

2006 German Grand Prix
- Jacques Villeneuve again crashed out in front of me in what turned out to be his last Formula 1 race, Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning canada, I saw the last of the former F1 champ in Formula 1
some of my photos here

2006 Chinese Grand Prix
- First Formula 1 appearance by Spyker
- Klien fired by Red Bull, Doornbos in
- My first ever wet race live, it got so cold before the race start that we had to dash to the merchandise area to buy some extra clothes (got myself McLaren sweater :-) )
- Last ever Formula 1 win for Michael Schumacher
- some of my photos here

2007 Malaysian Grand Prix
- First F1 race with the white stripes on soft tyres (they used just a white dot in Australia the race earlier)
- Felipe Massa felt asleep at start, lost out to Alonso first, 250mg Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning, to Hamilton next, then ran wide when trying to get the position back from Hamilton. Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning india, Grandstands were going mad, great time to be a the race :-)
- Alonso's first win with McLaren was the first McLaren win since Suzuka 2005 (Raikkonen)
- This was also the first McLaren 1-2 finish since Brazil 2005 (Montoya, Raikkonen)
- my photo gallery is here

white tyre marks

2007 Monaco Grand Prix
- Adrian Sutil in Spyker was fastest in Saturday practice session
- Kimi Raikkonen hit the kerbs hard and broke his car in Q2, he booked lowly P16 on the grid
- Alonso won the race ahead of Hamilton, Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning australia. First signs of trouble for McLaren. Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning, Hamilton was not happy with having to settle for second, made his "number 2 on the car" remark. Team was investigated for team orders. 30mg Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning, - The mysterious white powder was found around the Ferrari fuel tanks, the Stepneygate was about to begin.
- I managed to sneak into the pit lane :-) (not that hard in Monaco actually).
- my photo gallery is here

Ferrari in pit lane Monaco 2007

2007 Chinese Grand Prix
- Second wet Chinese Grand Prix in a row
- Lewis Hamilton could have secured his F1 title but crashed out at the pit lane entry on worn out tyres, Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning overseas. This was Hamilton's first retirement in his F1 career
- Kimi Raikkonen won the race and kept himself in the title fight going into the last race of the season, Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning. It was 200th Ferrari F1 win.
- Robert Kubica retired while leading the race
- Toro Rosso scored 8 points in this race (before this race they had 1 point to their name from 2006 USGP)
- This was the last F1 race for Alex Wurz who announced his retirement from racing during this race weekend
- my photo gallery is here

Lewis Hamilton crashed Shanghai 2007

2008 Australian GP
- This was the first race without traction control since 2001
- Force India team debuted on track. Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning us, And I just realized I have seen live the last race of Jordan and first races of Spyker and Force India :-)
- Nelson Piquet Jr. and Sebastien Bourdais made their Formula 1 race debuts
- For the first time since Estoril 1994 there was no Schumacher on grid
- Robert Kubica secured the first front row start for BMW Sauber team
- Only 6 cars finished the race and 2 DNF therefore scored points
- Rubens Barrichello had serious pit lane issues - drive through penalty and disqualification after exiting the pit lane under red light
- my photo gallery is here

Giancarlo Fisichella, Force India, Melbourne 2008

Well, 1000mg Tetracycline Experimental Teeth Cleaning, that's it so far, that is my ten F1 races. Next stop for me, Montreal and Canadian GP. What is going to happen there ...

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