Now Renault Summoned By FIA To Answer Spying Allegations

Hm… Sweet, it is Ron against Flavio now :-)

Ron Dennis Flavio Briatore

FIA have summoned Renault to appear at a hearing of FIA World Motor Sport Council:

‘Representatives of the Renault F1 Team have been requested to appear before a hearing of the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Monaco on Thursday, December 6, 2007.

‘The team representatives have been called to answer a charge that between September 2006 and October 2007, in breach of Article 151c of the International Sporting Code, the Renault F1 Team had unauthorised possession of documents and confidential information belonging to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, including, but not limited to the layout and critical dimensions of the McLaren F1 car, together with details of the McLaren fuelling system, gear assembly, oil cooling system, hydraulic control system and a novel suspension component used by the 2006 and 2007 McLaren F1 cars.’

Back in September when the allegations surfaced for the first time, Flavio Briatore’s response was:

“We told the FIA what we had, so there’s no problem. I don’t know what Dennis refers to, he’s throwing stones a bit everywhere. We are calm, no problem at all.”

Will be interesting to hear some fresh statement from him.

Alonso And Renault

Flavio Briatore’s Tuesday deadline has passed without any announcement. But there are some whispers around the things are moving towards one year deal with an option and some performance criteria – not for Alonso but for Renault.

There is not exactly a long line of suitors that would interesting for Alonso, so he may be inclined to such a compromise with Renault. Spanish paper Marca allegedly suggests Alonso and Renault are only days away from a deal. The rumours are (rumours !) that Alonso will be free to leave Renault after a single season if the team fails to meet certain minimal performance and results criteria.

The Guardian goes even further saying Briatore is close to finalising the sponsorhip deal with a consortium that includes Telefonica to finance USD20 million a year deal with Alonso. Alonso and Renault were last night allegedly already close to agreement on such a deal.

The papers further speculate that Fisichella has been told there is no room for him in Renault next year, that Kovalainen will now move to McLaren and Nelson Piquet Jr. will partner Fernando Alonso. These are however pretty logical conclusions that anybody would make once Alonso’s move to Renault is confirmed.

Did Frank Williams know more about all this before he came out with his Williams team drivers line up confirmation for 2008 ?

So let’s enjoy the rumour mill while it lasts and wait and see what next few hours or days will bring.

2007 F1 Season Review – Part 2 – BMW Sauber, Renault

BMW Sauber
Kubica Heidfeld
BMW Sauber team surprised many this year and claimed the best of the rest title. After the exclusion McLaren exclusion that meant no 2 in costructors table.

They declared ther intentions right at the race 1 in Melbourne. Nick Heidfeld finished in strong 4th place, well clear ahead of Renaults. Kubica however suffered from their early season reliability issues and did not make it to the chequered flag. In the next race in Malaysia, Nick Heidfeld found himself ahead of Felipe Massa after Massa’s failed attempt to overtake Alonso. He managed to keep Massa behind and claimed the second 4th place in a row. Kubica again suffered car problems and finished way down the field and outside the points.

It took 3 races, but after Bahrain Kubica also had points under his belt for 6th place. However the way Heidfeld overtook Alonso and kept him in bay counts as one my highlights of 2007 season. Third 4th place in a row for Heidfeld. By now BMW Sauber were clearly established as 3rd best team.


2007 Formula 1 – High Resolution Photos For Download – Renault – Fisichella, Kovalainen

Part 6 of 2007 Formula 1 high resolution downloads – Renault and their drivers Giancarlo Fisichella and Heikki Kovalainen. It is well possible that Renault will enter 2008 season with all new drivers line up. All the photos are free but for personal use only. Right click on the links below and save.


Fisichella 1
Fisichella 1

Fisichella 2
Fisichella 2

Fisichella 3
Fisichella 3


2008 Driver Rumours – Part 11 – More Speculations

The 2007 season is over, at least the on track action, and after some short relatively quiet period, the rumour mill is picking up the speed again.

As it has been the case since pretty much the Hungarian GP, Fernando Alonso is in center of everything. The Ferrari connection is pretty much over for a time being at least. If he plans to race next year there seem to be only 3 options left for him – remain at McLaren, return to Renault or grab a seat at Toyota. The McLaren option seems to be out of a question but who knows. Pedro de la Rosa has been giving some hints that this is exactly what may happen in the end. But still there are not too many people that would bet on Alonso to stay put. (But there were not too many people whou would a week ago bet on Kimi to win the title.) The widely expected return to Renault has been downplayed by Alonso himself. When asked by Spanish radio station Cadena Ser whether Renault would be his first choice if he were to leave McLaren, he replied – “Right now I’d say no”. This may be also be the reason for some weird words from Flavio Briatore. Looking around the paddock the only decent (not a top) team with seats and money is Toyota. Why would he want to go to a team where everyone else failed ? Challenge to be the first one to succeed ? Why not, Michael Schumacher also went to Ferrari at the time the team was nowhere near the top…


How to read these words on Alonso from Flavio Briatore …

Planet F1 published this quote from Flavio Briatore from interview with Antenna 3 television.

“In the last races they should have left Alonso out. They should have put a reserve in Alonso’s place and Hamilton would have won without any problem.”

Is he just expressing his pragmatic opinion on the team management or is this reaction to this reply from Alonso to Spanish radio station Cadena Ser on Sunday:

“Right now I’d say no”

when asked whether Renault would be his first choice if he were to leave McLaren ?

Alonso-Renault-Mallya-Ralf-Super Aguri – 2008 Driver Rumours Part 10

I did not not plan to get back to driver rumours topic so soon after the last post, but the rumour mill is gathering speed.

Mr. Mallya seems to be taking his job seriously and plans to use the brain instead of heart. This however may not be a good news for both – the possible Indian candidates for the race seat and for Ralf Schumacher’s chances:

“I know Ralf well from my role as a sponsor of the Toyota team and I personally hold him in high regard, but a driver line-up is not something that should be decided by the heart but by the brain.

“I want drivers that can raise the standards in the team. I always get asked if we will have an Indian driver and my response is – if I can find one who is ready, yes. But only under the parameters just said.

“Drivers are a crucial part of the team so the driver line-up is a serious matter and not a sympathy contest.”

Oh Ralf, this must hurt …

Renault Looking To ING To Fund Alonso’s Return?

According to Daily Express, RENAULT boss Flavio Briatore has asked his main sponsor ING for a few more millions to help bring back world champion Fernando Alonso from McLaren for next season. ING pays about £15m ($30m) a year to Renault F1 team.
They may have to come up with another £5m as their share of the “Alonso Back To Renault” deal. Whether this is just another rumour or a fact and a sign that things are moving, that remains to be seen.

Formula 1 – Pavel Turek On The New Evidence Against McLaren

OK, now we know, that the actual text of the email exchange between Alonso and De La Rosa was made up by an Italian journalist. But at the same time, we know, that there was some email communication between them. FIA got information about that and asked the McLaren drivers to disclose all they know. But how did FIA get the info about the email exchange in a first place?

Pavel Turek told Czech TV Nova that he believes, Alonso or people from his team, are behind all this. Later on he went on to explain his opinion for Czech server

Now, if you wonder, who the hell is Pavel Turek, remember, this person was a manager of McLaren at the times when it was West McLaren Mercedes, and retains very close relationship with former McLaren driver, David Coulthard. You may visit here for more details. He is still very much at home in F1 paddock…

Here is what he had to say about the email exchange (translated from

Formula 1 – Is Ron Dennis Loosing The Plot ?

McLaren and its boss Ron Dennis seem to be getting desperate. The sightings of Flavio Briatore visiting Dennis’ motorhome in Monza were first attributed to possible Alonso to Renault talks.

In fact it seems that these two guys were talking about Dennis’ threats to drag Renault into the spy saga story.

Formula 1 – Interesting Quote From Fernando Alonso On His Future

This is what Fernando Alonso had to say to Diario As:

“I am certain that I am going to be competing in formula one also next year. Right now I am not even contemplating sitting out a season.”

But on his future in McLaren:

“At the moment all I am thinking about is winning this world championship, I do not know where I will race in 2008; all I know is that I can race here at McLaren.”

It may be just a coincidence that at the same time Briatore tells to other Spanish paper, Marca, that

“Of course I would love to have him in the team, I think everyone would want Fernando because he is exceptional.”

Formula 1 – Singing Renault Engines

Renault Nose
I had quite a lot of visitors landing on these pages searching for the Renault singing engines. So, just in case somebody is looking for the high revs concerts, here are 3 of them – La Marseillaise, God Save The Queen and We Are The Champions.

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