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90 days to go Sulfa Flagyl, Ten days have passed since the 100 days mark, it is time for another 2010 season countdown post. Here is a summary where F1 stands with 90 days to go.

The final 2010 Formula 1 calendar has been published - see here, Sulfa Flagyl overseas. The only yet to be finalized race is the inaugural Korean GP that is still subject to the circuit homologation. Sulfa Flagyl india, The season opener will move from Melbourne to Bahrain, the finale will remain at Abu Dhabi after the late reshuffle of 2010 season ending races.

The F1 commission proposed new point scoring system has been approved by WMSC, Sulfa Flagyl. From 2010 on there will points awarded to top 10 instead of top 8 drivers, Sulfa Flagyl uk. The point haul for the race winner will be 25 points with the other top 10 finishers rewarded with 20-15-10-8-6-5-3-2-1 points. Sulfa Flagyl australia, The FIA has also asked the Formula 1 Sporting Working Group to bring forward proposals for making F1 more entertaining in time to be implemented for the 2010 season. That means that further rules changes are still possible although at this stage they would require agreement from all 13 teams. Sulfa Flagyl, The teams have agreed on staging joint car launch in Valencia at the end of January. Can't really see how they are planning to make that work .., 750mg Sulfa Flagyl.

Martin Whitmarsh has been voted in as a new FOTA chairman and will take over the role from Luca di Montezemolo. 100mg Sulfa Flagyl, No drivers have been confirmed during last 10 days. However Lucas di Grassi has apparently sealed an F1 seat for next season. He is expected to race for Virgin Racing (Manor) alongside Timo Glock, Sulfa Flagyl. The team is set to announce their plans (and perhaps the second driver as well) on December 15th, 20mg Sulfa Flagyl.

Lotus F1 team finalized their drivers selection. Sulfa Flagyl japan, The announcement will be made on Monday, 14th December 2009 at 12pm Malaysian time (GMT +8). Jarno Trulli is expected to be named as one of the drivers while Heikki Kovalainen and Takuma Sato have been mentioned as the candidates for the second seat, 30mg Sulfa Flagyl. Sulfa Flagyl, The other team filling the pages in last few days is Mercedes GP (the name change from Brawn GP to Mercedes have been approved by FIA already). The rumours linking 7 times F1 champion Michael Schumacher with a race drive alongside Nico Rosberg keep growing stronger with several news outlets presenting it as a done deal. 50mg Sulfa Flagyl, These rumours obviously will not die until Mercedes confirms their second driver.

Meanwhile another former champion Kimi Raikkonen has finalized his move to WRC with Citroen junior team.

The imminent announcement of Prodrive takeover of Renault talked about 10 days ago hasn't happened. According to the news and reports that have emerged there are as many as 4 parties interested in buying out or buying into Renault F1 team. Gerard Lopez has openly admitted his interest, the other name mentioned was Anthony Hamilton, father of Lewis Hamilton.

The season countdown will be back again in 10 days.

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[caption id="attachment_6341" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Sebastian Vettel extended his contract with Red Bull"]Sebastian Vettel extended his contract with Red Bull Diflucan Side-effects, [/caption]

With F1 back from the summer hiatus we also have some fresh news, rumours and speculations coming out of the paddock. Here is a summary of today's F1 news, 100mg Diflucan Side-effects, tweets and speculations.

Sebastian Vettel extended his contract with Red Bull until the end of 2011 season. Red Bull Racing also has an option for Vettel's services for 2012 season, 50mg Diflucan Side-effects. This is a fact.

Yesterday McLaren made it clear that Heikki Kovalainen has to up his game if he wants to keep his seat beyond this season, Diflucan Side-effects. Diflucan Side-effects india, Martin Whitmarsh very much confirmed it today. But while doing so he also said something interesting about Fernando Alonso and Ferrari:

"I think in reality there are some changes probably with Fernando at Ferrari. That frees up the driver market and every year there is a number of pivotal points during the season which determine what is going to happen in the driver market, Diflucan Side-effects japan.

This year I think we all know that the Fernando/Ferrari move has a knock-on and that ripples through the other teams."

Meanwhile Nico Rosberg has spoken about his future, Diflucan Side-effects australia, future that may have something to do with McLaren:
"I have been team-mate with Lewis before so that wouldn't be a problem. Diflucan Side-effects, It would be fun and very tough also, a combination - sweet and sour. I would like a good team-mate for sure. Team-mate is a factor, Diflucan Side-effects us. Potential for development for the future, 200mg Diflucan Side-effects, who the key people in the team are and the management and everything. All these things come into it.

Budget, salary they are able to pay, Diflucan Side-effects. I am prepared to put salary last, 1000mg Diflucan Side-effects, that's nowhere near the priority as I really would like to have some good results now."

There is also some fresh talk about the future of BMW Sauber. Diflucan Side-effects coupon, Mario Theissen in his interview yesterday hinted at talks going on. The talks involve also Peter Sauber, the teams long term partner Petronas and Ferrari as an engine supplier, Diflucan Side-effects uk. The talks are said to be in an advance stages. According to Joe Saward Diflucan Side-effects, BMW asks about $90 million for the team. If Sauber and company can raise that sort of money the rest of the 2010 F1 teams are expected to allow the team to sign the Concorde Agreement.

There are also rumours going around talking about Force India. Vijay Mallya is said to owe some engine money to both his former (Ferrari) and current (Mercedes) engine suppliers. There is also talk about Prodrive possibly making a bid to take over Force India.

Another rumour that has something to do with Force India is the one about Giancarlo Fisichella, Diflucan Side-effects. He said to be on the way to Ferrari as their new test driver. Fisichella himself however denied having any contact with Ferrari. His goal is to remain in F1 and staying on with the improving Force India team is one his options.

Another interesting topic has been the future of European GP. There is a talk about this to be last race in Valencia and Silverstone has been mentioned as one of the options for 2010 ...

Photo: Red Bull / GETTY Images

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Only a day after the news from Lola we have another team considering F1 entry next year - Prodrive (Aston Martin Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema, ). Dave Richards:

"The initial signs coming out from the FIA and FOM are very attractive and represent the basis for a real revolution in the sport."

"Assuming that the new rules are commercially viable and there is the potential to be fully competitive, Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema india, Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema overseas, then we are ready to press the go button."

Richards also revealed that they are in talks with Cosworth as well as with one current F1 engine supplier about possible engine deal.

The letter from Max Mosley to teams (as revelead by Autosport yesterday) suggests that FIA plans to grant three new teams a place on the 2010 grid, 40mg Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema. Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema ebay, That would mean increasing the maximum number of cars to 26 (from current limit 24). Autosport article also claims that as many as 8 different parties planning a move to F1 are in talks with Cosworth, 200mg Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema. Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema craiglist, FIA will need to make the decisions about new entries soon to give the teams enough time to build new cars for 2010 season. I think we can expect that rather quickly once the new F1 sporting and technical regulations are ratified (expected at the next FIA World Council meeting on April 29), 30mg Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema. Diflucan Cause Of Papilloedema canada, The existing teams apparently have now their last chance to give FIA feedback on the new regulations including their ideas on the proposed budget cap.

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[caption id="attachment_3316" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Williams would never choose to leave Formula One"]Williams would never choose to leave Formula One Key Achat Acomplia, [/caption]

We can't say this off season is boring although last week started a bit quietly. Toro Rosso announced on Monday that the Honda refugee Takuma Sato will get another chance to prove himself in Jerez.

Around the same time both German F1 circuits came out saying that they may ot have money to hold the Formula One races in the future.

Then on Thursday FOTA met in London to discuss the cost cuts and spicing up the qualifying. Key Achat Acomplia canada, The teams came up with a plan to propose a new low-cost engine for 2011 and other substantial cost-cutting measures for the next two years include drastically reducing the current 30,000km testing limit by half. The new engine is to be 1.8-litre turbocharged unit featuring energy recovery systems and consuming 30% less than current F1 engines, Key Achat Acomplia.

While FOTA members talked the media started to be full of reports of something big brewing in Honda offices.

On Friday morning Mr. Fukui confrmed the rumours and announced Honda's withdrawal from Formula 1, Key Achat Acomplia uk.

Honda Withdraw From Formula One

It took only an hour or so for Max Mosley's reaction. Key Achat Acomplia, He announced Cosworth as the chosen ones to supply the cheap standard F1 engines from 2010. The engines Mosley described seem to be very different from the engines FOTA proposed so the guys will have some talking to do to clear the discrepancies.

Following the Honda announcement the guessing game started - who (if anybody) will buy Honda F1 team and who will be next to call it quits. The prevailing opinion is that one more team will depart before the 2009 season begins.

Toyota, Key Achat Acomplia ebay, BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari all said something about staying and cutting the costs. Red Bull's Helmut Marko confirmed that both Red Bull owned teams are safe (but Red Bull will have to cut the spending by around 30%), Key Achat Acomplia. Williams does not seem to be planning any exit either - Williams CEO Adam Parr:

"Williams would never choose to leave Formula One. Key Achat Acomplia us, So long as we can rub together a few pennies and put together a half-decent budget, we are going to go racing. If we have to tailor what we spend to a lower income, then we'll do that. To me, Key Achat Acomplia india, it's just completely illogical to talk about Williams leaving Formula One. Key Achat Acomplia, We believe that our position is pretty much different to all the other teams because every other team in Formula One is primarily dependent on one of its shareholders that is providing either all or a very high proportion of the income for the team. That shareholder is in Formula One primarily for marketing reasons. They can at any time decide that the cost-benefit ratio of leaving Formula One makes sense. 40mg Key Achat Acomplia, The difference with Williams is that we don't have a choice about being in F1, that is what we do."

Couldn't have said it better, quote of the week ... Adam Parr however also expects one more to go:
"I believe that we probably will lose another team before the beginning of next season and there is a very high chance it will be a manufacturer."

The only two teams keeping radio silence on Honda's exit are Force India and Renault... I wonder if they have nothing to say or they are trying to say something by saying nothing, Key Achat Acomplia.

Meanwhile the search for buyers of 2009 front running team to be (AKA Honda) is in full swing, 250mg Key Achat Acomplia. If Nick Fry and Ross Brawn don't have any ideas where to look all they need to do is to browse the F1 sites on the web for ideas. Martin Leach and DIC (Super Aguri buyers to be), David Richards (Prodrive boss and ex boss of BAR Honda) and even Citroen/Peugeot were connected with purchase of Honda's F1 operation. Key Achat Acomplia craiglist, David Richards keeps an open mind but he is far from making any hurried decision:

"I'm keeping an open mind. Key Achat Acomplia, You could say that the facilities Honda have make it an attractive proposition but I disagree. The overheads are not what would be needed in an age when Formula One is cutting costs. I won't rush into anything."

Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix: Race

Exit of Honda also immediately sparked speculations about future of Jenson Button and Bruno Senna. No one seems to care about Rubens Barrichello any more ... Button is said to be open to any offer that would keep him racing in F1 (what a surprise !) and was even connected with a test with Toro Rosso. Toro Rosso however issued a statement that their selection of 2009 drivers will not be affected by Honda developments Honda is ready to release Button from his rather fresh multimillion contract, Brawn and Fry hope Button will stay and race with the team formerly known as Honda F1 racing, Key Achat Acomplia. Bruno Senna says is either racing in F1 or one more season in GP2.

Here are the links to other posts on Honda exit from F1.

So, Honda is out of Formula 1, what’s next ?
Are the manufacturer teams actually good for Formula 1 ?
From end of Tyrrell to end of Honda - Honda’s latest F1 odyssey in pictures
Two out, nine to go - How will 2009 Formula 1 grid look ?

And here is one by doctorvee that I really recommend .

Honda’s withdrawal in context

And finally the reminder - the voting for the 2008 F1 Driver Of The Year enters the final week. After almost 800 votes it is still very close between Hamilton and Alonso. Click here for more on the voting .

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Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment

Toro Rosso Sebastian Vettel Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment, Only about a week ago an annoucement finally came from Super Aguri. 750mg Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment, The unofficial Honda B-team has been acquired by the Magma group. No details have been made public yet but the news emerged that major staff reshuffle and change of the name for the team is planned shortly, Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment craiglist. 250mg Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment, Today Dietrich Mateschitz confirmed what newspapers have been speculating about for months - the Scuderia Toro Rosso, the Red Bull's junior team is up for sale, Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment australia. 150mg Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment,

"It is not a big secret that we have put Toro Rosso on the market. For the start of 2010 there will be a rule change and there will be no more synergy regarding design and construction of cars between Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso, Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment. There I see the necessity that we continue with one team only, Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment coupon. Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment mexico, We will not sell Toro Rosso during the 2008 season, but it will be before 2010."

Other than saying that he would sell only to a quality buyer he did not reveal much, Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment uk. Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment usa, In the past the team was linked to A1 chairman Tony Teixeira and even Michael Schumacher :-) . The sightings of Roustam Tariko and Gerhard Berger in Melbourne sparked rumours the Russian businessman may be the one looking to buy, Terramycin Tetracycline Ophthalmic Ointment canada.

This along with the Prodrive fiasco means the end of customer cars and the B-teams era in Formula 1 is near.

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Generic Colchicine

Aguri Suzuki Generic Colchicine, With Prodrive expected to enter the F1 from coming season, it looked that finally F1 can have a full grid of 12 teams and 24 cars. The last time F1 was close to having 12 teams was in 2002, the year when Toyota entered. However Prost went out of business during the winter and Arrows cars were last seen in Germany 2002, 250mg Generic Colchicine. With 5 races to go in 2002, the grid that promised to have 24 cars has shrunk to 20. 20mg Generic Colchicine, Now Max Mosley is not convinced there will still be 11 teams in Formula 1 by the end of the 2008 season. When asked whether Super Aguri will appear on the start of Australian GP in Melbourne in little over 6 weeks, he said:

"I wouldn't like to stake my life on that, Generic Colchicine. I think so, but you can't be certain."

But when asked if he is confident that all eleven teams will contest the entire 2008 F1 championship, he allegedly said to PA Sport:
"Not very."

The team in question is no doubt Super Aguri, 150mg Generic Colchicine.

They are the only team left yet to confirm their 2008 drivers and the only team yet to announce when their new car is coming. They lost their title sponsor half way through the 2007 season after not getting paid for half the time they actually had the SS United logo taking up the space on their cars. 1000mg Generic Colchicine, The only significant backer they have is Honda, and the only reason for them to create and back Super Aguri was to keep Sato on the grid (after dumping him to make room for Rubens Barrichello).

There have been rumours confirming sale of the stake in the team to Alejandro Agag Generic Colchicine, (major shareholder in Campos GP2 team, now renamed to Barwa International), but these were swiftly denied by Super Aguri team. In an interview with El Mundo Adrian Campos (the Campos team boss and former manager of Fernando Alonso) himself denied any moves by his team to F1 in the near future:

"The public opinion is that we should make the move into the top category, but right now our main priority is to get in the fight for the GP2 title, 500mg Generic Colchicine. There is no doubt that we will look at any possibility that may arise, but it's not always possible. 50mg Generic Colchicine, Formula One is very complicated and right now it's very closed."

Many were impressed and happy for the small Japanese team when they scored their first points in only their second season on the grid (when they struggled for bigger part of their first one with 5 years old Arrows chassis). But one has to see that they achieved it by running the race winning 2006 Honda car. Now the legality of such arrangement is under question and casts doubts over the team's future, Generic Colchicine. They need sponsors or investors other than Honda, but in their uncertain situation it is difficult to see who would splash out the big bucks they need, Generic Colchicine ebay.

Dave Richards recently ditched his F1 plans with Prodrive and does not seem to be ready to revive them anytime soon, unless the customer cars are legalized. Generic Colchicine overseas, He however hints at an option to buy an existing team:

"I haven't got the time to spend or the finances to invest in a start-up. A start-up will take five years to get right and get competitive, and that is not even winning Grands Prix. Generic Colchicine, I don't believe that is viable. There might be a possibility of acquiring one of the teams in the future and coming in at that level, Generic Colchicine canada, but the solution we came to of acquiring a complete package from a team was the only viable solution."

No matter what, Agag, 10mg Generic Colchicine, Campos or Richards say now, they would no doubt at least look into the opportunity to get into F1 should one of the current teams go for sale. But would they consider buying Super Aguri . What would they gain besides the F1 entry . When Jordan, Minardi and Jaguar went up for sale, they had the infrastructure and cars. Super Aguri may have some infrastructure, but the team has no car of their own ... How different would that be from Prodrive's situation .

Are we on for repeat of 2002, season that promised 24 cars grid and ended up with 20 .

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Colchicine Injections

Colchicine Injections, Friday, April 28, 2006 - FIA president Max Mosley:

"Prodrive have the best combination of financial backing, technical capability and motorsport experience. The team are well known to the FIA through their participation in the World Rally Championship and Richards has experience as a Formula One team principal."

Fast forward to January 10, 2008 - Dave Richards:
"F1's new commercial agreement means that Prodrive will not enter the sport in the near future."

Two years ago there were 22 subjects bidding for the presence on Formula 1 grid. Eleven came from then existing Formula 1 teams, another eleven from F1 wannabies that included among others Prodrive, Colchicine Injections craiglist, Direxiv, Eddie Jordan, Paul Stoddart, Carlin Motorsport, Craig Pollock. All the existing teams, 20mg Colchicine Injections, including Super Aguri that was yet to make their own F1 debut were granted the entry to 2008 season. The only spot for a new team went to Prodrive.

There is no doubt that such an overwhelming interest in F1 entry was a result of new customer car rules advertised by FIA at that time, Colchicine Injections. The new rules did not materialize, Prodrive had no plan B and so 2001 is still the last season we had full 12 teams / 24 cars F1 grid. 40mg Colchicine Injections, So what now . With Prodrive now out of the game there is again a room for new F1 entry. It would be interesting to see what will FIA do. Colchicine Injections, With customer cars unlikely to become legal anytime soon FIA can't expect 11 subjects submitting bids for F1 entry now. I doubt that people like Stoddard or Jordan that were not able to keep their former teams on the grid would bid to enter F1 again under current conditions. FIA will not probably want to repeat the Prodrive fiasco and will not invite anybody to submit any bids until some sort of new Concorde Agreement is in place. Any F1 wannabies will likely also wait for the new Concorde Agreement before putting any F1 plans in place, 10mg Colchicine Injections. So, I do not see 12 teams on the grid anytime soon.

At the same time there still is a situation that there are 2 current teams pretty much using same model as Prodrive and racing .., Colchicine Injections. Last time Toro Rosso team build their own car was ... never ... 100mg Colchicine Injections, Once they took over the former Minardi, they ditched the Minardi car and began to use Red Bull. In 2006 it was 1 year old Red Bull chassis, in 2007 it was the 2007 Red Bull chassis only fitted with different engine. Colchicine Injections, Super Aguri entered in 2006 with 2002 Arrows chassis only beacause they were not able to find a way around the rules that quickly and could not run 2005 chassis. They did not bother at all ahead of 2007 season and simply repainted Honda's race winning RA106. "Surprisingly" they scored points .., Colchicine Injections ebay.

It would be ridiculous if these 2 teams are allowed to continue in F1 in this fashion and new ones are prohibited to do the same. Stopping them outright however would put them out of business. Super Aguri would have to go into new season with the latest upgrade of the 2002 Arrows car, Toro Rosso could do a bit better and use 2005 Minardi :-), Colchicine Injections. I am sure even Frank Williams does not want F1 with 9 teams and 18 cars. But something has to be done to make sure that either all teams are building their own cars or anybody can enter with a customer car. Colchicine Injections paypal, I do not think F1 is a place for customer cars. True, the cost of running F1 team is huge, but Williams vs Toyota comparison is an example that money is not everything. Colchicine Injections, True, it takes time and lots of money to build a new car from scratch, but F1 is about technical challenge. If someone is not ready to face it, better stay home, 50mg Colchicine Injections.

So where can some new F1 entries come from .

1) One of the few big car manufacturers not yet in the game may feel like blowing few hundred million a year. Volkswagen speculations never cease (not matter how strongly and how often the company denies any interest in F1), Hyundai also gets mentioned from time to time. At the moment however there is no sign of any new manufacturers entering F1 any time soon, Colchicine Injections. Colchicine Injections uk, 2) Someone confident enough will decide to build F1 team from a scratch. Would be difficult job, but as Super Aguri have shown, not impossible. Instead of running years old unused F1 chassis they can work with a chassis builders like Lola for example, get the engines from any engine supplier willing to supply or even get the last Cosworth V8 (still competitive thanks to the engine freeze), Colchicine Injections canada. The car would not be scoring podiums and wins anytime soon, but that is the situation big spending Toyota has been for years. Colchicine Injections, OK, this is extremely simplified version of a very difficult process, but doable. This actually was the original scenario of Midland, before they decided to buy Jordan and enter F1 that way. I doubt however this was the intention of any of the unsuccessful bidders 2 years ago...

3) Buy an existing team. This would not increase the numbers of teams on the grid but it may be necessary to keep current 11 teams on the grid. Toro Rosso and Super Aguri are the obvious targets, but sooner or later some of the manufacturers may get tired of spending hundreds of millions and never winning anything, Colchicine Injections. But any buyout or serious investment of Toro Rosso and Super Aguri is unlikely until their customer car situation is clarified and resolved. Who would want to invest in a team that may have no or only few years old cars to run ...

"The limit of 12 teams was imposed for safety reasons and circuit facilities. So, the number is unlikely to increase."

These were words of Max Mosley 2 years after 10 subjects lost out to Prodrive. Two years on the number is still unlikely to increase, but for different reasons...

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Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin

Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, From time to time FIA comes with some super smart cost saving idea. One that they planned to sneak into the new Concorde Agreement were the customer cars. FIA sold this idea as a sure thing. 750mg Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, It attracted 11 new Formula 1 wannabies. FIA selected Prodrive as the 12th Formula 1 team to join the current 11 from 2008 season. Here is a brief summary of what followed:

It looked like for the first time since the days of Prost and Arrows we may have full grid, Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin. Super Aguri and Toro Rosso seem to have also counted on the customer car era and did nothing to develop their own cars. Super Aguri team was not allowed to enter the F1 with an Honda clone in 2006, 30mg Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, so they opted temporarily for the most modern eligible chassis available - four years old 2002 Arrows. In 2007 however they simply painted 2006 Honda car in Super Aguri colors and immediatelly jumped from the back of the grid to midfield. Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin australia, Toro Rosso's were also not allowed to race same cars as Red Bull last season. Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, But, they did find a loophole in the rules, and used 2005 Red Bull car as it was developed not by Red Bull, but by a third party (long story made short - Jaguar + Ford + Red Bull = easy to make up third party). In 2007 it was all different story - Toro Rosso was all RB03 chassis fitted with different engine with different livery (even DC confirmed that). The old Minardi team were no longer the perenial backmarkers. That honour went to Spyker (aka Midland aka Jordan now Force India), Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin india, a team that kept developing their own chassis and even hired Mike Gascoyne. All of a sudden the former Jordan found themselves way behind former Minardi and a team that no one even thought of until Suzuka 2005. And as if this was not enough, were about to see 2 more McLarens badged as Prodrive on the grid .., Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin. 40mg Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, Well I am glad this will not happen. F1 is F1, in F1 teams build their own cars. If you can't do that go and check out GP2.., 10mg Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin. I am glad Frank Williams is standing firm on this one. Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, There probably needs to be some sort of compromise worked out with Super Aguri and Toro Rosso, unless F1 is ready for 18 cars grid, but these 2 should also be made to build their own cars in a year or 2. There are some options - give them grace period and let them race what they raced last year till then. 250mg Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, Or revert them to their last legal chassis and let them race and develop those till they come up with their own car. But stop this customer car nonsense in F1.

The other area where FIA decided to save money for the teams were the engines. It started with an engine a weekend rule, than an engine for 2 weekends, Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin. Last year we had the engines frozen as they were in Suzuka, 200mg Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, with few areas left open for improvements. Then few weeks back FIA dropped a bombshell - no engine development allowed at all and engines are frozen for 10 years. Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin craiglist, That means the cars will race in 2017 with same engines they have now. Wow ... Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin, Tony Purnell says that the 10 year freeze is good for F1. It will save the millions that teams spent on improving bits and pieces in the engine and cut their budgets to half. But at the same time he speaks about pretty much free hand in development of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS), 150mg Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin. Yes, these might be relevant to road cars, but then why is he kidding about reducing the cost . F1 teams will never save cost because of development freezes. They will not cut their budgets to half unless they are forced to with a well policed spending cap, Treating Parakeets With Diflucan And Nystatin. Ban them from developing engines, even if they do not have work on KERS, they will spend the money on aero... I admit I do not like this engine freeze idea. I somehow can't imagine there will be no development of the F1 powerplants for 10 years. I can't see this freeze will last that long (as the 1 tyre rule did not). But if I were to choose between customer cars and engine freeze, I would prefer the engine freeze, the lesser evil in my opinion ...

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Trazadone And Prozac

Trazadone And Prozac, With not much happening on the transfer market and no testing till next week it was team news and team rumours that made the headlines towards the end of last week and over the weekend.

The Alonso "no news" seems to be confirming my theory that nothing will happen until the Renault spy case is dealt with. We may still have few weeks before things start moving and drivers begin the final shuffle.

So, 10mg Trazadone And Prozac, let's get to Renault. With all the opinions being voiced there seems to be media pressure piling up for severe punishment for Renault. It looks like the only party that still says Renault should not be penalized is Flavio Briatore, Trazadone And Prozac. There are warnings coming from all over the web that FIA and Mosley may face serious backlash should Renault get away lightly. It is widely expected that Renault will be at least fined and will have some or all points taken away (and as a result will become McLaren's neighbours at the end of the pit lane next year). However as Renault already admitted to things that were never proven to McLaren in their case, 30mg Trazadone And Prozac, some (like GrandPrix dot com) even suggest a possibilty of a ban.

It gets interesting, some sites warn that Ghosn will pull Renault out of F1 if the are severely punished, 200mg Trazadone And Prozac, now we have others that warn that Renault actually can be banned :-). Trazadone And Prozac, And of course there are already solutions prepared for Renault for both possibilities. Ghosn will pull Renault out and sell the team to Prodrive. Or Renault gets banned and will remain in F1 using 3rd party identity - most likely their engine operation Mecachrome.

The fact that Renault just signed new 3 year deal with Mecachrome International however does not suggest Renault plans to quit F1 anytime soon... Mecachrome International has announced that it renewed its contract with Renault Sport, Trazadone And Prozac overseas, on an exclusive basis, for the manufacture and assembly of Formula One engines developed by Renault Sport.

"Renault Sport and Mecachrome have been collaborating for many years in the high performance motor sports sector, particularly in the Formula One World Championship, and have developed a long-term partnership based on their respective know-how and experience."

Prodrive no show in 2008 is now official, Trazadone And Prozac. It would be interesting to see how will FIA react to this. Trazadone And Prozac coupon, When Toyota delayed their entry by a year (2002 instead of 2001) they had to forfeit their USD11 million deposit. Prodrive applied for the entry under different conditions and with a game plan that is not workable any more. Will FIA accept part of the blame for the whole fiasco and simply give Prodrive extra time . Trazadone And Prozac, Or will they open a new round of applications for the 12th team clearly stating customer cars are not a way to enter .

Super Aguri, a customer car outfit whether they admit it or not, Trazadone And Prozac mexico, axed 30 jobs. For a company that only has 120 people on the payroll this is a major downsizing. The future of the team does not look exactly rosy, 250mg Trazadone And Prozac, especially should they be forced into building their own cars. There have been many rumours about possible investors or buyers, I would not be surprised if something happens rather sooner than later. Perhaps even before they confirm their drivers as new partner may want to have some say about who races for the team, Trazadone And Prozac.

Unlike Super Aguri, Williams seem to have fixed their immediate financial problems, 20mg Trazadone And Prozac. Frank Williams again sterssed that Nico Rosberg is not for sale and one of the reasons is, he does need the money as desperatelly as was the case year ago:

"How am I going to go with that to the people in the factory, and to the sponsors. 1000mg Trazadone And Prozac, I keep telling them that we want to be back up there at the top, and if I sold our best driver then I might as well sell the team. A year ago I might have weakened because we really needed the money. But this is no longer the case."

Oh, well, 750mg Trazadone And Prozac, there was an activity on the drivers market, Ralf Schumacher made himself available for McLaren :-) Oh, Ralf ...


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Clomid Late Ovulation

Clomid Late Ovulation, What many, me included, have suspected for long time has been confirmed. Prodrive will not make it to the grid for 2008 season. The customer car row, Clomid Late Ovulation us, the delays in agreeing on the new Concorde agreement are obvious reasons. This is what Dave Richards had to say to German Auto Moto und Sport magazine:

"There was a dispute about our eligibility. In addition, the new Concorde agreement has been repeatedly delayed, 150mg Clomid Late Ovulation. We asked the FIA to be able to start mid-way through the season: our request was rejected, Clomid Late Ovulation. So for 2008 there is not a realistic chance of there being a Prodrive formula one team.

Secondly, Clomid Late Ovulation coupon, we must wait for the new Concorde. Only then can we fully assess our options. Our ambition is still to be in formula one. Clomid Late Ovulation, But there was the risk of legal procedures because we wanted to use a customer car. As a result, Clomid Late Ovulation paypal, our entire business plan was put into doubt. So we have chosen to re-group instead of simply race ahead blindly."

Well, 250mg Clomid Late Ovulation, that's it then for 24 cars 2008 grid....

However the speculations started almost immediately about another way to F1 for Prodrive.

There are people who expect Renault to be looking for a way out of F1 if they are hit with a fine of McLaren proportions for their spy related crimes against McLaren. Some believe Carlos Ghosn may withdraw leaving Renault team with all it's infrastructure on the market, Clomid Late Ovulation. What would be the scenario, 100mg Clomid Late Ovulation. Well, the idea is Renault engines still could be supplied on customer basis through Meccachrome (where Flavio Briatore has some interests) and the team could be bought by Dave Richards' Prodrive. Clomid Late Ovulation ebay, Sounds likely .

The part about Renault's withdrawal can never be ruled out. Clomid Late Ovulation, Carlos Ghosn stated clearly that Renault will only stay in F1 for as long as it makes commercial sense. He may not find paying huge fines very commercially sensible ... But I doubt he would just snap the fingers and say "We are out!" The last thing he wants is to write off the entire value of the team, 200mg Clomid Late Ovulation. He is not a stupid guy. He would want to sell and get a fair value for the team. Could Prodrive offer that to Renault, Clomid Late Ovulation. Clomid Late Ovulation craiglist, That I find very unlikely, all the money that Prodrive have budgeted for their F1 entry was just enough to pay for a pair of cars, few engines, some spare parts and 100 or so staff .., 30mg Clomid Late Ovulation. Unless Prodrive teams up with another manufacturer, they can't afford Renault. And if another manufacturer looked into F1 entry, why would they need Prodrive. They could simply buy the team off Renault completely, including Flavio ...

So for now on we can erase Prodrive from our 2008 line up. There will be only 22 race seats available...


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Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy

So after wenting my disapointment with the latest issue of the F1 racing magazine Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy, I actually flipped the pages and read some stuff. There is an article on the customer cars issue and it is quite surprising that not much of what is said in there surfaced on the web so far.

So  what is it that F1 Racing has learnt .

There has been a meeting among the team principals on Saturday morning of the Brazilian GP at which Bernie said the following:

"It suited us (Bernie, 750mg Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy, Max) two years ago to foster and develop the idea  of customer cars. But we don't like the idea any more so I don't think it's going to happen."

Frank Williams must have been delighted to hear that. On the other hand a statement like that effectively kills of any chances for Prodrive to make it to the 2008 grid, Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy. 500mg Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy, Moreover Toro Rosso and Super Aguri would find it quite difficult to continue with their customer car ideas. According to F1 Racing these 2 teams were given 2 years grace period to continue with present arrangements after all the teams agreed. By 2010 however they will have to come up with their own cars. What the "present arrangements" means in reality is not clear, Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy usa. Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy, Toro Rosso used in 2007 season Red Bull's 2007 car fitted with Ferrari engine, so they could use 2008 Red Bull car next year. Super Aguri however were given 1 year old Honda this year. If this is considered a "present arrangement", Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy overseas, then Super Aguri will have to use this year Honda in 2008... And if that car comes with Rubens Barrichello as a free gift Super Aguri ... nice prospects for the coming season... They can at least hope they would be allowed to repaint the car :-)

Joking aside the teams allegedly also agreed on new revenue sharing system, Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy. Not only the Top 10 teams but or 11 should share the FOM revenue money, 30mg Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy. The top ten will get less and the 11th will get something instead of nothing. The Force India (aka Spyker) are reported to be the only team not in agreement. 150mg Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy, They are probably confident that they will not be the last on the grid next year ... Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy, While I think these may be sensible solutions something does not smell right in all this. First of all, F1 circles are not exactly known for making sensible decisions. Also it is difficult to believe that all the teams with so many different views and interests would come to so complex agreements that easy and in a course of one meeting on the race weekend Saturday morning, Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy canada. And even if all this is actually true, it is quite puzzling that has been pretty much zero information about this on the web so far. Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy mexico, It has been almost 3 weeks since the Brazilian GP ...

There is also nothing said about Prodrive, Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy. I may be getting ahead of myself but I do not see them making it on the grid next year. So what next then . Will they be penalized for not appearing in 2008, Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy us. Or will they be compensated instead for the change of the rules that prevented them from entering . Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy, Will they get extra time to adjust to the new situation or will there be new application and selection process for the 12th team on the grid .

And how does ralf Schumacher fit into all this . 1000mg Zoloft Prozac Wellbutrin Buy, Well, if indeed this really has taken part, he will be one of the disapointed parties. His masterplan to get Ferrari to supply Force India with customer cars and getting the race seat in one of them in return will not work now (source our beloved F1 Racing magazine). Toro Rosso has turned him down, McLaren does not want him, Super Aguri may have to take Rubens and Vijay Mallya is going to use brain instead of heart when selecting his drivers. He can't expect anybody to repat Toyota's blunder and again pay the big bucks for the wrong Schumacher ... He is out ...

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Augmentin And Cipro For Stds

Augmentin And Cipro For Stds, The 2007 season is over, at least the on track action, and after some short relatively quiet period, the rumour mill is picking up the speed again.

As it has been the case since pretty much the Hungarian GP, Fernando Alonso is in center of everything. The Ferrari connection is pretty much over for a time being at least. If he plans to race next year there seem to be only 3 options left for him - remain at McLaren, return to Renault or grab a seat at Toyota, Augmentin And Cipro For Stds craiglist. The McLaren option seems to be out of a question but who knows. Pedro de la Rosa has been giving some hints that this is exactly what may happen in the end, Augmentin And Cipro For Stds. But still there are not too many people that would bet on Alonso to stay put. (But there were not too many people whou would a week ago bet on Kimi to win the title.) The widely expected return to Renault has been downplayed by Alonso himself. When asked by Spanish radio station Cadena Ser whether Renault would be his first choice if he were to leave McLaren, Augmentin And Cipro For Stds australia, he replied - “Right now I’d say no”. This may be also be the reason for some weird words from Flavio Briatore. Augmentin And Cipro For Stds, Looking around the paddock the only decent (not a top) team with seats and money is Toyota. Why would he want to go to a team where everyone else failed . Challenge to be the first one to succeed . Why not, Michael Schumacher also went to Ferrari at the time the team was nowhere near the top.., Augmentin And Cipro For Stds canada.

Pedro de la Rosa has been also mentioned in relation to Prodrive. He said he is not interested and would prefer to stay in McLaren as a test driver, Augmentin And Cipro For Stds. I think he is only saying this knowing that Prodrive is very unlikely to feature on the 2008 F1 grid...

Few names not widely mentioned surfaced in past few days. Christian Klien has his eyes set on F1 drive next year with no desire to continue testing for Honda. He has tested for Spyker already but if Adrian Sutil stays (as he very likely will), Augmentin And Cipro For Stds japan, the competions for the second seat even at Spyker, sorry, Force India team will be fierce. Two Indian drivers Chandhok and Karthikeyan have their eyes set on the race seat here, Roldan Rodriguez also has been mentioned and he himself says he sees his chances for F1 drive at 80% (not specifically mentioning Force India but this is the only team he has been conencted with and tested for). Augmentin And Cipro For Stds, And there also is the ever confident Ralf Schumacher...

Vitaliy Petrov on the other hand claims, Augmentin And Cipro For Stds overseas, he is not interested in teams like Super Aguri, Spyker or Toro Rosso. He confirmed he received offers from these teams but he does not want to race for an outsider - "I don't want to hurry and don't think it's a good idea to sign a contract with one of the outsiders. If the team doesn't show results, 40mg Augmentin And Cipro For Stds, there will be no interest towards the team nor to its driver." Well, he may be right but then, look at Fernando Alonso - he started with Minardi and where did he get from there ...

Heikki Kovalainen would enjoy racing for McLaren if the swap with Alonso works out, but he made it clear that at the moment these are so far only speculations. At the same time he did say - "But honestly, we have been talking to many teams and all I can say is I have a contract with Renault until the end of the year, Augmentin And Cipro For Stds. We have to wait and see what the other guys do." Many teams he said .., 1000mg Augmentin And Cipro For Stds.

Nico Rosberg is the other guy still connected with a move to McLaren. Williams on the other hand may be the direction Vitantonio Liuzzi may be taking, but who know. Honestly - I hope he goes there and gets the chance to showcase his talent. Augmentin And Cipro For Stds, I believe he is much better driver than he is getting credit for. Augmentin And Cipro For Stds mexico, There is a question mark over future of few drivers that already have contracts for 2008. Rubens Barrichello future with Honda has been questioned. I hope he stays and gets a chance to drive a good Honda car next year. But if he goes, that would very likely mark the end of his F1 career. I do not see a seat for him, Augmentin And Cipro For Stds. Jarno Trulli has been another surprise addition to the drivers in doubt for 2008, 20mg Augmentin And Cipro For Stds. Glock and Nakajima are on Toyota's radar, not to mention Alonso...

No news on Giancarlo Fisichella. He is the one that should hope for the quick resolution of Alonso's future. Augmentin And Cipro For Stds, The longer he stays in limbo, the less time and chance for him to secure F1 driver for 2008. 150mg Augmentin And Cipro For Stds, I see the only option for him to be Williams if both their 2007 drivers leave. But there is Liuzzi and also Nakajima if he does not get the drive with Toyota. After the impressive Brazilian race he sure would fancy his chances.

According to the deadline declared by Ron Dennis, we have about a week or so to lear about the future of Fernando Alonso. Until then, all that is sure about the 2008 season is the calendar ...


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