2009 Formula 1 cars – Here comes the official Williams livery

Williams FW31

Williams FW31

A week after images of FW31 were released by one of William’s sponsors the team put their final version of 2009 livery on display. The livery is almost identical dark blue and white as that that we could see on Allianz website last weekwith most of the advertising space going to RBS and Philips.


Honda getting ready to test ? – Update – Managament buyout approved ?

GrandPrix.com now claims that “multiple sources” are confirming their reports that the management buyout of Honda Racing F1 has now been agreed and that Ross Brawn and Nick Fry will run the team, using Meredes Benz engines, Honda money – plus the money that comes from TV income, plus whatever sponsorship can be found. Jenson Button is said to drive one of the cars, Rubens Barrichello is said to be back in the picture if his experience outweighs the money Bruno Senna can bring. See full article here – Honda management buyout to go ahead

At almost the same time TimesOnline brought this exclusive pretty much confirming the management buyout – Exclusive: Honda saved from the Formula One scrapheap

Autosport claims that Honda Racing are getting ready to begin pre-season testing. There is no news on any buyers or takeover but according to autosport.com the team personnel have been instructed to get ready to go testing. Similar claims have been made by BBC.

More here – Honda preparing to test 2009 car and here Ex-Honda team closes on F1 return

Honda looking “good”, A1 boss wants his own F1 team and USF1 to make announcement today


How rosy all the things may seem after reading today’s headlines.

According to Autosport’s sources Honda’s F1 future is “looking good” (Honda meaning the F1 team). Mercedes-Benz (the engine supplier to be) will hold on as long as it can to make the deal happen. And the deal is to be management buy out involving both Ross Brawn and Nick Fry (although other people’s reliable sources predicted otherwise approximately 24 hours ago).


Williams FW31 – Final livery photos ?

Williams FW31

Williams FW31

Same as last winter I hoped Williams would keep the dark blue livery they used at and since their launch. It does look like however that the final version of their 2009 livery will again have a touch of white. Here are the photos that Ollie from BlogF1 discovered at Williams’ sponsor (Allianz) website, marked as FW31 …


Will Buemi make it in Toro Rosso ?


Sebastien Buemi will become the 5th Toro Rosso race driver since the team appeared on the grid in 2006. It will be interesting to watch what direction his Toro Rosso (and F1) carreer will take. People say that when there is a chance to race in F1 one has to grab as it may never ever come again. But grabbing the chance in wrong time in such an unforgiving team as Toro Rosso is may result in very short F1 career …


The Honda rumours summary post – Updated


There has been a lot of “news” and rumours surrounding the future of the Honda team these days. That had to be expected having in mind that we are now less than 40 days away from the start of 2009 season and the team’s future is yet to be sorted out. Here is brief summary and some thoughts on the takeover by Virgin Group talk.


Interview with Sebastien Buemi – video

Sebastien Buemi is at the moment the only confirmed rookie driver for 2009 Formula One season. Recently Red Bull released an interview with the young Swiss driver. Watch the video to find out about his feelings after being confirmed by Toro Rosso, the reaction in Switzerland, his thoughts on the team, on Sebastian Vettel, on F1 tracks and more … If for some reason you hear no sound, just click on the volume bars at the bottom right corner of the video to activate the sound.

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More on 10th and 11th F1 teams – Updated

Bruno Senna - On his way to F1 after all ?

Bruno Senna - On his way to F1 after all ?

Grandprix.com reported yesterday that the announcement that the team formerly known as Honda will be going ahead may be made soon. The yet to be named ex-Honda team is expected to be powered by Mercedes engines and Bruno Senna should come on board as Button’s team mate. The main backing is to come from former Williams’ partners Petrobras and Honda itself (for 2009 season only probably). Petrobas’ switch from Williams to Honda has been rumoured long before Honda announced their withdrawal from F1. The Petrobras connections was probably also a reason behind Honda testing Brazilian drivers Bruno Senna and Lucas di Grassi last November. According to grandprix.com additional finances are expected from one or two Senna’s personal sponsors (quick look at Bruno Senna’s personal website reveals names such as Embratel, Santander, Carglass, Hublot, Hilton Racing, Cavalera Jeans). We still have to wait and sea how relaible will grandprix.com’s sources prove to be this time. (Update: Other reports suggest that the financing has been secured but so far only for first four races of the season – see this article at The Guardian)


Red Bull RB5 Launch – Video

In case the still photos of RB5 are not enough, here is a video from the launch or Red Bull’s 2009 F1 car in Jerez. And watch out for the comic book :-) .

Webber and Vettel as comic heroes

There was supposed to be a video from the Red Bull launch appearing here but unfortunately somehow the something went wrong during the file conversion. I hope later today the video will be ready. If that happens you will see both Webber and Vettel browsing through some comic book. That comic book actually is the Red Bull RB5 launch press pack. And here are the parts featuring Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.


2009 Formula 1 Cars – Red Bull launches their RB5 – photos

Red Bull RB5

Red Bull RB5

Red Bull Racing unveiled their 2009 F1 car – RB5 – today in Jerez. The nose seems to be quite different from the other 2009 cars we have seen so far. Interestingly, the shark fin that many teams copied from Red Bull last year is missing on the Newey’s car. While the colour scheme is very similar to previous Red Bull cars the livery does seem to be more glossy this year, at least on these studio images. Generally the car does not look too bad considering the new regulations but I would not really call it a “stunner” …

More photos inside the post:


Red Bull introducing RB5 – animated video


Sitting at the airport having nothing to do has some advantages. Here is link I received by email short while ago from Red Bull – animated video explaining the evolution from 2008 RB4 to 2009 RB5. Commentary by Sebastian Vettel. And of course there are some sneak previews of 2009 Red Bull car designed by Adrian Newey.

Click here to watch on Red Bull site! or see the YouTube version within this post:



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