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[caption id="attachment_7299" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Only of two F1 ready operations will race next year"]Only of two F1 ready operations will race next year Flagyl Child Dosage, [/caption]

While there are four new F1 teams being built from the scratch (USF1, Manor, Campos META, Lotus) at least one of two established F1 operations is unlikely to make it to the 2010 grid. 250mg Flagyl Child Dosage, BMW has finally managed to do what they should have done right away - after the failed Qadbak deal they sold the team back to Peter Sauber. The problem is BMW decided not to sign the new Concorde Agreement and the team has lost its entry, 200mg Flagyl Child Dosage. 20mg Flagyl Child Dosage, Before they made up their mind what to do with the Hinwil operation FIA granted the 13th entry to Lotus ... All that Peter Sauber's team has now is the "14th" entry, Flagyl Child Dosage australia.

Toyota announced pull out of F1 shortly after the final race of the season, Flagyl Child Dosage. Flagyl Child Dosage paypal, That has created an opportunity for Sauber to get back. However Toyota still has the entry and apparently that can remain the case until they fail to show up in Bahrain .., Flagyl Child Dosage ebay. Flagyl Child Dosage japan, If Toyota's plan is to make some money out of their F1 operation they can continue to work on some solution until the very last moment. At the end, Flagyl Child Dosage us, 30mg Flagyl Child Dosage, under different circumstances and probably with different intentions, that is what Honda did last year .., Flagyl Child Dosage india. Flagyl Child Dosage, The difference was that Honda's failure to find a solution would not stop any other team from racing in 2009. Toyota on the other hand may end up preventing another solid F1 operation from racing next year ...

Peter Sauber is "very confident" his team will be on the 2010 F1 grid. The decision of Mario Theissen to stay with BMW Motorsport and leave Sauber team may be a sign that the future of the team in Peter Sauber's hands is safe now.

On the other hand there is Toyota with F1 entry in their hands offering know-how and 2010 car designs for sale and apparently talking some sort of collaboration with Stefan GP. There is also the matter of Concorde Agreement and possibility of penalty from Bernie Ecclestone for Toyota's failure to meet its obligations to F1 ranging anywhere from bottle of beer to 300 mil pounds, Flagyl Child Dosage. Lots of things going on while Sauber awaits ...

Obviously both FIA and FOM would want to prevent ending up with 24 cars instead of 26 only because one perfectly good F1 team causes another one to run out of time...

FIA is likely to announce the final 2010 entry list next week after World Motor Sport Council meeting. Let's hope that FIA will handle this matter better than BMW handled their exit from the sport ...

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Cipro Hc Otic

Cipro Hc Otic, [caption id="attachment_4377" align="alignnone" width="489" caption="Brawn GP BGP001 - The fastest car out there, for now"]Brawn GP BGP001 - The fastest car out there, for now[/caption]

When Ross Brawn and Nick Fry were talking up the future of their team following Honda's withdrawal announcement many people had their doubts. Yes, Honda F1 Racing did sacrifice 2008 season and focused on 2009, 750mg Cipro Hc Otic, yes, they had Ross Brawn at their helm. But over the years we got used to promises and words of high hopes coming out of Brackley whether it was during their BAR or Honda days. Most of the time however delivering on those promises was entirely different matter, Cipro Hc Otic uk.

Then came Barcelona test. Only few days after announcing formation of Brawn GP the team took their (at the moment) only car to the test track for the first time, Cipro Hc Otic. Jenson Button lead the time sheets for better part of day 1, Cipro Hc Otic mexico, Rubens Barrichello posted 3rd fastest time on day 2. On day 3 Button was quickest out there and the only one with the time in 1:19s. And then on the final day Rubens went even better pushing the car to 1:18.926 - a pace that even Autosport brands as "blistering".

The naysayers were out almost immediately, Cipro Hc Otic overseas, Flavio Braitore among them. Cipro Hc Otic, According to their opinion the pace displayed by Brawn GP is simply a publicity stunt to attract sponsorship. The blank sponsorless livery speaks for itself, Cipro Hc Otic india, right . There are suggestions that the team runs with very low fuel levels and that perhaps it is even underweight (not illegal during testing) to help them get to the top of the timesheets.

Then there is other group of people who believe that the car's pace is genuine, Fernando Alonso among them, 150mg Cipro Hc Otic. There is no doubt that both Barrichello's and Button's fastest laps were achieved in qualifying trim. But the fact is the car is quick and reliable straight out of the box, Cipro Hc Otic.

Ross Brawn himself is pleased (extremely) with the performance but also says the car is where they expected it to be:

"We are extremely pleased with the inaugural test of the BGP 001 car in Barcelona this week. 40mg Cipro Hc Otic, The team made a very late start to our pre-season testing programme with only seven days in which to run the car before the first race in Melbourne, therefore our focus has been on reliability and achieving as much mileage as possible. Both of these aims have been successfully achieved this week. That the car has run so reliably 'out of the box' is a tribute to the strong team that we have at our factory in Brackley and they have done a great job during a very difficult period, Cipro Hc Otic craiglist.

The car is performing to our expectations and the feedback from Jenson and Rubens has been positive with both drivers completing full race distances."

Cipro Hc Otic, The mind games are definitelly on and it is very difficult to make anything out of the test times. Despite the slow times posted by McLaren how many people actually believe that McLaren MP4-24 will turn out to be back of the grid car .

Back in 2001, 250mg Cipro Hc Otic, Prost AP04 posted some impressive times during winter testing, they seemed to be right there with the big guys. But those times came at price, their only aim was to impress and attract funding, 500mg Cipro Hc Otic. Jean Alesi:

"I understood that because I understood the importance of funding. But the time came when we had to stop that, and initially the team did not want to, Cipro Hc Otic. But we were just fooling ourselves. We had to go back to running with a high fuel load to develop the car the way all the other teams do, not with 15 kgs."

The team ended the season with 4 points only and went bankrupt during the next winter.

Back in 2004 however BAR Honda cars were very quick during the winter and they kept their pace during the season too. Bad luck that the built their best car in the same year when no one could match Ferrari. Still, BAR Honda winter form turned into great year for them. Although without a race win the team finished second in contructors championship (119 points) and Jenson Button 3rd in drivers championship (85 points).

It will be interesting to see what kind of season will 2009 turn out to be for Brawn GP, will it be the 2001 Prost or 2004 BAR Honda scenario ?



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Prozac And Cocaine

The same day the takeover of Honda F1 by Ross Brawn has been announced Prozac And Cocaine, Jenson Button took the new Mercedes powered BGP001 to the Silverstone track for shakedown. The team has released some photos - click here to view. The car is rather disappoitingly all white with some touches of black and flourescent yellow, 20mg Prozac And Cocaine. There are some rumours flying around the web that the final livery will be metallic blue with red and white touches but I am not sure based on what those rumours are founded. Prozac And Cocaine japan, This is what Ross Brawn had to say when asked about the livery:

We are very pleased with the new livery, which was designed for simplicity to reflect our current position at the inception of Brawn GP. Black and white seemed a natural place to start and the fluorescent yellow gives it a more striking touch of visibility, Prozac And Cocaine. It’s very different to any other car on the grid.

Frankly I do not see any hint the livery will change before the season begins.., Prozac And Cocaine us.

The livery at the moment does not sport any sponsor logos other than the compulsory Bridgestone logos. 50mg Prozac And Cocaine, There were also no logos visible on Jenson Button's helmet.

When it comes to the car itself I must say the car looks rather nice even when viewed from the front. Prozac And Cocaine, We may get some first ideas about how good the car is next week when the team joins the others in Bacelona for testing. But for me it would be up there with Ferrari, Prozac And Cocaine uk, Red Bull and McLaren among the best looking 2009 F1 cars. 30mg Prozac And Cocaine, Here is what Ross Brawn had to say about their plans for the near future:

"We have conducted an initial shakedown of the car at Silverstone today and both the car and team are now heading to Barcelona where we will participate in the full team test at the Circuit de Catalunya on 9-12 March. Later next week we will head down to Jerez in Spain for a further three day test on 15-17 March. We obviously have a significant test programme to work through and this will require our full focus."

"The biggest hurdle we faced was being in a position to race in Melbourne and we will now be able to achieve that target, Prozac And Cocaine australia. Initially we may experience some reliability issues resulting from the lack of track testing but we feel we have a good car and we hope that our performance will be respectable. 200mg Prozac And Cocaine, We are confident in the fundamental design principle of our car and look forward to the opportunity to develop it further as the season progresses."

Ross Brawn also made clear who owns the team:
"Quite simply, I have purchased the team from Honda. As the owner I will continue to be supported by the incumbent management team, 100mg Prozac And Cocaine, who have worked closely with me throughout the sale process and will continue to do so in the future."

I am not sure how much should we read into this, 1000mg Prozac And Cocaine, but the name Nick Fry again did not come up ...

See here the BrawnGP photogallery .

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[caption id="attachment_4246" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Nick Fry"]Nick Fry Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis, [/caption]

Nick Fry resurfaced today in Geneva at the FOTA press conference. And although there is still no official announcement on the future of his team he more less confirmed the team has survived (thanks to FOTA) and that the official announcement is coming soon:

"There is an announcement due shortly.., 200mg Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis. 100mg Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis, that is all I can say."

"I think it is correct to say that our team has and will benefit in the future from FOTA in two ways. The first one is clearly the cost reductions will help us enormously in our challenges the team will face in the next two or three years, Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis paypal, 250mg Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I think as important as the cost reduction is the level of support that we have received from all the teams."

"There has been an enormous amount of activity behind the scenes, everyone on the stage here has helped us preserve our team and I think myself and Ross and our 700 employees all thank them for that, Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis uk. 50mg Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis, So the answer is yes (the team would have died without FOTA)."

Well, is he sure about those 700 employees full of thanks, 10mg Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis. Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis us. 500mg Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis. Colchicine Rheumatoid Arthritis mexico.

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[caption id="attachment_4228" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="One more season for Rubens Barrichello ?"]One more season for Rubens Barrichello ? Usages For Diflucan Pill, [/caption]

When it comes to Honda F1 it is still difficult to separate rumours from the real developments. But the news coming out in last few days seem to suggest that:

- the team will be renamed to something close the Brawn Racing
- as expected Jenson Button will drive one of the cars
- as perhaps not that expected Rubens Barrichello will drive the second

As reported in many places already the domains brawnracing.com and brawnracing.co.uk were registered last week by Caroline McGrory, the team's legal counsel, Usages For Diflucan Pill usa. Confirming that information is very easy, 250mg Usages For Diflucan Pill, this is what a quick domain search reveals:

Caroline McGrory, 28 The Hall Close, Rugby, Usages For Diflucan Pill overseas, Cv22 6NP, Usages For Diflucan Pill japan, UK


Created on: 2009-02-25
Expires on: 2011-02-25

Administrative contact:
Easily Limited, 3rd Floor, Prospero House, 100mg Usages For Diflucan Pill, 241 Borough High Street, 30mg Usages For Diflucan Pill, London, SE1 1GA, UK

Technical contact:
Easily Limited, 200mg Usages For Diflucan Pill, 3rd Floor, Usages For Diflucan Pill canada, Prospero House, 241 Borough High Street, London, Usages For Diflucan Pill craiglist, SE1 1GA, Usages For Diflucan Pill ebay, UK

Grandprix.com today reports that the same Caroline McGrory has been appointed Honda F1 Racing company secretary and expects the company name change in matter of days.

At the same time autosport.com claims to have learned that Rubens Barrichello has agreed a deal to race for "Honda". The contract is set to be finalized once the management buyout is officially confirmed.

GPUpdtade seems to have their sources close to the team too. And those sources confirmed to GPUpdate that the former Honda team will later this week set off for Barcelona for the final pre-season test.

If the above becomes reality it would mean that 19 out 20 drivers who raced in Brazil last year will be on the grid in Melbourne later this month.

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Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients

Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients, GrandPrix.com now claims that "multiple sources" are confirming their reports that the management buyout of Honda Racing F1 has now been agreed and that Ross Brawn and Nick Fry will run the team, using Meredes Benz engines, Honda money - plus the money that comes from TV income, plus whatever sponsorship can be found. Jenson Button is said to drive one of the cars, Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients india, Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients overseas, Rubens Barrichello is said to be back in the picture if his experience outweighs the money Bruno Senna can bring. See full article here - Honda management buyout to go ahead

At almost the same time TimesOnline brought this exclusive pretty much confirming the management buyout - Exclusive: Honda saved from the Formula One scrapheap

Autosport claims that Honda Racing are getting ready to begin pre-season testing, 500mg Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients. 750mg Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients, There is no news on any buyers or takeover but according to autosport.com the team personnel have been instructed to get ready to go testing. Similar claims have been made by BBC, Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients craiglist. Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients ebay, More here - Honda preparing to test 2009 car and here Ex-Honda team closes on F1 return . Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients mexico. Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients australia. 50mg Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients. Colchicine Use In 3000 Patients japan.

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Allergic Reaction Cipro

honda Allergic Reaction Cipro, How rosy all the things may seem after reading today's headlines.

According to Autosport's sources Honda's F1 future is "looking good" (Honda meaning the F1 team), 500mg Allergic Reaction Cipro. Allergic Reaction Cipro us, Mercedes-Benz (the engine supplier to be) will hold on as long as it can to make the deal happen. And the deal is to be management buy out involving both Ross Brawn and Nick Fry (although other people's reliable sources predicted otherwise approximately 24 hours ago), Allergic Reaction Cipro overseas. 1000mg Allergic Reaction Cipro, There are now only hours left to the expected announcement of USF1 team. Peter Windsor himself revealed some information in his interview for Speed TV yesterday (see video here) and according to Joe Savard they (Windsor and Anderson) finally achieved their investment goals two weeks ago, and have the money to do what we want to do, Allergic Reaction Cipro.

And as if we haven't had enough new F1 team news already A1 boss Tony Teixeira revealed (to autosport.com) his plans to enter F1:

"I was one of the guys talking to Honda in the last two weeks, Allergic Reaction Cipro usa. Allergic Reaction Cipro uk, We had done a deal on Spyker, but I let Vijay (Mallya) take it….We then went to Toro Rosso in November and all the (other) teams said 'no customer boss' so I had to walk away, 200mg Allergic Reaction Cipro. Allergic Reaction Cipro coupon, Today I'm in a completely different situation. I've built my own cars and designed my own chassis, 10mg Allergic Reaction Cipro. Allergic Reaction Cipro, I have my own factory. Allergic Reaction Cipro canada, So I'm not a customer boss. I can now build my chassis and run with a Ferrari engine. I'm now the same as everyone else."

He plans to locate his team near the Algarve Circuit in Portimao and he wants the A1 winners to make the step up to F1 through his planned team.

Hm... Honda to be saved for 2009, USF1 to enter in 2010, Teixeira's team perhaps having similar idea (he however  is only saying he can't commit to this year's budget). All of a sudden we are talking about possibility of having 12 F1 teams in very near future.

Well, perhaps, but let's first see if 10 teams can enter 2009 Championship and all the teams that enter this season also finish it ...

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Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin

honda-f1 Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin, There has been a lot of "news" and rumours surrounding the future of the Honda team these days. That had to be expected having in mind that we are now less than 40 days away from the start of 2009 season and the team's future is yet to be sorted out. Here is brief summary and some thoughts on the takeover by Virgin Group talk.

First the story came out that Senna will race and Petrobras with few Senna's personal sponsors would help to fund the team, 200mg Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin. This has been a false alarm. In contrary, Petrobras confirmed they will not sponsor the new team despite planned sponsorship of Honda F1 (before Honda's withdrawal), Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin. The company was only interested in cooperation with manufacturer and as all the manufacturers in F1 already have their fuel partners Petrobras is leaving F1 (at least for now). Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin ebay, Senna himself denied any deal with Honda is in place. He still hopes however he would get the chance with ex-Honda. He would however be ready to grab the opportunity should it come his way even if it meant jumping in F1 with almost zero testing mileage and racing around the wrong end of the pack. Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin, Around the same time Bernie Ecclestone himself has been also mentioned as one of the potential saviours of Honda F1 operation. While it is difficult to imagine Ecclestone putting his own money into the team he does have some potentially helpful financial tools in hand like for example advancing the TV money (as he did in Williams case), Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin canada.

Both the above rumours were linked to the management buyout of the Honda F1 team, the only option that seemed to be on cards despite the alleged dozen parties interested in purchase of the team. Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin uk, Some people who took the team to the back of the grid probably knew they would have no future there unless they get to own the team...

Then however new rumours begun to circulate talking about a last minute high profile bidder.

That high profile party is said to be Virgin Group of Richard Branson. Virgin so far made no official comment on this, Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin. Pitpass claims to have learned that it was not Virgin bidding for Honda but Honda (or the team management) contacting Virgin.

Will Whitehorn, 1000mg Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin, Virgin Group's Brand Development and Corporate Affairs Director:

"I don't think Sir Richard would be interested in all honesty as he has only been to a handful of F1 GPs and Virgin have never been a sponsor in that field. I don't think much apart from the fact that I believe Virgin Group was approached by Honda recently. 50mg Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin, I doubt the appetite will be that enormous given that Virgin recently took over sponsorship of the London marathon."

According to today's story from BBC it does look like Virgin Group is indeed one of the parties talking with Honda. Honda spokesman:
"We are negotiating with several buyers and one of these parties is the Virgin Group."
Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin, It is rather carefully crafted statement that does not really say much. Yes, it may mean that Virgin Group is interested in taking over Honda F1 team. But it may also mean that Honda contacted Virgin Group with "Would you be interested ?" question and is still waiting for some reply.., Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin craiglist. The only cause for optimism here is that unlike Petrobras, no one from Virgin came out so far to rule out any chance of them getting involved in F1. 750mg Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin, Of course it did not take long for further rumours surrounding the alleged Virgin bid to appear. Some are already connecting Takuma Sato with the race drive as he is sponsored by Virgin Atlantic Japan, Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin. There are also speculations about current top management being replaced by team lead by Adrian Reynard who's company designed the first BAR car and who still owns the land Honda's Brackley facility uses. These however may also be just rumours created only because both Sato and Reynard have links with Virgin and Branson...

And one final note - It is interesting that while Nick Fry has been the face behind the management buyout bid we haven't heard anything from Ross Brawn for quite a while, Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin mexico. As Pitpass mentioned few days back Ross Brawn has been silent since his claims the Ferrari engine supply (already ruled out by Ferrari) is very much a done deal...

Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin, Update February 19, 2009:

Fresh words from Honda - spokesman Hiroyuki Murase to The Associated Press:

"It's true that we are pursuing several potential buyers. But the team may still have to be disbanded if the negotiations fail."

Words from Bernie Ecclestone on the management buyout and the possible Virgin arrival in F1:
"I know about the management buyout. 250mg Mass Spectroscopy For Amoxicillin, But if Virgin are interested and people say they want the same management, then that's great too."

"We would welcome them with open arms. He's exactly the type of person we would want in the sport. Sir Richard Branson is a wonderful guy. I met him at Monza last year and we got on very well."

In the meantime the word is that Mercedes wants to see the money for the season long engine supply and the deadline is said to be this coming Monday.

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Synthroid Reaction

[caption id="attachment_3983" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Bruno Senna - On his way to F1 after all ?"]Bruno Senna - On his way to F1 after all ?[/caption]

Grandprix.com reported yesterday Synthroid Reaction, that the announcement that the team formerly known as Honda will be going ahead may be made soon. The yet to be named ex-Honda team is expected to be powered by Mercedes engines and Bruno Senna should come on board as Button's team mate. The main backing is to come from former Williams' partners Petrobras and Honda itself (for 2009 season only probably). Petrobas' switch from Williams to Honda has been rumoured long before Honda announced their withdrawal from F1, Synthroid Reaction ebay. The Petrobras connections was probably also a reason behind Honda testing Brazilian drivers Bruno Senna and Lucas di Grassi last November. According to grandprix.com additional finances are expected from one or two Senna's personal sponsors (quick look at Bruno Senna's personal website reveals names such as Embratel, Santander, Carglass, Hublot, Hilton Racing, Cavalera Jeans), Synthroid Reaction. We still have to wait and sea how relaible will grandprix.com's sources prove to be this time. 200mg Synthroid Reaction, (Update: Other reports suggest that the financing has been secured but so far only for first four races of the season - see this article at The Guardian)

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="USF1 - Looks like they mean business"]USF1 logo[/caption]

Only about a week ago rumours broke out about new F1 team being formed in the United States with intention to enter F1 from 2010 season. I was not the only one having serious doubts about that story. But less than 10 days on it does look like the people behind this team mean business. Here is what Peter Windsor had to say to Speed TV:

Synthroid Reaction, “Ken Anderson and I have been looking at the possibility of designing and building an F1 car in the USA for the past four years” said the former Williams and Ferrari team manager. “So I guess the real surprise is that we were able to keep it quiet for so long, 40mg Synthroid Reaction. The news broke this week but the real announcement is going to be live on SPEED, potentially on Feb 24.”

“Since the leak, Synthroid Reaction mexico, the response has been overwhelming – and we’re speaking of millions of fans here, plus people in the industry and the media. Of course there will be the usual cynics but right now it feels as though we’ve got maybe ten people against us and 10 million for us.”

“Of course it’s not easy raising money in the recession. Having said that, 250mg Synthroid Reaction, the recession is all about adapting to changing times and re-setting the boundaries. That is what we are going to with USF1 – and that is what the FIA are doing with the F1 rules, Synthroid Reaction. We know that we’re primarily in the entertainment business and so every aspect of USF1 will reflect that.”

Thanks to Sidepodcast tweet I found and read Dieter Rencken's article at autosport.com that makes lots of sense of the USF1 project. 10mg Synthroid Reaction, I do recommend reading the whole story, the access to the article however requires subscription. Here is summary of some interesting points Rencken made:

- While Charlotte offeres all the technical facilities (incluidng the Wind Shear wind tunnel) required to build an F1 car the university in Clemson (an hour's drive from Charlotte) is first-class and offers all the necessary facilities required to undertake aerodynamic and vehicle dynamic calculations. The Wind Shear is believed to be the best wind tunnel in the world, Synthroid Reaction canada. Synthroid Reaction, - The F1 calendar these days comprises of three parts - four Asian flyaways, nine races in Europe, a final four flyaways. This makes the logistics for USF1 simple - design and build in the USA, move to Europe for testing, 100mg Synthroid Reaction, four flyaways in a row, back to Europe, final block of four flyaways, end of season, 500mg Synthroid Reaction. Not that much difference compared to European based teams

- The US is likely the most important market for BMW, Mercedes, Synthroid Reaction japan, Toyota and Ferrari. With no USGP currently on calendar association with USF1 team may be what the F1 remaining car manufacturers may actually fight for. Chances of USF1 team eventually getting engines and some technical support for free are not small.

- And then there are Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson

The official USF1 team announcement (as mentioned in the interview for Speed TV) is expected on February 24.

Update: Daniel from F1Bloggen spotted that there is a countdown to the launch running now at USF1 website.

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Differences In Erythromycin

[caption id="attachment_3808" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Bernie has spoken again"]Bernie has spoken again Differences In Erythromycin, [/caption]

We haven't heard too much from Mr. Ecclestone since his FOTA and FIA shelved his medals idea. Differences In Erythromycin us, But he is back. Last week he told us what teams he would not want loose, later last week he confirmed he advanced payment of £14.5 million to Williams to help to balance their books, Differences In Erythromycin uk. Now he came with an alternative to cost cuts -  letting the manufacturers spend whatever they want. At a price of course, long term commitment to F1 that could prevent the 2008 Honda scenario:

"I always said we should give all those fancy engineers gold-plated consoles and send them off somewhere to play, Differences In Erythromycin. Differences In Erythromycin craiglist, That's all they do anyway and it would be far cheaper. We could get the real job done. If the manufacturers are prepared to make a long-term commitment, 250mg Differences In Erythromycin, say seven to 10 years, 100mg Differences In Erythromycin, we should let them spend what they want to spend, providing they supply engines and gearboxes at an affordable price. Whether they will commit to that I don't know. Getting them to agree on anything has always been the problem, 30mg Differences In Erythromycin. But if they did it would prevent the kind of thing we have seen with Honda because we could sue the arse off them if they left. They wouldn't like that."
Differences In Erythromycin, I see the logic behind this idea but I am not sure if at this time spending sky high amounts is what the manufacturers are after (although I am sure the engineers would not mind) ...

But while suggesting an option for manufacturers to spend freely he does not seem be to be convinced that spending the big bucks on KERS development was such a good idea:

"I have always been against KERS. 20mg Differences In Erythromycin, Whatever they use in F1 they won't use in a road car, but if that is to be the idea then why not develop it in touring cars. It costs a lot of money when we are trying to save it."

Has he ever mentioned this to Max Mosley, Differences In Erythromycin india.

He also made 2 statements on the 2009 grid following the departure of Honda. To Daily Telegraph he said:

"We are not pessimistic in the slightest, Differences In Erythromycin. 10mg Differences In Erythromycin, Nine teams won't make any difference. It is about drivers, not teams, Differences In Erythromycin usa. Young [Sebastien] Vettel is fantastic. I think he is super talented and ballsy. It would be interesting if we could see him in the same car as Lewis Hamilton. Just as it would have been to see Senna and Schumacher in the same car."

Then to DPA he clarified how the 9 teams grid might work:
"If the manufacturers supply engines to other people, they can run three cars themselves. It is better to have 20 cars on the grid, whether they are in the hands of manufacturers or in private hands, that doesn't make any difference."

I am wondering what would happen to the drivers' market if all of a sudden an extra Formula One race drive with Ferrari and McLaren became available for 2009 ...

Photo: Renault/LAT

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Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="BMW Sauber F1.09 and F1.08 side by side"]BMW Sauber [/caption]

Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules, Most of Formula One fans knew that the 2009 Formula One cars will be quite different than their predecessors. 200mg Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules, But as teams kept their ideas to themselves we could all only guess how the new cars will look.

I summarized all the main differences between 2009 and 2008 cars back in August in the post 2009 Formula 1 cars look - The most obvious differences. Around the same time this 2009 F1 car visual appeared all over F1 forums:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="2009 Formula 1 Car Visual"]2009 F1 car visual[/caption]

The 2009 Formula One cars do look very much like the car on this picture, Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules usa. Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules india, Whoever created the above visual did some impressive job !

I myself expected the cars to be much leaner than the mean looking beasts of 2008. But when I saw the new cars I was quite surprised by the very basic look of the chassis, 1000mg Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules. The rear wings look quite the way I though they would, Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules. 250mg Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules, The look of the front wings however did suprise me. I expected them to be more like the F1 wings back in early 1990s, 750mg Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules, 50mg Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules, only wider. But the 2009 wings came out really are massive, Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules overseas, 30mg Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules, especially on cars like BMW Sauber or the on Honda (tested in Barcelona in November). At least some teams, Types Of Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules canada, like McLaren and Ferrari, gave them some elgant curves.

Here are some of the 2008 and 2009 cars side by side:


[caption id="attachment_3757" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="F60 vs F2008"]F60 vs F2008[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_3758" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="MP4-24 vs MP4-23"]MP4-24 vs MP4-23[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_3759" align="alignnone" width="478" caption="F31 vs F30"]FW31 vs FW30[/caption]

BMW Sauber

[caption id="attachment_3761" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="F1.09 vs F1.08"]F1.09 vs F1.08[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_3762" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="TF-109 vs TF-108"]TF-109 vs TF-108[/caption]

So do they look like you expected them to look ?

Photos: Daimler Media, BMW Motorsports, Ferrari, Toyota Motor Corporation, Williams/LAT,


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Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment

honda-dreams-over Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment, There was not much talk about more teams leaving Formula One for quite some time. The cost saving measures seemed to have done the trick. But last few days the F1 exit talks surfaced again. The 2009 season seems to be the make or break for Toyota, Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment us. Some fresh rumours surfaced also about future of Renault (not sure how much of this is true and how much is made up), Pitpass also raised some concern about Force India finances ... Well, in market conditions as we see right now, there is always the possibility of somebody following Honda and exiting F1, Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment. Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment paypal, Bernie Ecclestone already told us whom he would miss and whom he would not want to loose:

"It's bad for me to say this, but the only team we would really say we would miss is Ferrari. I wouldn't want to lose McLaren for sure. I wouldn't want to lose Williams."

Looks like he would not miss the car manufacturers that during the past decade took the sport over .., 150mg Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment.

I myself still can't make up my mind whether manufacturers are good for F1 or not. Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment, But the above words from Ecclestone made me think too about what F1 teams I would and what teams I would not miss on the grid.

I agree with Ecclestone about Ferrari, Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment usa, McLaren and Williams. These three teams started the most F1 races - Ferrari - 776, McLaren - 648, Williams - 517 (end of 2008 season stats) and since they entered F1 in 1950 (Ferrari), 1966 (McLaren) and 1977 (Williams) they never left (unlike some of the manufacturers), Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment uk. To me these 3 teams plus the races like Monaco or Monza or Spa are something that F1 should not loose. The moment one of three teams goes I would consider F1 to be in serious trouble. 200mg Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment, Will I miss Honda . No, I will not miss them as a team but not having Honda on the grid even as an engine supplier is a bit strange, Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment. The same would apply to Renault.

Would I miss Red Bull . Perhaps, 100mg Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment, they are different :-) .

Would I miss Toro Rosso . Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment, Not in its current guise. 10mg Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment, I would much rather see someone taking the team over and bringing Minardi back.

Would I miss Toyota . Not at all. I do not know why but I never got used to Toyota being a part of Formula 1, 40mg Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment.

Would I miss BMW, Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment. I can't really say, perhaps because as a team they haven't been around that long. Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment mexico, I think I will stay neutral on this one :-) .

Would I miss Force India . Well, perhaps I would not want to see the ex-Jordan team to go. Mycitracin Vs Erythromycin Vs Terramycin Ointment, But I can't really say I appreaciate its current Bollywood format or the fact that it is turning into sort of McLaren B-team ...

I do hope that F1 does not loose any more teams, on the contrary, I hope for the full grid of at least 24 cars that the current rules allow. But I also hope that the majority of the grid are teams with car racing as their primary reason to be in F1. And these days unfortunately that is not case ...

Whom would you do not like to disappear from F1 .

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2013 Teams and Drivers

Red Bull
1. Sebastian VETTEL
3. Fernando ALONSO
4. Felipe MASSA
5. Jenson BUTTON
6. Sergio PEREZ
8. Romain GROSJEAN
10. Lewis HAMILTON
12. Esteban GUTIEREZ
Force India
14. Paul di RESTA
15. Adrian SUTIL
16. Pastor MALDONADO
17. Valtteri BOTTAS
Toro Rosso
18. Daniel RICCIARDO
19. Jean Eric VERGNE
20. Charles PIC
21. Giedo van der GARDE
24. Jules BIANCHI

2013 F1 Calendar

15-17 March - Australia
22-24 March - Malaysia
12-14 April - China
19-21 April - Bahrain
10-12 May - Spain
23-26 May - Monaco
07-09 June - Canada
28-30 June - Great Britain
5-7 July - Germany
26-28 July - Hungary
23-25 August - Belgium
06-08 September - Italy
20-22 September - Singapore
04-06 October - Korea
11-13 October - Japan
25-27 October - India
01-03 November - Abu Dhabi
15-17 November - USA
22-24 November - Brazil


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