Keke Rosberg on BMW Sauber and Fernando Alonso

Not that long ago Fernando Alonso spoke about one team that have impressed him during the winter testing season – BMW Sauber.

“They are very fast with a lot of fuel. Sometimes you look at their times, and you see what they’ve done in stints of 25 or 30 laps. That is, with 60 or 70 kilos of fuel. They have surprised me the most in the last two or three tests.”

At the time when Alonso came out with this observation I haven’t heard anyone else, and that includes BMW Sauber people, to speak so highly about the BMW Sauber team.

Keke Rosberg (Nico Rosberg’s father and 1982 F1 World Champion) recently spoke with Sport Bild about BMW Sauber form ahead of 2008 season.

“We need to see what the true picture is. BMW have said very clearly that they want not just one but several wins. This is a very high goal. The jump into the class of the two top teams is enormous, complicated and expensive, and the question is whether BMW have made it.”

And here comes the interesting part:

“I know Alonso has spoken very highly of them, so either he wants a contract or, as a driver, he knows more than we do.”

Well, there is an escape clause in Alonso’s contract with Renault … Just kidding now :-) , but let’s talk 8 months from now.

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Final Goodbye to 2007 Formula 1 Season – All the screensavers

The 2008 Formula 1 season is just around a corner, the gap between now and Australian GP is already smaller than the summer break between Hungarian and European Grands Prix.

I have been posting screensavers from 2007 Formula 1 season during the winter break and I just realized that 3 of them still did not make it. So as a final farewel to the last season here are all of the 2007 Formula 1 screensavers, including the missing ones – Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Toyota.

Kimi Raikkonen 2007 Screensaver2007 Ferrari Screensaver2007 McLaren Screensaver2007 BMW Sauber F1 Screensaver2007 Renault F1 Screensaver2007 Williams F1 Screensaver2007 Red Bull F1 Screensaver2007 Toyota F1 Screensaver2007 Honda F1 Screensaver2007 Super Aguri Screensaver2007 Toro Rosso F1 Screensaver2007 Spyker F1 Screensaver

Bring on the 2008 F1 season !

Short memory and Christian Klien

Not that long ago Christian Klien packed up his bags and said bye bye to his testing job in Honda. These are his words:

“I will look everywhere to get back into a race seat again. The places at Honda are occupied and a further year as a test driver brings nothing. One year testing is useful but it is not a permanent solution.

There are very many open places but, first of all, everyone has to wait and see what Fernando decided to do – and that could be two or three weeks away. But, I know I want to go racing again!”

The mention of Fernando Alonso in this quote is clear indication that Mr. Klien said this sometime between Alonso’s departure from McLaren and his signing for Renault. In other words, not that long ago a test driver job was nothing for Christian Klien.

And then all of a sudden BMW Sauber announces signing up Christian Klien as their test and reserve driver and Estonian Marko Asmer as a second junior test driver.

What caused this sudden change ? Short memory ? The snub from Force India ? The threat of the military service (by the way, will Austrian military still insist he reports for duty ?) Or realization that getting out the F1 circus now may mean getting out for good ?

Congratulations to Marko Asmer ! ( Here is the link to photos from 2007 Macau F3 race, with some photos of Asmer, but also other youngsters with fresh F1 test jobs – Hulkenberg and Grosjean. )

BMW Sauber F1.08 unveiled in Munich

BMW Sauber 2008The launch season continues, BMW unveiled their 2008 challenger F1.08. The team hopes that this car will close the gap to Ferrari and McLaren and will enter the fight for some race wins. The car itself is an evolution of their 2007 car. The low triple-plane front wing is closer to McLaren design than to Ferrari and Toyota. But BMW Sauber seems to be following in the steps of Ferrari (and Toyota) – the F1.08 features the wheel fairings.

BMW Sauber 2008

BMW Sauber 2008

BMW Sauber 2008

The livery already sports the logo of BMW Sauber’s newest partner – T-Systems.

BMW Sauber 2008

Here is the list of the main new developments on new BMW Sauber:


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