Farewell to Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Formula One Tyres

Bridgestone Formula One Tyres

The upcoming 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is not only the drivers title deciding race but also for the foreseeable future the last F1 race for Bridgestone tyres. The Pirelli era (and not only in F1) will begin. Here is a brief look back at Bridgestone in F1.

Bridgestone tyres appeared in F1 for the first time in 1976. The first and for almost 20 years the only driver to use Bridgestones in F1 was Kazuyoshi Hoshino (Heros Racing). He entered only 2 races – 1976 and 1977 Japanese GPs. He retired from the first one because he ran out of tyres.

The proper entry into Formula One came in 1997 ending five years of Goodyear monopoly. Bridgestone supplied 5 teams in their first year in F1 – Arrows, Prost, Minardi, Stewart and Lola (although the MasterCard Lola team never really made it).

“We scored points in our first race and the first Bridgestone podium came in our second race. We even came very close to a win with Damon Hill in the Arrows Yamaha at Hungary so this was a very good debut for us.” – Bridgestone Motorsport Tyre Development, Hirohide Hamashima


2010 Prediction Game – Round 19 – Abu Dhabi GP

2010 prediction game abu dhabi

And here it comes – the final race of the 2010 season, the title deciding Abu Dhabi GP. It is time for round 19 of our prediction game – the last round of 2010 Prediction Game.

I haven’t yet decided if the game will be back next year so enjoy, there is a chance this may be the last round for quite a while.

The half normal half night race starts on Sunday November 17 at 5pm local time.

The predictions have to be placed before the start of the qualifying session (Saturday November 13, 6pm local time). As usual predictions can be changed, amended, there is no limit on the number of changes as long as they are made before the start of the qualifying. Predictions that arrive after the start of qualifying will not count.


Poll: What do you think about Red Bull’s “no team orders” policy ?

Red Bull 2010 Constructor Champions

Red Bull Racing - 2010 Constructor Champions

Red Bull Racing allowed Sebastian Vettel to win the Brazilian GP ahead of Mark Webber. As a result Mark Webber goes to the final race of the season 8 points behind Fernando Alonso instead of what could have been only 1 point gap. On the other hand this decision keeps Sebastian Vettel within 15 points – a gap that is definitely easier to close in one race than 22 points would be. The Red Bull story however did not end there. Dietrich Mateschitz came out on record ruling out team orders for Abu Dhabi and effectively leaving it to drivers to fight it out on track, even if that means loosing the drivers title to Alonso (or still remotely possible to Hamilton).

“To interfere with the drivers was never a possibility for us. The whole world condemned Ferrari after what they did in Hockenheim, but we have turned out as idiots because we did not act in this way. We never even thought about it as long as both our drivers remain in the hunt for the championship. It is not assured that Alonso will always be the lucky one. Abu Dhabi will be incredibly exciting and provide highest tension.

Sunday night we will know if we clinched the other 50 percent and have been successful or not. A second place under correct circumstances might be better than a win on grounds of orders and confirmations.”

What are the reactions ? Red Bull are either branded as insane fools or this position is taken as a proof that they simply only want the drivers title if it is won by Sebastian Vettel, better Alonso than Webber …

There do not seem to be too many people out there who actually accept the idea of a team owner not keen on winning the title if that means manipulating the outcome of the race.

So, what do you think about Red Bull and the way they are approaching the season finale ? Here is a little poll (RSS readers may have to visit the website to see the poll):

What do you think about Red Bull's "no team orders" policy ?

  • The team wants Vettel not Webber to win the title (51%, 59 Votes)
  • They are doing the right thing leaving it to drivers to fight it out on track (26%, 30 Votes)
  • They are insane fools (21%, 24 Votes)
  • I have no idea (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 115

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If the poll options are not enough, you can always leave a comment.

2010 Prediction Game – Round 18 Results

2010 prediction game brazil

Here are the results of round 18 of the prediction game. This was quite high scoring round and the scores could have been even higher if not for Mr. Hulkenberg’s pole on Saturday. The highest one belongs to JGH and Aienan 24 points, only a point less than the highest score of the season !


2010 Brazilian GP – Race result – 1-2 for Red Bull

Red Bull win in Brazil

Red Bull - 2010 Constructors Champions

Sebastian Vettel won the 2010 Brazilian GP ahead of his team mate Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso. This result means Red Bull are the constructors champions. The drivers title race is still on with Alonso, Webber, Vettel and Hamilton all still in the game. Bring on Abu Dhabi!

2010 Brazilian GP Race result:

1. Vettel
2. Webber +4.2
3. Alonso +6.8
4. Hamilton +14.6
5. Button +15.5
6. Rosberg +35.3
7. Schumacher +43.4
8. Hulkneberg +1 lap
9. Kubica +1 lap
10. Kobayashi +1 lap

2010 Brazilian GP – Qualifying – P1 Hulkenberg, Williams back on pole !

2010 Brazilian GP Qualifying

2010 Brazilian GP Qualifying - Hulk on pole

Nico Hulkenberg managed the best the switch from intermediates to slicks in Q3 and claimed the pole position, a second ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Mark Webber qualified on P3, ahead of Hamilton, Alonso and Barrichello. Kubica, Schumacher and Petrov complete the top 10.

2010 Brazilian GP – Qualifying Result

1. Hulkenberg – 1:14.470
2. Vettel – 1:15.519
3. Webber – 1:15.637
4. Hamilton – 1:15.747
5. Alonso – 1:15.989
6. Barrichello – 1:16.203
7. Kubica – 1:16.552
8. Schumacher – 1:16.925
9. Massa – 1:17.101
10. Petrov – 1:17.656


2010 Brazilan GP – Saturday Practice

Kubica Brazil Saturday

Robert kubica - Fastest on wet Saturday morning

Robert Kubica was fastest in the final (and wet) practice session for the Brazilian GP. Sebastian Vettel finished the session in P2 ahead of Hamilton, Massa, Alonso and Petrov. The chances are the qualifying may also be wet…

Saturday Practice Times:

1. Kubica – 1:19.191
2. Vettel +0.309
3. Hamilton +0.345
4. Massa +0.544
5. Alonso +0.600
6. Petrov +0.696
7. Buemi +0.818
8. Rosberg +0.865
9. Button +0.973
10. Barrichello +1.129

2010 Brazilan GP – Friday Practice

Sebastian Vettel Brazil 2010 Friday

Sebastian Vettel on top on Friday in Brazil

The Brazilian GP weekend has begun with the Friday practice session. Sebastian Vettel was the fastest driver in the morning practice half a second ahead of his team mate Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari drivers were almost 2 seconds behind.

Friday Practice 1 Times:


2010 Prediction Game – Round 18 – Brazilian GP

2010 prediction game brazil

F1 comes to Brazil for the penultimate race of 2010 F1 season. It is time for round 18 of our prediction game.

The race starts on Sunday November 7 at 2pm local time.

The predictions have to be placed before the start of the qualifying session (Saturday November 6, 2pm local time). Predictions can be changed, amended, there is no limit on the number of changes as long as they are made before the start of the qualifying. Predictions that arrive after the start of qualifying will not count.


2010 Macau GP – Intro and Formula 3 Entry List


Car on the crane - usual sight in Macau

There is still the 2010 F1 season to finish but the annual Macau GP (November 18-21, 2010) is also getting closer and closer. For those who may not know the street race weekend features the final round of FIA WTTC championship, Macau Motorcycle GP (definitely not suitable for fainthearted), Formula BMW Pacific, Macau GT Cup and few other support races. The star event however has since 1983 been the Formula 3 race (1983 winner – Ayrton Senna). The names on the entry list may not be the household ones yet but it may not take too long…

Since I started attending the Macau GP regularly I had the chance to watch in action guys like Bruno Senna (2007), Kamui Kobayashi (2007), Sebastian Vettel (2005), Lucas di Grassi (2005), Robert Kubica (2005), Adrian Sutil (2006), Jaime Alguersuari (2008), Sebastien Buemi (2007), Nico Hulkenberg (2007), Lewis Hamilton (2004), Nico Rosberg (2004).

In total 20 current Formula One drivers have raced in Macau GP F3 race (Kovalainen (2002), Trulli (1995), Button (1999), Webber (1997), Schumacher (1990), Heidfeld (1996), Barrichello (1991), Liuzzi (2002) and even Yamamoto (2001)). Macau GP is definitely worth watching.


2010 Prediction Game – Round 17 Results

2010 prediction game korea

Here are the results of round 17 of the prediction game. This was in general rather low scoring round thanks to several usual top ten finishers retiring from the Korean GP. Still score over 20 was necessary to win this round. The highest one belongs to Clive Einkamerer 21 points !


The F1 Firefighters – Heikki is no longer alone

Car on fire next to concrete wall… When there are no marshals on hand the drivers have to do the job. First there was Heikki Kovalainen in Singapore …

Heikki Kovalainen The Firefighter

Heikki Kovalainen - The Firefighter


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