One Day To Go Till The 2007 Formula 1 Photobook Lucky Draw

The response to the 2007 Formula 1 Photobook has been much better than I expected. I will be doing the lucky draw for 1 lucky winner tomorrow so you have one more day to enter the competition. Everybody who ordered the book either through comments or email or in person and at the same time is a subscriber to F1Wolf by email will be in the hat.
2007 F1 Photobook
I want to thank Shaun of The Biker Place and Keith of F1Fanatic for mentioning this book on their blogs !

My 2007 Formula 1 Photobook – One Will Go To Lucky Winner

This year I went a bit photo crazy. Few F1 races, new Nikkon and result is over 2000 photos on my hard disk. You can see some of them in the Race Photos galleries here, some I selected and made available for download in high resolution. Then I found the Blurb website and realized that it is very easy today to turn photos into a book. And that is what I have done. I selected 120 photos from my 2007 Formula 1 collection and arranged them into a 50 pages hardcover book.

I did it mainly for myself and for friends but it is available for anybody who might be interested.

F1 2007 Book Front Cover

This book is printed to order, piece by piece, but still at reasonable cost for a hardcover (otherwise I would not have printed it :-) ). The format is 10 x 8 inch (25 x 20 cm) and the book includes:

1) Photos of all the teams and drivers – always 4 small and one large photo – examples you can see attached. Only guy missing is Winkelhock. Sorry, I did not go to Nurburgring and missed his 5 minutes of fame.
2) Extra photos of the top 4 drivers – Raikkonen, Hamilton, Alonso and Massa
3) Cockpit close ups
4) Few “did not finish” cars
5) Photos of Barrichello’s colour changing helmet in 3 different colors
6) Photos of several drivers out of their cars
7) Few paddock and pit lane faces
8 ) Several photos from the pit lane
9) Few photos of cars after the race

Front cover features Kimi Raikkonen, back cover shows Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton
(more pictures inside the post)


2007 Formula 1 Photos – The Ultimate Download Collection

During the past month I published series of posts with the high resolution photos of all the teams and all the drivers (well almost, one driver is missing) of 2007 Formula 1 season for download.
Kimi 2 Hamilton 4 Alonso 2 Massa 6

For those who missed it, here are all the links:

Kimi Raikkonen
Lewis Hamilton
Fernando Alonso
Felipe Massa
Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica
Giancarlo Fisichella and Heikki Kovalainen
Nico Rosberg, Alex Wurz, Kazuki Nakajima
Mark Webber, David Coulthard
Jarno Trulli, Ralf Schumacher
Sebastian Vettel, Scott Speed, Vitantonio Liuzzi
Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello
Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson
Adrian Sutil, Christijan Albers, Sakon Yamamoto

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Macau GP 2007 Motorbikes Video Highlights

For motorbike racing fans here are some highlights from the 2007 Macau motorbike race. The video is silent for the first about 6 minutes, then the sound comes on. The whole video runs for over 20 minutes. Those who understand motorbike racing can appreciate how dangerous this Macau bike race is…

Flashback – Last Race To Date Featuring Slick Tyres

It has been announced yesterday that the F1 teams will be testing slick tyres during the upcoming test in Jerez. So the slicks are returning to the place where they featured last time, 10 years ago at the European Grand Prix 1997 in Jerez. And what a race it was… It was the final race of 1997 season, with Schumacher leading Villeneuve by 1 point …

Famous qualifying – 3 drivers recorded identical time in qualifying for the first time in the F1 history – Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and Heinz-Harald Frentzen

Famous win – Mika Hakkinen won his first F1 race

Famous incident – Michael Schumecher hit Jacques Villeneuve during Villeneuve’s overtaking attempt and later got disqualified from the whole season

The race was won by Hakkinen, ahead of Coulthard (both McLaren) and Jacques Villeneuve (Williams). The 3rd place was enough for Jacques Villeneuve to claims his first and only Formula 1 Drivers Title.

Check the rest of this post for the video highlights from 1997 European Grand Prix in Jerez


Macau GP Formula 3 Video Highlights

I found this approximatelly 8 minutes compilation of the Formula 3 in Macau 2007. It seems to be showing not only the race but also some of the practice and qualifying sessions. If you are reading this site via RSS or the daily Email delivery and can’t see the video, you may have to come to the site.

2007 Ferrari Screensaver

After Kimi Raikkonen screensaver here comes the one with both Ferrari drivers –  Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa.

2007 Ferrari Screensaver


More 2007 F1 screensavers with all the remaining 2007 F1 teams will follow. If you do not want to miss out on the new stuff subscribe to F1Wolf. To subscribe to F1Wolf in RSS reader, click here, to get F1Wolf delivered by email click here.

2007 McLaren Screensaver

2007 McLaren Screensaver

This season did not work out the best for the mighty McLaren-Mercedes team. But still, their cars were awesome and the drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton did not do too bad either. For the McLaren fans, here is the 2007 McLaren Screensaver.

2007 McLaren Screensaver

You may download it even if you are not a McLaren fan.

More 2007 F1 screensavers will follow. If you do not want to miss out on the new stuff, you may want to subscribe to F1Wolf. To subscribe to F1Wolf in RSS reader, click here, to get F1Wolf delivered by email click here.

Kimi Raikkonen Screensaver

2007 F1 Season Review – Part 5 – Honda, Super Aguri, Spyker

Button Barrichello
Oh my…. What a season. This is a team that under its old identity BAR Honda finished 2nd in the constructors table in 2004. This is the team that recorded its first race win in 2006. This the team who’s driver Jenson Button finished 3rd in driver’s table in 2004 and scored more points than any other driver in the second half of 2006 season… They hoped for further step up in 2007, if not for a title fight than at least few more race wins… To promote enviromental issues they entered the season with an unique Earth livery, with no sponsors messages on the car. The weight of the whole Earth was apparently too much for them to carry …

The Australian Grand Prix was an eye opener. The Honda cars were solid midfield cars, far behind the leading Ferraris and McLarens. Both cars finished lap down, barely getting out of Q1. The pattern for the rest of the season has been set. The 3 week break before Malaysian GP did not help them much, more the opposite. By the Malaysian GP the main competion for Honda began to appear – Toro Rosso, Spyker, Super Aguri and Ralf Schumacher. Getting to top ten in 2007 meant to the team about the same as getting on podium in 2006. Scoring points in 2007 was on par with race win a year ago. Podiums and wins were totally out the reach for Honda. On several ocassion Honda was outperformed by their baby team Super Aguri, racing more less the 2006 Honda car. That was the clear indication of how bad the 2007 Honda car, the RA107 was.


Macau GP – Formula 3 Races Round Up With Photos

Macau GP is the living proof that street tracks can offer lots of excitment. Powerful Formula 3 cars with less aero and more mechanical grid combined with with world collection of racing talent is a recipe for success. Unlike the Chinese F1 race in Shanghai, the Macau GP was pretty much a sell out with about 40,000 people filling up the few available grandstands and many more watching along the track or from the buildings overseeing the track. Unlike many F1 races, Macau GP actually has seen an increase in ticket sales !
Oliver Jarvis
(see the rest of the article for more photos)

The WTTC races were very exciting but the star event of the Macau GP is the Formula 3 International race. The very first Formula 3 race in Macau was won 25 years ago by Ayrton Senna. The 1990 Macau race saw a fight between Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher, with Hakkinen crashing out after some sort break test stunt from Schumi (see the video at the bottom of this post). Schumi went on to win that race. Ralf Schumacher, Takuma Sato are other F1 drivers with recent Macau win to their record.


McLaren – Hypocrites, Schizophrenics Or Sincere ?

McLaren’s sincerity was on full display since the events after Brazilian GP. Formula 1 is a big business and big business gets dirty at times. Big money, big egos, competitive people, with these factors in place nobody can expect smooth ride.

McLaren were in the centre of attention for some good but also for all the wrong reasons for big part of the 2007 season. It all began in Monaco, where all the sudden fame and attention got to Hamilton’s head. Acting like a spoiled kid he chose to disregard instuctions from the team and decided to go on the risky chase of Alonso at the unforgiving street track. The media however went on to display Hamilton as the one who was robbed of his chance to win …

Then came Hungary where Hamilton again decided what he thought is right. Childish reaction from Alonso was absolutelly stupid, but one should not forget who’s actions provoked it. After the events of Hungary the Stepneygate took a new twist and McLaren were deep in trouble. The whole Stepneygate saga is well documented on this site. Whether the punishment McLaren received was just or not is a whole different debate. The fact is, the relations within the team deteriorated further as did the relations between McLaren and FIA. The drivers were fighting each other to the bitter end of the season, one on his own and against the rest of the team, the other with the whole team behind him. The now famous “we were racing Fernando” approach to Chinese GP resulted in DNF for Hamilton and some mistakes combined with bad luck in Brazil handed the title to Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen – the driver to whom McLaren were unable to give a title winning car … Well, if can’t win the title on the track due our own stupidity and internal infighting, why not try to take the opportunity that opened up, and claim the title in the court.


Macau GP – Sunday – WTTC Race Photos

Two WTTC races at the 54th Macau GP were at least as exciting as the F3 race, if not more. Coming to the final 2 races of the season Andy Priaulx and Yvan Muller were sharing the lead of the champinship. They started the first Macau race at pretty much the opposite ends of the grid. Yvan Muller took the lead and with Priaulx far back out of the points he was on the way to secure 10 points lead before the 2nd Macau race. But 2 laps from end his car slowed down and stopped and he was out of the race. Andy Priaulx on the other hand climbed up to 8th place, securing 1 vital point and the pole position in the reversed grid of the final race. In that race he lead from start to finish and secured his 3rd WTTC title. Alain Menu won the first race. Former F1 drivers Tiago Monteiro and Alex Zanardi were also on the track, among others.

Here are few photos of the WTTC race action. All the photos are from the Lisboa Bend (Curva Lisboa) a trully great place to watch the race from.


Ryddel Gene



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