Formula 1 – Ferrari Pit Stop Fire – Massa 2007 vs Schumacher 2003

So, it is becoming a tradition:

Felipe Massa

Michael Schumacher

Formula 1 – Spanish GP Race Review

The qualifying results and the grid positions did not help much to make this race predictable. McLarens are still behind Ferrari on the race distance, but they can match them pretty closely on one lap pace. Both Alonso and Hamilton are pretty good starters. So we had 4 very closely matched cars close together on the grid and the order after 1st corner could have been any combination Ferraris and McLarens.

Massa still has the Sepang start fresh in his memory and good for him. Alonso probably knew his only on track overtaking chance will come in the first corner and he went for it.

Formula 1 – Championship Standings After Race 4

Drivers Standings:
1. L. Hamilton 30
2. F. Alonso 28
3. F. Massa 27
4. K. Räikkönen 22
5. N. Heidfeld 15
6. R. Kubica 8
7. G. Fisichella 8
8. N. Rosberg 5

Formula 1 – Spanish GP Result

1) Massa – Ferrari – 1h 31:36.230
2) Hamilton – McLaren + 0:06.790
3) Alonso – McLaren + 0:14.456
4) Kubica – BMW + 0:31.615
5) Coulthard – Red Bull + 0:58.331
6) Rosberg – Williams + 0:59.538
7) Kovalainen – Renault + 1:02.128
8)Sato – Super Aguri + 1 Lap
Full Results Here

Formula 1 – Spanish GP – Qualifying

Ferrari showed their pace finally this weekend and Massa claimed P1. But there is very little separating them from McLarens. Alonso’s time was only 0.03s slower. Kimi and Hamilton will line up on row 2.The start tomorrow will be very interesting …

Qualyfing Times Here:

Formula 1 – Spanish GP Saturday Free Practice

Saturday practice did not make us any smarter. McLarens still on top, thanks to late runs on soft tyres, Ferrari, BMWs also around the top. Renaults dropped down the order after quick runs on Friday. Q session may be totally different story …

Saturday Practice Times Here:>

Formula 1 – Spanish GP Barcelona – Friday Practice

McLarens, especially Hamilton, showed fastest pace in the practice 1. However the difference between 2nd Alonso and 3rd Raikkonen was only 1 tenth. It was about the same gap as between 5th Massa and 6th Davidson. Somehow I believe that the preformance difference between Super Aguri and Ferrari is a bit bigger than that …

Formula 1 – Last Week In F1 – May 8, 2007

This was the week when Honda went dumb. Dumbo, to be exact. At least we had something to laugh about. Unfortunately they do not plan to race them in Barcelona, bummer …

We had 4 days of testing in Barcelona. The results are quite difficult to read due to weather and different test programs.

Formula 1 – Spanish Grand Prix Preview

After 4 weeks break we are back to racing with opening of the European season. With no Imola this year and the Nurburgring race taking up the slot of German Grand Prix later in the season the honour to open European racing goes to Barcelona track. Here is the flying lap:


Formula 1 – Origin Of The New McLaren Front Wing Revealed

In order to keep up with Ferrari, McLaren decided to go retro and turned into design from the past. Thanks to guys from Fresh F1 and Blog do Capelli we now know that the new front wing is not a Woking original, but came from the Wonderbug.
McLaren Wonderbug
Fresh F1
Capelli Blog

Formula 1 – Did Ferrari Already Came Up With B-car ?

Toro Rosso chief Franz Tost says that “What Ferrari is testing is basically a new car.” This comment belongs to the car that Ferrari tested last week in Barcelona. Not sure what makes a car upgrade B-car and what a new car altogether, but the latest version of Ferrari has significantly different engine cover and smaller side pods. According to some sources (not known) Felipe Massa believes they gained another half a second on McLaren with this new car. Whether they did or not will become clear next week. In the meantime here is the comparison of Ferrari car that started the season with the car tested in Barcelona.
New Ferrari
Blog do Capelli

Formula 1 – Honda Dumbo Elephant Ears Joke

The guys in Honda must have expected the fall out of their new cracking design. It has only been day since they went public with the Dumbo ears and the web is full of “reviews”.
Dumbo ears evolution in Honda

Honda Dumbo
Source FreshF1

At least the guys at Honda still have sense of humour left :-)

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