2007 Williams F1 Screensaver

Alex WurzWilliams decided against the official 2008 car launch. With their sponsors and drivers long in place they do not see much reason for official launch event. So here is something to remember their 2007 challenger.

After the disastrous 2006 season came a big step forward in 2007 for AT&T Williams team. Several new backers, Toyota engines, Nico Rosberg with a year of experience under his belt that was what Williams was entering the season with. They finished it with a podium, regular points finishes and 20 points ahead of Toyota (their engine supplier) team in the constructors table. Here is the screensaver to remember 2007 Williams in F1.

You can download it here: 2007 Williams F1 Screensaver

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2007 Spyker F1 Screensaver

Sakon YamamotoSpyker entered Formula 1 in Shanghai 2006 but 2007 was their first full F1 season. Was supposed to be. Before the season came to close, the former Jordan / Midland team was sold again, this time to Vijay Mallya. The 2007 season ended up to be the one and only F1 season for Spyker F1. The orange cars spent most of it at the back of the grid but they had their moments of glory. Sutil was fastest in wet Monaco practice, Winkelhock lead the race during the European GP mayhem and the team even managed to score a point. Here is the screensaver to remember the only F1 season for the Spyker F1 team. In 2008 the team will race as Force India.

You can download it here: 2007 Spyker F1 Screensaver

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Bugatti Veyron And F1 Car

The top speed an F1 car managed to set so far is 397 km/h by Honda at Bonneville – that was for the record. They reached actually reached the 400 km/h mark but in the fashion not eligible for record books. F1 cars on F1 tracks reach top speeds about 300 – 320 km/h, in Monza they get close to 350 km/h mark.

Honda at Bonneville 400

With the above in mind it is kind of unbelievable what the Bugatti Veyron is capable of… This beast is faster than the low aero Bonneville special Honda F1 car… Watch the video below:


2007 F1 Year – The Cool Things – Part 2 – Fans On F1 Livery

Part 1 of The 2007 F1 Cool Things was all about Honda’s Rubens Barrichello and his helmet and there will be bit about Honda in part 2 too.

Season 2007 brought a chance for F1 fans to get on the F1 car livery. First it was Honda with their myearthdream livery. Fans could make an enviromentaly friendly pledge on the myearthdream website, donate some money to a charity and get their name on one of the Honda cars. I made it somewhere on Jenson Button’s car :-) . Here is a photo of the Honda livery with all the names. The tiny white lines all over the Earth are the names of the fans.

Names on Honda

Red Bull came with similar idea but went one step further. Fans could get their face on the Ref Bull car for the British GP at Silverstone (although not for the race itself). Donation of 10 pounds to the Wings for Life charity was all that was needed. This is how the Red Bull of David Coulthard looked covered with photos of the fans:

Faces on Red Bull

Besides all the politics, spying, team mates wars, something good came out of Formula 1 in 2007 too …

2007 F1 Year – The Cool Things – Part 1 – Rubens’ Helmet

Rubens Barrichello HelmetThere are only days to go till the 2007 year is gone and over for good. Let’s have a look at some interesting things that came by during this year in Formula 1.

I start with the helmet of Rubens Barrichello. His usual red and white helmet is what all of us have known for years. So I was quite surprised to see him wearing a black one during the free practice in Monaco, during the 2007 Grand Prix.

But then I saw him an hour or so later during the qualifying and he was back wearing his usual white and red one :-)

Well, it was the same helmet all the time, but painted with the thermochromic pigment. The cooler the weather (or Rubens’ head :-) ), the darker the helmet. Here are few shots of Rubens I made during the 2007 season with different color of his thermochromic helmet:

Rubens Barrichello Helmet Black

In a cold temperature during wet Monaco practice the helmet color turned almost black. The red parts are visible only as shadows.

Rubens Barrichello Helmet White

Warm sunshine in Shanghai – crisp white colour.

Rubens Barrichello Helmet Grey Brown

And something in between. The winds that brought the rain later on in Shanghai cooled the air and Rubens’ helmet darkened a bit.

Nick Heidfeld also used similar temperature sensitive paint on the top of his helmet this year.

To see all the 2007 Formula 1 Driver Helmets, click here or check the helmet tag on more helmet articles.

Renault Case Bears No Relation to McLaren Case

Well, that is the opinion of Max Mosley. Perhaps he read some comments on this site :-) and replied them through The Guardian :-) .

So here are few latest gems courtesy of Max Mosley:

On the 2007 F1 Champion Kimi Raikkonen and whether he pleased Kimi has won it:

“Relieved because, if it had been either of the two McLaren drivers, there would always have been a question mark. I’m not sure how big a question mark but it would have been there. And that puts you in an incredibly difficult position. I think we’ve been very lucky.”

On the Ferrari McLaren thingy:

“People are interested in the human aspect and the whole human aspect of the Ferrari-McLaren thing fascinated a lot of people outside Formula One. The publicity actually increases interest. So I don’t think it does any harm to Formula One as long as the sponsors and so on feel the sport is honestly run and honestly governed.”

What does he exactly mean by the “human aspect” ? Tearful Ron Dennis or enterprising duo Coughlan/Stepney or the not exactly smart act by Mrs. Coughlan or the childish Fernando Alonso ?


Rascasse Ferrari Moment – 2007

The neighbours at the Sidepodcast had their Sidepoddie Awards ceremony. After all the prizes were given both the Sidepoddie people spoke of their best bits of the 2007 season. Rascasse Ferrari moment no 2 made it to the list :-) . A year on after The Great One (Mr. Michael Schumacher) famously parked his Ferrari in the La Rascasse during qualifying for 2006 Monaco GP, Kimi’s car came to stop at the same place :-) in the qualifying for 2007 Monaco GP. Here is how F1 Wolf has seen one of the Sidepoddie best bits of 2007:

Kimi Raikkonen breaks car in Monaco

Kimi Raikkonen breaks car in Monaco

Kimi Raikkonen break car in Monaco

Kimi Raikkonen breaks car in Monaco

The Renault Hearing Transcript

It took FIA some time but the transcript from the Renault hearing is now available. You can download the whole 77 pages from the FIA site or if you are lazy to look for it, just get it from here:

Renault Hearing Transcript

As in McLaren’s case there are some blackened censored areas, but this time the copy/paste technique does not help in decrypting them :-)

Super Aguri Rumours And Super Aguri 2007 Screensaver

After some period of silence few Super Aguri rumours surfaced last week.
Anthony Davidson

First there was a suggestion in Swiss paper Blick that Luca Filippi is in the running for the second race seat in the Japanese outfit. The reason behind such move is reportedly 10 million Euros in sponsorship money Filippi would be bringing with him. This is probably not what Anthony Davidson wants to hear.

Luca Filippi, Super Nova

Luca Filippi finished 4th overall in 2007 GP2 season, racing for Super Nova.


McLaren Admits, Mosley Wants Closure, Ferrari Accepts (almost)

What a bizzare turn of events… I suspect there must have been some behind the scenes talks between Mosley and McLaren, and the timing of both announcements seems to confirm my suspicion. I can’t believe I am saying this but it looks like Max Mosley has proven his case against McLaren… I must say the events of yesterday are perhaps even more shocking than the 100 million dollar fine imposed on McLaren… McLaren team that always denied use of any Ferrari data all of a sudden admits widespread use the information among their technical staff. And what more, the team even comes out with an apology to FIA and announces freeze on development of parts that might have been influenced by the information from Ferrari… Wow … This FIA McLaren Report explains things a bit. If what is in that report is indeed the real story, it shows that the information Coughlan obtained from Stepney was quite extensively used within McLaren, and moreover Coughlan’s role in the car development was much bigger than what McLaren previously admitted.

Here is the full statement from McLaren:

“As a result of the investigations carried out by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile it has become clear that Ferrari information was more widely disseminated within McLaren than was previously communicated. McLaren greatly regrets that its own investigations did not identify this material and has written to the World Motor Sport Council to apologise for this.


2007 Renault F1 Screensaver

After Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari and McLaren the next in the series of 2007 F1 screensavers is Renault. Enjoy the pictures of Giancarlo Fisichella and Heikki Kovalainen, they may not be racing for Renault in the next season…

2007 Renault F1 Screensaver

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2007 Kimi Raikkonen Screensaver
2007 Ferrari Screensaver
2007 McLaren Screensaver

Renault Guilty But No Penalty


Ron Dennis Flavio Briatore

The history repeats. Like McLaren earlier this year Renault were found guilty but escaped without punishment.

FIA Statement:

“An extraordinary meeting of the World Motor Sport Council was held in Monaco on December 6, 2007. The World Council found Renault F1 to be in breach of article 151c of the International Sporting Code but imposed no penalty. Detailed reasons for this decision will be issued on December 7, 2007, and a transcript of the proceedings will be published as soon as possible thereafter.”

Renault and Flavio Briatore are obviously pleased with this outcome:

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