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Formula 1 – Belgian GP – Race Review

The 2007 Belgian GP hardly can be called a classic race, but it was sure one of the better ones this season, with quite a bit of an on track action. Most of it was down the grid though …

Ferraris were class of the field this weekend, clearly better than McLarens. This was quite a turnaround after Monza, but that’s what we got used to this year. Both teams are very close and the pendulum swings from track to track…

We had no serious carnage at the start this time, however the stunt Alonso pulled on Hamilton could have caused one. Whether the move was deliberate I am not able to tell, but it sort of looked like it. This was something I would understand if the car next Alonso was all red, but doing this to a team mate is quite unexpected. It looks like Ron Dennis prefers this season to end as peacefully as possible. He told ITV:

“It was absolutely fine.They weren’t too aggressive and they’re racing drivers. No-one would blink if it was opposing teams.”

Exactly, no one would blink if it WAS opposing teams … Hamilton’s opinion was quite a bit different.

Back to race – It became clear early on, that only some disaster could prevent Ferraris from 1-2 finish. Nothing happened, and so Kimi has 3rd Spa win in a row under his belt. Massa finished 2nd, and with 3 races to and 20 points gap to the leader, he should probably settle for Kimi support role for the rest of the season. Kimi though, cut Hamilton’s lead to 13 points only and is still pretty much in the fight. I am not sure if the doughnut he did at the end of the race was planned, or was it just an innocent by-product of the quick U turn on the way to pits. In any case, quite a refreshment 

Go to 2min44secs for the doughnut

What Is It That Lewis Hamilton Won’t Say ?

This is what obviously unhappy Hamilton had to say to Autosport after the race, but even more interesting would be to know what he “won’t say any more”:

1) On Alonso move after the race start:

“I wouldn’t say fair, but it was hard, the guy on the outside doesn’t always have the corner. I don’t know whether I was ahead, but there was enough room for us all to get round fair and square.I just feel for someone that’s always complaining about people doing unfair maneuvres, and everyone wanting to be fair and someone I look up to, and he has gone and swiped me and pushed me as wide as he could. I was just really lucky there was a run-off area so I could take that.

Prediction Game Round 14 – Belgian GP

Round 14, the great Belgian GP, Spa is here, please place your predictions in the comments section of this post as usual.

Race preview is available here

ING Race Index Video Is Here (without narration).

Summary of the rules here

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Formula 1 – Championship Standings After Race 14

Drivers Standings:
1. Hamilton 97
2. Alonso 95
3. Raikkonen 84
4. Massa 77
5. Heidfeld 56
6. Kubica 33
7. Kovalainen 22
8. Fisichella 17

Formula 1 – Belgian GP – Race Result

Kimi Räikkönen recorded his 3rd Spa win in a row, after winning it twice in McLaren. Alonso finished ahead of Hamilton and the gaps at the top of the driver championship got a tighter again as a result… Ferrari are construction champions alrady, with McLaren disqualified and BMW way too far behind…

Race result:
1)K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:20:39.066
2)F. Massa – Ferrari + 4.695
3)F. Alonso – McLaren + 14.343
4)L. Hamilton – McLaren + 23.615
5)N. Heidfeld – BMW + 51.879
6)N. Rosberg – Williams + 1:16.876
7)M. Webber – Red Bull + 1:20.639
8)H. Kovalainen – Renault + 1:25.106

Formula 1 – The Prize Money

The $100,000,000 fine to McLaren has generated lots of talk about the “prize money” in Formula 1. So, how big the prize money actually is? Well, much bigger than it used be as recently as a year ago, due to much larger share of the TV revenue.

To qualify for the prize money, the team has to finish in top 10 in two years running. The money estimates are as follows:

1st – USD80,000,000 (2006 – USD35,000,000)
2nd – USD74,000,000 (2006 – USD33,000,000)
3rd – USD67,000,000 (2006 – USD30,000,000)

Formula 1 – Belgian GP – Qualifying

Ferrari locked the front row after exciting qualifying session. Kimi Raikkonen will start from P1. Massa, who for a while looked like he is not even going to get on track in Q1, will start from P2. The row to belongs to Alonso and Hamilton. We saw a good recovery from Alonso, after spinning off the track on first hot lap in Q3. Kubica clocked the 5th best time, but will go 10 places back on the grid after his engine change. Nico Rosberg will take P5, just ahead of Nick Heidfeld. This was a good session for Webber, Kovalainen and Trulli, all of them in top 10.

The Belgian GP brought one of the most exciting Q1 sessions, where at one moment Sutil was 12th, Liuzzi 6th, Vettel 7th and few seconds later these guys were 16th, 17th, 20th, such were the last moments of Q1… Let’s hope the race tomorrow will at least as exciting as the qualifying today.

Qualifying results:

1)K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:45.994
2)F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:46.011
3)F. Alonso – McLaren – 1:46.091
4)L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:46.406
5)R. Kubica – BMW – 1:47.334
6)N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:47.334
7)N. Heidfeld – BMW – 1:47.409
8)M. Webber – Red Bull – 1:47.524

F1 Wolf’s Formula 1 And Stuff Around On CNN Website !

Well this is something I have to show here! All the F1 controversy is good for something, even CNN makes F1 news one of its headlines, and guess what, this blog is mentioned there too !
Below is the screenshot of the whole page:


Formula 1 – Belgian GP – Saturday Practice

Ferrari had the upper hand in the final practice, with Kimi just ahead of Massa. Alonso and Hamilton were few tenths behind. Kovalainen, Trulli and Schumacher did quite well. This was not a good session for Kubica, the strange noises and blue smoke coming out of his BMW could be signs of an engine failure…

Saturday Practice:
1)K. Räikkönen – Ferrari -1:46.137
2)F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:46.388
3)F. Alonso – McLaren – 1:46.507
4)L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:46.782
5)H. Kovalainen – Renault – 1:47.065
6)J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:47.218
7)N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:47.251
8)N. Heidfeld – BMW – 1:47.359

Formula 1 – Stepneygate – After The Verdict

The World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) published the reasons for the McLaren’s punishment. First the summary of the punishment:

– McLaren had been docked all their 2007 Constructors’ Championship points
– McLaren team was also handed an unprecedented $100m fine (m stands for million here, $ stands for US dollar)

The WMSC decision in full is a long reading (click) and takes some time to digest. Read it first, and then feel free to compare your thoughts with mine… I wish to make it clear here, that I am not a McLaren hater or a Ferrari fanatical supporter. I supported BAR and Honda, and as they are out of contention this year I am a neutral fan enjoying the 4 way title battle…

I begin with question “Who knew what?”. Well, we still do not know the answer. But we know that much more people were involved than McLaren dared to admit. The major question is – Did Dennis or Whitmarsh know?

Formula 1 – World Motor Sport Council – The Decision

This will take some time to digest… Here it is, my opinion on this will come tomorrow… I need to read this more than once…

1 Background1.1 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (“Ferrari”) has submitted that it received information on 24 June 2007 suggesting that unauthorised use may have been made of certain of its confidential information. Ferrari has submitted that it subsequently learned that certain of its confidential information had come into possession of Mr. Michael Coughlan (“Coughlan”), the then Chief Designer of McLaren.

1.2 On 3 July 2007, in the context of litigation in the High Court of England and Wales (“High Court Proceedings”) between Ferrari and Coughlan, a search was undertaken at the private residence of Coughlan under the authority of that Court. According to the evidence before the WMSC, during that search, a dossier of some 780 pages of confidential information belonging to Ferrari was recovered.

Formula 1 – Belgian GP – Friday Practice

Kimi Raikkonen set the fastes time of the fist practice, ahead of Hamilton and Alonso. The other Ferrari of Felipe Massa did not set any time after going off to gravel at Rivage early on in the session. Liuzzi and Yamamoto were other 2 with some off the track excursions. Nico Rosberg again among the top, squeezed in between 2 BMWs. Two Aguri’s were pretty evenly matched …

Practice 1 Times:
1)K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:47.339
2)L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:47.881
3)F. Alonso – McLaren – 1:47.994
4)N. Heidfeld – BMW – 1:48.052
5)N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:48.372
6)R. Kubica – BMW – 1:48.605

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