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Formula 1 – First 2007 Screensaver

Here comes my first 2007 Formula 1 screensaver. With all the teams (McLaren, Ferrari, BMW Sauber, Renault, Toyota, Honda, Red Bull, Williams, Toro Rosso, Spyker, Super Aguri) and all the drivers (Alonso, Hamilton, Massa, Raikkonen, Heidfeld, Kubica, Kovalainen, Fisichella, Schumacher, Trulli, Button, Barrichello, Webber, Coulthard, Wurz, Rosberg, Liuzzi, Speed, Albers, Sutil, Davidson, Sato).

2007 Formula 1 Screensaver No 1

You may have to add the *.scr extension to the file name after downloading it.

Formula 1 – German GP 2006, Hockenheim, Photos For Download

Here are some photos from 2006 German Grand Prix.


– Ferrari 1-2 finish, win for Michael Schumacher.
– Jacques Villeneuve crash in last corner, last race of his F1 carreer
– Picture of Lewis Hamilton in his Direxiv GP2 car.

You can view some of the pictures in one of my previous posts (click here).

You can download the pictures here:
Hockenheim 2006 Photos Part 1

Hockenheim 2006 Photos Part 2

Hockenheim 2006 Photos Part 3

Hockenheim 2006 Photos Part 4

Hockenheim 2006 Photos Part 5

Hockenheim 2006 Photos Part 6

Hockenheim 2006 Photos Part 7

Hockenheim 2006 Photos Part 8

You can also download my F1 2006 screensaver, with pictures from Hockenheim and Shanghai.

2006 Formula 1 Screensaver

Formula 1 – Sepang Photos For Download

Here is a selection of my photos from Malaysian Grand Prix for download. You could see many of them in my previous post Photos – Malaysia GP

Malaysia F1 2007 – 1

Malaysia F1 2007 – 2

Malaysia F1 2007 – 3

Malaysia F1 2007 – 4

Malaysia F1 2007 – 5

Malaysia F1 2007 – 6

Malaysia F1 2007 – 7

Malaysia F1 2007 – 8

Malaysia F1 2007 – 9

Malaysia F1 2007 – 10

Malaysia F1 2007 – 11

Malaysia F1 2007 – 12

Each ZIP file contains about 10 photos, sizes of the ZIP folders are 15-20MB

All the photos are without any watermarks. So feel free to download and use them if you like, but please mention www.f1wolf.com as source. Thanks.

Photos from Hockenheim and Shanghai 2006 for download are coming soon.

Formula 1 – Last Week in F1 (April 17, 2007)

Last week the whole circus moved from hot and humid tropics to hot and dry desert.

The “Brawn” rumours continued, Ferrari reacted, Todt spoke out, Fry denied.

Massa defended his Sepang overtaking maneuvers.

Heidfeld would like to know what is happening with him. Does BMW want to keep him or not ?

Singapore and Malaysia would not be twinned together if Sing race goes ahead. Malaysia would be early on in the season, Singapore at the end, says Bernie.

We had a row over the McLaren anthem.

Renault’s commitment to F1 does not change, however Fisichella has written off his team’s chances for this year. He believes, that not even Alonso could save them.

Then we had the Bahrain race weekend. Friday, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Massa redeemed himself and Hamilton no longer surprises people.

All of a sudden we have 3 drivers tied for the championship lead and 4th close behind.

Hamilton is becoming a darling of the media. McLaren will allow him to fight for the title, Sir Jackie thinks he can win it and Frank Williams is upset Hamilton is with McLaren

Over in Ferrari things are also complicated, they still do not have No. 1 driver

Honda remains in deep …. They will dump the RA107, or they will not. But they hope to have more competitive package come Canadian Grand Prix in June. And what about the engines – they blew 3 over the weekend. They are now killing off even the poor Aguri cars …

Customer car row hasn’t moved closer to solution. However Spyker got hold of some Red Bull / Toro Rosso design blue prints somehow. Red Bull is now seeking legal action on the leak (or theft ?)

Tobacco returned to F1, with Marlboro logos all over Ferrari cars, drivers and who knows what else.

David Richards appeared in Bahrain, and Prodrive seems to be ready to reveal all their F1 plans at Silverstone.

Now move to Europe, we have 4 weeks till the next race, 2 weeks till the tests, both in Spain.

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP Review

I can’t make up my mind whether the race was exciting or boring. We had a winner who led the race from lights to flag followed by the same guy all the time. On the other hand some cars crashed out in first corner (first time this season), some (Honda) engines blew up, Heidfeld overtook Alonso, Coulthard overtook perhaps ten other cars, Rosberg visited the run off areas several times while fighting for position …

There is this funny web page showing the race animations – click on http://www.visionf1.com/ and see.

Massa won, but Hamilton was all the time right there behind him. This race result may be very important for these two guys, especially for Massa.

Formula 1 – Championship Standings After Race 3

Drivers Standings:
1. F. Alonso 22
2. K. Räikkönen 22
3. L. Hamilton 22
4. F. Massa 17
5. N. Heidfeld 15
6. G. Fisichella 8
7. J. Trulli 4
8. R. Kubica 3

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP Result

1 F. Massa Ferrari 1:32:27.515
2 L. Hamilton McLaren + 2.360
3 K. Räikkönen Ferrari + 10.839
4 N. Heidfeld BMW + 13.831
5 F. Alonso McLaren + 14.426
6 R. Kubica BMW + 45.529
7 J. Trulli Toyota + 1:21.371
8 G. Fisichella Renault + 1:21.701

Full results here:

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP, Qualifying

Massa did it again, same as a week ago he will start from P1. But he better stays awake this time, because the start master Hamilton will be right there next to him on P2. Kimi and Alonso will line up in row 2 behind their team mates. The difference between Massa and Kimi, as well as between Hamilton and Alonso may suggest different fuel loads, as neither Alonso nor Kimi made any obvious mistakes in their runs.

BMWs have solid session and qualified at P5 and P6. The remaining 4 places in top 10 go to Renault, Red Bull, Toyota and Williams. So we have 7 different teams in top 10 on the grid this time.

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP, Saturday Practice

Things getting more interesting. McLaren is pretty much up there with Ferraris. BMWs seem to be closing the gap fast. So we have Hamilton just edging out Raikkonen, then both BMWs. Massa and Alonso further down. But what on Earth is Davidson doing up there …

Saturday practice times here:

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP, Friday Practice

Practice 1:
The top of the time sheets is pretty much as expected. Kimi, Massa, Hamilton, Alonso. However the gap between Kimi and both McLarens is a bit bigger than I would expect. But this is still Friday morning only.

BMWs and Williamses did pretty much as would one expect from them. Liuzzi though is quite unfamiliar name in top 8. One Toyota did good, the other one not so much. Hondas, Renaults are still their dissapointing selves.

Formula 1 – Bahrain GP Preview

The F1 circus is back in Bahrain. Last year Bahrain opened the season. This year they have their ususal 3rd race spot in calendar back.

Here is the track preview – watch a lap with Schumi behind the wheel:


Formula 1 – Photos – Malaysia GP


Fun Time



Photo Selection For Download is Here:

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