Battles of team mates

We had a rather rare opportunity to see team mates battle it out last weekend in Turkey – Vettel attacking Webber, Button pulling a move on Hamilton. I believe that for majority of the viewers these overtaking attempts were not exactly expected. We became used to the fact that once the race settles the team mates keep the status-quo. Alonso following slower Massa in Australia earlier this season is one example.

F1 2010 - Rd7 Turkish GP - Hamilton wins in McLaren 1-2 The problem is that since Fernando Alonso left McLaren and Michael Schumacher is trying to be a good boy the drivers seem to get used to the fact that from certain point in the race the team mates are there to follow not to fight each other. So probably the last thing the leading driver expects at this stage of the season with less than a third of race to go and with all the pit stops done and dusted is to get under attack from his team mate. A fight when one driver is purposely slowing down (for whatever reason, fuel saving for example) not expecting any immediate danger is hardly a fair fight. F1 2010 - Rd7 Turkish GP - Hamilton wins in McLaren 1-2

We could see that both Webber and Hamilton were quite surprised to have come under attack from their team mates. The McLaren drivers managed to come out of it without too much damage but Hamilton did not look like the happiest of people after the race. It ended up a bit worse for Red Bull …

I am all for the team mates to battle it out and I hope we have more of them. At the end those two battles spiced up the 2010 Turkish GP quite a bit. But the teams should make sure both their drivers are aware of what is going on. Making the leading driver a sitting duck is not the right way to go …

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Well, there was an attempt to do it, making to Button a reasonable call to save fuel… But he realised that he could not end up the race, or someone else, too late. The problem is not the free will of their teams to not settle a 1st and 2nd on board, even not the briefing or the strategy. The problem comes when the drivers begin to generate trouble such as a risky maneuvere to take advantage towards a team mate, it’s suposed they should know this can end both their race, they just do not want to apply the logic in this game. I’m also looking forward to see more battles and overtaking, but not these ones which are rather bizzarre. The drivers should cool their mind an accept that if your mate is faster, it doesn’t help both cars to stop him, and if he’s overtaking already make some free room so that your mate doesn’t send you directly to the garage, other like what happened in RBR is ridiculous, McLaren’s fight seemed more fair but anyway stupid.

  2. الجوكر ألونسوNo Gravatar says:

    Red Bull Issue, Christian Horner & S Vettel Both are RESPONSIBLE For the F**king DISASTER.
    McLaren Issue, Martin Whitmarsh Is the Only RESPONSIBLE For What happen to L Hamilton.
    FERRARI are all the problems for F Massa & F Alonso, FERRARI is suck.

  3. OliOlifantNo Gravatar says:

    Watch Felipe Massa in the 2nd half of the season. he will bounce back. he’s been very quite in the first few races of this season but i believe that him and fernando alonso will have a competitive car by mid-season and then felipe will show why he was signed to ferrari earlier than fernando.

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