2010 Prediction Game – Round 6 Results

2010 prediction game monaco

Here are the results of round 6 of our prediction game. Congratulations to NJM, 24 points, only one point less than Enigma’s 25 in round 1 ! We had several correct predictions for race win, fastest lap and pole position. There were also some predictions that included Sebastien Buemi in top 10. On the other hand there were quite a few predictions placing Alonso on pole, I am surprised there weren’t more last minute changes when it became clear that Alonso would not take part in qualifying.

Few predictions arrived after the deadline, I am sorry but only predictions placed before the start of qualifying count …

2010 Prediction Game – Round 6 results:

24 – NJM
23 – zoohead
22 – Astremos
21 – JGH, Enigma, Queen Bee, Red05, patosainz
20 – sky, Cepastor
19 – Klokan, Royce, Vaibhav Pareek, FISHEYE
18 – Roager, Steve Robertson
17 – ncng, DaniGo, Pgirish13, psychy, Duncan B, KerbRider, Fantoci, F1Wolf, Ino, nieuwe
16 – Psychy’sOlderBrother, Kotenok, Stew Bibby, draconte, Biggles209, Clive Einkamerer, daniel, leveller, sainzf, Richard Tollman, Aienan, Jose Arellano, brabhamburger, mcw3, Thorn GP
15 – vroom, Saigon56, zblkhwk, Mike Coxon, Flying Dutchman, Nic B 205, GTR, velvet demon, Mellor1, Blue42, GIMIFAI, B Tay, james, Blazena
14 – Ice, DomPrez, OliOlifant
13 – Pat W, SYJTYG
12 – Aaron Mullan

Here is the provisional leaderboard after round 6:

114 – JGH, Enigma
108 – ncng
106 – Klokan, DaniGo
105 – Pgirish13, Psychy’sOlderBrother, vroom
104 – NJM, Royce, psychy, Kotenok, Stew Bibby, Saigon56

The leaderboard is for reference only as at the end of the season each player will have 2 worst scores erased.

The provisional overall scores including complete results of all players in each round are available on the 2010 Prediction Game page and will be updated after each round.

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  1. GTRNo Gravatar says:

    not too bad. :)

  2. Saigon56No Gravatar says:

    Hi Wolf:
    You have the reason about change the prediction after Alonso crash, but unfortunately we live in America and this hapen about 4.20 a.m, the next time we have to wake up early.

  3. Red05No Gravatar says:

    If Schuey’s appeal is successful do you adjust the scores please ?

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      the scores will not change. I have to draw the line at some point, and as in the past, the results as they are at the end of Sunday are the scores that count

  4. Red05No Gravatar says:


    I appeal – I was up for another 5 points ! All positions correct from Schuey down if he comes in 6th.

    You’re not really Damon Hill by any chance……..

  5. Only If I could have stopped myself from sleeping on saturday noon and learn about alonso’s crash , I could have topped the sheets I say

  6. Red05No Gravatar says:

    Thanks Wolf – always worth a try. Formula 1 just wouldn’t be the same without all the post race politics.

    Keep up the good work – it’s very much appreciated.
    Thanks again


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