2010 Prediction Game – Round 2 Results

Here come the results of round 2 of our prediction game. We have several new names joining the game and few 2009 participants returning after missing the round one. The highest score of this round is 20 points – respectable given the rather unexpected race result – congratulations to Pgirish13, Stew Bibby and JGH ! And in case you wonder how many people got the race win right this time the answer is 2 – Pgirish13 and brabhamburger.

2010 Prediction Game – Round 2 results:

20 – Stew Bibby, Pgirish13, JGH
19 – sky
18 – Duncan B, Royce, DomPrez, zblkhwk, Nic B 205, James
17 – Ice, Biggles209, Saigon56, Jeffrey Ho, velvet demon, vroom, Andy92, F1Wolf, Ino
16 – Enigma, Psychy’sOlderBrother, brabhamburger, DaniGo, ncng, Kotenok, James W, Jose Arellano, Klokan, Flying Dutchman, daniel, Roager, Vaibhav Pareek, pk_dude04, Arun Srini, leveller, Mitch, james
15 – draconte, dibsmjf, From, Ozzi, Astremos, zoohead, Cepastor, FISHEYE, Aaron Mullan, Pat W, NJM, Fantoci, Alex’, nieuwe, Thorn GP
14 – psychy, Clive Einkamerer, Steve Robertson, Blue42, TiMMiE, B Tay, marjan, Queen Bee, GTR, Mellor1, Richard Tollman, Red05, mcw3, Aienan
13 – osama, GIMIFAI, sainzf, Blazena
12 – Mike Coxon, KerbRider

Here is the provisional leaderboard after round 2:

42 – Stew Bibby
41 – Enigma
38 – Duncan B, Psychy’sOlderBrother
37 – Pgirish13, Ice
36 – JGH, Royce, Biggles209, brabhamburger, DaniGo, draconte, psychy, Clive Einkamerer

The leaderboard is for reference only as at the end of the season each player will have 2 worst scores erased.

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  1. Nic B 205No Gravatar says:

    Woohoo – beat my 15 from round 1. Bring on round 3.
    I’m going to gamble on Red Bull conking out again this time. Vettel on pole. Extra points for correctly identifying a DNF?

  2. Red05No Gravatar says:

    I’m still not clear on how the scoring works – what’s the maximum a player can score in each round?

    My understanding is

    2 points for pole }
    2 points for fastest lap } (max 4 points)

    1 point for each correct driver in top 10 (max 10 points)
    1 point for each correct position (max 10 points)
    1 point for each team in top 10 (max 10 points)
    2 extra points for the correct winner }
    1 extra point for correct second place } (max 4 points)
    1 extra point for correct third place }

    TOTAL Maximum 38 points – is this correct ?

    For both first & second rounds I can’t get the same number of points that you have scored for me.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      The maximum score possible this year is 38 as you mentioned, but the points for podium are calculated a bit differently than your understanding:

      For drivers:
      - 1 point for each correct name among top 10 – max 10
      - 1 point for each correct name among top 3 – max 3
      - extra point for each correct finishing position – max 10
      - extra point for correct winner – max 1
      - 2 points for correct driver with fastest lap – max 2
      - 2 points for correct pole position prediction (the actual driver on pole at the start of the race) – max 2

      - 1 point for each correct team among point finishers. – max 10

      There is a point for each correct name among top 3 but no extra points for having correct 2nd and 3rd place. The correct 2nd and 3rd place is already covered  by “1 point for each correct position”.

      If anybody feels their points scored are not correct, please feel free to mail me. The calculations are accurate as they are made using a formula that has been successfully in place for 3+ years :-) . But the data entry to that formula is done manually and an odd typo can always happen. However if my memory serves my right in the past 3 years of running this game we have discovered a mistake only on one occasion (and that predictably was a result of typing error)

      • JGHNo Gravatar says:

        Very happy with 20 points – would have been the usual 16 but I guessed pole and FL.

        Enjoyable race…….but, with the aero packs these days dirty air seems such a problem. I thought hammo would waltz past the ferraris (and drag webber with him), but as soon as they got close, nothing. Same thing for Schuie and Algesuari – he was so much faster but could not get past.

        What’s to be done Wolf?

        p.s. hope you had a great time in melbourne.

  3. Red05No Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Keep up the good work.


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