2010 Bahrain GP – Race result – Alonso wins his Ferrari debut race

2010 Bahrain GP Podium

2010 Bahrain GP Podium

Fernando Alonso won the 2010 Bahrain GP, winning his first race in Ferrari colours. Felipe Massa finished second and completed 1-2 for Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton took the final podium place. Pole setter Sebastian Vettel battled with mechanical problems but still managed to finish fourth ahead of Mercedes GP duo Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher. Button, Webber, Liuzzi and Barrichello took the remaining point scoring places.

2010 Bahrain GP Race Result:

1. Alonso – Ferrari – 1h39:20.396
2. Massa – Ferrari + 16.099
3. Hamilton – McLaren + 23.182
4. Vettel – Red Bull +38.713
5. Rosberg – Mercedes +40.263
6. Schumacher – Mercedes +44.180
7. Button – McLaren +45.260
8. Webber – Red Bull +46.308
9. Liuzzi – Force India +3.089
10. Barrichello – Williams +1:02.400

11. Kubica – Renault +1:09.093
12. Sutil – Force India +1:22.958
13. Alguersuari – Toro Rosso +1:32.656
14. Hulkenberg – Williams +1 lap
15. Kovalainen – Lotus +1 lap
16. Buemi – Toro Rosso +3 laps
17. Trulli – Lotus +3 laps

Did not finish:

18. De la Rosa – Sauber – 30 laps
19. Senna – HRT – 18 laps
20. Glock – Virgin – 17 laps
21. Petrov – Renault – 14 laps
22. Kobayashi – Sauber – 12 laps
23. Di Grassi – Virgin – 3 laps
24. Chandhok – HRT – 2 laps

2010 Bahrain GP - Race start

2010 Bahrain GP - Race start

Lotus Racing Bahrain GP race day

Lotus Racing - The only one of the new teams that finished the race

It was good day for Lotus with both cars finishing the race although it was quite close for Trulli who stopped on the slow down lap. None of the other new teams managed to bring a car to the finish. Chandhok crashed out on lap 2 after hitting a bump on the track, di Grassi retired a lap later. Glock stopped on lap 17 and Bruno Senna’s engine blew up a lap later.

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  1. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    As a Massa fan, I’m very disappointed. I’m rooting for Michael this season, as it has been made clear that Massa is not allowed to compete. See how Alonso could make a fastest lap after Massa was given a slow down order in the radio. What would have happened if Alonso had not overtaken Massa in the start?

    I only hope Vettel’s reliability problem was not a sign- it seems that Webber maintained a good rhythm throughout the race, seemingly dispelling the theory that the Red Bull won’t work well in race mode.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      Massa mentioned overheating and need to save fuel as a result during the press conference:

      “I caught Fernando in a good way, then I started to have a problem in terms of temperature in the car and it made a lot of fuel consumption so I started to save fuel in the last 25-30 laps.

      There was nothing to do any more. We were lucky with the problems for Vettel to get past him and get some points – and lucky that [Lewis] Hamilton was not so fast at the end.”

      • AlexNo Gravatar says:

        Not convinced! :-p

        I was a bit angry, as I heard something like:

        “… yes, but you have to slow down”

        over Massa’s radio, at the moment it seemed to me that Massa had complained and they were trying to convince him to give up.

        Of course, the problems might be true, but I got the sensation that he was a bit frustrated.

        Interesting championship, nonetheless.

  2. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    It looks like the new regs have decreased competition this year. There was hardly any passing up front with the exception of Vettel’s mechanical issues. I do wonder if Alonzo would have pressured Vettel had he not had the problems. And the cars look even uglier this year than last. Did they make the already hideous rear wing even smaller? Perhaps the removal of many of the winglets just makes it look smaller. YUK! They also looked very slow and clumsy – which I am sure is a result of the increase fuel loads.

    I was also wondering if Brawn was going to slow Rosberg to let Schumi by him for the extra points. I was glad they did not, as I believe Rosberg is the better driver at this point in their careers.

    Australia is another good Ferrari track so I am guessing similar results as yesterday. McLaren have a long history of fantastic improvements throughout the season so I expect them to be very competitive by mid-season. Red Bull also looks strong, at least Vettel does. I am not sold on Brawn Mercedes yet.

    Reading the comment of Alex: Alonzo has a long history of not accepting competition from his teammates. He is clearly one of the most talented drivers and will win if properly motivated. I hope he has matured enough to realize that having a teammate that is top level such as Massa makes the car better. Time will tell. One thing is sure, Ferrari will sacrifice the #2 driver to propel the #1 driver to the championship. If Massa falls back, Alonzo will get preferred treatment.

  3. RufusNo Gravatar says:

    Great to hear Gary Anderson on STAR Sports. A legend with a real knowledge of racing.

  4. Kubica fanNo Gravatar says:

    If Sutil didn’t hit Robert, Kubica definitely would be higher in competition!

  5. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    The Weber smoke screen on the start definately hurt Sutil.


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