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It has been a while since the last one but the quiz is back with the end of season edition. The plan was for 40 questions but at the end 36 is the number (for no particular reasson). All questions have something to do with 2009 F1 season although some also go a bit back to F1 history. You may already know the drill – complete all the questions, afterwards all the answers will be revealed. As usual please no googling for answers :-) .

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Rubens Barrichello finished on podium in his first race in Brawn GP colours in Melbourne. How many times he was on podium with Honda ?

Robert Kubica and Sebastian Vettel crashed out of podium places in the closing stages of the Australian GP. The official results state "accident" as the reason for their retirement. Who was the third driver with "accident" next to his name in the 2009 Australian GP results ?

There were 20 drivers on the drivers photo in Melbourne, how many of them were also on the group photo taken in Abu Dhabi at the end of the season ?

The usual race start for Formula 1 races is 2pm but this year it took a while to see a race that actually started at 1400 hours. What race of the season was the first one to feature 2pm race start ?

Thanks to perfect tropical timing the Malaysian GP was cut short by massive rain storm and only half the points were awarded to top 8 drivers. When was the last time half points were given prior to the 2009 Malaysian GP ?

Fom Malaysia the F1 circus moved north to Shanghai. This was Chinese Grand Prix number ...

Sebastian Vettel's win in China was the first F1 Grand Prix win for Red Bull. How many races it took for Red Bull to score the first F1 win ?

How many drivers have 0 to their names in head-to-head qualifying battles in 2009 season ? (meaning they failed to beat a particular team mate in qualifying)

One of the 2009 F1 drivers lives in Bahrain. Who is that ?

Who was on pole in Bahrain ?

How many cars were eliminated after first lap crash in Spain ?

What was the reason Felipe Massa lost 2 places in closing stages of 2009 Spanish GP ?

Sebastien Bourdais scored the last point of his F1 career (unless he returns) in Monaco in 2009 for 8th. How many points has he scored in total in his 1 and half season in Formula 1 ?

How many teams managed to get 2 cars on podium in Monaco since year 2000 ?

How many races in 2009 had ING as a title sponsor ?

Jenson Button's win in Turkey was his last win of the season. Then came that interesting period of having different race winner in each consecutive race. That streak started with Button's win in Turkey and lasted for how many races (Turkey including) ?

British GP was the first race of the season for Barrichello to finish ahead of his team mate Jenson Button. How many times in total was Barrichello classified ahead of Button in 2009 ?

Let's stay with Brazilians. How many times was Nelson Piquet classified ahead of Fernando Alonso in 2009 ?

German GP win was the maiden F1 win for Mark Webber. How many F1 races did it take for Mark Webber to finally win one ?

Mark Webber was the only new addition to the all time F1 race winners list in 2009. How many F1 race winners in total raced in F1 in 2009 (including Mark Webber) ?

Hungarian GP saw Lewis Hamilton's return to the top of the podium. This win came after how many winless races ?

What was the difference in Q1 qualifying time in Valencia between Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Luca Badoer ?

In how many races did drivers from three different teams finish in top three in 2009 season ?

How many 1-2 finished by drivers from the same team did we see in 2009 ?

Force India scored their first ever points (and podium) in Belgium thanks to Fisichella's 2nd place. Where did Adrian Sutil finish that race ?

Other than the different variations of Virgin branding there weren't too many logos pasted on Brawn GP cars. Small Henri Lloyd logo here, small MIG logo there and that was about it. The sidepods remained blank white for most of the season. However the team made few one race deals that saw sponsor logos pasted over the sidepods (and rear wings). How many times have Brawn GP raced with "branded" sidepods ?

How many times did the Safety Car come out in Singapore this year ?

In Japan Rubens Barrichello qualified 5th. Later he was hit with 5 places grid penalty. From what grid position he started the race ?

Jenson Button clinched his Championship title in Brazil after impressive climb from way back on the grid to 5th place. Where did he start the race ?

Who scored points in his F1 debut race in 2009 ?

How many drivers used more than 8 engines in 2009 ?

How many drivers finished all the races they started in 2009 ?

How many drivers managed the fastest lap of the race in 2009 ?

How many teams claimed pole positions in 2009 ?

In how many races did both BMW Sauber drivers race with KERS ?

How many drivers who raced in F3 Macau GP race in late November went on to test F1 cars on Dec 1-3 in Jerez ?

If you find this quiz too easy you may want to try the mega one at Autosport too.

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  1. PeteNo Gravatar says:

    11 useless memory retention!

  2. 22/36. Strangely, nearly all the wild guesses proved to be correct – it was the ones I thought I’d remembered that caught me out!

  3. RGNo Gravatar says:

    17/36. Thought I woulda done better but I suppose its not too bad in the end.

  4. [fliP]No Gravatar says:

    same for me… 17/36

  5. InoNo Gravatar says:

    24/36 not too bad!

    I don’t think it’s easier than the F1 questions on Autosport though!

  6. chrisNo Gravatar says:

    23/36 is quite good isn’t it

  7. dankNo Gravatar says:

    23/36 here. That’ll do me!

  8. [fliP]No Gravatar says:

    Concerning the autosport.com quiz:

    I scored 47/101 (46.53%).
    F1 only: 22/30 (73.33%).
    Non-F1: 25/71 (35.21%).

    clearly shows that I’m more interested in F1 than in anything else ^^

  9. mr. c.No Gravatar says:

    You scored 13 out of 36.
    Your performance have been rated as ‘Failed’

    ooooh bugger.

  10. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    some impressive scores here :-)

  11. f1 fanNo Gravatar says:

    18 for me. Feel like I could have done better.

  12. JuniorNo Gravatar says:

    better than mr.C though…

  13. ChristineNo Gravatar says:

    I got 13. Thankfully, this is the same as Mr C so neither of us has bragging rights.

  14. Scott JoslinNo Gravatar says:

    15 out of 36 – The season only ended a couple of months ago what is happening to my brain?


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