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Acomplia Fda, The final race of 2009 F1 season is over and that means also the end of the 2009 Prediction Game. The final round was not very high scoring one, Acomplia Fda india. Acomplia Fda us, The main reason seems to be the fact that lots of usual suspects failed to make it to top 8 in Abu Dhabi. With McLaren, 750mg Acomplia Fda, Acomplia Fda craiglist, Ferrari, Williams, 50mg Acomplia Fda, Acomplia Fda uk, Renault all out of the points lots of points correctly guessed teams in top 8 were lost. Those who had BMW, 250mg Acomplia Fda, Acomplia Fda ebay, Toyota and Toro Rosso drivers among their top 8 scored big ...

Here are the results of the final round of the 2009 prediction game:

18 - Dank, F1Wolf
17 - Jose Arellano, psychy, bmwf1guy, Saigon56
16 - Klokan, Luis Miguel Sainz
15 - zblkhwk, velvet demon, pk_dude04
14 - Kotenok
13 - mcw3, ncngrr5, sky, Nic B 205, daniel, Blazena, Aaron Mullan
12 - Ozzi, FISHEYE, Flying Dutchman, nieuwe
11 - Queen Bee, Steve Robertson, jc
10 - Clive.Einkamerer, shaggy

Now, the final results after the the elimination of the worst score and bonus points for the correct pre-season prediction of 2009 F1 champion, Acomplia Fda. Same as last year the deciding factor was the champion prediction, Acomplia Fda japan. Acomplia Fda paypal, The bonus was only 15 points this year (rather than 25 last year). Still it was enough to catapult me to the top of the standings, 2 points clear of psychy. So after fatfish in 2007 and Steve Robertson in 2008 it was my turn this year... Acomplia Fda, The prize will of course not stay with me but will go to the second in the standings - psychy, who also recorded the highest score of the season - 27 points for the British GP round . Congratulations . I will need psychy to contact me by email in order to make arrangements for the delivery of the prize.

Ch - 15 points bonus for correct pre-season 2009 champion prediction
De - deduction of the worst score

I want to thank everybody for joining in this season . Prediction Game will return next year - about 1 month before the start of 2010 season.

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  1. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats Wolf!  Well done.

  2. OzziNo Gravatar says:

    Well done Wolf! You were the only one to pick Button for the championship…  It seems this is the key to winning the comp… Steve did it the same way last year!

  3. OzziNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations to psychy as well… Picking 27 for a round was the pinnacle of the comp this year!

  4. psychyNo Gravatar says:

    great, just two points missing :-)

    Congratulations to F1Wolf for the win! The game was very open until the end, that was really exiting.

    And what did I read, the second placed get the prize. Well, THANKS, but do I really deserve it?

    what I racing year for me, it began with me breaking my clavicle on track (as zx-ninja rider :-) . But now I won something with my beloved Formula 1.

    Next Year I will aim for the first place ;-)

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      And what did I read, the second placed get the prize. Well, THANKS, but do I really deserve it?

      It would not feel right to give the prize to myself :-) And you had that score of the season – British GP 27 points …

  5. jose arellanoNo Gravatar says:

    as i said before.. my faith in raikkonen did a lot of damage

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