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Lewis Hamilton will start the final race of 2009 from pole position after dominating the Abu Dhabi qualifying. Sebastian Vettel will line up next to Hamilton on the front row. Webber and Barrichello will form row 2, 30mg Zithromax To Treat Ui, Button and Trulli row 3. Zithromax To Treat Ui us, Q3:

1. Hamilton - 1:40.948
2. Vettel - 1:41.615
3, Zithromax To Treat Ui. Webber - 1:41.726
4, 1000mg Zithromax To Treat Ui. Barrichello - 1:41.786
5. 250mg Zithromax To Treat Ui, Button - 1:41.892
6. Trulli - 1:41.897
7. Zithromax To Treat Ui, Kubica - 1:41.992
8. Heidfeld - 1:42.343
9, Zithromax To Treat Ui uk. Rosberg - 1:42.583
10. Zithromax To Treat Ui craiglist, Buemi - 1:42.713


Lewis Hamilton was fastest also in Q2, about 3 tenths ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Jenson Button finished Q2 in 3rd place.Hamilton's Q2 time - 1:39.695, 100mg Zithromax To Treat Ui. Raikkonen, Kobayashi, Kovalainen, Nakajima and Alguersuari were eliminated, Zithromax To Treat Ui.

Drivers eliminated in Q2:

11. Zithromax To Treat Ui mexico, Raikkonen - 1:40.726
12. Kobayashi - 1:40.777
13. Kovalainen - 1:40.983
14, 10mg Zithromax To Treat Ui. Zithromax To Treat Ui, Nakajima - 1:41.148
15. Alguersuari - 1:41.689


Lewis Hamilton was the fastest driver in Q1, Zithromax To Treat Ui canada, 0.505 quicker than Jenson Button in 2nd place. Both Renaults, Force Indias as well as Giancarlo Fisichella were eliminated.

Drivers eliminated in Q1:

16. Alonso - 1:41.667
17. Liuzzi - 1:41.701
18. Sutil - 1:41.863
19. Grosjean - 1:41.950
20. Fisichella - 1:42.184 .

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    The best way to solve a problem is to attack its cause… Ron is back just after Max is out.
    Well, technically Jean Todt shouldn’t be the president of FIA in charge yet, but the FIA’s website didn’t need much time to make Max disappear.
    So… Will we see Flavio walking along the paddock today? Or will he wait some time and be patient until the storm gets calm?

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      Well, technically Jean Todt shouldn’t be the president of FIA in charge yet

      If I am not wrong the new FIA president takes office right after the election, so Todt is president

      Will we see Flavio walking along the paddock today?

      Flavio is still banned for life so unless that decision is overturned it is unlikely we will see him in the paddock …

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Yes I noticed it short after my comment, the stupid TV dudes did mistake that. This has nothing to do with real politics, so we may see how this short campaign to regulate next year’s spendings are managed by Todt. Farewell Mr. Mosley! :-)
    About Flavio, I do not expect him again in the circuits… It was an ironical message, seems Ron Dennis took a license to come back as visitor just when Max disappeared from the paddok :-P

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I think Ron Dennis may have come to talk to people from Mercedes and to his business partners from the area. Lots of going on behind the scenes with Mercedes, McLaren, Brawn etc …  Mosley being out of the picture surely made his visit less stressful :-)


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