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Egypt Diflucan, Yesterday FIA published the complete dossier of evidence, the official decision and surprisingly even posted the audio recording of the hearing (and the decision). You can download the documents and listen to the audio here.

We have all known the decisions of the World Motor Sport Council since Monday. Now we also know how and why the council made those decisions.

Perhaps the only secret not leaked out before the hearing was the Witness X - an unidentified Renault employee who testified in very much the same fashion as Pat Symonds, 150mg Egypt Diflucan. This whistle-blower provided the key evidence that there had been conspiracy and named Flavio Briatore, Pat Symonds and Nelson Piquet as the conspirators, Egypt Diflucan. Witness X was present at the Singapore race day meeting but played no part in the conspiracy.

Now, here is what I do not understand. Egypt Diflucan us, Both Pat Symonds and Witness X said in their testimonies that the idea to crash came from Nelson Piquet jr. :

[caption id="attachment_6638" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="This is Pat Symonds' version"]This is Pat Symonds' version[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_6640" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Version of Witness X"]Version of Witness X[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_6639" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Nelson Piquet's version"]Nelson Piquet's version[/caption]

So either both Symonds and the Witness X lied or Nelson Piquet lied.

This is what Max Mosley said during the Nelson Piquet "decision" speech:

We said at the beginning that we would offer him the immunity if he told the truth Egypt Diflucan, . We think he has told the truth therefore we will apply no sanctions in this case.

So, the FIA decided Nelson Piquet said the truth.

This is part of Mosley's speech pointing out why the sanctions applied to Mr, 50mg Egypt Diflucan. Symonds are not as harsh as those applied to Mr. Briatore:

... but in Mr, Egypt Diflucan. Symonds' case, 30mg Egypt Diflucan, in recognition of the fact that he has not lied either to us either to the stewards or to the world at large unlike Mr. Briatore, he has written a letter of apology, he is obviously very upset about what he's done, and unlike Mr, Egypt Diflucan canada. Briatore he has been completely open, and that have been the case we intend to apply those sanctions to Mr. Symonds for period of 5 years ...

So, Egypt Diflucan paypal, the FIA says that Mr. Egypt Diflucan, Symonds has not lied either.

However the stories presented by Mr. Piquet and Mr. Symonds (and Witness X) do not match ... At least one of the true statements is laced with some lies .., 10mg Egypt Diflucan.

Graham Stoker questioned Mr, Egypt Diflucan. Piquet about this "discrepancy" during the hearing (about 19min25sec mark of the recording). Nelson Piquet replied in line with his previous statements and then Mr. Philips, Egypt Diflucan uk, his lawyer, came to Piquet's defense ridiculing the possibility that 20 something guy, a junior driver in a team could have come up with such strategy. And that was it, no more questions on this topic, Egypt Diflucan india. Egypt Diflucan, Well, the question is not about who came up with the strategy. We know the strategy came from Mr. Symonds, nobody seems to dispute that. 250mg Egypt Diflucan, The question is, who came up with the idea to deliberately crash the car. Both Symonds and Piquet were praised by FIA for their cooperation and truthfulness, both were to certain extent rewarded for it. One of them however lied and FIA does not seem to care, it is immaterial:

FIA view


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