Nico Rosberg – A bit off the radar now but impressive

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg

With all the attention focusing on Red Bull, Jenson Button (or Lewis Hamilton in Hungary) Nico Rosberg does not get too much TV time during the races. His moments of fame usually come during the free practice sessions. But after 10 races of the season Nico Rosberg is 5th in the drivers championship especially thanks to recent string solid points scoring finishes. The most impressive perhaps is his climb from 15th on the grid to 4th at Nurburgring.

Rosberg only failed to score points twice in 10 races this year (China and Bahrain) and failed to make it to Q3 only once (Germany). Rosberg scored 18 points in last four races, only Webber (32), Vettel (24) and Button (19) scored more. Look at the last 3 races would be even more interesting – Webber (24), Vettel (18), Rosberg (14).

Only about 2 months ago Patrick Head used a word “inconsistent” when describing Rosberg’s performances. James Allen even suggested that Williams may be “a bit fed up with Rosberg’s performance this year“. Looks like things are changing …

Nico Rosberg has been loyal to Williams since the team gave him his F1 debut in 2006. Now he has the good car that he hoped for, although perhaps not yet a car that can challenge for race wins under normal conditions. Will this be enough to keep him at Williams ?

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  1. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    You don’t need to look past the points to see that Nico has done fantastic things for Williams. He may be inconsistent, but he’s also very young and will mature.

    Nico Rosberg – 25.5 pts
    Kaz Nakajima – 0 pts

    The question is how long?
    How long before Williams fires Nakajima?
    How long before Rosberg moves to leading team (Ferrari, McLaren, Brawn, Red Bull)?

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      How long before Williams fires Nakajima?

      Hm, hard for them to do that, Nakajima is Toyota boy, he comes with the engine …

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    C’mon!! Let’s say that Nicodidn’t do nothing surprising last seasons… He managed a great performance with inferior cars, and he owns such kind of talent and technical knowledge as Fernando Alonso. We can’t say that his races were usually a masterpiece, but I consider him an important piece of the machinery which is setting Williams F1 back to the top. Statistics can reply to anyone, he scored points almost in every race if the car could challenge for some points fight. He has still a low index of 2.55 points by race, which seems now will be raised up during the second half of the season. he may not be the same constant as Kazuki, which constantly doesn’t manage to get a single good result!!!… I’m not fed up, but already worried me how there’re just few people which value the results which better day by day for Williams. I think Nico has what it takes and will do much better when the car improves.

  3. F1 TrollNo Gravatar says:

    If Patrick Head is using the word “inconsistent” to describe his driver, I wonder what words he would use to describe his own cars? Over the past… 11 years or so?
    .-= F1 Troll´s last blog ..FIA Superlicense-gate with Jaime Alguersuari Victim of the Press =-.

  4. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    I’m sure Rosberg likes that his results speak for themselves and he doesn’t need to be the focus of attention. I don’t expect him to stay at Williams beyone this year, why would he? McLaren are likely to take him and put him alongside Hamilton as they are both good friends from their junior years in other categories and will work well together and both be extremely fast.
    Just look at the combination of Webber and Vettel, they both have great skills, both are quick and both work well together and are racing for a team which is the point. Lauda annoys me to no end stating every two minutes that one driver sucks or one is a cry baby or one team needs to pick a number one driver, that guy needs to get a clue and get over himself before he keeps trying to give teams ideas on how to run their race.

    All you can say is Rosberg is doing the best he can in an inferior car, much the same as Webber did in his years at Jaguar and Williams and that with patience his time will come in a much better car and when it does he will win races and have a chance to challenge for the championship.
    Guys like Vettel and Hamilton were in the right place at the right time to accept drives in teams that were ready for wins and have benefited majorly on that success. Guys like Rosberg, Webber and Button have been slogging it out to get to where they are with strong consistent drives in what has been in the past the inferior equipment, every driver gets his day, just depends what they make of it.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I don’t expect him to stay at Williams beyone this year, why would he? McLaren are likely to take him and put him alongside Hamilton as they are both good friends from their junior years in other categories and will work well together and both be extremely fast.

      WHy would he stay ? It depends what he wants. In WIlliams he is number one driver and the team revolves around him. If he believes that the team is on the way up and can remain competitive with all cost cuts going on then Williams may not be that bad for his future.

      If he wants to simply stat winning races then sure McLaren would be better bet. But would he ever be able to win a title there as long as Hamilton stays in McLaren ? They may be friends but that means nothing when it comes to racing and winning titles … Especially in F1

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