July, the month when F1 teams often change drivers

Sebastien Bourdais, will he return for Hungarian GP ?

Sebastien Bourdais, will he return for Hungarian GP ?

Cristiano da Matta, Patrick Friesacher, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jacques Villeneuve, Christijan Albers and Scott Speed have one thing in common. All of them were sacked by their teams in July (between 2004 and 2007). The 2008 season was a rarity. We haven’t seen a single driver change for the entire season. At the moment there is only one rookie on 2009 grid – Sebastien Buemi – who filled the gap created by Coulthard’s retirement (and Vettel’s move to DC’s place at Red Bull).

But July is here again and it looks more and more likely that the tradition of parting ways with drivers in summer month will continue afte one year break.

There aren’t too many people who expect to see Sebastien Bourdais back in Toro Rosso car for Hungarian GP. Spanish driver Jaime Alguersuari is expected to take over the duties from the next race. All rookie line up for Toro Rosso ?

Jaime Alguersuari waiting for his chance

Jaime Alguersuari waiting for his chance

There are also indications that Renault may have finally lost their patience with Nelson Piquet jr. It would be ironic for Piquet to loose his drive after outqualifying Fernando Alonso for the very first time.

Nelson Piquet, all smiles before German GP

Nelson Piquet, all smiles before German GP

The driver widely expected to replace Piquet should Renault decide to drop him is Romain Grosjean, currently 2nd in GP2 standings.

Update: Autosport reports that Toro Rosso is expected to confirm within the next 48 hours that it has decided to part company with the Frenchman. Jaime Alguersuari will become the youngest Formula 1 driver in history when he makes his debut for the Scuderia Toro Rosso team as replacement for Sebastien Bourdais at the Hungarian GP. See the full article here – Alguersuari gets nod for Hungary debut

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  1. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    We must keep in mind that there will be three new teams next year, which means the competition for top drivers will increase. The current teams have an edge in that they can offer seats now to the drivers they want next year.

    My guess is that does not bode well for Piquet or Bourdais. It will probably be the end for Piquet who has simply been horrible. Bourdais may have a chance to catch on with one of the new teams looking to add an experienced driver.

    I would also think that several other aging drivers may be at risk so that some of the current teams can grab up the top young talent. If they don’t, a new team may grab them. Watch out Heidfeld, Fisi, and Baricello.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      It is very likely there will be some drivers re-shuffle before 2010 season. Several drivers will be at the end of their contracts, some are underperforming. Plus there are the new teams that will need at least one experienced driver to help with development.

      I would be surprised if any of the new teams picks Bourdais. I think he would be well behind de la Rosa, Davidson, Liuzzi, Klien etc on new teams wishlist. Bourdais may have done well in Champ Cars, he has been doing well in Le Mans but there does not seems to be much he can offer to any F1 team …

  2. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Bourdais is likely to be dropped before Hungary, though i believe he should still be given a shot when the new parts arrive for that race. Same applies to Piquet, i think he is a terrible driver, only there because of his father and has proven he has no skills to drive these cars like the rest do. I think he will get one more shot in Hungary and if he doesn’t perform, then see ya later!

  3. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Out of total fun, i post these as likely driver pairings for 2010

    Ferrari – Kimi and Massa
    McLaren – Hamilton and maybe Rosberg??
    Renault – Alonso and Grosjean
    Brawn – Button and maybe Sutil or some other young driver Senna??
    Red Bull – Webber and Vettel
    Toyota – Glcok and Trulli
    Williams – Nakajima and Kovalainen
    Force India – Sutil if he doesn’t leave and someone new
    Torro Rosso – Buemi and Alguesari
    BMW – Kubica and Klein

    New teams? Heidfeld could be there somewhere, maybe same for Barrichello, you would think Senna at worst would be here somewhere.
    New names maybe Buemi’s cousin? never know! Could have a female driver!

  4. […] himself and retired the same year with a race to go). He also joins the privileged company of Juan Pablo Montoya, Jacques Villeneuve and others – the drivers whos F1 seasons or careers end… […]


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