Ten to tackle – Weekly F1 Quiz Number 16 – Turkish GP

This has slowly turned into bi-weekly quiz instead of a weekly one … But the quiz is back. This time the topic is the Turkish GP. With only 4 years of history it was not that easy to come up with 10 questions but here they are, some easy some a bit difficult.

All the answers will be revealed after you complete all 10 questions. As usual please no googling for answers :-) . And do not forget to share your result in comments ! If you missed the past quizzes you can try them too – click here.

How many times have the current Ferrari drivers won the Turkish Grand Prix ?

The recent Turkish Grand Prix race were dominated by Ferrari. The red cars however scored no points in the inaugural Turkish GP in 2005. What was their best result in 2005 ?

What driver is the holder of the Turkish Grand Prix fastest lap ?

How many 1-2 finishes by the cars from the same team have there been so far in Turkey ?

What is the best Turkish GP result for the current championship leader Jenson Button ?

Sebastien Buemi is the only Swiss F1 driver on the current F1 grid and the first one since Jean-Denis Deletraz who raced in 2 GPs back in 1995 for Pacific. But some Swiss drivers took part in Turkish Grand Prix as Friday drivers. How many of them ?

Although F1 is full of politics, mixing the politics and F1 is not appreciated by FIA. Following the 2006 podium presentation incident with the president of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus the organizers received a serious fine from FIA. How much did they have to pay ?

How many times have the driver starting from pole position went on to win the Turkish Grand Prix ?

The most famous Istanbul Park Corner is the four apex Turn 8. How many turns are there in total ?

How many points have Brawn GP predecessors BAR/Honda and Honda collected in previous 4 Turkish GPs ?

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  1. JourneyerNo Gravatar says:

    5/10. I fared poorly… :(

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    That first question was insane! HAHAHA!! Just a poor result, 5/10. Turkish GP’s history isn’t long, and quite modern… I’ve should have done better ;) What will be the British GP’s quizz with more than 59 years of history?! I’m waiting for it already! Some question should be related to bend names :)

    Kotenoks last blog post..Jonathan Hufnagel is now a member of F1Wolf Club

  3. Nic B 205No Gravatar says:

    Hmm, getting better at (guessing): 4/10.
    I guess that chicane before the left hander on to pit straight is 2 corners. I forgot how to count.
    Go Felipe, make it 5

  4. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Woohoo! 7/10 this week.

    Not bad, got Q4,7 & 8 wrong. Couldn’t remember the fine amount and should have known the others! Oh well still pretty good.

    Does make it easier when the history of the race is only very short to remember more about it! hehe

  5. Aaron MullanNo Gravatar says:

    5/10 Poo


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