Mosley, FOTA and the other 2010 F1 teams – What is next ?

Last week FOTA and FIA finally reached some sort of a deal and made peace. While the deal is still in place that peace hasn’t lasted for long. Instead of shutting up and moving on both sides obviously prefer to continue their war of words. Some FOTA representatives while presenting the deal to public could not resist to make few provocative remarks aimed at Max Mosley. Max Mosley being Max Mosley pulled the “I may reconsider and run again in October” weapon from his arsenal. So what is next ?

Well I believe that while the big egos will keep on talking on both sides of the divide the breakaway series is dead (for now) and the preparations for 2010 Formula One season will now go full steam ahead.


First step must be to finalize the 2010 regulations. According to the FIA/FOTA agreement the 2010 F1 season will be run to 2009 regulations as well as further regulations agreed prior to 29 April 2009 (like the refuelling ban). FOTA representatives also mentioned incorporating some of their ideas (and FOTA Global Audience Survey findings) into the regulations. They need to move quickly as it is about the time to beging work on 2010 cars …


Then there is the question of the entry list. Yes, we can see all 8 FOTA teams confirmed their 2010 entries. But there are 5 other teams that signed up expecting different regulations. OK, Williams and Force India did so only because they had no other way and they may be perfectly fine with what FOTA has been pushing through. However all three new entrants – USF1, Campos and Manor – entered under the £40m budget cap plan that is no longer there. USF1 perhaps should be fine as this team was ready for F1 long before the budget cap came about. But how about Campos and Manor ? Will whatever regulations FOTA finally comes up with be still feasible for them ?

We haven’t heard much from Campos yet, but Manor Grand Prix team principal John Booth already said that his team probably would not have signed up had he known that it would be competing to 2009 rules. Booth is still confident that his team will be on the grid but also admits that without the budget cap the situation is more complicated. It is wait and see time for Manor at the moment …


Another interesting issue to watch will be the engines. USF1, Campos and Manor declared Cosworth as their engine supplier for 2010. Prior to the peace deal however Max Mosley insisted that the Cosworth engines will have to be the 2007 20,000 rpm version as Cosworth will not be able to modify their engine in such a short time. FOTA did have a problem with this higher revving powerplant and we can assume that either Cosworth will have to adjust their V8 to 2009 regulations or the newcomers will need to select engines from Ferrari, Mercedes, Toyota, Renault or BMW. At the moment only BMW is without a customer for their engine while Mercedes engines power McLaren, Force India and Brawn GP cars. Three current teams –  Brawn GP, Toro Rosso and Red Bull are yet to announce their engine deals for 2010.


Now when the future of F1 is (sort of) secured the teams will start looking around for drivers and drivers for teams. There are some that are connected with move to other teams (Alonso, Rosberg, Kubica), there is Kimi Raikkonen and questions about his commitment, there are also some that haven’t done that well (Piquet, Bourdais or Kovalainen). With 3 potential new entries there are however also potentially 6 extra seats on the grid next year and several names have already been  mentioned by media (di Grassi, Grosjean, Senna, Liuzzi, Klien, Davidson, Sato, Patrick, di Resta even Jacques Villeneuve). Look like interesting rumour season ahead :-) .

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  1. nieuweNo Gravatar says:

    Lets hope there is no breakaway, we already have the half hearted A1GP . and formula3 what next ..FOTAF1??

    Lets just hope they sort out the fineprint and get back to what we love best.. RACING!!

  2. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    It would be nice if the FOTA were gracious in victory, then we would still have the newly found peace that was found last week. I didn’t think it would take long for them to find something to argue about, but this is ridiculous. This is just old men trying to keep their egos at a level higher than the other. Seriously grow up and think about it!!!

    Oh well, heres hoping that we still end up with a unified F1 and that Mosley steps down and someone else comes in with a little more brains to take notice of what the teams and fans want. Though i doubt we have gotten rid of Mosley just yet, he bounces back and forth like a bloody yo yo that old geezer.

  3. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Hoping that a few new drivers get some seats on the grid, would be much better to see some new blood and talent instead of has beens, or those that have had their shot.

    I’m a Kimi fan but i think he is probably most likely to leave the sport and i think Piquet should be gone and I reckon Kovalainen will stay and retain his seat as he hasn’t been that bad!

  4. […] fact is, Campos, Manor, USF1 as well as Williams and Force India are the 2010 entrants. (see also Mosley, FOTA and the other 2010 F1 teams – What is next ? ) Any changes to the published regulations simply will require agreement of all 13 teams. This […]

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