Jenson Button on the way to record books


Few years ago the main talking point about Jenson Button was whether he will ever win a Formula One race. He broke his winning duck on August 6, 2006 in Hungary, his 113th F1 race. He currently stands 3rd in the table of most races before first win behind Rubens Barrichello and Jarno Trulli. All these three are in danger of being overtaken by Mark Webber (at the time of the writing 128 races without win) or Nick Heidfeld (157) :-) .

But with an “outrageous monster of a car” in his hands there are other more distinguished records in Button’s sight.

He has already become the first F1 driver to win three F1 races in a row with the same engine.

By winning 6th race out 7 this season he joined the company of Jim Clark (1965) and Michael Schumacher (2002 and 2004) – the only other drivers who managed the same.

With 6 wins under his belt, good car in his hands and 10 races to go this season there is a realistic possibility of few more wins. To do better than Schumacher’s record of 13 race wins in 2004 may be a tall order. But, till today, Michael Schumacher is the only driver in F1 history with more than 10 wins in a single season (13 in 2004 and 11 in 2002) and only Mansell, Hakkinen, Hill and Senna have won 8 or more races in one season. Joining this company is within Button’s reach.

Turkish Grand Prix win was 4th consecutive win for Jenson Button after Bahrain, Spain and Monaco. A win at Silverstone would bring him to the company of Michael Schumacher, Alberto Ascari, Jack Brabham, Jim Clark and Nigel Mansell – the only drivers with 5 or more consecutive wins.

But … even after such an early season dominance the title fight is far from over. Jenson Button may have 61 points out of possible 65. But he is still only 26 points ahead of Barrichello and just over 30 points ahead of the Red Bull duo. There are still 100 points to fight for …




Photo: Bridgestone Motorsports

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  1. I was struck by the stat that we usually think of towards the end of the season. Normally you concentrate on if you won all of the rest of the rest of the races pushing your rival into second could you win the season. Currently if Rubens did win every race of the season pushing Jenson into second Jenson would still win the season.

    Alex Andronovs last blog post..Turkey Pole Poll

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I believe he has big chances, it won’t be difficult that Jenson sum some records to his name in the next races, and it will be not easy for all his rivals to make something happen to not allow him these pleasures. It’s just unlikely that someone else comes into the fight for the title even, if all the drivers from the grid believe Jenson Button will take this championship already, well not all, there’s only one who called himself to be a title champion: Rubens Barrichello…

    Let’s see if he breaks records soon, I don’t think the pressure can with him, I think there’s no pressure so far for him, because he’s simply enjoying the drive in the BGP-001 and having fun in the races. After all, Jenson Button is a worth person to hold such records, he’s got charisma and is pretty amusing :)

    PS: One thing only, I keep thinking that in Brawn GP there’re several things which doesn’t consider at all, despite they’re doing so well this far. But I understood, this may be a characteristic of privateers :P

  3. joac21No Gravatar says:

    brawn car is too quick, im starting to doubt if red bull is going to win them in a straight fight…

  4. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    The ending of testing during the season will make it very difficult for teams to catch up with Brawn. Most of their testing now has to take place on Friday, which takes them away from very important car set up time.

    Wind tunnels and computer analysis simply can not prepare to live testing.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:


      But on the other hand, with the all new cars this season, a good update can achieve big performance gains. Look at BMW Sauber – almost dead last in previous too races but new aero parts in Turkey moved them up to the points.

  5. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Excluding the first year of racing in the F1 World Championship, would this be the best ever year for a debut team? As technically Brawn are classed as a brand new team (even though they have been created out of the dust of Honda)

    Surely there would be no other team in the history of F1 to have done so well in its debut season??

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      Jody Scheckter won the debut race for Walter Wolf Racing in 1977, then added 2 more wins, 2 second places and 4 third places. The team finished 4th in the championship.

      There may be some teams doing even better but I haven’t done my research into that. I picked Wolf as they were the only one (until this year) to win their debut F1 race.

      • TimmieNo Gravatar says:

        I may have to look into it, see if i can find something.

        Shouldn’t be too hard. Fun to research anyway!

        • TimmieNo Gravatar says:

          I found a few tid bits of information.

          Alfa Romeo were the last team (until Brawn) to win the first two races on debut.

          Then there was the year that Mercedes Benz ran as a team (1954 i believe) and they won their debut race with a 1-2 finish, which again hasn’t been matched since Brawn this year. It was in 1955, the second year for Mercedes that they won five out of the six races, of course there were other GP that year but only those six were official events the rest were non-championship.

          My info of course might not be totally complete (or accurate), but from a rough scan and some reading, thats what i have come across so far!

          A lot of this information is hard to understand and from what i have read, even i would not totally agree with some of the above information, though i have found records of teams winning multiple times it doesn’t necessarily state it as a debut as sometimes (like in the case of Mercedes) they were already involved but not as a constructor, just an engine supplier.

          Becomes rather confusing! lol.

  6. Senna11No Gravatar says:

    Just watch Vettel!

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